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  1. That seems to be how they do business. If you place an order on their site they should respond to that. Unnerving, but it seems to work.
  2. No. Less unsprung weight.
  3. Glad to see more choices but I’m not sure what problem they are solving with CF. Grilamid .951s are already lightweight and stiff enough.
  4. Jack M

    Racing TV Coverage

    Rogla PGS: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/video/detail/parallel-giant-slalom-fis-world-cup-rogla/
  5. I would think overloading the tail would create a bend closer to the binding. Your bend is further towards the end of the board. You’re positive it didn’t come that way?
  6. @ursle, it’s beyond decambered, it’s almost like a kick tail. I’ve seen TVR’s board. Seems like a defect to me. The Kessler in the other thread also looks defective.
  7. This asshole tried to pull this shit on AST and was quickly put in his place. New rule coming in our classifieds, no misrepresenting your items.
  8. Right, my liners are stock, with the snazzy matching pull loops. They are heat moldable. I’m loving them. I agree with @yamifumi, best boots yet. Burton MGX, Lange X09, Nordica Grand Prix, Burton Fire (x2), Deeluxe T700 (x2), UPZ RC10, MS .951.
  9. Welcome @JDS. He’s talking about modern used gear that would be worth buying. Coming from your setup, you’ll be blown away by a good recent used rig. You don’t need new. Definitely go to MCC if you can. Also, check out the articles on our home page, alpinesnowboarder.com. Good luck!
  10. Had no idea such a thing existed in 1993, and from Burton no less. Burton gets a lot of irrational hate for being successful and also for leaving alpine, but they did more than anyone to support and promote alpine for a long time. What's it made of? Does one end slide? That was the year of the sawblade graphics on the PJ, and no symmetrical production race boards. In 1994 they introduced the symmetrical "Stat" series with a 5 (153cm) and a 6 (167cm). The guy who ran the Burton shop at the mountain had a prototype Stat 7, and said they didn't mass produce it because they thought it was too fast. This looks even longer, like 180 or so? Thanks for sharing Chris!
  11. At coaches' orientation at Carrabassett Valley Academy, this was the first topic discussed, and it was repeated several times. Unfortunately there is some ambiguity, like when someone blindly enters a trail from the side. Also the downhill person cannot simply do whatever the heck they want. If they start downhill without looking uphill or if they stop where they cannot be seen they are putting themselves at greater risk.
  12. This is correct. Also the daylight under the heel is intentional, to allow snow to escape.
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