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  1. No joke, one time at band camp, I parked my Hawk next to a Ducati Desmosedici at the local shop. A guy pulled up in a car, got out and said “Oh wow!! A Honda Hawk!”
  2. I'll have one again someday... used to have this '89 Honda Hawk GT 650. Poor man's Ducati...
  3. So great to finally meet @dredman in person!! Thanks for coming out!
  4. This is how teens here in Maine are behaving. I assume it's the same situation elsewhere. Trying to enforce compliance is futile, as none of their friends are complying, and then you are just the bad guy. Even the most prude parents I know gave up months ago. I see cars full of teens I don't know so I know it's not just my kids and their friends. So, if you know anyone with teens, assume they are carriers. Adults here seem to be generally compliant, although many people don't know that a mask is supposed to cover your nose. I will also say that "remote learning" does not work for highschoolers. Can't imagine it does for any younger grade either. Really hope they go back in the fall.
  5. It's so frustrating. And it seems the WHO's statement was incomplete. https://www.today.com/video/doctor-clarifies-who-s-message-on-asymptomatic-spread-of-coronavirus-84763717864
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/08/asymptomatic-coronavirus-patients-arent-spreading-new-infections-who-says.html
  7. https://usskiandsnowboard.org/news/2020-us-ski-snowboard-gold-silver-award-winners
  8. Thank you @SunSurfer! I'm not surprised by either result. Regarding stiffness, adding the plate would not make the board magically flex more in this static scenario. The board now has to work against the friction of the plate. I think people say an isolation plate like the Boiler or Apex makes the board feel softer because it does "free" the board from the rider, to be able to flex with far less resistance from the rider. I have definitely felt that. This test does not account for that. Regarding torsion, I think you would need to twist the board at or much closer to the inserts to see a difference. I think what happened here is that the plate has simply moved the point at which the board starts twisting closer to the tail, but the relatively soft tail still allows for all the twist. Like Beckman said, a big part of the function of the plate is reducing the rider's ability to twist the board. This was an eye opener for me when I began my plate review on my Kessler 168, because previously I had only ever used a plate on a stiff NSR 185. Suddenly not being able to twist the Kessler boosted edge hold - and made me realize I had been twisting it unintentionally. This inspired an adjustment in technique which has paid off.
  9. My dad sent me one of those montage videos (bless his heart, he sent me the full mp4 file, not a link) of lucky near misses, and part of this clip was in it. I was like hey I've seen that before. So I came here and searched squirrel. Lo and behold, here we are. The link that was in the OP is no more, so I posted this one.
  10. Squirrel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8j6INdZcvY
  11. So indeed Bruce confirmed they are tighter in the middle, which is the opposite of KST, hence the name Contra. We shall see how it works!!
  12. I hope I am ripping like that at his age!! Inspiring! https://www.rainbowsandals.com/rainbow-story/history
  13. Interesting, thanks. I wouldn't call that opposite of KST though, as it is longer between the feet. I wonder how long those 15 and 16m segments are. I don't think they can be too long if the board averages 10.5m. I've asked Bruce for some clarification. I feel the same way. My 175 is similarly perfect, just 2m longer for when conditions are better. Will be very interesting to see how the Coilers do.
  14. Why, is the board asym? I am goofy.
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