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  1. Just came in the mail from canada ....... I really loved the board Jasey-Jay built for me so I got another one with exact same spec in longer length and SCR. JJA boards are one of the best board out there IMO. I love my Oxess (s) but JJA tops it.
  2. Mountainslope website has good indication of where to start. I guess you can call that “instruction” the dot on can’t disk indicates, which disk is with no cant (I believe 2 dots...) and other ones are for either inward or outward cannt. i center my boot center to SG binding center and has been good but maybe I will start to play like @slapos said ....
  3. I carry L-shaped hex key (size 4, same as SG binding) and you just turn counter-clockwise to make it forward lean and clock-wise to backward lean. I like to do from lowest to up. I do lowest first while pulling up the kinder without doing it too much then pull up more while toghtening the rest. I recommend getting loner that has higher length than boot cuff. I have intuition liner red pro tongue and it is same height as boot cuff and causes pressure point (I cut 1/3 of the tongue towards the boot cuff to relieve the pressure). I am getting new liner soon and see how that works out. Could you clarify on this? I understood it as “you moved the center marking of the .951 boots 1cm forward of the center of binding by adjusting on the toe and heel bail”...... is that correct?
  4. I didn’t even know there was “tiers” in banking .....
  5. I had same experience. Possibly that @rjnakata was first transaction or holiday season. But glad to have options!
  6. Interesting, I have been using transferwise for while now and it has always cleared within couple days for transaction (sent it to France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada with varying amount from couple hundreds to thousands). Do you mind asking which country it was to? I wanted to know for my future reference.
  7. It seems like @Shred Gruumer buys board every week lol. I am curious to see how ogasaka alpine boards ride...
  8. For sure, I want that guarantee, it depends on the “vibe” I get from people. I never had any issue on this forum (“Knock on the wood”) so I am fairly comfortable here but everywhere else, I usually do “normal transaction”. Definitely worth the assurance.
  9. I am glad it worked. My preferred payment method is paypal (friends and family) for sure as there is no fee. i know some people are not comfortable with that then I use transferwise and it has minimal transfer fee.
  10. yamifumi

    Yo Lci!!

    It seems like it is gonna be a small gathering, count me in!
  11. Like slapos was saying, that’s the first liner it came with and it was junk. I now have intuition tongue liners with custom insole. I cut out some of the tongue portion of it as I had pressure point. I love my .951 and it is THE best boots I have tried (Burton fire -> deluxe Indy -> UPZ RC10 -> .961) and I don’t see myself selling this boots at all. Gonna use it until it breaks. I would recommend getting extra straps (especially ankle one) for back ups as this will probably the first one to break. Procuring straps from mountain slope takes a bit (from swiss) hence I got extra straps just in case.
  12. I have Blue, red, yellow springs for my .951 and I weight 155lbs. I am bottoming out on Blue on rear boot. When boot flex too much forward, the middle strap slips from the “hook” tongue has to securethe strap in place and it makes a “concerning pop noise”. I use yellow on hard days and red on soft days for rear foot and red on front boots.
  13. Also the price will affect the major interest from large portion of the market.
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