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    Coiler AM Coiler PR Coiler BX prototype LL Bean Kildie Flex Volkl Spline not for snow use
    Hooger Booger Blaster Hooger Booger 167 Rossi Race 166 Original Sin Rossignal R159 Shannon Melhuse (Which is the exact same build as the Rossi 159 Thias Skwal
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    Raichle, Head, Track 700
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    lots of TD1's on plates, Td's,2 Catek

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  1. Case numbers climbing for the last three days and the premier said schools will be open in Sept. if he has to drive the bus himself. He might have to change that to an Ambulance. Apparently third dose of Pfizer give 11X the protection but sadly can't get a third dose yet. Stay safe everyone !
  2. Been farming for 40 + years and have never been able to predict anything with any certainty. If it's cold enough to go snowboarding in the winter i do . If not then there is always something that needs to be fixed and the weather is never one of them !
  3. I suppose in times to come our sport will be measured in terms of carbon negative or carbon positive but for now I bow to the guys that measure the season in vertical .
  4. Scottishsurfer sorry to hear of your illness. When people are careful in their activity level it is disturbing to hear that you still contacted Covid. One wonders how others can flaunt the recommendations and justify or rationalize it . West, I used to say there's no cure for stupid but more and more it would seem people like to flaunt the idea that they are bucking the norm or accepted behavior and proud of it . How are health insurers in the US not going bankrupt over Covid coverage ? We have universal health care in Canada but I'm at the point where I'd like to see the Gov't say if your not vaccinated due to medical conditions and you get sick the bill is on you ! My doctor suggested to me the other day that some of her patients who used multiple excuses for not getting vaccinated were actually using these excuses to mask the fact that they were actually afraid of needles (usually big tough guys) !
  5. Slight uptick in #s due to delta variant. Not expecting it to stay low much longer. Vaccine rates dropping as time goes on. I guess a return to "normal" isn't a priority .
  6. Is the idea to fillet the fish before you catch them ?
  7. 1934-2021 Who didn't want to be him ?
  8. Or the brass helmet to go along with the lead boots !
  9. I have a set of those bindings if you are interested in putting the package back together an reliving your youth. Can't help with the onezie maybe dredman can ?
  10. Didn't any of you listen to your grandpa ? Things are going to hell in a hand bag ! Retired government employees on a pension with benefits are moving to all the "nice" places we working stiffs live and are screwing it up for our kids. Fact of life accept it and move on ! I could live on the access road to Turner but i would want hydro from a pole not a generator but then as soon as that was available the road would be littered with homes. Cherish your peace of heaven before it's gone !
  11. Delta variant posed to be the next issue in Canada as well. Toronto hospital celebrated no covid patients then a few days later another hospital reported multiple delta cases of emergency staff with no apparent contact . Enjoy your turns ! What's with the little blue icon ? Already have too many "senior" designations attached to my person ! !
  12. I can see the advantage. Trying to run with them with regular bindings will launch you skyward !
  13. Montana is up there on my list but why would you want to spoil someone else's playground. A case of beer and a meet and greet with the groomer crew can do a lot to make your favorite run better no matter where you ride.
  14. What motor and transmission did you go with ?
  15. I wouldn't want your wife to hear you say that. Unless your looking to get into trouble.
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