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What have you learned this season?

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I'll go first.  I've learned about boot tightness.  Yes, I'm talking about buckle, booster tightness.

First I don't have a skier background... I'm an advanced beginner skier at best.  My background is skater, surfer, and softbooter. I've spent minimal time in ski boots.  Yeah I've watched the how to put your boot on videos like this-

But they don't address tightness.  And, of course, tightness is subjective and relative (temperature, time of day, we racin'? or just cruisen'?).

I've figured out what levels of tightness that work for me and in what context.  I know this seems really basic but to be honest up until a few weeks ago my boots were loosely tightened and getting to a "proper" level of snugness* has been a game changer.

*to be clear my shells are race fit... I'm not talking about that snugness.

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it's embarassing actually...
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I have discovered that I actually can link up perfect pencil lines IF the terrain and grooming is near perfect. Now onward and upward to try to do the same on slightly steeper slopes where I must control my speed by getting my knees/hips closer to the snow and bending my board to turn tighter. 

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1) After riding only very gummy hard boots (practically soft boots in a plastic shell), for almost 2 seasons, I tried my old Dalbellos. Wow, tip and rip! Nothing beats a nice stiff boot, on good snow, for carving! 

2) I've find out that I can do nice heel side ECs, with a soft booter-like stance, something like +24/+3. With a noodly 3800 163, plastic plates and soft hard boots, I can do it even at really low speed and a steeper green run. Great fun to link 4-6 EC turns, on a setup that wasn't optimized for it! 

3) I prefer jumping the spins on a narrower directional board, rather than traditional duck stance. Freak 🤪 

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I learned to just enjoy the ride....

My season last yr was cut short because of covid, and the ski hills just reopened Last week.  It's been about 50weeks since being on the board last.  

Got out for the first time yesterday evening. The day started out promising, with snow in the morning,  but quickly turning to rain for the next 5-6hrs...   

With only 75m of vertical drop, I wasn't expecting much...

But after that first turn on edge.... nothing else mattered.   Feels great to be back on the snow.


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51 minutes ago, softbootsurfer said:

That no matter what is going on... that being on my Stick, always  takes me to that Special place...

i have taken snowboarding so seriously over the past several years. At times, I have forgotten that it is serious fun. This season and last Sunday especially, reminded me just how much fun it is!

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I also learned that there is an ideal boot tightness to look for in regards to the inner boot, and overtightening the inner boot can lead to liner deformation and less evenly distributed pressure from the outerboot and that leads to more foot movement not less and warmer feet. And premature inner boot failure if your inner boot laces.

i learned that striving to paralel  your shins super Early to the snow prior to,pressure ,toe side results in less ankle overload more ROM for the ankle  and better bleed of speed.


i learned how to coach people without so much cortex and more instinct survival working for them as opposed to,against them.







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What have learned?

- Muscle memory is really a great thing. OTOH, it also means bad habits don't dissapear by themselves.

- I should train more in the summer

- I can ride more agressively if I try, and I should and I do 🙂   Which amplifies the above statements


What have I been reminded of?

- I'm addicted to this.  Totally.  And I have no cure, nor do I want one.

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3 hours ago, Jack M said:

Do share.

I have learned that my lower back issues stemmed from needing to strengthen my glutes, core and lower back. I have had back issues for 3-4 years and my first day out this season it came right back. Yes, I was working out but with the pandemic I lost access to a gym and was not strengthening my core. I now know at the start of every season what I need to do to get myself in riding shape. Add to that spinning and running. Working with a  physical therapist that also does deep tissue messages she  helped me develop a series of exercises that have improved my core, back and strengthened my glues.

Here is my routine that I do 4-5 times a week:

8x 40 sec tabata intervals with 20sec breaks 

Part 1:

4 reps of push ups

4 reps of various abs/sit-ups

Part 2:

Same routine for tabata 8x 40sec intervals 

I randomly tried to find videos of the exercises I do


I extend a 5lbs weight in front of me and flex my glutes and lift arms and legs

starts a 4:57

Lower back raises


I modify this and add 25lbs weights to each leg when doing the raises.

Focus should be on only using your glutes to do the raises

Lying hip raises

There are a few other lower back exercises I sprinkle in but need to watch working out my back to much.

Lastly I changed my diet, dropped from 185 to around 177.  I am now down to what I normally weigh when I am training for a half marathon. 

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