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  2. It wasn’t fun. All the things you described I can do without. I looked for you West but you blended in with soft boosters. I will look for you today.
  3. wjholm

    Breck 1-3 March

    I'm with a group. Possible. I'll let you know
  4. I like it! It looks like something new with the potential to work well. I can't see any serious flaws. Execution is everything but the concept is much more appealing than the Burton Step On. Really tempted to try them.
  5. I do not believe there will be demo boots. Maybe some samples to look at. Boots are the leap of faith in North America unless you live close to one of the 3-4 businesses that sell them.
  6. Today
  7. Interesting. Looks like there is excellent snow clearing areas for the attachment points, though the bottom of the heel looks like a trouble point.
  8. Right, I had a chance to test out the S5 hardboot. I am pleasantly surprised how they ride. In comparison to 951, the main differences are : - heel sits much lower due to different heel placement (more deeluxe like) see below - heel above causes increased sole length Vs same size upz or 951. For 951 and upz I used M size F2s, for S5 I would have to use L size. For me a major drawback. This is true for shell C in 951 and 302 shell in S5. Liner 285 mp - spring system Vs 951 is little less user friendly. Requires a bit of creativity to get it adjusted. Takes more time to adjust on slope. Probably impossible without taking the boot off. I had to use a screwdriver to lift the shaft and wrench to get the two screws moving. - I found the standard spring too short and had to exchange to something different - standard lenght of the spring picture on the left vs donor spring on the right (mind you I cranked it down quite heavily which might have influenced the reaction time of the boot to lighting fast, but it also makes you think that if you have cranked it up so much, why do you need a spring at all?) - They are super reactive and comfortable. If 951 shell is too narrow for you S5 might be your choice. The shell is wider in the foot area As a standard they come with 3 tongues and 5 different springs. - the buckles look a little cheap, but in general they work fine. Also the design with the cable/clasp over tongue does not affect the flexing motion of the boot. This is a good alternative if you dont have all the money in the world to spend on 951, but still want to get the northwave shell shape with a few tweaks. if you have any further questions I am happy to answer. regards L
  9. On a heel side carve your biggest problem is the heel cup/forward lean adjuster hitting the snow. Flow bindings and SP fastec bindings do not have this problem so they are the best for heel side. Flows have an aluminium disc and base plate. Check my posts for pics of my modifed flows
  10. I agree, but until the rider becomes concious of what a real turn is, they will fight that board width all day long. Zombies need skinny boards to allow for side slipping 6 hours a day. For me personally I find heel overhang to be the hardest one to manage so I stay close to flush on the heel and put all my extra width on the toe side.
  11. Because your body weight shifted toe side with the binding move it allowed your same body position to put more weight over your toe edge and kind of fixed your problem. Kind of fixed the problem but certainly identified it. You could achieve the same end by thrusting your hips toe side a bit and relearning that as your new normal.
  12. I'm on 11.5's, before getting custom boards I tried like 45 in front/back to try to get rid of most of the overhang but it was terrible, boots were way too soft side to side. Now I ride 15, -15, but on a 32cm waist board so overhang isn't an issue. My thoughts now on it is that if you're really into carving, boots should never overhang ...hardboots or softboots... When surfing/wakeboarding/kiteboarding your board is always way wider than your feet.
  13. Hi! New to the forums but I'm out at Keystone pretty much most nights they have night riding if anyone wants to meet up for some carving laps and doesn't mind trying to carve uneven chunder with occasional moguls in the way. Also have an A-Basin pass.
  14. snowcoach

    Donek GS 174

    19cm, approx 8yrs old, less than 20 days on it.
  15. I see people getting stuck like that every day coming off the lift. I bet at that moment your behind is poking out and you can fix it by pushing your hips toward the toe edge. Bring the front knee in toward your back knee if needed. Snowboards only follow the inputs you provide.
  16. Kessler 163 cross board for sale. Bought it band new last season and have only used it for one season at all the bx races, and gs,sl races. $800obo Best way to contact is with a text (832) 257-3514
  17. @powdahbonz That’s the moonlight challenge team GS thing, right? Gotta skip that one this year. I don’t see anything on Shawnee site about a banked event. That night is a fun one regardless. Timing just not working out for me this year.
  18. howdy just had to say it... how lazy you gotta be... get the sticky snow in there and more pain in the butt...
  19. Just saw 1/31 at Shawnee peak..Nate shared it on the insta..night banked
  20. snowreport: thu jan 23, 2020 howdy all no friends on powder day... sorry guys... it was drizzling in town when I left the house this morning. it looked foggy, but it was just the snow and vis was not that bad. did a couple runs on chair 2 and there was an inch plus over groom then waited on chair 1. did a toni matt then a couple down the face then took a break. went down the chair 7 towers a couple times then went to chair 11 and did a couple runs. the backside was nice and soft and no rime. the frontside had a little rime early, but my last run on the frontside it started to rime on the top and by the time I got mid way down I had to take my goggles off and I was soaking wet, the snow was wet and stiff and foggy, it wasn't fun. forecast for tomorrow and the next few days doesn't look good. summit highs of 30 degrees and village temps of 36 degrees and lots of precept, rain/snow. i'll go and check it out if it is not raining hard in town in the morning... today was a fun powder day... I hope the WTF ers had fun... rode the 152wfs from 9 till 1...
  21. Still available? PM sent
  22. Cheers Lurch. All my boards are bookmatched woodies but the 8m radius ones always look sexy with the curves haha
  23. @Kijima that bookmatched woodie is beautiful!
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