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  1. Fin's not as old as me but as I stare at unfinished projects and not yet started projects littering my 140 acres i Think out loud "Just because you can doesn't mean you should " hope the trip goes well ! I've made 3 cross Canada trips in vehicles that once littered my shop floor. I know the kind of stress the first few miles can be wondering what nut I forgot to tighten or what that sound is that I'm hearing . Usually it's a change in the pavement that triggers the " Why am I doing this again. When you finally get home your primed to do it all over again !
  2. Gov't pulling AZ as clotting cases now around 1- 60,000 . People don't seem to grasp the idea that numbers change with more experience and that modelling and reality aren't the same thing .
  3. Perhaps a rifle scabbard would deter aggressive people.
  4. There is always a market for BLING.
  5. USPS is best option but delays may happen due to covid cases with postal workers at customs and sorting facilities. If your shipping a Coiler product from US to Canada there is no import fees on products made in Canada so be sure to declare if product is Canadian made.
  6. I get shit for political comment but never anything as egregious as that ! Have you tried bleach on your knees ? Any assist to keep doing something you enjoy doing is a good idea. My only concern is to prevent further harm so please if the idea is something you've never tried or considered unorthodox it can't hurt to run it by a pro with credentials.
  7. Why go to a real Dr. when you can get Dr. Internet for free ?
  8. I love your optimism but I'm not seeing anything in human behavior that's contributing to a conclusion to this "C" situation. Is this the beginning of a new conspiracy group ? Devisable by two ?
  9. Still increasing #'s IC at capacity. Seems you can't quarantine stupid .
  10. I have always said the purpose of a plate on a board is to allow a board to do what is was designed to do without influencing it . Whether or not the rider can match those parameters is always the elusive element. It's not realistic to think one board does it all but with each passing season it's evident that some are getting closer. Best example for me to date has been the effectiveness of a plate on a board in icy conditions. ( you have to be an east coaster to experience this )
  11. My doctors advice is not to take anything as it may interfere with development of antibodies . What was your source of approval to take said ? Heating pad , blanket movies on standby .
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