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  1. What's the difference between a ski school instructor and God? God doesn't think he is a ski school instructor.
  2. HI Neil, I'm with you - new house after 16 years, new list. Fence, exterior paint, electrical, plumbing and solar. Good news is that I'm closer to Home Depot, home of the $8 2x4.
  3. I'm getting nostalgic. I had a few pairs of Reactors, as well as Burton Wind and Fire boots. They were great in their day but I would not say they were decent compared to what we have today. Compare it to the decent cars and music from that era. So if you are driving the the mountain in a Plymouth Voyager mini van listening to Menudo or Hansen on your 8 track, then the Burton Reactors are pretty decent. Actually wish I kept a pair as the red, white and blue color scheme was pretty cool.
  4. Congratulations Pat. It's fun trying to chase you down the hill.
  5. What's next? Snowboard in hard boots?
  6. Getting more than I expected from this thread. Neil, couldn't agree with you more on holding parents and coaches accountable. In the end it sounds like getting hit from behind happens too often and it's on us to constantly look uphill for stray bullets. Really makes me appreciate MCC and the no passing rule. Everyone stay safe.
  7. Resurrecting an old post. I was hit from behind, again, while riding at Okemo this weekend. Must be spring break as there were lots of college kids at the mountain and I was blindsided by another snowboarder straight lining. Worst part was that he started yelling that it was my fault for not looking up hill before I turned. I know that he was in the wrong and he basically admitted that he was the uphill rider, but does this even matter? Weekends are crowded. These moron kids think everyone needs to get out of their way. People really don't know how much of the trail we take up. I don't even argue with these folks anymore. I just make sure that we are both OK and get on with my day. Is this wrong and I should I try to teach more? Interested in other's input. Thanks
  8. I have always been partial to the older Lib Techs like the Litigator and Grocer. They blew it when they started adding funky stuff like magnatraction and hybrid profiles. I'm on Donek Inclines today because I can't find something new that I like. Always wanted to try the Nitro Pantera 166 but the way the sidecut goes from wide to narrow seems backwards to me. I haven't seen any demos for Nitro but great to hear that it's so well liked by this group.
  9. Walking up to the liftline with a Proteus a baggy pants snowboarder yells out 'F###ing hardboots, yeah hardboots, F### yeah!" Didn't know what to say so I just shouted back yah. Think some little kids learned a few new words this Saturday.
  10. You still need to carry the lunch tray down the stairs. How stiff are you trying to get?
  11. Salomon Malamutes. Not nearly hard boot stiff though.
  12. Watched some Youtube videos on the right way to buckle ski boots. Didn't realize that you were not supposed to crank on the lower buckles. They should be so loose that they almost open on their own. Kind of makes three buckles on a UPZ boot seem redundant. The cuff part of the boot should be tight and hold the foot down. It made a big difference in my boot fit and heel lift. Not intuitive but worth trying along with all the other good suggestions above.
  13. I'll take them. PM sent.
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