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    10 Minutes From The Lift!
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    Carve The East....or West!
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    Thrist SF162
    Coiler EC SS 177
    Kessler 168
    Swoard Dual II 168
    Moss Snowstick Performance Quad 160
    Noah Salasnek Sims Descender 159 - RIP
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    Deeluxe Track 425 Pro's with BTS Blues and Fintecs
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    TD3 SW SI's 60/62 3/3 Cant Disks
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  1. A great board at a great price!.........and UPM mounts!! What potential as an ice slayer!!!
  2. Looking for a set of the softer Black tongues to use with my Track 425 Pro boots
  3. Not mine - but in the consignment rack at Tahoe Sports Hub, Truckee CA! Never ridden or even mounted. Bases are perfect. Both retailed for over $1150 2018? The Pintail EX 158 is the special edition with woodcore topsheet for more pop. The Ap67 loves groom or pow with it's backset........... I got the identical mate to this and it's a sweet ride and crazy unique With Only TWO in the whole US of A! The discount stickers on these boards say $650+ but the Boss says $550 for either for Alpinesnowboarder forum!!!! Call and say Rob said to let it go for $550 Tax and shipping Not included Phone 530-582-4510 Tell em Barry sent ya........
  4. Yes, we know Shred......but tell us more Mr. Wizard! We need the nitty gritty details!!!!
  5. Can't really say "post Covid"as it's still here! ....but you know what I mean. A lot of people were on the fence of buying a pass or totally took the season off this time last year. Last year I got a midweek pass to my local mtn, Loon Mtn. and probably still got in 50+ days. This year I'm back in Tahoe and work covers my Squaw/Palisades pass. I also got the locals Epic pass to Northstar, Heavenly and Kirkwood. ...and I got the super cheap ($159) old farts pass to Boreal mostly for night riding. Let's hope the snow dumps I get to wear these passes Out!
  6. Hey thanks for that info!! Was that repair under your ownership? Was that a coreshot??
  7. Hey Nos, I'm interested......you the original owner? How many seasons, days you got on this board? Has it had any edge work or still just oem edges? Ever had a Base Grind? How big is that... coreshot? in the base...hard to tell from the photos
  8. Thanks for that info Ace! Did you see a weight range anywhere?
  9. Hey Ace, What's the difference between this and the K Cross?? Also what's the weight range for this 158??
  10. This showed up in my inbox today........looks petty good. https://www.skimag.com/performance/fitness/welcome-to-get-fit-to-rip/
  11. Still doing my Burton Stretches...going on almost 8 months and still think it's legit. Less pain going up/down stairs or difficulty getting out of chairs/couches etc..... Also been doing "Knees Over Toes" seven Mobility Standards...obviously abbreviated to my age and ability...but got a slant board I use every morning with the routine ....really good stuff! I think I posted a link to the "Knees Over Toes" guy Ben Patrick introductory mobility standards...but don't see it here.....??
  12. Oh... I got ya! Fan of MotoGP for PC Here!!
  13. Hey Daveo! Good to see your alive and kicking!! What's this imaginary car racing stuff?
  14. Not of interest to me but a price or best offer might help............
  15. Hey, welcome back Jeff! As far as Bomber goes, well, you missed a lot!... but it's still there - https://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/ Fin sold out and the next owners.....well I'll let somebody else tell that story ......and now the newest owner is Walker. Still great gear and great customer service imo! Thanks for keeping the stoke alive Walker!
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