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  1. Good review, I love my 166 Winterstick Alpine board.
  2. Nice looking board, sounds like it rides very well. Hope to see it at PowMow.
  3. Going off topic here from that article. Today is an anniversary for me, 45 years ago I bought the first Winterstick ever sold. Back when we called snowboarding 'sticking because it was Winter sticking. Been quite an adventure surfing snow all of these years, and looking forward to many many more since I am "only" 68 now. I wish everyone the very best in their own snow surfing adventures! mick
  4. Waiting for my wife's 162 Contra to arrive March 1. Bought it from the pre made Contras. She'll be stoked when I surprise her with it. 162x19.5x9.
  5. nice picture, sorry about the iffy knee.
  6. What is the waist width of the Speedball?
  7. Welcome to the forum Brianna. There are a lot of helpful articles and people here to help guide you on your hardboot journey. And a lot of ice coasters with tons of experience. Have a great and fun time.
  8. Who won this Winterstick at the raffle? dredman do you know what the spec's are on this board? And how did it ride? Thanks mick
  9. Have fun at Whitefish and MCC on your new magic carpet boards.
  10. Glad that your deal happened. I guess I will have to still be Thirsty, I will have to order one for myself. Can't afford full price this year as I am waiting on a Contra to be built that will hopefully be built soon, Decemberish was Bruce's reply to my order last Feb. I'm sure Corona has made orders kinda funky now.
  11. If Tddragon does not buy this I would like to be next in line for this amazing board. I also TOTALLY trust you. Thanks, mick
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