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  2. Been farming for 40 + years and have never been able to predict anything with any certainty. If it's cold enough to go snowboarding in the winter i do . If not then there is always something that needs to be fixed and the weather is never one of them !
  3. howdy I understand what TVR is talking about, but for that to happen it will be a long time and we will be long gone by then. as for the near future as in this winter, this past winter was not good with milder temps all season and last summer wasn't as hot as this summer and we still have August and September. I am guessing we will have another mild winter. the solar maximum is predicted for 2025 so we are in for more hot summers.
  4. I was also contacted. dave
  5. Yes, the last ice age in Europe was caused by melting of huge quantities of ice and snow, of N. American ice sheet. The cold water stopped the flow of the warm Gulf Current, which keeps W and N Europe warm. It could happen again. I'm not sure if the Pacific NW and Alaska are susceptible to the same phenomenon. Our currents come from the NW and are cold. Still might be better than no current, though.
  6. I suppose in times to come our sport will be measured in terms of carbon negative or carbon positive but for now I bow to the guys that measure the season in vertical .
  7. Hmm. Given the amount of heli hours you log, I suspect your definition of “poor snowboarder” and mine differ by quite a bit.
  8. Reading the whole reference I don't get quite the same impression as TVR. But it was an interesting read. Thanks for linking it.
  9. Last week
  10. I hear Scotland is worried. Enjoying the warmth now but can see where the trouble lies.
  11. On a bright note, if all the climate people are correct, we will get to do more snowboarding.... I am going to guess some might ask "What is he talking about? The earth is getting warmer won't help snowboarding". And, as a matter of fact, if the models some predict about warming are to come true, it will indeed get more snowy. If it gets warmer, the ice melts. The melted ice adds less saline water to the ocean, which jams up the oceans conveyor belts. Without these oceanic flows, it gets colder.... much colder... if fact, it happened a mere 12,000 years ago. When it gets colder we keep more snow and more tracks are made.... So there is a bright note here... I will let the scientists explain the conveyor belt, as they are better at this than I am... https://loe.org/shows/segments.html?programID=15-P13-00013&segmentID=3 If you don't like my source, google "earth ocean conveyor belt" and there will be a source you like I am sure...
  12. heat report: jul 29, 2021 howdy A Scorcher in Siberia and Europe June ends with exceptional heat Smoky Summer in the Pacific Northwest will all this heat make for a late start this winter?
  13. It wasn't unexpected, this last couple of years. He was still pretty much around until then, although he hasn't been running the place for quite a while now. You can still go if you can get into Canada. He was a crazy Austrian guy, but he wasn't bothered about where you came from or what you rode: his business always treated poor snowboarders like me just the same as they treated the richest old school skiers. That's why he got most of my heli money. In fact he's still got some of it and I'll be there, Covid permitting, to collect on some of it in December. I'm sorry he's gone, but he had about as good a run as any of us can expect.
  14. It is what it is i full expected to catch it at some point i was just hoping it either wouldnt be that bad or id have had at least my first dose of vaccine. I survived mostly unscathed that's important thing as i know there have been many less fortunate than myself
  15. Scottishsurfer sorry to hear of your illness. When people are careful in their activity level it is disturbing to hear that you still contacted Covid. One wonders how others can flaunt the recommendations and justify or rationalize it . West, I used to say there's no cure for stupid but more and more it would seem people like to flaunt the idea that they are bucking the norm or accepted behavior and proud of it . How are health insurers in the US not going bankrupt over Covid coverage ? We have universal health care in Canada but I'm at the point where I'd like to see the Gov't say if your not vaccinated due to medical conditions and you get sick the bill is on you ! My doctor suggested to me the other day that some of her patients who used multiple excuses for not getting vaccinated were actually using these excuses to mask the fact that they were actually afraid of needles (usually big tough guys) !
  16. howdy Under the Big Sky music festival … July 17/18 2021 … Super Spreader Event …
  17. howdy we had a huge outdoor music festival on july 17/18 and roughly 30,000 attendees over the two-day event from all over the country and now covid are numbers are getting higher and add to that people coming thru to visit glacier national park. it has been the busiest here I have seen and every year it seems to get worst. even our river is getting busy, it used to be a few local kids years ago, but now it is over run by every age group thanks to stand up paddling and the warmer temps. it has become not fun any more and the chance of getting covid becomes higher. looks like this winter will be like last year.
  18. That's the prime event each season! Our plan is to make this happen either in December (early or mid) or in March, when none of Rama, Shimhoon or Ryan would have a scheduling conflict.
  19. howdy it would be an honor to meet rama, but I don't travel well. I hope this happens and please keep us updated...
  20. Not really I work pretty much alone in an electrical testing lab at work and im pretty anti social so i generally either have my breaks there or in my car. Other than grocery shopping and mountain biking ive not really done much with really any sort of human interaction in the past couple of months . So where i got it no idea In terms of vaccination i was going to chase up my appointment the weekend i had gotten sick as i hadnt recieved the fabled blue envelope through post telling me when my first dose was to be. I had checked a couple of times previous using the online tool but it always showed nothing was booked for me which i put down to being 35 with no underlying health conditions that could make corona be an issue. Incase you dont know here folk were vaccinated in terms of age and risk so i was pretty much at the bottom of the list for vaccination. It later transpired that my local health center had neglected to change my address 5 years ago when i moved even though i had filled out the required form and informed them. So aparently I was still registered under my old address and that was where my appointment letter had been sent and since i was using my correct address online to check it showed nothing was booked for me . Now i have to wait another couple of weeks before i can get dose number 1 as they want me to wait 4 weeks from the end of major symptons before i can get jagged.
  21. howdy scottishsurfer sorry to hear that you got it. were you in a high risk activity/situation? and were you vaccinated?
  22. Not really canada related but I caught what was most likely the delta variant of corona about 5weeks ago now and im still recovering. Having been in probably the best shape i have been in years it hit me incredibly hard i can easily see how anyone with any sort of underlying health conditions is in serious trouble if they catch it. For those that are interested my experience was incredible fatigue and tiredness for the first couple of days. I then felt fine for a day followed by what felt like really bad stomach flu for a week where i had a complete loss of appetite all i could literally eat was apples oranges and the very occsional bowl of soup i could force into me. After that I felt fine again for a day....... and then i started to cough which resulted in me coughing so hard i cracked the cartiledge connecting one of my ribs. By the end of the day i was only able to take small little breathes as my chest was feeling super tight and probably the most terrifying thing was i began to cough up blood. For about 2 days i lay on my chest and just focused on my breathing trying to take slightly bigger breathes than were comfortable and fortunately on the third day things started to improve. Ever since then ive made a steady improvement bit by bit but im still finding that i get out of breath fairly easily but it is improving and with luck in a week or two i should be fully back to my normal self. On a lighter note its an amazing diet i went from 94kg to 85kg in two weeks lol sadly it was mostly muscle waistage but i do feel nice and light now
  23. Sounds great, good luck! Just so you know, the biggest hardboot freecarving event in the US is happening January 31 to February 3. Details are here: https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/forum/93-montucky-clear-cut-2022/
  24. aspen!!! right after xgames alloysnow.com can have boards there and one of their softboot carvers. i know this old guy...
  25. I also received an identical post from Kinsje but regarding my WTB post for TD3 SW SI's - I purchased some items from davi754 some days ago and TD3 SW SI's is among the items he showed me that he wanted to part out with. Maybe you should text him to know if it is still available.. Here's his number 6085617362" I texted the guy back and he sent me a price of $380 and photo of a set of TD3 SW SI's but one was the red plate and the other was black.... From the angle you couldn't see the rubber e-ring so I questioned what e-ring and cant disks they come with and his response was that he was clueless as to what I was talking about and his reason for the mix matched pair was that he had bought 1 for his son and 1 for himself. ?? So when I mentioned they come as a set he got snippy with me and asked what price I would be willing to pay.........today. I didn't even reply-
  26. Me too..thought it was odd
  27. Thanks. Kinsje has been banned and flagged as a spammer. There are no users davi754 or greg33 either.
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