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  3. Last call! Have two issues, in plastic, of issue #1. They need a home.
  4. OMG, me too. That is one bad a$$ looking bike.
  5. Wow! Quite a read and what an adventure! Way to "Get Out There and Don't be a Stick In the Mud" Fin !! Bravo
  6. Last week
  7. I have a JJA in that size. Virtually new/ very few runs.
  8. To anyone who posts a query about this board. I do not regularly visit the site due to still being in the process of recovering from an accident that has left me unable to snowboard for the past 15 months and counting. It's rather depressing. Once I see a request I send a DM as well as post in the sale thread. I may not see it for a while. I will check in once a day for a bit after initially responding. It's not an overly expensive board. I just don't know offhand what the cost of shipping will be hence I haven't said anything concrete about the price as of yet. It will take ti
  9. Well back in 87...it was that 1st Burton Air, that allowed the motion to become Real...being able to paddle out again, with no one else in the water was just unbelievably wonderful...Reality, is our perception, of our surroundings...
  10. Colton, check your messages and shoot me an e-mail.
  11. What might the price be of the board you're selling?
  12. What a absolutely rad as hell adventure!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  13. NH is an open carry state, why are you even asking silly questions about 300 dollar cameras
  14. Fin's not as old as me but as I stare at unfinished projects and not yet started projects littering my 140 acres i Think out loud "Just because you can doesn't mean you should " hope the trip goes well ! I've made 3 cross Canada trips in vehicles that once littered my shop floor. I know the kind of stress the first few miles can be wondering what nut I forgot to tighten or what that sound is that I'm hearing . Usually it's a change in the pavement that triggers the " Why am I doing this again. When you finally get home your primed to do it all over again !
  15. Got side-tracked by the motorcycle build thread linked in the first post. tldr: Fin buys a BMW bike with a wrecked front end, decides to upgrade it with KTM parts instead of buying replacement BMW like a normal person because Fin, and then proceeds to machine a shitload of sexy parts to make it all work. Oohs and aahs from less capable people like myself ensue.
  16. They used to be a lot blusier when Peter Green was involved. This is one of my favourite current bands covering one of their old ones:
  17. I've been seeing turmeric come up in my reading lately, too. I just started glucosamine and chondroitin, though. I did try a number of new knee braces recently with the intention of returning the ones I don't like and keeping 1 for snowboarding.. Really liking the Bauerfeind Genutrain Sport so far, ended up buying 2 pairs so I can rotate them. These are the ones I tried. In addition to my Rehband 7051. Bauerfeind Genutrain Sport- offered best comfort, compression, perceived support and ability to stay up. Bauerfeind Genutrain- probably second overall but felt less supportive t
  18. I started reading today at breakfast........but tomorrow's weather forecast is really awful.... So you made my Saturday Dredman ! Huge Thanks ! Fin''s trip really looks epic......
  19. @fin had a HUGE thread on this forum about his trip to Cuba. https://advrider.com/f/threads/fin-and-mechanico-last-boat-to-cuba.1490392/ Awesome pictures and story telling. Enjoy!
  20. Good evening Initially I was thinking to putt the add about two new orders i would be willing to take But appear to be my supplier does not have some materials i need to make the boards it is why I will present to your attention only one titanal board 180 on my site gromelsnowboards.com this board is last one in the list I will change design a little bit and present it in several days Thanks Aleksey
  21. I paid duty on used Bomber plates but never paid any fees the times I ordered new. Declaring where it’s manufactured makes a difference.
  22. Haiku time: I wanted to buy Blue Coiler is very cool No reply: am out
  23. Still interested. No response since May 3.
  24. I got AZ as my first dose 3 weeks ago. I didn't want it, but it was all that was available to me at the time. Pfizer didn't become available to me until this week, so given my line of work I made the right choice to get the AZ even with the risk. They should be stopping AZ anyway because of the supply issue, regardless of the 1-60k issue. In the UK after the 2nd dose blood clotting drops to about 1 in 1.1M. I will take those odds rather than "mix and match" with Pfizer.
  25. They’re vaccinating people in their mid-20s now. My 26 year old son is getting his tomorrow.
  26. Interesting plan! You (population level of 'you') want this to end faster? Get vaccinated and ask your friends to.
  27. I bought it new couple of years ago and i rode it for one day Condition is 9.5
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