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  1. Like a rope you can drag a kid but when you try to push them they usually go in the wrong direction. Keep it fun. If you really want a mini me get cloned !
  2. At what point would you no longer call it an experimental drug ? After all it has been around and used by millions ?
  3. The guys from India only want to know my credit card number !
  4. Rather than refer to nonverified sources could we restrict comments to verified sources and personal experience and observation ? We are now at the point no one wanted to be in Ontario. Numbers have exceeded previous point and hospitals have mandated that employees be vaccinated or placed on leave. The province of Alberta is getting military assistance and hospital emergency depts. are strained operating @ 170% capacity. Patients may soon be flown to other provinces. Living in a rural bubble as I do this is sounding more like a bad movie script where the hero is creeping closer and closer to that dark corner in the plot where everything is about to go to shit . Time to close my eyes and hope for the best.
  5. Keep referencing these studies and we will soon be a forum of science woke citizens.
  6. As a kid i remember a Corvette for sale for $50.00 dollars because the owner died in it. Do you think there might have been hundreds of similar incidents ? Information and entertainment are not the same thing but l fear many don't know the difference.
  7. On the brighter side just think of the glade skiing that will be available.
  8. Not sure if that's enough to keep me going till Dec. but thanks for posting !
  9. Bruce is always OUT THERE this time of year it's golfing or motorcycle. Send his wife some flowers he'll respond faster !
  10. Grocery store today one way arrows etc etc I'm going up the lane guy comes at me with his cart wrong way I indicate the arrows are going in the opposite direction and his response is well I'm going this way. I think that sums it up completely for me. Mods may delete this thread and I'm totally ok with that decision. I took a gamble taking the vaccine not just to help myself but to try and make a bad situation better for everyone. To those of you like minded thank you for getting your shot. I'm truly sorry for those in the health care profession who will have to deal with the others. It's just not fair for them to have to deal with what's happening now and into the future. Sunsurfer thanks for the links I'm not sure people can still read ! Covid numbers are trending back up all across Canada (Proves were just as stupid as the rest of the world !)
  11. I understand that death can end a pandemic and a vaccination can prevent death but could someone explain how natural immunity is going to end this and upon what kind of time frame ? I like the idea of a strong immune system but what about a strong immune system that decides it's going to work for the other team which seems to be more ore less what covid seems to be doing. We just keep hosting it and allowing it to get stronger with each variant. I took the gamble and got the shot man up and grow some !
  12. Numbers up four days in a row. The most conservative gov't in Canada ( Alberta) is now paying people $100.00 dollars to get vaccinated . That alone screws with my head more than the fact we haven't gotten to 80 percent vaccinated yet and probably won' t until more antivaxers die off and leaves us with fewer to average in ??? Looks like last fall all over again Crack out the mask and hand sanitizer it looks like were back to where we were a year ago !
  13. Boards not too long hill is too short !
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