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    Salut Pseney Oui je suis au Massif lundi à jeudi il va me faire plaisir de te faire tester écrit moi à l’adresse real@swoard.com
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  4. My main motivation was convenience for flying, when switching from the HSPs to Backland Carbon boots. Plus 25 or so years of technical boot development which skiers have enjoyed. Even Mountain Slope is an old design. The "Sense" boots look interesting. I would say that the clever bit about modern Carbon boots is that they achieve similar performance at less weight; the Carbon is probably used to deliver that, rather than to deliver something you don't want (greater stiffness). Carbon is probably also more stable over a range of temperatures and stress. It's a composite so you can engineer it very precisely. Lighter boots.... feel lighter. It may be psychological, and mostly I don't notice, but when jumping my gear definitely feels lighter. Perhaps it's like "power to weight ratio" in a car. With the race bike analogy, I want the lightest machine I can get at a reasonable price. I'm not going to drill the components out, but lighter always feels better. Heavier boots... you could buy some ankle weights and strap a kilo on each ankle to see the benefits of that at a cheap price today. Metal boards actually use metal and rubber for their dampening effect, it's not specifically mass which is the issue.
  5. The signature of a significant lumbar herniated disc is nerve root compression pain. That is pain that is felt in the distribution of the affected nerve i.e not localised back pain. The nerve is irritated by both direct compression and/or inflammation caused by extruded disc substance.
  6. Sir David would be proud @bigwavedave. You will probably have to draw the line at the The Secret Life of the Spirit Carver documentary though!
  7. Well, still planning to hit Martock tomorrow night.
  8. i once experimented riding with music. My first gen airpods work great for my ear anatomy. They fit very snug and won't budge even when running or jumping rope. they stay in place with my helmet on. Riding with music freaked me out for reasons discussed above. I'm already super paranoid about getting hit from behind. Or also the very odd chance that someone is trying to yell at me to warn me about the Lion or Bear that is chasing me.
  9. The t4 is great. It has amazing edge hold which i think has boosted my confidence level and allowed me to ride faster and more aggressively.
  10. I’ve had occasional lower back pain similar to what you describe, brought on by hard heel-side slides/stops that occurred due to proximity of trees or lift pole. I have self-diagnosed as herniated disc. What has worked for me is: 1) rest; 2) planks - front, side, back; 3) once things are feeling better, Roman chair plus continuation of front and side planks. My theory is that by building the muscles on all sides of the discs, once the inflammation has subsided, the muscles will be better able to provide counter-pressure against the compression forces that squeeze discs outward during these really hard stops.
  11. I prefer to listen for the flap of the open-coat straightliner.
  12. A GoPro made the trip... Imagine that.
  13. Would make a nice ad for the Nirvana model. You're riding with an easy balanced style, a minimum of arm movement, & moderate radius turns. A still at 0:18 shows a beautiful sinuous track. Jealous I have to wait till August to ride my Nirvana T4 Energy. Thanks!
  14. Is that the same Patroller who's entry into Bindle Stiff is something of legend? so smooth.
  15. Guess what we got to help read the raffle tickets at this years MCC? No, not reading glasses... way cooler, pocket magnifying cards! So even if you are not a winner you will get to take home a magic card that fits in your wallet and makes the small stuff bigger!
  16. I'm going to do this in the hotel this week in prep for this weekend. It's so freaking warm in Denver?!!
  17. A contributor to your problem @Dan may be the posture carvers get into to clip into their bail bindings. https://imgur.com/bV6SJMV Above is a screen capture from First Tracks at SES 2013 but it's typical. Apologies to whoever's backside I'm highlighting. Our boots don't allow easy ankle flexion or knee bend when we bend forward to engage the bail on the rear binding as we get ready to ride. Almost all the forward bend therefore is made at the hips and bending the lower back. If your hamstring muscles on the back of the thigh are tight then little pelvic tilt can occur to allow movement at the hip, so now the bulk of the movement comes from compression of the discs adjacent to the 5 lumbar vertebrae (spine bones). This also puts enormous tension on the low back muscles on either side of the spine and your core generally. How to tell if your hamstrings are tight? And how to safely stretch them if they are? https://imgur.com/laSeCob Above is me stretching my left hamstring. How close you can get your butt to the doorway and keep your knee straight tells you how tight, or not, your hamstrings are. When I first started doing these my leg would be at 45 degrees to the door frame and my knee would start to bend. Lying in this position with your butt slightly closer to the door than you can keep your knee straight isolates the stretch to just that hamstring. The weight of your leg keeps your back firmly on the floor. The other leg on the floor minimises any tilt of the pelvis. And with regular stretches you will get your butt closer to the door. Use the other side of the doorway to stretch the other leg. I moved to Intec heels long ago because of my tight hamstrings and the back pain issues they cause getting into my bail bindings. The stretches help me with lower back pain/muscle spasm issues I have had in day to day life as well. You don't have to abandon your bail bindings entirely. Just buy a set of Intec bindings, stick the bails on the front and the Intecs on the rear. Your back will love you for it!
  18. Salut, Est-ce que c'est toujours d'actualité les essais de Sword la semaine prochaine?
  19. I haven't had lower back pain from carving, but I've had it in spades from mountain biking, which is similar in that you use a hip hinge motion for much of what you do on both a board and a mountain bike. Partially to address the back pain, last year I started doing some mtb specific exercises/training, and it's made a huge difference. The focus on lower back pain basically involves increasing core strength to allow you to hip hinge correctly and not round your back when you get fatigued. Great ways to increase core strength are regular planks, reverse planks, side planks, deadlifts and side-to-side kettlebell swings. Start light/short and make sure you have perfect form before increasing weight/duration to avoid injury. As a motivator, I was shocked at how much difference it made in my back pain from mtb riding after a little over a month of working on core a few times a week.
  20. I already ride with an alpine stance and generally have stiff equipement. Current setup is a Rome Blur 178 , Rome Folsom boots and Nidecker Carbon bindings. I'd love to try just that !
  21. The eccentric leg blasters really make good sense for carving strength and endurance. Thanks for sharing that. They might even have the double bonus of making me faster in my boat.
  22. ripitup


    BURTON race plates still available?
  23. I generally revel in the fact that I am carving the sweetest turns on the mountain (unless I run into someone else on a carving set up).
  24. I forgot to add this link earlier. Deceptively brutal. Just started these in anticipation of my return to snow: https://www.backcountry.com/explore/train-eccentric-leg-strength-for-alpine-skiing Mario
  25. If you are riding choppy conditions and feeling the rough a plate helps smooth thing out but if you are injured you need to identify the injury and deal with it. If it is muscle strengthen it, if it's injured get medical advice. My internet doctor treats my issues with muscle relaxant long hot soaks in the tub and cleaning out horse stalls till the pain comes back and repeat.
  26. You are doing it all wrong! Let the dog tow you. Mush!
  27. Mondo point 29.5 or 30 thank you.
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