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  1. 1More restrictions today. I believed most people are trying to do the right thing and it's getting more and more difficult accept that it's not working like we had hoped. If you happen to live where people resist good advice better stock up on toilet paper and yeist because it's back !
  2. Since the pandemic i have been relegated to drinking off brand beer i'm getting cranky. Unfortunately the everyday lacks intelligent discussion. Oops perhaps too political.
  3. Would it be possible to allow a trial thread with limited political content. I personally would find it interesting to see where it would go since i have met a few forum members in person and at face value have found them to be reasonably thoughtful and considerate in discussions on this forum and in person. From a personal perspective i'm really not interested in promoting any particular party or person i just want the people in politics to make it work and get us through this mess the world is presently in. What's working and how can we help should be the goal
  4. I wonder how they will get the people needed to repair the cable given the travel restricitions globally Not exactly the news i wanted to hear today. Covid cases are up in Canada to May, June levels and we thought we were doing a good job. 70% were under 40 years old. I predict our neighbors are in for a whole lot of pain in the near future. Not adhering to rules for gathering can net establishments a $10,000.00 fine. Our experts are saying vaccine relief is a year away. Say home Stay Safe everyone.
  5. Allee i'm sure they have all kinds of surveillance. It's the kind of thing you don't talk about to the general public. I think it happened at 4 in the morning and they were responding in minutes.
  6. Thought you were referring to" Auditing Standards Bureau " we don't all snow board in the summer
  7. Thanks for the reply jrazz. Unfortunately the immoral and illegal actions of everyone is now on full display to the world . Too bad that every clown now has their own circus " ASB is an addiction most of us can't seem to quit" You are referring to Hardbooting i assume.
  8. Unfortunately something as simple a a battery operated disc grinder with a 1/16 inch cut off disc would do it pretty quickly.The fact the cable is under tension would make it simpler than cutting the same cable not in tension. No matter the reason for this destructive behavior the fact remains that no punishment would ever compensate for the losses. Were all going to pay because insurance never really covers the loss it just spreads it around and your local bump will be sharing the pain with you.
  9. Real valuable contribution. Thanks for that .
  10. 2nd time in less than two years cable cut $10 million to replace cable and repair cabins . What kind of sick puppy does this kind of thing ?
  11. However observation and evidence are now fake to some people. You can never have enough evidence to convince some of the obvious.
  12. No day pass interesting. What about lessons and rentals ???
  13. Many are also acting like it's March 2019. Recent numbers looking more like March 2020. The good thing is testing has increased dramatically. Our federal gov't recently allocated millions for an isolation facility in Toronto to help those who can't safely self isolate in their own home. Would they do this if this were going to be over in a few months ??? Local bump still hasn't put forth their opening plan but deadline for early bird discount has been extended. I wonder what that means.
  14. TVR you have a positive attitude. That's good ! In Canada infection rates had flattened out but now that school is back and bars have reopened numbers are climbing again. The leaders of our two largest provinces have just met and are warning people to act responsibly not asking. I would like to share your optimism that this will go away after the election but it is on that point that we differ. Human behavior is the driving force at play right now and my faith that enough people do the right thing is being put to the test daily.
  15. Interesting that the snow train doesn't cross the border.
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