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  1. Received my raffle winnings this weekend from Andrew at Bomber - a brand new pair of TD3 intecs. Thank you Bomber. Thank you Redman family. The MCC joy never ends.
  2. - Ideally a wrap around design as the stock UPZ liner had a shifting tongue. - Stamp L and R on the liner for idiots like me that get it wrong half the time. - A reliable 'at home' heat molding process. - A way to try before you buy or at least see what fits best in your shell. - Removable footbeds. - A way to accomodate different arch heights.
  3. Anyone have a pair of TD3 3 hole disks to mount Bomber bindings to an older Burton? I see that Bomber is OOS.
  4. pmorita


    I have been using these for a couple of years. Not expensive and every lens you can imagine. The magnetic lens holder works great and I have yet to see them fog. https://www.amazon.com/OutdoorMaster-Ski-Goggles-PRO-Interchangeable/dp/B014XKTFI0/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=outdoormaster+goggles&qid=1581522151&sr=8-4
  5. Remember when skiers used to complain that snowboards scraped all the snow off the mountain? I could see how they might complain about that trench also.
  6. pmorita

    Uber Funny

    My Uber driver was a comedian this morning. "What do you call old guys on Snowboards?" "Greys on trays" I thought it was funny.
  7. Hey Chaoticbiker, I was actually at Okemo the past two days, one on a Proteus 170/19, today on an MK. Never rode an FC, but had a Nirvana prior to the Proteus. I really like the constant radius and old school feel of the Proteus. Definitely less tiring and predictable than other boards I have tried. The MK is small, has a mind of it's own and great for narrow, crowded runs. Exhausting though. I remember the Nirvana being tiring also and I blamed the SCR. I'm still fairly novice in my abilities so I'm just guessing. Had a Rev for a while. Never liked it. Felt like it owned me. If you want to go with the Proteus, I think the shop at Okemo has a 175/20 that they are trying to move. I'm back at Okemo tomorrow morning riding with someone if you want to join us.
  8. I'll be next in line if things don't work. Thanks
  9. Who wants to go first? If I didn't find a Burton Factory Prime 135 for my 11 year old this summer I would jump on it. Someone go through their couch cushions and find $200 in change to grab one of these.
  10. Ignore the photos where they put soft boots in a hard boot binding and that this rhymes with Black Snow. $199 for board and binding? Could this be any good for kids to try had booting? https://www.ebay.com/itm/MEN-S-BLOCKPRO-ALPINE-CARVING-SNOWBOARD-155CM-HARD-BINDINGS-SMALL-6-10/153576353820?hash=item23c1dd301c:g:h1QAAOSw8ZhdNe9L
  11. Hoping for a show filled holiday for all. Merry Christmas
  12. I had the same problem to solve. Went to Harbor Freight and bought a few of these: https://www.harborfreight.com/72-inch-x-80-inch-movers-blanket-66537.html Took a sewing machine and created a sausage casing bag open at one end. Make it long so you can tuck in open end so the board doesn't fall out. 10 minutes and $9 later I have a pretty neat looking bag.
  13. I dropped by the snow shop at Okemo Saturday to see what was left. No Doneks on display so I asked and was told they were in the back. Picked up an MK, brand new for under $500. They had Proteus', an FC and I think a Pilot. Guessing there were new Deluxxe boots and Bomber bindings too, but you have to ask. Great deals to be had. I'm at Okemo the day after Christmas to New Years. Pat, looking forward to getting out with you and whomever is around. No spare boards, but I am going to list a pair of Raichle 23.5s and Kids bindings that someone can have for free if they want to get their kids out on hard boots. Only condition is that you pass them along when you are done with them. Think they were the equivalent of a kids 5 or 6.
  14. Did you check ebay? Someone in Colorado seems to have a good stock of the older models.
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