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  1. Yeah really happy with that Ice Slayer combo, just my credit card has an itchy trigger finger right now in these never ending days of Sept.......
  2. Hmm...so tempted .....but like I need another board! Looking at the website/catalog of their board selection is a little overwhelming.....can some F2 savant break down the models and the differences between those models? They all look Hot to me! https://www.f2.com/downloads/F2_snow_range_2019_20.pdf
  3. Hmm.............that sidewall looks a little on the crisp side, like somebody came in a little too hot!
  4. Wow Ditto! You got that right Carven! Very tempted but I must resist, must resist!!
  5. OMG! So beautiful and sooo tempting! !!! I am not powerless over Oxess! I am not powerless over Oxess! I am not powerless over Oxess! I am not powerless over Oxess! I am not powerless over Oxess! I am not powerless over Oxess!
  6. The W is for Wow! Does this rocket ship come with a pilots licence!
  7. More stupid than funny, but to each his own. Hopefully he was just hamming it up for a crowd reaction.
  8. Hey CC I'ts going to be better than right this winter because I'm back in Tahoe at Squaw and the pow seems to follow me! So get prepared it's gonna dump and be a deep pow year brother! See ya at Heavenly again this winter?
  9. Hey CFish, Welcome! Does the board track straight getting off the lift? If not your body weight might not be far enough forward over the nose. Try moving your front binding forward one set of inserts. If that's an improvement try bringing your rear binding forward one set of inserts. You could see a profound difference in the boards responsiveness. The key with Alpine boards is a lot of fine tuning on and off the hill to find that sweet spot for you and that particular board. Good luck and let us know how it goes this season.
  10. Wow, Way to get the Stoke up Dred in these dismal days of August!
  11. Totally Agree! ................and I've had at least 3 other Moss PQ's to judge from! Really trying to keep this one fresh as long as possible so I only bring it out for pow days and night runs at Boreal Mtn. CA, and I've got this one protected from the Goobers in the Lift line with the 3m film. It starts to peel up at the nose after a long day but clear nail polish lays the edges back down just fine.
  12. Oh yeah, I still got it and I'm back out in Tahoe working at Squaw this winter and plan to destroy some pow with that Moss PQ60!
  13. The "Global Influence" map below the article is worth a read by itself!
  14. I also received an identical post from Kinsje but regarding my WTB post for TD3 SW SI's - I purchased some items from davi754 some days ago and TD3 SW SI's is among the items he showed me that he wanted to part out with. Maybe you should text him to know if it is still available.. Here's his number 6085617362" I texted the guy back and he sent me a price of $380 and photo of a set of TD3 SW SI's but one was the red plate and the other was black.... From the angle you couldn't see the rubber e-ring so I questioned what e-ring and cant disks they come with and his response was that he was clueless as to what I was talking about and his reason for the mix matched pair was that he had bought 1 for his son and 1 for himself. ?? So when I mentioned they come as a set he got snippy with me and asked what price I would be willing to pay.........today. I didn't even reply-
  15. All business on top and party in the back!
  16. Quite the Legend.... and innovator of Heli skiing.......
  17. Actually Koflach plastic mountaineering boots! No, but I ripped the sole off another pair of boors! I had been using Asolo 101 medium mountaineering boots and tore the sole off from he front of the forward boot form all the torque!
  18. Wow....that's a flashback! I'm old enough to say I had that board, a brand new 1986? Burton Safari 175 ...and I looked just as "cool"! ....for the day - Ha!
  19. "Optional Topsheet" Very Cool Alexey...what is it? Carbon, Kevlar?? How Lift Line Goobers Scratch resistant is it???
  20. Hmm....seems like the question is - where can you buy a "Big House for 2m that (is Open and) has High Quality (Lift Service) Snow into May" Depending on how far or little your want to drive to get to the lift that should really narrow your options. I say why buy and be locked in to one geographic location unless I absolutely hated my current location. I would/could have a Hell of a good time with 2m booking ski in/out destinations following the Pow and flying the fam along as wanted. Property taxes and upkeep on a 2m location could be brutal...not to mention living with all the traffic jams twice a day when everybody and their brother is heading to and from the Mtn. on weekends, holidays and pow days. I've seen traffic backed up and deadlocked the whole 8 miles from I80 in Truckee to Squaw Valley CA...........and on those days your 2m palace feels like a Golden Cage cause your not going anywhere!
  21. Wow! So sorry to hear this Russ! That's quite a loss!! Hope the A-Holes are caught and you are reunited with your boards! Keep us informed................
  22. Getting in was aok. Reaching the Step On's minuscule release lever was an uncomfortable streeeetch for me and it doesn't seem they have made any changes or improvements to the latest editions.
  23. The Blue Tomato guys in Austria are great to work with...............and this is a Good price if they got your size. https://www.blue-tomato.com/en-US/product/DEELUXE-Track+325+T+Snowboard+Boots-472134/ Also don't forget fleabay, I've used these guys in Germany for buying just the Deeluxe 425 Pro shell and added my own liner later. https://www.ebay.com/itm/384214847802?chn=ps&var=652434445612&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=652434445612_384214847802&targetid=1265141212459&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9002384&poi=&campaignid=11614528973&mkgroupid=121062723774&rlsatarget=pla-1265141212459&abcId=9300457&merchantid=101678493&gclid=CjwKCAjwoNuGBhA8EiwAFxomAxrsmdDyE_A2nUSIjfwLcDUUxEMRS1rgPU-ghDXV8IEXJ7waFn_PCBoCtF8QAvD_BwE If your confident in your sizing I think there are lots of options, but remember to size down at least a whole size, especially with Deeluxe to compensate for the liner pack out. My street shoe size is US 11.5 or 12 (mondo 29.5 or 30) and I comfortably ride mondo 28 with my Deeluxe 425's Good luck!
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