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  1. I am not saying 100 can replace or same as the 120 and obviously they have different plastic stiffness for 100/120/130 but I was just saying 100 can be “as close to” stiffer model for 145lbs person. I have both 100 and 120 tongue, green/blue/red/yellow spring that I played with on my 100. OP was worried that some boots maybe too stiff or too soft for certain situation, hence, being able to play around and testing it himself is the best way to get an idea.
  2. I like my .951 (mountain slope) boots, particularly 100 range for your weight, height and being non racer. It can be as stiff as 120 by using stiffer spring with stiffer tongue or as soft as RC8 with softer spring and tongue. Changing spring and tongue takes matter of minutes. The best in the business. I also have intuition liner with custom footbed to custom fit to my feet and this is my 4th season wearing it. I have never been happier.
  3. What are the width on those?
  4. Sorry guys, it has been sold and donated to the forum from the sale
  5. I have Oxess 170 XXR for sale. Specs are the following: Oxess XXR / 170cm / 20cm waist / 11.5m SCR - it was ordered by Shred Grummer. As you can see from photo that it is in great condition (almost new - this board is $1700 new). Before I bought it Shred told me he only rode it 2x and I only rode it handful of times. My loss is your gain. I love the board but I have other board I want to ride..... $OLD (Local pickup in CO is possible)
  6. That is not bad price (I would not say “cheap” though) but that is for BP2-10. Proto+ which is top of their line is $1k more. I am curious what is the difference between them. They don’t say exactly how they are different on their catalog but they both say they are titan all board with sandwich construction. Gray Snowboard catalog has complete explanation on difference such as Tycoon vs. Tycoon Type S on their catalog.
  7. I can confirm that it is Carve and not Cross because I had someone send me Cross model before but it was advertised as Carve. Cross will be too wide for Kessler 163
  8. That’s nice to hear! We need some of those in CO. I saw that ski area in Banff Canada opened and looks like it is full blown winter weather. It seems like La Niña will blow good snow in northern USA to Canadian Rockies.
  9. I am curious how many people are confirmed already? I am super excited!
  10. yamifumi

    Yo Lci!!

    Paging @b.free.
  11. Here is another one: https://www.blackpearljp.com/images/20-21catalog.pdf I always wondered how Black Pearl rode but it is expensive.
  12. +/- this year as I am gonna sell Oxess 170 this season and add another JJA as 180 broke (stupid heroic snow). We need snow!!!
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