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    fortress mt alberta
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    very little
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    Coiler AM Coiler PR Coiler BX prototype LL Bean Kildie Flex Volkl Spline not for snow use
    Hooger Booger Blaster Hooger Booger 167 Rossi Race 166 Original Sin Rossignal R159 Shannon Melhuse (Which is the exact same build as the Rossi 159 Thias Skwal
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    Raichle, Head, Track 700
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    lots of TD1's on plates, Td's,2 Catek

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  1. I'm out it's all your Jack !
  2. An Adventure ! Who doesn't need one of those in their lifetime ?
  3. Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head ! been playing for the last three weeks and I can't get it to stop.
  4. Hope you family guys are buying a great big insurance policy for your family. The probability of survival is low. Nice to leave them something they can remember you by. I simply do not trust the average driver enough to risk my life on their attention span . I also wish my son would sell his bike !
  5. Spreading out the screws also lessens the load on the inserts and centre disc. However if you rotate the disc so the slots are not perpendicular to the running length of the board you can sometimes better compensate for boot out but you loose the extra strength mentioned above.
  6. Crossed south of Creston in 2020 with a Nuclear Engineer adds a whole new dimention to the term 5th degree. Border dudes claimed they did not know where Turner Mt. was. Enjoy the adventure !
  7. Check out Djulez D post in the for sale thread I have Phiokka binding on one of my Skwals and Bomber on the others. They work just fine !!
  8. Looks to me like electrolysis has done some damage that you cannot reverse. Probably due to storage in a damp location with no ventilation At best some oil based lubricant would help to slow down further damage.
  9. Anyone got first hand info on the 3 hr chairlift evacuation today at Whitefish. Does anyone carry their own rope for such an event or is my son the only one.
  10. Local bump is now charging for 4 hr blocks of time. Is this the new normal . Have not purchased season pass and having skied at the 300 foot pimple for 60 years am totally pissed that their only effort is to open beginner runs and charge $40.00 dollars for one chair lift and a carpet. Thinking I will save my money and spend it in BC. Red Mt. Whitewater Fernie and Castle will put it to better use ! +12 here on Tuesday 16 inches 5 days ago in my yard and all gone today.
  11. JohnE perhaps trying a plate is in your future.
  12. Might as well visit Mt St Anne as well . It has terrific access to slopes from the parking lot so nice for switching gear.
  13. The restrictions are based on their insurer. In my province I can buy coverage through my car policy that will cover many other conditions. You might check with your own insurance company for extended coverage for rentals. It is only the last mile up to the lodge that you really need to worry about and if you go off there it will be springtime before they get the car out and you will be long gone.
  14. Golf ball dimples with a hint of grass stain.
  15. Been sick twice on ski vacations and all I can say is it is a hell of a lot nicer to recoup in your own bed! Once was in an expensive cabin but didn't find out how much it cost till I got home. I felt even sicker then. Stay well and tinker on !!
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