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  1. I'd say your a glass always full type. Rain here today and tomorrow so my glass is full too !
  2. Revive a thread or start a war lets have at'er. Have attitudes changed in ten years ?
  3. If you are interested in experimentation the JJA plate and board offers more options than other combinations .
  4. A perfect example of a stupid person trying to be a smartass. Kids usually have better questions than adults !
  5. Since your country has handled the pandemic better than North America i think you are within your rights to ride the high horse to the finish line. I know you can't push a rope but I'm open to suggestions as to how i can make my vessel function better after all you are the one who has come back from the abyss. Most of my preparatory exercise revolves around contorting my body to put boots on in the car since the lodge is closed.
  6. Worse if it was a front foot coming out. Twisted the hell out of my knee but lived to tell the tale. Buy a lottery ticket and consider it a life lesson. 4 threads of engagement required at a minimum !!!
  7. Something I'm going to have to start doing and it seems to be age related as well. Wipe the drool of my chin when i wake up from my nap.
  8. Remembering that we're not all anatomically the same one would need to cant to compensate for anomalies . The golden rule is that you adjust to accommodate for your anatomy not correct for your anatomy.
  9. I wouldn't mind if it just betrayed me now it's trying to humiliate me.
  10. You need to find another boot fitter. Clearly this one has no idea what hard boots for alpine riding are. If you are stuck for a boot fitter and I'm going out on a limb here to suggest you might educate them (he or her). They could research on this forum for tips to heat mould alpine boot liners. The basic are pretty clear and start with properly fitting the foot to a liner that properly fits the boot. They should at least be able
  11. Or I'm coming back here after the divorce.
  12. I have three Crazy creek boards two 151 one 157 very little use but and the 157 is scuffed up a bit. Unless anyone objects to me offering one for free to anyone beginning there available for the cost of shipping. PM me if interested
  13. After closing the third week of December it's on again Feb 16th. We're allowed 4 hr. time block if you get a slot in the que. The real heart pounder is were expecting a fresh dump of snow Monday night !!!! The new metric for measuring this season is in hours not days or vertical. Expecting third wave with new variant to shut us down very soon as the decision to open seems to be against the experts advice. Doctors and nurses are spent and were hoping for a break in between second wave and whatever is coming next. Season record so far 20 hrs. and counting.......................
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