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    Software Developer, Photographer
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    Kessler Alpine 168, Kessler Custom Alpine 175, Kessler Alpine 185, vintage Coiler 196 SG, Winterstick BX166w
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    Mountain Slope Point .951 World Cup, Burton Driver X
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    Bomber TD3. 6 degree Toe lift on front foot, 3 degree heel lift on back foot. Now O-Drive
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  1. Boyne has been good for Sugarloaf. I think with Sugarloaf and Sunday River getting so big and expensive, it creates a better market for the Maine mom-n-pop ski areas: Saddleback, Mount Abram, Lost Valley, Black Mountain, Camden Snowbowl, Big Squaw, Titcomb, Big Rock, Baker Mountain, Eaton Mountain, Mt. Jefferson, Hermon Mountain, Powderhouse Hill, Spruce Mountain, Quoggy Jo.
  2. Cool, I'd like to see a more controlled test, like with the boards on two chairs or sawhorses, and the same weight being placed in the middle. I would hazard a guess that the Ride Commissioner (formerly Timeless) might be stiffer.
  3. Love it! I notice MCC isn't in the video, let's fix that!
  4. Yes. I plan on resuming mountain life as close to 100% normal as possible. After seeing packed sports arenas at professional and college levels, it just doesn't hold water to suggest that chairlifts shouldn't be loaded to full capacity. Fortunately my resort has stated they plan to, "but" will be flexible if the state changes its guidelines.
  5. Man those autoclave boards are sexy. I want one but I am beyond fully stocked and I prefer sleeping in the big bed. So is it 8-11 or 7-11m??
  6. If you're doing Beer League GS on a freecarve board, this board will take seconds off your time. This is a great deal. @Eboot?
  7. Sorry Odd Job, one of the mods thought your post could have been spam, like maybe you had been hacked. I restored it. That said, Fin sold it to people who DID run it into the ground, among other illegal activities. The bank hired Fin to sell it again, to Walker. There are no lawyers controlling the narrative. Walker, a.k.a. @forrest, is working on new Bomber products!
  8. Definitely 168. It's not. It will have a modern camber profile which is much better. It will give you a much easier re-entry into the sport. The radius on the 168 will be more friendly than your Rossi. Also, it's new, not 25+ years old and clapped out. If you're seeing prices of 200-300 Euros for a never used Vantage from a few years ago, that's a great deal. To get into Titanal (metal) construction, you would have to spend a lot more, as you've said. However, if you think this is something you're going to be passionate about, it would be worth it. He said European size 45, which is mondopoint 29.5. Based on that and the picture of his existing binding setup, the 22cm waist on the Vantage will be most welcome. I have mondopoint 28 boots and I like a 21cm waist.
  9. At your height and weight (similar to mine) I would strongly recommend the 168 Vantage over the 162. The 11m sidecut will be perfect, and not at all too long. You'll appreciate the extra length, stability, and more relaxed manners compared to the 162. You may find this article helpful: http://alpinesnowboarder.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/The-Norm-Part-I.pdf and then, http://alpinesnowboarder.com/tech-articles/ Good luck, let us know how it goes this season!
  10. The Proto 163 I have is not any stiffer than the WC 163 I also have. I mentioned some differences above, and of course the Proto has Allflex inserts, the WC does not. As far as I can tell the retail price of new F2 boards is right up there with Kessler, SG, etc. Maybe the situation is different in Europe. Honestly unless you are running an Allflex pattern plate I would recommend the WC. Without a plate, the Proto turns tighter than the WC. The WC has a really nice radius for plate-free SL style carving. But didn't you get a Donek AF plate for use with a Kessler 168? That is an ice-eating combination right there. Probably the best I've had... and will probably never have again due to the demise of UPM. I mean I guess I could get a custom, but...
  11. Yeah there is that. And I already have my new sled for this year. It's just cool to see a WC level pro model for freecarvers.
  12. Tempting!! 174cm, 12.5m https://www.instagram.com/tv/CT2RGOKIh-d/?utm_medium=copy_link https://oxess.ch/89/snowboards/carve-skwal
  13. Sweet! The BX was filmed at Sugarloaf with some of my CVA boys!
  14. Shots fired!! LOL awesome! Somebody noticed us!! No such thing as bad press, right? Took him long enough, where has he been? working on rebuttal...
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