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  1. Sorry for being blunt my mistake thought this was an open forum. Since i'm not a thinking person i'll leave and allow you to continue your private messaging.
  2. You thinking up or down the hill ?
  3. Some people slide on snow others debate about how to slide on snow. Get off the keyboard and go slide on the snow It will be better for all of us.
  4. Yes the result is I get an empty chair but imagine how pissed off people behind me are on a busy day thinking I'm such a snob I have to ride alone. Unfortunately it doesn't get me to the chair any faster.
  5. To be blunt. If the point is to prevent boot out micro adjust away. If it is to obsess about getting boot centre perfectly dead on for the sake of being dead on I'd direct my efforts in another direction. Nice thing about Skwal vs alpine carving board is it doesn't matter if the boot binding is centered.
  6. Isn't boot centre sort of an arbitrary measurement with reference to ones anatomy and the true centre of gravity of your body ? To strive to achieve your own personal balance point by concentrating on the boot centre rather than body centre seems pointless. No matter where the centre of your boot is you will still end up with huge heel bias as far as balance is concerened. What is interesting is that our brain compensates and can allow one to balance our board edge to edge despite the fact we are all standing with the huge heel bias. I'm of the perhaps mistaken notion that boot out is the main point as well as a comfortable natural stance . Centering the boot across the board may be an exercise in measurement but that measurement is less relevant as you add degrees of rotation.
  7. After 4 top to bottom runs @ Turner on the Skwal I was glad to have my two planks to scout out the rest of the cliffs before I took a wrong turn and fell off the world. You will now be able to do top to bottom without pit stops !
  8. As a species we're very good at turning simple into complicated, inexpensive into expensive. Playing on snow shouldn't be where it is today. If you want to make it fun and inexpensive support a local community hill, organize ski and board swaps, encourage teachers to have ski days and help organize transport and chaperones. I have yet to see kids at our local bump playing with their phones when attending school ski days. Once a child that has never been skiing has an opportunity to experience it they are also exposed to the other snow sports that might be taking place at the same time. Upon my return to the local bump from MCC I was surprised to notice the stares my Skwal attracted from both young and old. ( Teachers strike brought them out of the wood work this Friday) . Sometimes they ask but the conversations between their friends always ramps up when they see my Skwal .Not sure why but as I approach the chair most back off leaving me alone to load the chair i'm hoping it's so they can have a longer time to stare at the board but never sure. I now have a small supply of Alpinesnowboarder.com cards to hand out to the curious. Thanks for those MCC.
  9. I'm thinking this was a devious plan to have a bunch of people pay to have the local's cliffs groomed for their advantage. Some fiends some friends still deciding.
  10. If your stuck and the zinc electroplated fit use them for now but apply petroleum jelly or Bomber butter so they don't corrode. You could file or grind the spurs off the SS and use them with confidence as well.
  11. Thanks to Prinoth for the recyclable beer and keg cooler ! i'm pretty sure you could find a worthy cliff somewhere over there.
  12. Finally got to show my wife that my imaginary internet fiends are actual snowboarders but unable to prove any of them are skwalers.
  13. I personally would appreciate if anyone who attended Montucky CC and has a video of Sean Martins little discussion of the future of alpine would post it to the forum or have Sean repeat it for everyone here.
  14. Blade on the ground unless it's final pass to clean up a mess
  15. If you local bump has a new Prinoth thank them. Prinoth is a business not a charity Donald Trump isn't the only one who knows how to use a tax write off . The two old BR 350's Turner has did a great job it was third (Prinoth) that made the job easier to get everything groomed to perfection within a reasonable time frame. What they do need is a winch cat to climb the 70 degree slopes. (note to next years attendees)
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