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  1. To find a PQ60 still sitting on the shelf this late in the season is a very rare bird indeed!.....but Backcountry.com says they have one- I think you can get 10-15% off if it's your 1st ever order with them: https://www.backcountry.com/moss-snowstick-performance-quad-snowstick?CMP_SKU=MSZ000C&MER=0406&skid=MSZ000C-ONECOL-S160CM&mr:trackingCode=09254ED6-08DD-E811-8108-005056944E17&mr:referralID=NA&mr:device=c&mr:adType=plaonline&iv_=__iv_p_1_g_13362837997_c_92885920837_w_aud-344023438781:pla-396592770704_n_g_d_c_v__l__t__r_1o1_x_pla_y_7811_f_online_o_MSZ000C-ONECOL-S160CM_z_US_i_en_j_396592770704_s__e__h_9002384_ii__vi__&CMP_ID=PLA_GOc001&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PLA&k_clickid=_k_Cj0KCQiAmZDxBRDIARIsABnkbYRM-RCsW0RCmyf0944WibCPo5NDBzO4XDQLGuq_F_30Om21EA0J6-8aAlEBEALw_wcB_k_&rmatt=tsid:1042790|cid:213418837|agid:13362837997|tid:aud-344023438781:pla-396592770704|crid:92885920837|nw:g|rnd:1016822424216573433|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9002384&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmZDxBRDIARIsABnkbYRM-RCsW0RCmyf0944WibCPo5NDBzO4XDQLGuq_F_30Om21EA0J6-8aAlEBEALw_wcB Could try Tahoe Sports Hub - 530- 582-4510 There the Cali dealer for Moss Hope you find your Moss, they are worth every penny!
  2. Hmm...how fast? Probably alot slower than the Mach 1 it feels like I'm going! I'm too focused on the turn to think about miles per hour and if I'm pushing the envelope, well catching my breath at the end of each run is enough to worry about...... but I will say Fast enough to avoid all the goobers and Just Slow Enough to not pitch it into the woods!!
  3. Wow! So sorry to hear Ladia! What happened to the skier? So you were hit from behind What did the Reno hospital say your injuries and prognosis is? Hope healing and recovery goes well....Hang in there Buddy!
  4. Obviously it's the corporate arm/media Gestapo of Squaw in those situations. I respected the few Patroler's i knew at Squaw ...it's a serious, difficult and prestigious gig to get..... but I can say in the 6 years and 100+ days a season I rode and worked there I only saw Squaw Patrol dealing with triage (it is a Big Mtn. with 500+ inches per season and a Destination resort within 3 hours drive of the Bay area) never prevention like you would see at a family/locals Mtn. like Northstar or Alpine or Homewood where Patrol has a Presence and is stationed at heavy traffic areas or converging trails or just uphill from the base area to get people to slow down coming into the lifts. Well if you go with the known information, the Skiers code #2 was violated when the two racers overtook and ran down the other/younger boy...............that should be enough in itself or I would of thought so. Makes me wonder if there wasn't something else the Patrolers had to consider like the father and son had just merged onto the same trail or something that would shift some of the responsibility on to them also....but it doesn't read like that! I would like to think the Patrolers would have evaluated the situation objectively, but based on the known info and outcome it doesn't seem so. Seems like favoritism to me also......
  5. Alpine Responsibility Code #2 People ahead of you have the right-of-way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.....regardless if your a local pass holder on the ski team! And those two racers losing their pass for 1 week is Nothing! Squaw has turned off season pass holders passes for 30 days or more for just bad mouthing Squaw on social media!
  6. I'm with Lurch on this conundrum. Doesn't sound like the board is flat, which is very unusual for a Donek! If board is flat then maybe front binding (or both) is to far back and nose isn't getting enough weight/input. From your first 2 photos it looks like your setup has you really riding with your weight in the back seat. Try this: 1: I'd move both bindings forward 1 set of inserts each. Ride it...I bet that helps! 2: and if you like that improvement then the next step would be moving just the rear binding up another set of inserts. That will get you weight up and over the nose and the board should track straight as an arrow! Side Effects: If nose starts shoveling in and your tail starts washing out then you have gone to far forward and move rear foot back 1 set of inserts. Once ya got it tracking straight then you can focus on bias....but you might be satisfied with the rides with just this adjustment!
  7. Sculley I share your pain, it's a rare month when I see ....much less get to ride with another hardbooter! ...but DMan is right.........if the mountain will not come to Muhammad then Sculley must go to MCC...or other carve friendly event! ....or advertise here for some carving instruction at your mtn. or close proximity . .............But Don't Give Up!
  8. Wow! Boots, BTS and Fintecs for $150 Quite the Trifecta!!! I don't need them but having a hard time resisting at that price!!! IronMan, how many days, hours, runs do you have on this setup???
  9. Well I thought the 4mm v2 felt less forgiving and more for racing and the 4mm v2 lite was all grins and giggles for my 230lbs and application. ...but its really all a combo of specific board, binding, plate, boot and your application..... Bobdea.......that's a Great plate at a Great price!!
  10. Hey GT Head North is all I can tell ya. Your probably coming up to NH from Boston anyway. Top 3 tuners around Cannon/Franconia Notch: Ski Fanatics - Waterville valley exit Rodgers - Loon exit Sport Thoma - N. Lincoln/Loon exit If heading towards Attatish, Wildcat or Cranmore ski areas then I'd go with Topboost suggestions!
  11. Sculley you got more than 1 K168?......because it looks like you just sold one to Lurch! ......and your Swoard EC168 is on the chopping block also!? And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...............so the Coiler 164 Rev Sold? ..........did I miss a post or have you decided to keep it??
  12. Hey Sculley Beautiful Board! 164 length and 9-10 SCR! I like those numbers! I assume this is a Metal board? How's ya decide to go with 9-10 SCR compared to the "Continuously Variable" SCR of a Rev??
  13. Yes, so was I!..... so of course I did it my way with front binding all the way forward which rode Great!..... until I stuffed the nose and delaminated a brand new board!...which the Swoard boys were not happy about replacing. But I'm 230lbs too much riding on Swoard medium flex boards..........which the Swoard boys were seriously not happy about.......which is another story. So having learned my lesson I backed off one set of inserts up front and learned to ride it more centered..........really didn't feel any loss in performance but WOW.... the board Really Likes That Centered Stance for EC!! Never would have thought it would work that much better.....but they were Right, as usual. Just call me a knucklehead
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