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    Coiler Angrry 160 SST + UPM
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    Swoard Dual II 168
    Moss PQ 160
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    Deeluxe Track 425 Pro's Blue/Orange with Fintecs
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    TD3 SW SI's 60/62 3/6 Cant Disks on the Coiler and Donek
    TD3 SW SI's 35/50 3/3 on the Moss
    TD3 SW SI's 35/45 3/6 on the Swoard
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  1. As I said, maybe a false sense of security. Did I need a new kit....no, not really but for me it's a step in the right direction to making me feel safer. Am I going to check my 6 any less.....absolutely not! I can't control what stupid people do.......all I can do, all any of us can do out there is Look Out For Ourself! The only real solution that guarantees our safety is abstinence/retirement from the sport. When were on the hill, for work or not, as we all know the risk cannot be controlled...... So that's what the bean counters at my work have decided for me because of my collision case......work (aka: our Insurance carrier) isn't willing to risk me getting hit again and paying out another $500K ......so my job description has been changed and I cannot be on the hill with our student athletes during work hours. On my own time, evenings, weekends, of course that's up to me. So I'm delegated to directing the Race program and our Coaches which is what I was doing already but now I supervise from....afar. What's my point in this little tirade? The reality is We Can't Control The Risk, we can only control our own decisions and level of risk were willing to take. I don't know how many more times, seasons, years I am willing to risk another collision by being out there on the Hill.......all I do know is I'm not ready to call it quits yet! Do Whatever You Can To At Least Improve Your Chances Of Staying Safe Out There People!
  2. After 7! pages of wishful thinking replies my conclusion is..... Every Man For Himself! Nobody's going to look out for me but me! So statistically I'm sure it won't improve my odds of not getting taken out by stupid people doing stupid things on the hill but here's my plan for a New Neon "You Got No Excuse For Not Seeing Me Now Mofo!"..... kit for next season! It might be a false sense of security but the orange "Macaw" hue sure won't hurt my odds and makes me feel less a target for hard objects! Here's my current workday kit for comparison.......
  3. Ha! Maybe we pay extra for tee times like for golf....or pay for a guaranteed solo run like on Nastar. A Any way to feel confident I'm not going to be overtaken and/or take out would be worth considering!
  4. Now were Talking!! Of course with the prices being thrown around on the "F2 World Cup SL 163" thread I doubt I can afford it Jack.....but hit me!!
  5. Hey Alexey, Looking for used........Sl or GS. But shipping from Italy looks crazy expensive imo.
  6. Good to know Jack....but I'm trying to move out of the Stone Age of UPM Plate tech and the next board I spring for has gotta have Allflex Plate inserts (for my already acquired Allflex Carve Plate!) and it seems that in the F2 Speedster lineup only the $1500 Speedster "Protos" come with inserts..... and for that money I'll hold out for a custom Oxess or Kessler.
  7. For anybody interested Ivan just quoted me a 23/24 F2 Speedster PROTO SL 163 for 1150.00 EUR (reg. price 1500.00 EUR) - board has 20 + Allflex Inserts. $1500 Euros for an F2! Even at 20% off that's $1240US ....and too rich for my blood! Hard to quantify that amount of money for an F2! That's Kessler, Oxess money imo
  8. 2 Year End of Season Bump! Not giving up on UPM! Love my Coiler Angrry 161 UPM with a F Plate. Still interested in anything with UPM thats shorter than 180 length as I'm gonna have another F plate free'd up very soon!
  9. Looking to make the move from UPM and interested in anything with Allflex Inserts to run a Allflex Carve Plate. Not interested in any 180 lengths but let me know what else ya got!
  10. I'm surprised nobody here has brought up the recent tragic death of off duty Jackson Hole Ski Instructor killed in an on mountain collision......now being ruled a Homicide! And however that turns out I doubt it will make any difference/have any impact to our or anybody else's safety on any Mtn. because Resort Skiing and Snowboarding is a dangerous sport with risks that are marginalized as acceptable risk by the resorts and their corporate bean counters. I'm not promoting this approach, but until the ski areas are held responsible for not enforcing and providing safety measures (that hurts their bottom line) they are not going to do anything.... that will decrease their profit margins. In my collision I wasn't even carving or even turning! I was maybe 50 yrds. from the ropes of the lift when a drunk skier launched off a berm and took me out! So maybe the mtn. needs to run speed traps and sobriety checks for starts. On our roads and highways that awareness/anxiety of fines and prosecution does work in the general sense with us law abiding citizens in keeping speeds in check and our roads somewhat safe via overwatch by big brother. https://www.theinertia.com/mountain/a-jackson-hole-mountain-resort-collision-resulted-in-one-death-its-been-ruled-a-homicide/ There's no easy answer or solution....I mean the smart/safe answer would be abstinence!
  11. It looks like it's sold together, not separate. Don't want to rob the photo but there's a Doubledeck photo from the "Carving boards in Tokyo" way at the bottom under "softboot content"
  12. I said NO when Bruce offered that "Contra" build option! I wanted a true authentic Angrry that hooks up when you just think about turning!
  13. Hey Shortstuff, Oh yea, there was a day 2 and a day 3 but with the freeze thaw timeframe of Spring skiing conditions to contend with out here in the Sierras it was basically an hour on day 2 and an hour+ max on day 3 before the conditions turned to mush each day. I might not have had the best conditions to evaluate this MK mutant but the UPM F Plate dampens the ride so much the ride isn't much different than my Coiler Angrry 160 SST..... I will say the MK is much quicker edge to edge even though both boards are 20w, and therefore the MK is more exciting....when you tip it, and I mean barely tip it and it will launch you! But imo my Angrry gives an overall more lively ride....if that makes any sense at all! I'll let the MK go unless I find another aspect to the MK ride that outshines my Angrry in a majority of riding experiences.....not just turning.
  14. Anybody got any experience with the Alpine Liner? All Intuition liners are on 50% Off Clearance! Thanks Slabber!! https://intuitionliners.com/product-category/clearance/ I've been using the Power Wraps but they are out of my size in M28 ...but they have my size in the Alpine liner. Anybody got experience with the Alpine Liner or another Intuition Wrap style Liner I should know about??
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