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  1. I agree, but it hasn’t been a problem.
  2. @Tigers196884, you can ignore these posts, they are not directed at you. @west carven, linking to an auction is expressly permitted "within reason". It has never been a problem. If it becomes a problem, we will deal with it. Not sure what you mean but here it is: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iconic-Madd-Original-158-SL-Alpine-Carving-snowboard/233799302534?hash=item366f863d86:g:RxEAAOSwEV5fwUc1 Nice S5!
  3. I have to remind myself to breathe while carving. I work on exhaling during the carve, and inhaling during the transition. I feel it helps with lots of stuff. Try to ride more two-footed. A lot of people really lean on their front leg a lot more than the rear. Don't squat too much during carves. Of course you have to bend your knees, but some people over-do it. You only need enough bend for suspension. If you don't have toe lift on your front binding, get some. At least 3 degrees if using Deeluxe boots, 6 for UPZ and Mountain Slope. Also relax the forward lean of the f
  4. This series at Shawmonix is great fun, highly recommended. You can be very competitive or totally casual. It's part of the NASTAR system, so you can virtually race against friends around the country. Only downside is skier gates, but the slope is legit. Similar to Sunday River's race trail, Monday Mourning. https://www.shawneepeak.com/racing/
  5. Indeed, to buy this board new would be over $1100. I got a discount so I am passing that forward for my ASB peeps. Fast board, would do well in a BX or BSL course.
  6. Still available. Thanks for asking, Tddragon.
  7. SOLD. 166cm, 27.5cm waist, 10.5m avg VSR. Excellent condition, built in fall of 2018. BX-ish carvey freeride board. Premium construction with Titanal inlay, carbon fiber net, p-tex topsheet can be waxed and ground. Decambered nose and tail, mellow camber. 4x2 ten-packs. Used only by me in combination with my alpine boards, so not a lot of use. Never used with hardboots. 1 grind, edge bevels at 1-base, 3-side. No damage, no issues. Some liftline scuffs. Awesome board, just selling to fund my next custom Winterstick! $600 plus shipping. Bindings not included.
  8. Agreed all around. Indeed if I could only have one board, this is "the one". Simply my favorite in 30 years of carving. So far!
  9. My understanding about masks, even the disposable medical masks that pass as acceptable in polite society, is that they are about as effective as coughing into your elbow. Their only purpose is to knock down sizeable droplets. They do nothing for vapor. They don't filter very small particles or protect the wearer. Most of your breath goes out the sides of a medical mask also, like your bandana. You can easily see this on a cold day. Or if you clamp one tightly to your face with your hands, suddenly the breathing experience is more difficult. So I don't see why any special kind of ma
  10. Got the Proton 164, thanks. You, my friend, win the prize for best board packing!!
  11. It would be great if you or they could post it here, that is a private Facebook group. Would they be willing to ship to the US? I might know a buyer here.
  12. Is this stock or custom? Are there more undrilled inserts under the topsheet? Made in Switzerland or Austria? Year? I might know a buyer.
  13. Argh. I would buy this right now but I really shouldn’t. Let me know if all others fall through.
  14. Personally I don't use a plate on every board for freecarving. For me where I find my Apex X plate most useful is on my shortest board (Kessler 168) which I use for early season and icy conditions. I don't believe a board has ever been built that could compare to that combination for such purposes. However you raise an interesting point regarding Allflex, because it works totally differently than the Apex style. According to their own website, the plate only has 6mm of travel away from the board before it locks up, and then it becomes a massive flex modifier. It bends with the board a
  15. Donek AF 4x4 are out of stock, but I suppose you could ask them to make one. I recommend it. Donek F plate works with 4x4, but it's like the original Vist (not Vistflex), so it works much differently than the AF. Apex X-Plate was available with 4x4 hardware, but you'd have to find a used one. I like both the AF and X better than the 5mm original BP I had because the X is significantly lower, and both are lighter, and have better flex. 5mm BP had basically no flex.
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