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  1. Haven’t had a road bike since high school. Great to be back! Got this carbon fiber sculpture in May (got real pedals and shoes afterwards). I find the Strava app to be pretty motivating. Fun to compete against yourself and friends. Mostly yourself.
  2. Well this is the "for sale" forum, so yes it's a rule for sales. Auctions may not be run here not for any pious reason. The forum system is simply not set up for that. Now how about my question?
  3. Why? In the 21 years that BOL-now-ASB and eBay have coexisted, has it ever been a problem?
  4. It was a response to me wondering how state restrictions are going to play out at ski resorts. Really appreciate how civil this internet oasis has been. Thanks everyone!!
  5. I wonder how it's going to work here in Maine if Governor Mills does not relax the travel restrictions on Massachusetts travelers in time. This could be a real problem for the ski resorts. A negative test immediately before visit, or 14 day quarantine is still required. Violators may face a fine of $1000 and 6 months in jail. Are MA season pass holders seriously going to be expected to take a test every week, and then prove it? Because now with RFID, the resorts will know when they're here I presume. Edit - it was pointed out to me that the RFID for a season pass can be blocked or turne
  6. Yeah I tend to agree that quarantine/masks/distancing were the right moves, and not with the notion that they did nothing. But I think that regions where the curve has successfully been flattened, like the Northeast US, should be able to adapt. Many here are still acting like it's March.
  7. An interesting thing about that is that while cases are rising again with school reopening and other factors, deaths are not rising at the same rate, if at all, depending on region. Northeast US (New England, NY, NJ, PA) is especially interesting. Deaths/day: http://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-visualization/?chart=states&highlight=US-Northeast&show=highlight-only&y=fixed&scale=linear&data=deaths-daily&data-source=jhu&xaxis=right-all#states Cases/day: http://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-visualization/?chart=states&highlight=US-Northeast&show=hig
  8. I will figure something out, stay tuned.
  9. Just stumbled across the Sochi slalom video above. Incredible clean runs in the men's and women's small and big finals. Direct links: Men's: https://youtu.be/Fu7XWK0o4pM?t=4269 Women's: https://youtu.be/Fu7XWK0o4pM?t=3304 Required viewing for any aspiring SL racers!
  10. Tangent: due to covid, many schools are eschewing the SAT. All my son’s favorites have, but he doesn’t know yet. Shhh!
  11. I’ll take a look to see if that’s configurable. Applying the software updates is not optional. This was a bigger one than usual. @west carven looks like I can't configure the k on the view counter, sorry!
  12. Define better. Maine has a female governor who has done an excellent job controlling covid. But at what costs? That will never be measured. Friendly reminder that politics and religion are not tolerated here. It just doesn't work. This thread seems civil but we are skating on thin ice. Who's getting a splitboard? Split carving board??
  13. Neato. Like a truss rod in a guitar neck I presume. I wonder how durable the mechanism is though.
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