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  2. This. Which is why also I disagree that "custom" is appropriate - you can't test-ride a custom board, and you don't really know what you like, so that's a lottery. Trying different things is the best approach, in my view. Length is nominal - it depends how long the board's designed to be ridden. The important thing is if you can flex the board appropriately at your weight/ skill level. If you're buying second hand that's more tricky and you may need to trade a few before you find what you want. I would be exceptionally careful to study the weight range for whatever you buy, and the board
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  4. Certainly will if so. Wasn’t aware of this site when I posted the board for sale on eBay. I lost touch since the Bomberonline and Freecarve days. Had attended ECES a couple years and enjoyed the Carving Community. Best Wishes we get to enjoy a full season.
  5. Bruce definitely knows what he is doing. I used to ride 4-5 different boards from different companies, each board for a certain condition. Once I jumped on this Coiler I was able to use it in all condition. Great design! Coiler sold! Boots still for sale.
  6. Do share Jack. I love pirates jokes. Which letter do Pirate love the most ?
  7. Does anyone know is the snow bus will run this season?
  8. Thanks for the offers guy's. Keeping the board. Was having remorse selling. ABSOLUTELY NEVER happened selling.
  9. Thanks for all of the good tips. I had a pretty good day today with awesome conditions riding my 172 Coiler Contra. Friday I’ll ride my 168S Swoard which is very soft but wider than I like at 22cm.
  10. Hi I also have deluxe trak 425 for sale in 29.5 I wear 11.5 shoes as well
  11. You're forgetting about all the Americans who aren't coming up here this season... They're gonna go ride somewhere. Slopes are empty in Revy right now. Also because there's a covid outbreak in town...
  12. @west carvenbut the border is closed... likely much less Canadian traffic. I think weekends are going to be a zoo at Whitefish all year, but think weekdays will be slower with less Canadian traffic. Guess we will see.
  13. 1st dibs! PM sent Aw crap! I just noticed this is a Goofy build
  14. For the record, I have bought a bunch of whips of Shred. guy knows his sh*t, takes METICULOUS care of his equipment buy w confidence. *Off
  15. Dude..... just unpacked it. OK, for anyone whoever buys anything from this guy? When I asked “please give it a good pack job”? I’ve bought a hundred boards off BOL and this sight, this pack job was top 3. Wow. Doug. Unreal. Literally thank you so much for taking the time you did. It’s beautiful. Exceeded my expectations on every level. if I ever get to meet you, beers on me. couldnt be more happy Bruce? You’re a god among board builders. thank you thank you thank you thank you. I am so pleased
  16. Buyer and seller still could give a donation towards this site, if they've established that the buyer had become aware of the auction through this thread...
  17. I agree, but it hasn’t been a problem.
  18. Panicked and got rid of my hard boot stuff except for a couple not shown. 3 new Alloys on the way.
  19. howdy dan yeah! I agree... ski magazine rated wmr no.3... 10% more season pass sales this year... gonna be a bull crap year... i'm gonna be a jerk to everybody... and I hope they never come back...
  20. Jeeze, can we please keep Whitefish and Schweitzer secret? C'mon NYT, we don't write articles on ASB about secret NYC organic kale shops, or whatever other destination you guys would prefer not to see overrun.
  21. howdy if you cut it down the middle it would make a great pair of skis... hehe... shred doesn't ride much so I am sure this thing is mint...
  22. Excellent shape. Dark Dark Purple topsheet with light stealth snow flakes.. 162cm length 20cm wide Built-in RFF (the goofy) Stance 52-60cm appx Base is clean with a coat of florinated wax Top is clean, normal rubber pad binding imprint.. No impression. No nicks, dents Board is excellent condition. $850 plus shipping. Email. rthut65 at gee male dot kom
  23. Excellent shape. Black topsheet with light stealth snow flakes.. 175cm length 19cm wide Built-in RFF (the goofy) Stance 52-60cm Base is clean with a coat of florinated wax Top is clean, normal rubber pad binding imprint.. No impression. No nicks, dents Board is excellent condition. $800 plus shipping. Email. rthut65 at gee male dot kom
  24. howdy jack m I just think if you are going post here you should sell here... kinda bull crap not to...
  25. Another bike ride, another snow making update. Guns haved moved from ScissorBill to upper 4pipe. Still going on SkyHooker and the feeder from the top of Gandy. Blowing snow all night and all day! At this rate they should be able to have a few more runs open this weekend! And Huttner is hinting at a wintery change in the weather pattern in about 10 days.
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