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  1. Yoga pose of the day : now back to bendy bendy... Board: Virus Phantom Zylon
  2. Reason for selling: I love JJA board but I like Virus better Black one made in 2019 Red one made in 2020 Gray one made in 2021 Here is the link to the video of me riding JJA board and see what it can do (from firm runs in Copper Mtn to Soft condition in Abasin): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10KZr86oClmyS4KRiIlSdADyh0EmDM71y Jasey-Jay Anderson 170 (Black): - Custom based on Clear-Z model (asked for damp, grippy, and fast) - specification = 170 length, 20cm waist, has New JJA plate inserts - SCR = 11.5m - 13m - 12m - stiffnes
  3. Coiler Contra A/T 165 - specification = 165cm length, 24.5cm waist, swallow tail, early rise for the nose. - SCR = 10.5m - stiffness = made for 180lbs rider (but I am 155lbs) - condition = there are cosmetic scratches on top sheet, presence of base and edge rashes that does not affect the ride. Never been tuned or grinded. Used it for less than handful of times. - impression = I made it for pow/soft days to be able to run lower angles (Hence, wider waist). I rode it in 2-3” AND 7” fresh snow days in CO and MT through wide runs and tight trees. It did really well and ne
  4. If you can fit into D-shell, it is a great deal for best boots on the market!!
  5. I have for sale Oxess 178 and 185. Below are the info: Oxess 178 - Model RG178 / 15m variable SCR / 49cm stance from center to center (but it can vary depending on where you place your binding) / p-Tex top sheet (thicker top from inserts) / 19.8cm waist - condition is great, I only ridden it 5 full days, presence of cosmetic scratches and light base scratches that does not affect ride , edges are never tuned, base are never grinded. - stiffness is made for 180-190lbs but it can be ridden by anybody as I am 150lbs and I love how it rides. - reason for selling: I love t
  6. yamifumi

    Yo Lci!!

    Mario’s toy board: .... kidding aside, here is one of many many turns: Flying Dragon : Zoom Zoom by 007: Smooooth: New style by J-won: Drive-by “Hi”: sorry slopestar, I didn’t get any footage of you Kyle the new ripper:
  7. yamifumi

    Yo Lci!!

    I will be there this Sunday! It seems like it is going to be nice groomer day
  8. This is actually something I have been practicing lately and helps with carving technique! I just get dizzy when I make 10 turns . Ultimately, I don’t want to go to hospital.... so it is my responsibility to look and check. However I have seen many people just straight-line, especially on steep, wide, groomed runs that I didn’t even see even though I turned back to look 2 turns ago. Very unfortunate...
  9. It looks like: 162cm, 9-11m SCR, 21.5cm waist I can vouch for @Colozeus, he is a trusty guy.
  10. Nice board! What is the price?
  11. Personally, I never liked the fuego box method unless I wanted to find out how low of an angle I can get on the board without booting out. For me (mondo 26), boot center mark has been very important for both UPZ AND MS.951 to center the boots on the bindings (boot center mark directly on the center of the binding disk) THEN set up the appropriate binding angle. Mine is not at as far of edge as possible for the front at 60/57.5 for 20cm waist. I am always afraid to loose an edge Bc of overhang (50% of the time I don’t have that much angulation but I do other 50%). Nothing worse than l
  12. It is interesting that there are many different opinion on everything we do... but this is what worked for me: - I have inward cant & lift on both front and rear bindings. Rear inward cant allowed me to drive my rear knee more towards front knee which helped my riding (a lot of Japanese riders have inward cant and it has helped me with my leg structure ) - but it all comes down to the technique IMHO. Pointing the hip is one of the best way AND looking towards where you want to go (I actually look even further = helps to look behind me to make sure no straight liner comes after m
  13. At Copper Mtn (Oxess RG 178): At MCC (Oxess RG 178):
  14. @big mario need to announce when he does use this board to witness the maiden voyage!
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