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  1. Here's the 20/21 Moss Snowstick lineup. Looks like quite a few models are sold out....but I imagine the US dealers have em, like Backcountry.com, Evo.com and Gear West Ski & Bike http://www.mosssnowstick.com/2020-2021
  2. Just fyi as these are rare birds to come up for sale at a price that doesn't cause a heartattack. Listed on the Swoard extremcarving forum. $250 Euros + $40 Euros shipping seems damn good price even with a tail ding. https://www.extremecarving.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=14158 Looks like he listed it on fleabay Oct. 11 with better photos for $300US + $50 shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kessler-The-Alpine-168/333750487368?hash=item4db5144948:g:HTcAAOSwa1xff3m7
  3. Welcome WN ! WIthout a doubt Sean can set you on the right path with a complete setup! My .02, I found the 325's softer than the 700's and the 700's softer than the 425's. I use the 325's with Bomber BTS Blue springs for my pow setup on a Moss PQ 160 that will carve the groomers or bust thru waist deep pow on Bomber TD3 SW SI's I owned/rode multiple generations of 700's over the years but kept deforming them as they got older/softer so moved up to the stiff 425's and that was a great performance boost in it's self. As for fit, most guys go a whole size Down from their
  4. Hmm....... sounds more like a GS board design? You think AZX is any better candidate for plates and hardboots?
  5. Wow! Glad your still with us Alan! Sorry you've joined this elite club! Curious if you had seen the 2015? Heart Disease Detection Documentary "Widowmaker" After viewing the Documentary 4? years ago I searched out a lab to perform the CAC (Coranary Artery Calcium) test. It's proven that this test is a better predictor of coronary events than cholesterol screening or other risk factor assessments. Insurance covered the less than 5 minute procedure and I scored a 7 which means I have a small amount of plaque and less than a 10% chance of heart disease/Heart Attack the next 10
  6. Hey SS, Thanks for posting. Any idea what the inspiration for the AZX was? The riding diagram looks very similar to the D.O. I'm still got my eye out for a 1st Gen unmolested D.O. of either length.
  7. barryj

    Injury sale

    Ladia PM sent on the Angry
  8. Ladia hang in there buddy! So sorry to hear your difficulties have not improved. I know how Huge boarding/carving was a motivating force for ya so Please Keep Your Gear And Boards And Take This Season To Recover......with the new Pandemic skiing restrictions you might not be missing much skipping this season! Keep us informed on your prognosis and I'm hoping to hear you have some positive recovery. Thanks for keeping us informed! Peace and Prayers Brother
  9. Which makes me wonder if their will be new policies for uphill skiers will be at the resorts this year ???
  10. Good question! I guess taking a lesson would be the only other way to get on the mtn. and a pass for the day ??
  11. Season passes finally went back on sale here at Loon Mtn....but only selling M-F passes (with blackout dates)! I guess that's their way of social distancing! They say they are only selling a Limited number of these M-F passes and they are Not going to use a reservation system and the mountain will be wide open to any and all pass holders as no day tickets will be sold this season. I plopped down the $589 for a M-F pass......and hope I get to use it!
  12. Passes still off sale at one of the local hills, Loon Mtn. ....but I did hear Cannon Mtn passes are still on sale! Latest update is - As of June 16, 2020 from Loon Mtn. "All New England Pass and resort-specific winter season passes are off sale until further notice. As we further develop our operating plans for next season, we may limit the total number of season passes we sell. An update will be made at the end of summer regarding further season pass sales".
  13. How about a close up of the specs on the topsheet please. You the original owner, built by Shaun for your weight?? How many days/runs you have on this board?
  14. Ha! That's the plan but with Covid seemingly not going away I'm a bit more concerned about where and when am I going to get to ride than what...... I still haven't even gotten next years pass yet cause I'm waiting to see how all this unfolds! ....but I hope to be relieved/encouraged enough by the news in August to get a order in with Mark....we will see.
  15. Thanks for the info Al! That should be a great cross over board for hard charging soft booters! I'm still holding out for the SF 162 Warp design! Yikes! This reminds me I need to get in the queue!
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