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  1. Wow! Some great items for a great cause! That custom Donek snowboard caught my eye! Way to go Sean!!
  2. Thanks for the photo without bindings. Yeah that's what I needed to see. Crap! I was hoping to see the standard 2 x 10 insert packs.
  3. Any idea what model year this is from and/or how many seasons are on it prior to you? Can you post a photo of the board sans binders please.
  4. Hey Nick, Is this a stock SL162 or custom specs? Do I see UPM inserts also??
  5. Yeah...... of all my boards only my K168 seems to have any structure to my eye..................
  6. Yeah, of course I see/feel structure after hot waxing, scraping and brushing but the pattern I see/feel is from the brushing. It seems Structure is a very subtle thing and I need to take a closer look.....but I'm with Corey, don't need to reduce my boards lifespan for a 100th of a second faster time to stand in line at the lift!
  7. All my boards look "slick" Maybe it's subtle and I'm just not seeing it! Somebody post a pic of what a brand new boards structure looks like and/or what your used all season boards structure looks like now.....
  8. No pic as it's at the tuner I passed on the Grind because I just didn't think it was needed.....yet. I don't remember seeing any base structure even on my new boards! What new boards come with structure added? I've only ever had one board ground and structured....mostly to get it flat and run it in spring slush...but that structure didn't seem to last more than 2 months of riding (for work) 5-6x a week.
  9. In prepping the Armada for the off season I took 4 boards to my Tuner and he is wanting to do a Base Grind on the K168. He says their's some nicks/minor gouges along the base edge and also their's zero structure left on the base. To me the base doesn't look that different than my other 3 boards I dropped off for a refresh of wax and edges. ?? I understand the importance of structure especially for spring skiing and the use of a base grind to get a board flat but otherwise why do I need a Base Grind?? Doesn't a Base Grind take off some base metal also?? ...and if so It wo
  10. Let's see.... probably average of 3 days a week for 5 months puts me at 60 days+++ Feel very blessed for every day I had! Thank You Mark Miller For Making A Crappy Season A Hoot - Loved Every Minute On The SF162!! Even More Blessed I Made It Through The Entire Season With ZERO Injuries!! Thank Ya Baby Jesus! I have no complaints but already thinking about next year and how it should be a Big improvement for everybody and their riding! I'll be back at Squaw and looking forward to a Looong winter season with riding easily through May! Stay safe and healthy Br
  11. Last day of the season for me ....... but the SF162 likes slush!
  12. Well it ain't over just yet here in NH! Most local mtns. aren't closing until this Sunday so I'm gonna get one more mid week day in tomorrow! but I can say the Thirst SF162 Is a Freaking Slush Destroyer!! End of season update to follow..........
  13. Whew! Thank goodness!! I don'r think my resistance could have lasted one more day!
  14. For sure at that price!! $450 + Shipping!!! Can't believe it still up for grabs!
  15. https://tenor.com/view/fra-gee-lay-christmas-story-fragile-must-be-italian-gif-15822959 Yeah......but that Plate has got to have the lowest stack height and weight out there!!
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