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    Iration coastin’ came out yesterday and I’m doing the same
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  4. step in to the multi-axial simulator, click in to the binders, don the VR helmet and we can all ride any run in the world, together on perfect self healing corduroy at any time of year.
  5. Thank you Dan! Sandpoint ID looks great. @queequeg #vandweller is a great idea. Been looking for a 2006 Sprinter 158 High Top for class B. Those things can get expensive really quick. borrow/Rent one is a cheaper way to test the water before fully committed is what I was told. Thank you TT and VTHops! Great feedback from ppl actually living the dream Trying to keep it a secret I am a huge fan of Sugarloaf. The mountain is great but the best part are the people! Afraid that I might actually run away and join the circus if I look at Carrabassett area too closely. Some really nice deals to be had.
  6. Better get here soon, the equity refugees are coming in herds with their guns and trump flags
  7. Love it; there is hope! Very interesting on what you say about feedback. Snowboard feedback loop today relied heavily on feeling. Well; that just don't work well for me. Maybe with today's high precision gyroscope, smart phone plus bunch of VR/AR gears can measure on what "good/bad" are. The question become what good/bad measurement is? Are there one size fits all? Different profile for racing vs free carve maybe. a la: Rocky(feeling) vs Drago(precision lab). or maybe best of both world the Drago approach might be better for the mass to be that tide to rise all boat to a base competency. than Rocky method take you as far as you want to go
  8. It's all a hoax, right? I mean by November we should have 200,000 deaths here so the slopes should be nice and empty!
  9. We have less than 50 active cases here in Saskatchewan and life is slowly getting back to normal, or at least some variation of it. We're watching the US situation daily and hoping our American friends find a way out of this mess.
  10. As things open numbers are under control as cases trend down. Major cities are mandating wearing of masks as a condition of entering public buildings. How you'all doing ? (side note for Sunsurfer) I see Hutt had record opening #'s and no social distancing in lift lines, riding a full six pack just to rub it in ! Have fun on your August trip !
  11. Who is your son, as mine is/was part of the weekend program at the Loaf. Mike (my son) certainly likes his gates....
  12. I am for the most part self taught. But the few times I took lessons even after having riding for 3-4 years were helpful to have a few tricks passed along. I do feel many alpine carvers tend to plateau and get stuck, often thinking that that is the limit of their talent...and over the years as they age thinking that they can never get to be as good as they once were, "if only I was 30 again". But the reality is when someone is dialed in better and told what to look for and how to "flow" after into or even attack a turn then" flow" they get better than they were even when they were younger, stronger , with better reflexes. I'm not unlike so many others in that I like to stick with what works, but I still try new things and trends. There was a time when a 18" stance was considered really too "wide". One thing I wanted to develop in the 1990s was a feedback system through the board that let you know what direction and speed to pressure the board for top performance. It's possible to measure edge pressure , velocity, Decamber, G-force and slope inclination ...and to give feedback to riders. Also it's possible to record a professional riders inputs and then try to emulate that rider or say a few riders that have a similar body build and flexibility to your own- by playing back that ride. The pro riders might have to stay closer to the middle of the run and the person emulating might be able to err to say anywhere in the middle 3 fifths of the run. That's sorta cool. So let's say you found yourself on upper walking boss at Loon on the East coast, or Gondolier at Stowe, white caps at Waterville Valley, Ruthies run in Aspen, Centennial at Beaver Creek, Sneakys at Snowmass, on a decent packed powder day. Ahem of course the snow isn't exactly the same day to day or even run to run , the board and bindings and boots wouldn't be identical or even buckled the same... but you would still get closer than with no feedback at all. At the Reebok Sports Club in NYC in the 1990s I rode the largest snowboard simulator ... it wasn't just a rolling carpet, it moved in all directions, pitched, yawed and tilted... In the simulation I rode behind Kevin Delaney in Aspen. With the giant screen it felt pretty good. And after riding with Kevin in Aspen... it felt pretty close. maybe we are all in a simulation...or that's the future of Alpine.
  13. Nailed it! CO is great. CA...surfing in the AM and riding in the afternoon is great, if you can get through the traffic. UT, ID, WA, OR, MT...all great. But Maine might not have as many places, but I'll put Sugarloaf against most mountains on a good day and on an average day...if you have to wait more than 3 chairs you get upset. Cost of living for a eastern top rated resort is very reasonable. Having grown up in VT, compared to what you get for the mountain it isn't even close. Way more acreage, more vert, and with the coming additional expansion it won't even be close. Killington wishes it had the terrain the Loaf does. Internet is reliable. Flagstaff lake is a few minutes away ( just got a wing so I plan on being on the lake on the wind hold days snow wing kiting.), lots of streams to fish or take a cool plunge in and the mountain biking is quickly becoming known as one of the few places in New England that can rival Kingdom Trials in northern VT. Want to grow your own food...just have to watch out for bears. Want to grow your own pot, watch out for the stoned bears. Want to be on the coast, 2.5 hours away from salt water and you can be at Logan Airport in Boston to fly anywhere in the world in 4 hours. If you can't tell, I really love where I live. Pow4ever- you know how to find me when you are up at the Loaf. You need to stop day dreaming and give your local friend who also happens to be a real estate broker a call and I can hook you up! Enjoy the day dreaming!
  14. Keep us updated. My son and I have done High Cascade and had a blast out there. He is mainly focused on boardercross but after a few races in hard boots he is seeing the light. He attends a mountain school for snowboarding and is getting pretty good. He and several other team mates want to focus more on GS and SL and having a few days mid summer could be enough to lure us from Maine.
  15. Unfortunately gonna be with 30 ski racers in a paid camp and not gonna be open to public. However, if there was enough interest next summer I have the commitment from the program director that we could run an alpine snowboard training camp on the glacier. Would need to schedule lane space in late spring, I have access to all the gates we would need here in Hood River.
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  17. I am a big fan of self teaching. You don't need a teacher or coach if you already know the concepts or snow sliding and carving. Get out there and experiment. Buy a cheap setup and get after it. My first alpine setup when getting back into hardboots was $200 for an old Burton PJ6 and rear entry ski boots. Fake it until you make it!
  18. Hi Charlie, Believe it or not, hard boots, plates and some alpine boards, work just fine in the park and off-piste...
  19. I'll add my perspective as a soft boot snowboarder who loves to carve. The two biggest barriers for me have been the cost and the absence of retail store stocking alpine equipment (and who have people knowledgeable in the area). A little bit about myself. I live in Australia. I've been snowboarding for about eleven years now. When I started my parents put me into my local mountains club where I settled into training and racing snowboard cross. I like to think that my soft boot carving is pretty solid after a number of years riding in the club. I raced in Europa Cup events for a couple years before leaving competition behind when I started my university studies. The reason I never really considered alpine at the time was that there weren't any coaches (and few races) in my local area. As for why I don't get into alpine snowboarding today: Firstly, I am currently a full-time student. When I get to the snow, I definitely spend most my time carving groomers, but I also like to ride the jump line in the park and smash down a tree line of piste. Alpine equipment would be amazing for one of those, but I would still need to maintain soft boot equipment to really enjoy the others. If AU$1500 wasn't a big deal for me, I would happily invest in alpine equipment, but given its niche use, can't justify it at the moment. I recently replace my six-year-old board and (having already put aside getting alpine equipment) faced the dilemma of balancing the use cases when choosing a board that would work well across the board. (I ended up buying a Korua Tranny Finder (157cm)). Secondly, none of the retail stores in my area sell alpine equipment and have staff who know what they are talking about. There is one store which stocks a couple of alpine boards, but I haven't been there when the staff had any clue about them. (I might have just been unlucky). To be honest, though, I haven't gone out of my way to search for retailers and there probably are some around the place. Ultimately, I am sure I will get an alpine board in the future. Once I graduate and have a full-time job, it shouldn't be too hard to justify AU$1500 for a long term hobby.
  20. Can anyone join for gate training? Willing to drive down from Seattle to run gates.
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  22. You can not beat Maine for price and ease of use of the mountain. Go out west, spend a fortune, be a half hour away from the mountain. Go to Maine, spend less, be able to ride a few runs before work... I can get a meeting warning notification at the top of Sugarloaf and be at my desk to make that meeting taking a shuttle home. I paid way under $100k for my (small) place. Sure, the conditions are better out west but the crowds and prices are insane. I will take lesser conditions and lesser crowds every day of the week. I lived out west for a year so it's not like I haven't been out there.
  23. I've been considering buying some kind of a camper van, large enough to live in a week at a time; for just such a reason. If I'm going to work from home all the time, I wouldn't mind it if home were somewhere far from home every now and again.
  24. I’ve been in my car behind my then 15 yr old son, KarverKai, at 62mph. Now 17 he is comfortable above 70 mph. He calls this “extreme standing”. Ink
  25. I've had my eye on Sandpoint, ID for awhile. It's next to Schweitzer and a massive lake for summer activities. It's still cheaper than Colorado, but substantially more when I first started thinking about that area years ago.
  26. Alex Pullin drowned today while spearfishing in Australia. A 13 year veteran of the SBX world tour, Chumpy won 2 world titles, 2 Crystal Globes and carried the flag for the Australian Winter Olympic team at Sochi. He was 32. He will be missed.
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