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  2. If memory serves, a rental Elite was the very first board I ever set foot on, must have been around 1990. ... Memory does serve now. It was a Cruzer, not an Elite. Close enough, I guess ...
  3. I went through all of the same gymnastics you are going through. My feet measure 28.2 and the UPZ 28 shell ended up being correct. There is no 28.5 shell. That .5 has to do with the liner. Most people don’t seem to like the stock liner. My favorite liner is the size 28 Deeluxe 131. The only way I could get what I think is a perfect, very, very comfortable fit is by doing liner surgery as shown In the attached pic BUT my problem was my right big toe only. There was room in the shell but not in the liner and a bigger size liner did not solve the problem. This seems like a crazy solution bu
  4. I'll be up riding Sugarloaf March 1-5. Yellow coat, lime UPZs, some Coiler strapped to my feet
  5. Me again , a year later with the UPZs. Not much time on them due to COVID but a handful of days. Orig Deeluxs are 28. New UPZs are 28.5 . I think after all those years the 28 were too small . First day out this year decided the thermofit in 28 are too small and back of my rear heel is in excruciating pain. Never had the heel pain in the Deeluxs but they also never felt great.Went back to the UPZ liners , heated them , put in all pads that came with them , added a heel wrap for rear and boots feel ok . Not slippers but not painful. I unbuckle on the lift . Thinking about trying Intuition lin
  6. Loop..i messaged Denis..you were first..you do you..you had dibs so if you two don't line this up, let me know..right thing to do. powdah
  7. by the looks of it, first tracks.
  8. Well, I have two sets on boards, plus some spares.
  9. Huge evening crowd, again... These lazy buggers opened the Midway only at 7pm. The other chairs were unbreakable. Otherwise, the snow was interesting - semi-moguled compacted wet stuff from the last night.... Tanker ate it all up for dinner
  10. snowreport: thu feb 25, 2021 howdy alI started like most cloudy grey day and classic big mountain fog above chair 2 and just a tiny bit of snow falling on opening with very little wind. then as the lifts open the snow starts dumping really hard and the wind picks up from the south and it dumped hard all morning. it dumped a a couple inches an hour of super fluffy champagne powder and it was easy to carve thru it. the groom early was a bit icy crunchy, but as the new snow gets mixed in felt better. as I got used to the donek 163mfc, I kep
  11. Has anybody rode bluewood in Washington state? Out here for work & was thinking about trying it.
  12. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=47.41873000000004&lon=-121.41200999999995 5-9" tonight, another 5-9" during the day. Sounds like a pow day rather than a carving day.
  13. My first day of the season was a good day.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I’ll take them. Let me know where to send the $$$.
  16. Find a good bootfitter and let them fix the width. It's true that UPZ start out with a wider forefoot than Deeluxe, but it's NOT true that unmodified UPZ will work out of the box for truly wide feet, so you're going to need a fitter anyway. Pick the boot whose features and flex suit your style of riding and let the fitter do their job. My feet are 11.5EEEE (my right foot is even wider) and I bought Deeluxe 425Pros because the stiffness suits my style and weight, they work well with my preferred Intuition Dreamliners, the ankle pocket is about right, and they accept Fintec heels. The size 27 st
  17. TD3 second board kit new, never used or mounted, Blue E rings, 3 and 6 degree cant, 4 hole discs, screws, everything you see in the pictures, $120.00 shipped in the continental US Paypal friend and family
  18. The title says it all, everything you see in the pictures $35.00 shipped in the continental US Paypal friend and family, whatever money is left after shipping will be donated to Alpinesnowboarder.com
  19. The inspiration for that topsheet was hanging on my dash 6 years ago when I won my monster at ses Mario
  20. The title says it all, what you see in the pictures $45.00 shipped in the continental US Paypal friend and family, whatever money is left after shipping will be donated to Alpinesnowboarder.com
  21. howdy wow! bummer … I hope kram is ok? … that looks like a serious hit … ouch! ...
  22. Almost same question somebody ask last week. I was riding Dynafit and Scarpa AT boots for years. They were much better for me than any UPZ model. And I don’t even talk about weight. So light compare those UPZ leg stones. And of course much better and safer for climbing if you do it.
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