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  1. Congrats Sculley! Sounds like your experiencing improvement! So true....but that's the challenge and satisfaction of pushing to the next level! I hear ya brother!....but It's Not Just Newbies! I feel the planets have to align and the groom has to have been blessed by the Pope for me to have a consistent hard charging carving run of carves......On most days I get a couple of good turns and then have to skid and then a good carve and then some more skidding!
  2. Where do you get this magic?
  3. barryj

    I'm Out!

    Uh ..Crack you gotta stop smoking that crack! Honestly I wish I could love a softie setup....but it just ain't so! I would like to hear your softie setup that lured you to the Dark side??
  4. Thanks for the insight guys! Firstly I have no complaints.....the SF is a great ride no doubt!......just wasn't sure, doubted I had Hit the sweet spot...yet. So talked to Mark again before day 3 for more clarity and moved my front binding back 1 slot and tried to stay off the nose and "just tip the board" as Mark kept saying and I felt the sweet spot in some turns where the turn and G's were so OMG! tight I thought my fillings were gonna pop out!! Additionally the SF likes to rail heelside on this icecoast crud which was inspiring and surprising and will go big or crazy tigh
  5. There are good edges..........then there are Sharp Crisp, Clean Edges! Sharp edges are a game changing confidence booster here on the ice coast! My Tuner guy recommended for me to use this $25 edging tool at the end of most days to extend the life of his shop tune by getting rid of any new burs or dings and this alone has increased my edge hold/grip and boosted my confidence on crust/ice more than anything this season. https://www.swixsport.com/us/accessories/tools/edge-tuning/ta3004-diamond-round-pocket/ https://www.als.com/swix-sharpener-diamond-disk/p?id
  6. Yeah LB I did that to start.... everything centered from where Mark suggested and found the nose was squirrely....so moved both bindings forward...that was better and then moved rear binding up and that was great....but now riding on the tail and not sure if this is the sweet spot...but it's one hell of a good time!
  7. Just fyi....I'm really enjoying the ride but not sure I've found "the" sweet spot.... I do feel I'm behind and riding off the tail....getting alot of pop off the tail out of turns is really exhilarating but not sure that's supposed to be part of the SF design. I would move front binding forward but I've already run out of front inserts So which way would you suggest trying first? Move both bindings in?.... or move rear binding forward?
  8. I hear ya Sculley! Same here at my Mtn. The midweek gondola line at Loon has been backed up out the building and past all the roped corrals and then worming back up the hill! The line moves pretty fast, probably 10 minutes.....but damn frustrating when there's another lift that could be running less than 100 ft. away!!! Don't give up Sculley! My solution is I've started showing up around 11am when the crowds seem to be thinning out for lunch or home and I can usually find a premium parking spot really close to the lift
  9. Yeah It's down to 20 after Day 1...we will see what adjustments Day 2 brings tomorrow! I think I'm more on the nose, not sure if it shows in photo.... than suggested but hard to break old habits!
  10. Well 1st day out on the SF162, conditions were crowded, crusty with flat lighting ...you know your typical ice coast day! But.....the SF didn't seem to know it! Holy Crap! It just wants to cruise! I set up my bindings starting from the rear where Mark suggested and that set my front binding stance wise....which was more toward the rear than I'm used to. 1st run it was very responsive and agile but a little squirrely on the nose.....so I slid everything forward 1 slot 2nd run was omg better, much more alive and snappy....but not sure I'm at the sweet spot...so I moved
  11. I like to take a different mind set.....Speed is my friend! You need speed to initiate turns and speed helps transfer smoothly and quickly into the next turn. Also my thinking is I'm more of a target just putting along.....I've found It's easier to dodge a bullet at speed Yes speed can be intimidating........but for me it's specific boards, not speed that will hand you your ass and pitch you in the woods if you show the slightest sign of fear....of speed!
  12. I'm happy riding at 65/60 with this 19.5 waist if it works...but yeah I agree and will go wider on the next order if I get star struck tomorrow with the Thirst epiphany I keep hearing about! Got it -
  13. Dave - so isn't that "G" bias? I think I like 20 waist boards..........Mark is telling me otherwise!
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