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  1. Jack M


    I bought the movie soundtrack when it came out, with my own money!
  2. Listing for Chrissy Hamel, who runs the USASA Maine Mountain Series. I know this board has seen light use and is in great shape. $200 plus shipping
  3. Jack M


    That's messed up. Enjoyed the Ghostbusters reference though.
  4. Jack M


    So... I recently learned that Fleetwood Mac's 1975 album "Fleetwood Mac" was their 10th studio album. I had no idea. All this time I thought it was their first. It was just the first with Buckingham and Nicks.
  5. My wife was sick for 2 days after 2nd Pfizer dose. My 2nd Pfizer dose is on the 19th, we'll see. A friend got Moderna and said she felt 10 years younger after the 2nd dose.
  6. I meant my custom Kesslers are built differently than stock. Topsheets are ptex and they're stiffer and maybe more damp. Also I haven't verified it but I suspect the titanal is 0.4 in the customs and 0.3 in the stock boards, just by looking at the visible side edge of the top layer. I wouldn't be surprised if a world cup racer orders a board and says I'll be using it with this Allflex plate, the board gets made differently than a stock board with Allflex inserts, in order to work best with the plate. Just a guess.
  7. I don't know. My stock K185 and K168 with Allflex inserts work great with or without a plate. I'm sure custom race boards for World Cup racers are built differently. Heck, the 3 custom Kesslers I've had were built differently.
  8. I would also guess there is some kind of damping or rubber or elastomer in those pods. I think if it was just more free travel, then the Allflex ceases to be an Allflex. Part of the magic of Allflex is that the plate only allows a limited amount of travel between the board and plate before the plate "locks up" and becomes a huge flex modifier. The hinges at the ends of the plate crash into the pockets in the mounts, and the plate must flex with the board beyond that point. I wouldn't have designed a plate like this, because it just seems wrong to me, but clearly I would be a bankrupt plate
  9. If they’re aluminum, seems like they would just permanently bend and be rendered ineffective in short order. I think the German team is on the right track with their modified front and rear mechanisms.
  10. What is this? Colorado is as West as a onesie! And Canadians are too nice!
  11. I actually asked Mike Mallon, in all honesty, why USSA nationals and junior nationals were able to be held while USASA was not. I probably would have known if I had ever been to USASA nationals myself, but the answer is that USASA nationals is an event of over 1000 competitors and their parents descending upon one resort for 2 weeks. So the risks and considerations are much different and more significant.
  12. Pat! You are an inspiration!!
  13. Looking forward to it! @GeoffV and I will be there!
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