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  3. price drop! $200 for an SG!
  4. Boyne has been good for Sugarloaf. I think with Sugarloaf and Sunday River getting so big and expensive, it creates a better market for the Maine mom-n-pop ski areas: Saddleback, Mount Abram, Lost Valley, Black Mountain, Camden Snowbowl, Big Squaw, Titcomb, Big Rock, Baker Mountain, Eaton Mountain, Mt. Jefferson, Hermon Mountain, Powderhouse Hill, Spruce Mountain, Quoggy Jo.
  5. boyne resorts, just purchased Shawnee peak.... Such a shame there are less and less of the mom and pop hills left... Well, this will increase the price of another resort.....
  6. My daughter started hardbooting at age 9; when her feet were big enough to fit properly in a pair of Head stratus pro boots (22.0M). She is 13 now and started riding a Thirst SF 162 last year (when she was under 5' tall). She has never softbooted at a resort; though we do ride softies at home when we get fresh snow. Hard part is she does not have any friends who hardboot, and she wants to have fun with her friends so she will switch to skiing at some point in the day to hang with them. She puts up with us "old guys" and we are happy to have her represent "us". I enjoy having this time with my daughter, even if she chooses to ski from time to time. Getting them set-up might be difficult to do since they lack the experience and "hardboot vocabulary" to convey to you what they are experiencing.
  7. My experience is that the initial discomfort of hardboots determines the interest of the learner to persevere or not. If he is used to skiing and has never been in softboots this may be an easy transition. Secondly: although kids learn quickly, if he is a good skier, having some early lessons to get the turning basics sorted early will help that transition.
  8. Was in the cinema yesterday. Surprised to see that Montucky part was 2-3x smaller tham any other part. Expected to see @b.free laying down on his Virus, but nothing there.
  9. Board looks big relative to him, but that is often the case with smaller riders
  10. It is his own wish to go alpine, never pushed him. He is a good skier and really likes skiing, so I actually held it of a bit because skiing kids are terribly convenient. My daughter switched to snowboarding when she was 9, but she likes softboots (never tried hardboots). But I surely like the thought of him carving, so I like to facilitate and not do anything that will put him off. That is why I am a bit hesitant on getting the 139. This year might be a bit early for going hardboots. And although kids are not too sensitive to it, having two boards specifically for him might give some unconscious pressure to try them.
  11. If there was an Ultimate Surfer It would be a Curren or an Irons...Style is a very personal thing, you can copy it, but it shows...
  12. Like a rope you can drag a kid but when you try to push them they usually go in the wrong direction. Keep it fun. If you really want a mini me get cloned !
  13. @TimW I went through this with my son. I started him on soft boots around age 8, I did not put him on an HB setup until he could ride his downhill edge. Once he learned to do that and could carve a solid line on heel and toe sides I knew he was ready to try HBs. Now he is 17 ski’s 70% of the time and loves to carve on skies. He refuses to ride HBs, as a teenager he doesn’t want to be the “weird guy”. He is very talented and would be an amazing HB rider, he is getting an CBXFR from Bruce this season. I can only dream that he tries HBs again.
  14. Thanks for the feedback.The dry slope is very short, I don't plan on teaching him myself there. So the transition to hardbooting will be on snow, the dry slope is just first steps in softboots
  15. Those guys were clocking well over 132km/h. From what I recall the courses are designed not to be record-breaking, so the design maximum is about 200km/h anyway. The guys at 132 km/h were on essentially inflatable boogie boards. I kid you not. I often have to keep my mouth shut when people talk about the incredible [literally] speeds some people [not here] claim to have achieved on open piste. Those speed-slopes are crampon hard and roped-up access is the only safe way. The speed-test section is a 100m bit about 1/3 down. The bottom 2/3 is for deceleration and the bottom 500m or so is protected with massive house-sized bouncy castle barriers to reduce the impact. I only saw one crash, and the guy crashed right at the very bottom. It was the biggest, gnarliest, nastiest crash I've ever seen... I thought he'd nearly stopped (he had), but of course he was still doing the sort of speeds you never see on a public piste, hence he hit those house sized barriers hard. I have no doubt that some of the people here have bigger nuts than me and would be able to ride those slopes, but it is an order of magnitude faster than most people will ever experience. They steer with their fingers, obviously don't edge the board, and aren't allowed to stand up until going slow enough not to be blown over. I seem to recall that there are regulations for the board size/ design, and that the bindings are different. That Kitz crash looks pretty bad, but note that the fences there are small... the seep ski ones are massive for a reason. They have had fatalities in speed skiing, which I think is one reason that they limit the maximum speeds. --- Peter you can get me through publicview.health also if other routes aren't working, but try not to look like a spammer!
  16. No; no experience of that specific, but I learned mostly on dry slopes (transitioning from skis to a board with ski boots) and it wasn't really an issue. I guess I got a fat lip from my one and only "edge related" issue, but that was about it. I think you're correct: if they want to learn, really that's pretty easy. I was older, but if there had been anyone else around who knew how to ride, I'd have asked them for some feedback/ suggestions, so there is that, but if I was watching... I'd wait until I was asked before volunteering an opinion.
  17. My 11 year old son, good skier, now wants to start snowboarding. He getting lessons on a dryslope now on softboots, but of course he wants to snowboard like his father does.... Based on my own experiences in the late 80s, starting as a 13 year old on adult snowboards and rear entry ski boots, kids quickly learn on anything. So I don't expect it will be an issue to quickly switch to hardboots. Or do you have other experiences? I already picked up a speedster sl 145 with f2 titaniums cheap and he fits my wife's old hardboots. I also came across a speedster 139 (50 euros), wondering if I should get that as well. At 40kg he is on the light side for the 145. What do you think? Any other advice for teaching your kid?
  18. I am not sure what I am doing this season. No passes for me tho. I have a week booked at kirkwood in february, thinkin' on MCC and possibly an aspen trip. New car not as good in snow with significantly less clearance, so MCC may be a no-go for me. Of the past several years I have been more of a "lets go here for a week" person than a "lets go on the weekends" person, so passes are less attractive, but where I can get deals on a week I will go for it (which sometimes means getting a pass). Last year I spent a week at montucky, a week in tahoe, and a week in oregon. This year lets see.
  19. I have so much to catch up on in this thread. I just bought a 2004 R32 with only 50k on the odometer. Bone stock ... for now. Gonna sell my forester on BAT as it has become a royal PITA to get past smog every two years here in CA. Too bad because It's a capable, and reiliable beast. That said, the new r32 is a lot of fun, though severely underpowered. Can't beat that exhaust note. I've never been a Mazda person but my god have I always loved these. The most beautiful body styling of any modern car ever, bar none. Gorgeous cars. Sexy!!!
  20. A great board at a great price!.........and UPM mounts!! What potential as an ice slayer!!!
  21. Yesterday
  22. From NOAA I like the look of this for the PNW and Montana! Above normal precipitation and below normal temps! Maybe another lift served pow riding at MCC?
  23. $300 + Shipping to U.S. (I don't take PayPal, Venmo or checks accepted) Built 2014, last ridden 2017. 173cm 19cm waist Built for 180-190 lb. rider I asked Sean to build a Proteus with a more forgiving shape so it could be ridden off piste if needed. He added a rounder nose and tail, which increased the stock 170cm to 173cm. Edges are 9/10. Base is 8/10 due to some light surface scratches. Not deep enough to hold P-tex, I tried. A base grind would bring it to a 9/10.
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