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  1. Amazing collector‘s item! This is a Northwave Point 350 in 27.0. Comes in the original box and has hardly seen any daylight. Amazing condition! The 350 comes without a spring system, but it can be easily mounted if you plan on riding this beauty! If you have any questions, please let me know! About the price - it is what I paid for it. Letting it go with a heavy heart ...
  2. Selling my beloved Northwave Point 900 (C shell) in Mondo 26.5 (liner also available in 27.0). The boots are in excellent condition and come with all the original parts! The feeling when riding is awesome! A tad bit softer than the 950/951 series, they are amazing for comfortable free carving all day and still offer lots of performance (they were even used at WC level racing). If you have any questions just let me know!
  3. @daveo, sounds like a plan!!! Amazing fun machine! Your specs seem right as well!
  4. I love that statement! That is exactly what I am doing. As I am doing less jumping and slope tricks now, my angles also changed. There are advantages for all kinds of setups and it is difficult to give recommendations, because our anatomies are quite different. But I adjust according to my goals. At the moment I am testing/co developing the new P-1 by Oxess. It is so much fun for carving, so I went double positive, because I want a relaxed forward oriented riding position. I used mostly 18/6 and 24/12 for testing. What I don´t like is having to adjust my angles according to the board (being not wide enough) and not to my needs/preferences. Going to a dedicated freestyle board I would still rock my 18/-6 stance.
  5. WinterGold

    Edgy Style

    Daveo, that is very difficult to answer, because there are so many things to consider. If I would just get into it, I would take a normal Allflex - longitudinal or triangular. It is a top allrounder, cheaper, lighter, easier handling, fewer parts ... But the spring is also a very cool concept!
  6. WinterGold

    Edgy Style

    daveo, softbootsurfer, thank you! Love your avatar!!! Snowsurfing rules!!! ;-) Lurch, in various resorts in eastern Tyrol and Styria in Austria over the last two months! The camera is acting funny already
  7. WinterGold

    Edgy Style

    Hi alpine community!!! I just wanted to let you know that my latest video is out now! I hope you like it! https://youtu.be/5cdHQ7FjXYI Stay on the edge!!!
  8. My SL babies ... 162cm/10m and 164cm/11.5m
  9. Corey, on the long screw in the middle there are two nuts and a spring - with the outer nut you regulate the length of the screw (the longer the less travel at turn initiation) and the inner nut regulates the spring tension (rebound coming out of the turn). Hope that helps ... Zoom in on the picture!
  10. There are so many questions here ... I try to answer a few ... - the Allfex plate (all models) does not influence the flex of the board and the amount of travel of the board ... at least not more than other plate systems ... the idea is that the board flexes freely under the plate and it does that perfectly. - the Allflex plate flexes quite a lot (almost as much as the board itself, unlike the sketches on their homepage - there are a few pictures of me and Otter riders floating around on FB, Insta and even on this forum) - board feel is pretty good (enough connection points with the board) - the new spring plate is connected under the plate (different connection than the normal Allflex plates where the connection is split), roughly the plate helps with the classic pedaling motion, turn initiation is smoother and easier (faster), you will see this model under the feet of several WC riders like Alexander Payer and Benjamin Karl for this season (especially for SL), the springs can be tightened to influence the flex a little and there are two nuts (one for turn initiation and one for turn exit), loosen them for faster reaction and tighten them for a stabler ride - don‘t imagine the differences between the different models to be huge, but they are noticeable for the technical riders - all the models dampen very well, distribute the power very effectively across the edges, are very stable and provide lots of board feedback
  11. About the spring plate - I can´t say much at the moment. I know that the first reviews of the pros were mixed, a lot of guys stayed on the traditional Allflex plates, but maybe you just have to get used to the additional rebound. Coratti was very successful with it this season. Hopefully I can test one soon ... I really don´t know ...
  12. I´d say that the different cuts are mainly there to change the ratio between flex and torsion. There are really only slight differences, but they are noticeable ... I guess ... the problem is that it all works together - cuts, shape and flex. I have tested some variations, but not different cuts in the same shape! A lot of Austrian racers prefer the longitudinal cut - it provides quite some torsional flex (helps with feeling) and it is also the lightest. The circular (now the hexagonal) is torsionally a bit stiffer (more precise, more direct). But you can tune it also via the shape. I chose the "softest" form - H shape - with the hole in the middle - and the feeling was really great for me - lots of board feel and still all the benefits of the Allflex plate. About the weights - they are similar to other plate systems, so there is not much difference there in feel. My circular cut H plate flex M weighs 2421gr (with all the screws). My longitudinal normal shape flex M weighs 2110gr (with all the screws). In comparison - a Vist 07 plate is 2158gr - with the Apex carbon plates it is 2005gr. The photo you provided is great! I have similar photos of my plate working ... when powered up, the plate bends pretty heavily ... the way it is constructed, it does not restrict the board at all ... as I have written before I made some really tight turns with Allflex plates on different boards.
  13. lonbordin, hit me with any questions you have
  14. Thank you, Martin!!!
  15. barryj, first of, thank you so much! Oxess - I know that they don´t come cheap, but, oh boy, are they a sweet ride and customized so exactly to one´s needs About the wife ... mine gave up ... now I can buy what I want ... sweet, right? The video was done in various resorts in the east of Tyrol and in Lower Austria (which is close to my home). daveo, don´t put the whole video here ... ... or maybe do!!! lonbordin, why Apex??? Corey, thank you so much!!! It means a lot to me!!! Aracan, at least one good shot!!! hahaha ... thank you!!! jim_s - Zell am See is not in the video, but it is a really nice place! Might go there again soon ...
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