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  1. May be more truth than you know. Bruce often rides a board before he finishes it and sometimes shaves a little meat off before applying the top sheet . They are after all custom builds !
  2. Buy the board ride it and if you like it bonus! If you don't there is always someone at the Brim looking for another board they don't really need . If you really want a board you will be 100% pleased with call Bruce give him your riding history and wait to be amazed. If you want to really test your wits order a Skwal.
  3. Careful guys the dark web will think you guys are smuggling code !
  4. Eating a banana at lunch got me down the mt @MCC
  5. If it's just quads and your heart isn't pounding to get out of your chest i'm thinking you have an issue with a neural stance with your setup. Both legs same pain ? Fore aft position on board ? Keep the clues coming well figure you out !!! Carpet carve for us and see how long before your burning.
  6. First i've hear of a 3rd wave everyone else is still reeling from 2nd wave. I guess the ski bum is just trying to be optimistic. (tried to find ski emogi wipe out seems close enough )
  7. Correct so far ! 014 is the year of build. I believe the letters could be who it was built for the 6.2+8 is Bruce's secret code that indicates the boards stiffness and is based on a jig he has that measures how much the board bends when a certain weight is suspended from the board. I weigh ~160 lbs and my board is 7.2+6
  8. People protesting outside the home of our Provincial Premier. Not a smart move to say the least. Why don't people understand the more they resist the more it's going to cost them today and for years to come ??? I wonder how people would react if it were an alien invasion.
  9. My concern isn't so much on hill contact it's getting to the entrance of the resort. Being screened and ok'd by the bouncers and having to linger where large groups have mingled and left their moist air. The lineup to get to the gondola at Sunshine Village was snaking through 7 lines of parked cars in the #1 parking lot .Time in line was between 1-1 1/2 hrs. on the weekend. You have to ride the gondola to get to the resort. I'm thinking mandating true half cost half day lift tickets could go a long way to reduce these kind of lineups. Seems to me the choice will be to cherry pick the snow cond
  10. Not getting better any time soon. People just seem to be getting bitchy about everything. Local bump will require advance booking but opening is at least a few weeks away. Ski shops are reporting huge demand but stock is limited not looking good for uncrowded slopes looking like on some days I will have to two plank it.
  11. In my opinion I think any mask that restricts your breathing is doing a better job than one that is not. A positive respirator with a bottle on my back won't work well with a Skwal. Full face helmet might be the way to go. An N95 with a valve in it is just spewing vapour your way if that's what your friends are wearing keep away from those guys.
  12. Stubborn and stupid is one way to live but to think of the message young people are getting about the way society works (isn't ) today is down right sad. Our numbers are over 1400 today and only going up. Mask are in full use in public but it seems the problems are coming from gatherings of any nature, religious celebrations, birthdays, etc. Had a few days of freezing weather and local bump started snowmaking. FB showing huge numbers of people are interest in season starting Looks like the making of a soon to be giant fuster cluck. As Corey mentioned above looks like things are getting shut
  13. Well were in it now power has been out for 25 hrs not expected back on for another 48 the milk is getting warm good distraction from covid. 100 km winds have left a mess.
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