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    Software Developer, Photographer
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    Winterstick Squaretail Plus 185, Winterstick Squaretail Plus 170, Winterstick Squaretail Plus 163, Kessler Custom Alpine 180, Kessler Alpine 185, F2 Speedster World Cup 163, F2 Speedster Proto 163, vintage Coiler 196 Super-G, Winterstick TB 172
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    Mountain Slope Point .951 Standards, Burton Step-On Ion
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    Bomber TD3. 6 degree Toe lift on front foot, 3 degree heel lift on back foot. Burton Step-On
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  1. https://www.instagram.com/finandmechanico/
  2. When was the last time you shipped a board? I shipped one recently via USPS and it was $90. I re-used a board box, but still, it was CONUS.
  3. Yes I'm familiar with Bomber bindings. Try it if you still have them, it works.
  4. There is finer adjustment than that. The bails thread in and out of the shoulder lugs.
  5. Did you try the microadjustment on the Bombers?
  6. If you come to the Sugarloaf Carve Rally I'll take it in person.
  7. No I agree. But it's like I said, people are often smart and expert in some ways/areas/subjects, and simultaneously stupid in other ways. Which is how someone can skipper their ~$400,000 Contender under a low bridge and shear off their radar unit.
  8. While googling this I stumbled across the smartest man in the world, who is not rich. But he did score a 1600 on the SAT despite taking a nap during the test.
  9. You clearly don’t follow thequalifiedcaptain on Instagram. In the east where we have to pay for extensive snowmaking and nightly grooming, "gold" passes (valid every day, no restrictions) approach $1500. Weekends are still crowded.
  10. The air between the rear tire and the tail is an important design element to me. I don't want to clutter it up with the high mount Akrapovic. Also I have not dragged the exhaust yet. Seems like that would only happen at the track. I'll probably do a track day like every other year, so, not a big concern. My commute is also one of my favorite twisty backroad rides, no dragging. "Words cannot express how unpleasant it is to ride a Panigale V4R on the street" Sounds like that author never rode a 916/748 which was an absolute torture rack. The Panigales ergonomics are more comfortable than that, but similar to any other crotch rocket. Been there done that. I'm 50. No need.
  11. I knew this was the bike I should have gotten instead of the Panigale, but I had to cross a Ducati Superbike off my bucket list. Sold the V2 for not much of a loss. However, I cannot believe how much better this SuperSport is on the street. It makes more power and torque than the V2 until 8000 rpm, is waaaayy more comfortable, sounds better, and has heated grips. I love it.
  12. Try measuring in cm. If you're really 11.125", that converts to 28.26cm. If so, you're either a 28 or 28.5 which would be the same shell. Any boot that fits into a standard ski binding will work with standard snowboard hardboot bindings. However 4 buckle overlap ski boots like yours are generally not good for snowboarding. And at your size, ski boots are long and will force you into higher binding angles than you could use with snowboard hardboots. I'd recommend going with UPZ boots as Deeluxe are higher volume and it sounds like your feet are not. UPZ boots come with a spring system to adjust forward and backward flex. Deeluxe do not. The drawback with UPZ is that many people quickly ditch the stock liner in favor of Intuition moldable liners, but the stocker is worth a try. If you go with Deeluxe boots you will most likely want an aftermarket spring system in short order. Look for used BTS or DGSS. Good luck!
  13. It's not a solution. It could not happen on a scale to fix the problem of crowded ski slopes in the general sense. Suggesting it should become the model for most ski areas would be immoral. Implementing it at a handful of mountains is not. https://www.hermitageclub.com/ I wonder if a few of us joined there, how long it would take before they banned rutting up the trails. Here's a more reasonable solution... "just" get a job where you can work flex hours and/or remotely some days, move to/near a mountain, and only ride mid-week. There's your private club.
  14. Seems to be working for The Yellowstone Club and a handful of others. There’s a market for it. Banning snowboarders from state land is also immoral, but it’s working for Alta.
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