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  1. barryj

    Uber Funny

    What were the snowboarder’s last words? “DUDE, WATCH THIS!!” What were the skier’s last words? “I think I’ll try snowboarding.”
  2. What! That's sacrilege You must have gone to UPZ's??
  3. barryj

    Uber Funny

    Whats the difference between a vacuum and a snowboard? The way you strap the dirtbag on!
  4. Hey LB, still curious.....you got a photo or 2 of what this looks like with your 425's on your feet, all buckled down ready to ride? Maybe it's my taller than stock Intuition liners, but because of the higher booster strap thread thru position where the Booster attaches/threads thru the back of the 425 shells it creates an angle that only allows the strap to be half way behind the tongue and the other half above it...............so for better or worse I've just been putting the booster strap over the tongue.
  5. barryj

    Uber Funny

    Who do ya call when you've had enough of the park rats!
  6. I hear ya Dave.......but for me I'd at least like a clean and simple test drive or two before getting into all the custom ordering mumbo jumbo. You know I'm gonna commit........but still being on injured reserve I just got Way to much time on my hands to overthink all of this And I won't be able to use this board until Next season anyway!!
  7. Thanks Dave! Now If I can just live long enough for a SF to show up in the classifieds! Middle of the road build! Mark, that's the perfect starting place for me! Really want to try one before I commit to a full-spec-custom-for-me-build, but me and my gimpy shoulder won't get a chance to Demo a Thirst this season Mark you wanna turn loose a SF Demo at the end of season?
  8. Hey Barry your messsage inbox must be full.- cant send you any PMs ?

  9. Thanks Dave, Yep, that's my thinking! I got everything else already in my quiver..... K168 for hauling groomed ass, Swoard Dual 168 for less than perfect conditions and Moss PQ60 for tha Pow. All these boards are off the shelf stock . So Mark's boards are not that stiff in comparison to Donek or Virus?? Does his boards go by weight ranges in the build? I'm 6'2" and 229+/- too much at the moment but I typically would go 1 weight range lower or a shorter board length for a softer board (than what my weight usually would dictate) for my 63 year old legs to ride all day.
  10. Carvin and Bigwave, How do you find the overall stiffness of Thirst boards? Could your legs hold up riding a whole day? For a comparison I find Donek and Virus stiffer than my legs can enjoy all day long. Bigwave, now that you've had most of the season with your Thirst Armada which is your go to ride and how do you find the SL162 and when do you pull it out?
  11. No plans on carving this season......just some slide and glide runs on some mid-week green/blue slopes at the local family mtn. this Weds. If that goes well we will evaluate from there
  12. Ay caramba..........the battle is on again! Ok, it's simple ........alot of people love Mustangs and alot of people love Camaro Pick your flavor.......their both great......just depends what works for you and your taste/setup, etc.... kind of like TD's vs F2's Everybody'd got their favorite!
  13. Gary......what's that shoulder support look like? Yes, done all the PT and that has gone well...but at just 4 months postop now, have just started strength exercises since Jan. 24/ at 12 weeks . I have full range/mobility.....still weak in one direction but gaining. If I do go out for a couple of days/runs next month I don't plan on breaking 90 degrees....just some slide and glide on the bunny hill for the grin factor!
  14. Of course the answer is Don't Go! ....especially if I ask the Doc! But you guys that have had rotator cuff surgery how long did you hold out before you got back on the hill? 4 months post surgery will be next week, Feb. 24th.....so to salvage something of this season I'm thinking I could survive getting out on some Green family runs this March. Yes, I know it's a risk.....but it seems more manageable and less risky than negotiating the skating rink my driveway's been every day the last 2 months! With my wife's blessing I'd go mid week and stay on lower Mtn. on Green runs........Scouts honor!
  15. Working on my Patience...... still on Injured Alpine Reserve from Oct. 24th rotator surgery...Ugh!!
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