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  1. Ha! That's the plan but with Covid seemingly not going away I'm a bit more concerned about where and when am I going to get to ride than what...... I still haven't even gotten next years pass yet cause I'm waiting to see how all this unfolds! ....but I hope to be relieved/encouraged enough by the news in August to get a order in with Mark....we will see.
  2. Thanks for the info Al! That should be a great cross over board for hard charging soft booters! I'm still holding out for the SF 162 Warp design! Yikes! This reminds me I need to get in the queue!
  3. Considering Covid seems to be here indefinitely and our government wants to pretend it's not.......just wondering what people are thinking for next winter....have you already purchased your next season pass or have you decided to not purchase a pass? I'm on the fence, Mountain Collective seems a good deal ..if you want to get out of town and connect a few resorts..............but social distancing seems much more problematic and risky away from home under the current restrictions....... so probably just buy my local mtn. pass again and hope for the best!
  4. Long time Roadie here - I just dropped 6 Large for an Orbea Gain M20i Ltd with di2 Shimano Ultegra Disc Doesn't even look like an E bike! Just getting to old and fat and need some assistance to keep up with my former NCAA Div. I Road & Mtb. bike racing son and I still like to do century and endurance rides https://contenderbicycles.com/product/2019-orbea-gain-m20i-ltd/
  5. Inan Dogan , PHD Economist and Industrial Engineer Produced Two Incredible Articles With Chilling Predictions!........ March 20 - "Hell Is Coming: Here Is The Mathematical Proof" https://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/hell-is-coming-here-is-the-mathematical-proof-822824/ April 3 - "Hell Is Coming and We Sold Out Our National Security For A Few Dollars" https://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/hell-is-coming-and-we-sold-out-our-national-security-for-a-few-dollars-826614/
  6. Not sure it counts as "mass produced" but gotta say one word - Moss!! Really love my PQ60 It's really the renaissance board - it loves to carve, it loves the Pow...even on the Same Run!! I save it from everyday use only to protect it. http://www.mosssnowstick.com/2019-2020/performance-quad-60 Check out Naoto ripping it up below!
  7. Hang in there Big M! Hope all turns out well!
  8. What bindings you using and how far forward on the inserts is your front foot? I felt the 161 I rode wanted you to load up the nose and needed another set of inserts towards the nose toward that end. Wondering if the 165's length resolved that or exacerbated the issue? Yeah I'm sure Don's still got stock but I want the old glossy top sheet 2017-18 model for it's looks............and since they haven't added any more inserts to the front of the newer 161's
  9. Hey Slope, How's your 165 treating ya compared to your 161 experience? Remind me of your height/weight and boot size. I would like to try the 165 but really like the snappy response and maneuverability of the 161........what am I missing?
  10. Anybody got an unmolested 2017-18 (Glossy Topsheet) 161 model? Not interested in the newer non-glossy models
  11. That's it! All done here in NH ~ Bretton Woods, Waterville and Gunstock all thru in the towel end of today So glad I got out today for Last Day to BW!
  12. NH Governor orders (state owned) Cannon Mtn. resort to close today by end of day! Weds. March 18th Were down to 3 in NH! - Watervile Valley Bretton Woods Gunstock Mtn.resort.
  13. We need an article coming out this late when most everybody's season is kaput(?) on which off the shelf (softboot) carving snowboard to buy ?? Yep....just came out March 12!! snowboardhow.com/best-carving-snowboards/ Don't agree with a lot of their math/logic......but what do I know about softbooting besides my failed attempt with the Burton HardOn's Couldn't resist and had to blow their minds with mad props on the Alloy D.O Softboot Carver Best Softboot Carver On The F---ing Planet! Bar None!!
  14. What! I see bindings for sale on he Bomber website.......Did I miss something? I would like to see a bigger variety of cant disks like adding a 2 and 4 cant disk Also a stronger but not heavier base plate....I'd pay for Ti Toe bail that's sprung...always stays up would be nice ..............or fix the wavy washer dilemma!
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