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  2. I'm looking for a BTS kit with soft springs to fit a Raichle/Deeluxe boot. Anyone out there have some gathering dust? dave
  3. Are you sure that there are inserts under there? It's hard to picture them being put in but then running the top sheet over them. I'd leave them out if I would building the board. dave
  4. Blow the heater hose on the 944, specifically a ball valve blew up that one of the previous owners installed next to the heater control valve. Removed the busted valve, replaced it with hose, filled and bled the system. Why would anyone install a ball valve on the heater line? The heater control valve is fully functional.
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  6. Agreed. In the US, this happens in USASA. Some kids get into it as cross training for BX, and then take a liking to it. Other kids just want to compete. In USASA, there is greater participation in gates than halfpipe.
  7. Steve, I have a 185, I could do some measuring at some point.
  8. Did you make the plates custom?
  9. bindings loosened, and not so patiently awaiting next season. 10 sticks in the rack. If there is a next iteration, I would put a little more space between the dowels
  10. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I finally put a fork in it today. Boards are up, bindings loosened, rest of the gear put away. like many, I was not expecting the season to end so quickly, but that last day was magnificent. 9 riders on alpine boards, and an ex ski racer/coach from Pa. trenching it up on skis. Along the way, we picked up a stray, Isaac, on an '88 burner. Beautiful bluebird day, with sunburned teeth in abundance. On the whole, despite the few hiccups along the way, I had a really good season. Thanks again to Carvin' Marvin, Coach Ink, and Slopestar for the footy they shot and shared, it was a bit of an awakening to me, I was making good turns, but that footage showed me that I was riding complacent and lazy. I started to shake things up that day, and was really looking forward to the next Sunday when I could put a little more into the mix. Alas, as we know now, that day will have to wait until next season. I am really looking forward to it. Thanks to all that came out and played with us this year, it was a pleasure making trenches with you! Til some time in October( I hope) Mario
  11. Some years back one lady riding with soft boots beat on time most of men on race track Remember who this Burton rider this was
  12. Jack, Remember when Craig beat Jose? then again Jose DNF Anyway, you get to Race in HB, where SB can't be competitive...so what is the problem with SB folks having their own Gig? Anyone, You, Blue, whoever, go race in your HB, I am talking about SB here, HB are the Bomb, they do the Purest Carves,You guys Rule, again whatever, go Race in HB, I would like to see a different course alignment as well...having a thread about SB racing means if you are talking about HB here...Well?
  13. Yup, the season is over and we are all probably feeling a little kooky right about now. My guess is that some of us might have put in an inordinate amount of time storing our quiver for the summer. I normally just toss them behind the shed but this time I cleaned them up, loosened the screws, put on some storage wax (especially on the edges) and hung them up on the rack. What's your summer storage method? p.s. yes. I am leaving the Donek just in case ABasin opens up and I get a chance to do some June riding. Also, this could double as a quiver show off thread though I know some of your quivers don't fit in a single shot And finally, no, those are not my skis. My girls tried snowboarding and decided they can't go fast enough on a single plank.
  14. I think it would be excellent if we had Gabe represent us all as an ambassador of the sport and tour around demonstrating his massive ability to make a board fly. Perhaps a type of competition at various resorts a Catch me if you can challenge ! Lets pressure Bruce to sponsor him to attend MCC next year !
  15. In my opinion it is time for politicians to keep quiet (STFUP) and stay home. The only information people should listen to at this time is that coming from health care professionals or the CDC. Everything else is just noise ! The fact that politicians can not agree on any firm plan moving forward as a country should indicate that they don't grasp the true picture and are clouded by the life they live as politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths. We all know they speak in have truths at the best of times they simply don.t know when to tell the truth. Let them keep the infrastructure, garbage. highways. electricity etc. running and turn this shit show over to people who deal every day in truth and reality. True science knows no politics and politicians sure as hell don't know science. Do you really want people who can't balance a budget when time are good dolling out money like they are running an election campaign ? It's not about them it's about us and most politicians can't grasp that concept. Congratulation USA your # 1
  16. Here, made you a version with linear scale. Feel better?!?!
  17. Unfortunately this is going to be the new normal for some time. The graphic in this link compares total confirmed cases vs new cases. It's a slightly different way of looking at things but can really tell is you're going away from exponential growth. In a nutshell, as long as you're on the main diagonal you are experiencing exponential growth. it's only when you drop down you are slowing the spread. Right now China, S. Korea and to some extent Japan are doing so. Everybody else is growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. I'm a medical device engineer by trade and a physicist by training. Married to an epidemiologist. I tend to trust the math. In my experience no amount of wishful thinking will change the reality of what we are seeing. Full on exponential growth means at the peak approx 20% of the population will be sick with 10% of that needing hospitalization (2% of 327M =~ 6.5M) according to the CDC the total amount of hospital beds in the USA is slightly less than 1M. Will it be that bad? I hope not, but unless we do some real social distancing it won't be far off. https://aatishb.com/covidtrends/
  18. There are a lot of kids racing - about 100% start on soft boots as you can see with several hundred kids in the younger age groups at nationals. Most of these are not started and motivated by their parents. As they progress a smaller percentage move into hard boot racing as they are not competitive if they don’t. Virtually all in the group are self motivated (nog motivated by their parents) and I know of only a very few parents in that group that hard boot. The coaching as they move move up is far beyond what a parent can provide.
  19. Just like in any sport, except street soccer in Europe, Africa and Latin America, basketball in US and Europe, street hockey in Canada... Maybe street cricket in India, I don't have info on that... Honorary mention to scateboards and bicycles.
  20. there are Kids Racing, that were not started and Motivated by their Parents? Where?
  21. If they started racing 20 years ago and were still riding alpine, then they would no longer be kids today. : ) Where are they now? I just get the feeling that even if you get kids into racing, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a life long passion. I think there are many reasons kids might get into racing. Being deeply passionate about the sport may not be everyone’s motivation. Even for those who are more serious and competitive that dedicate most or all of their snow time to alpine during their racing years, I wonder how many continue to do the same once they stop racing. Do they shift gears to freeriding for pleasure or do they use that freedom as an opportunity to experience different things on the mountain? I recall seeing a story a few year back about Ross Rebagliati and I got the impression that he spent all his mountain time on skis. In the past 20 years, I’ve definitely seen a decline locally in the number of racers at the Provincial races that are usually held at my home hill. It seems that many of the clubs that once had race programs just don’t have enough interest or resources to continue with programs. There’s also been a decline in the number of local race events during the season. Like most things these days, social media plays a big part in how things become popular among youth. I was recently watching some snowboard videos from Youtube creators who frequently post frequent vlogs. There seems to be a small community of them who all know each other and guest on each others’ channels; Ryan Knapton being one. If there was a similar snowboarding Youtuber that could demonstrate and present both freestyle and alpine content, that could help with getting youth exposed to the sport. Even better if they could throw in some freestyle elements as part of their alpine carving riding. The majority of the content would still need to be softboard freestyle riding with the occasional focus on alpine as you don’t want to alienate your core audience. Even if the alpine content is enough to pique interest in a small percentage, that would help. Perhaps some kids may have the attitude of “I want to be like that guy and do it all”. At the very least, it becomes part of their consciousness so that there’s an opportunity for it to be revisited later in life. In addition to riding style and ability, you of course also need someone that has the qualities and charisma to garner a youthful audience. Might be a tall order to fulfill all these requirements!
  22. Anyone have a Kessler 185 with 4x4 inserts? Hoping someone could measure from the tip of the board to the 4x4 holes and same from the tail Any details would be so great! I can see indents where I think at least a 4x2 pattern is there - your measurements would help me confirm I’ve likely got it right.
  23. I don't think super tight gates are fun for anybody. The beer league I did for several years would run a tight slalom once a season. I don't think you could carve it even with an MK. So you skid and pivot and swim and it's just not a fun way to snowboard. This is probably why this race format doesn't exist already. I'm also reminded about how there are no snowboard mogul competitions anymore. Not enough people really enjoyed it. Right but if carving is involved, softbooters wouldn't be competitive, at least not at high levels. At the USASA or beer league level, sure.
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