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  1. Corrected my post above, I was thinking of a different event. 2nd yesterday and 3rd today! Indeed it’s a reduced field with no Canadians.
  2. Sorry I missed this. I have two athletes there, Baran and Sasha. Sasha finished 2nd in SL today!
  3. @powdahbonz has first dibs, trying this weekend.
  4. Outstanding board, used about 15 days. Selling because it's a little too close to my latest custom 180, and the wife says I need to clean out the closet! 10-14m KST sidecut. 20.5cm waist. 48-58cm stance width range. Similar turn shape as a 168, just 2m longer radius range, and 6cm longer length. That is to say, this is not a straight-tail racer, but a great freecarver that will finish the turn. Very exciting ride. Swiss hand-made for me at 185lbs in May 2018. Factory thumbprint base grind. Factory edge bevels at 2 side, 0.8 base. Base has n
  5. I was going to suggest that since you seem to like softer boots. Many people report heel lift in the Deeluxe Track 700, and that was my experience. I'm not sure if the 325/425 are any better in that department but they are narrower. UPZ and Mountain Slope are famous for great heel hold. You'll be able to fine tune your stiffness with the spring system and selection of tongues. I think you'll be very pleased., this will be a nice upgrade. Great days of riding ahead for you! Enjoy!! @Beckmann AG check that out!
  6. Many gaps here, but happy to have my first 3 boards. Good times... Elite 150, Safari Comp II (165), PJ7 (171), custom Coiler Stubby 170 ("Safari Comp IV"), Fin's Madd 158, K168, Winterstick Wescott 164, custom K174, vintage Coiler 196 SG, K185, Proto 163, custom K180 (best board ever)
  7. By my Vernier Caliper, 1.8cm. Vs. 1.4cm for Apex, 2.3cm for Donek AF.
  8. Any custom builder will make you a board with UPM inserts, you just have to open your wallet. Kessler no longer stocks boards with UPM inserts. I imagine nobody else does either. For a freecarver in a region that gets icy conditions, in my experience the UPM Donek AF plate provides the most edge hold for the money and weight, just with a height penalty. Allflex spring plate has the edge hold, but at a considerable cost premium and weight penalty. Apex has a bit less edge hold but significantly less height and weight (and availability).
  9. You use the triangular cut version, right? I know Benjamin Karl uses the spring plate for SL. I tried it for several days and it is awesome and powerful but it is significantly heavier than a non-spring plate. It requires more work, but pays rewards. If I was a young academy buck riding 5-6 days a week and doing dryland training, I'd have one. But for my middle-aged ass it was a bit much.
  10. Approaching 100 days, holding up very well. I just broke an ankle screw (my first), and the local ski shop replaced it 5 minutes for free. Do check all screws periodically. I lost a buckle ladder (the "teeth" thingamabob, quickly replaced at ski shop with a generic one), and I've seen a kid I coach with a loose screw for the bottom of the spring mechanism.
  11. A little snow now and then, a little sleet, cold temps, grooms up real nice. I see what you did there.
  12. Well I love it on the K185. I think the one I tried on my K168 was medium or hard, I will try to find out from the owner. I should re-try this new one on the K168.
  13. Jack M

    Cord Porn

    Before the storm on January 16th we were riding November conditions here in New England. A small amount of moisture fell on top of that storm and when it was groomed it made for some of the most hero carving conditions ever. We have been enjoying it ever since. What was among the worst starts of the season in memory has become one of the best mid-seasons ever. There has also been no rain or thaw since the deluge on Christmas day. Shot taken today at Sugarloaf.
  14. Well, that makes me sad. I find in general online that often all you can do is offer your opinion and let the chips fall where they may. People can take it or leave it, it's up to them. Your riding speaks for itself. I would love to try your exact setup because it does look like it works very well for you. The longitudinal cut standard Allflex I tried on my Kessler 168 was quite literally the worst feeling I've ever had on any alpine snowboard ever. I could feel the board bending at the ends of the plate, and not in a good way. The ride was completely lifeless, rigid, and metallic. The
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