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  1. That's not what I'm seeing. He leads every turn with his feet. You can watch the chain of movement from his feet up to his shoulders. Very cool to watch in slow motion! That guy is killing it! Odd counter-rotation style, but he's railing those turns so I don't care. The upper body can be useful for cues, but good carving comes from the lower body.
  2. Thanks Mario, I'm going to give that a shot. I wanted to taper in more explosive movements and that looks like a good start!
  3. I disagree, mildly. I think you can have fun as an amateur (aren't we all!) with any amount of time per week/month/year in alpine snowboarding. You can go out and have fun on the snow with whatever time you have. If your goals are higher than only having fun, then your time commitment scales appropriately. I see an extremist attitude in many hobbies, and I don't like it. It's grown as internet/media has focused us into ever-shrinking niches. There's always someone who will invest more time than you, and they may view your time invested as a lack of commitment. If I go bowling with
  4. Negative result for me! Woohoo! If I caught a flu/cold, I could have caught COVID. I'll treat this as a wake-up call to remain diligent.
  5. As I get stronger, I ride harder and feel just as tired at the end of the day. I'm not shy to stop on the side of a run now though. You know, to socialize! (In the beforetime...) Same question as the last two years though: Have any video? That may give us clues to give better advice. If you tell the doctor you hurt "down there", they're going to need more info before they can recommend a treatment. We can make guesses all day long though.
  6. Love those NSR boards. Similar to a Kessler. Damp, smooth running, but able to wrap tighter turns than you'd think. Mine was T182 NSR 012CD1 -7.1+6 That was a 182, built for I think 210 lbs, with a little extra stiffness in the tail. After I changed weight to ~180 lbs, it went from fun and playful to a fall-line missle that took all my strength to turn. It wasn't as fun to ride, and I sold it. Bruce said my NSR was one of the thickest cores he'd made for a metal board at that time.
  7. Side tangent: Your PT understands the difference between bail and Intec bindings?!? I'm happy when medical professionals have a vague idea of what snowboarding is, let alone the alpine variant.
  8. Well, crap. Something hit me real hard yesterday. Had the deep swab today, now I wait for results. I'm 90% recovered in 24 hours. The worst part is my kid being stuck out of school until I get a negative result. I get it; this is a minor sacrifice for the community and world. Doesn't mean it doesn't suck to miss school and time with friends... I've heard stories about how bad the test is. Meh... I mean, I wouldn't do it on purpose, but it's not even as bad as getting a bit of water in your nose. Though it felt like he was trying to tune in a radio station as he spun it around.
  9. I see exploratory (and amateur) science experiments in my future! Nice idea. Steve Mould, eat your heart out! Clamping a mask against your mouth greatly reduces the filter size, and therefore adds restriction. You can see this with any other face covering, like neck buffs. That's why masks are big and not just a piece of tube you stick in your mouth. (Ignoring nostrils)
  10. I'm really curious how an actual cotton or medical masks will work with condensation, freezing, and goggles on cold days. Neck buffs work but studies have shown they are effectively useless at filtering droplets. i.e. They'll satisfy the rules of wearing a 'mask' but don't actually help. Maybe a benefit for us in colder areas is that those droplets will freeze and fall to the ground faster? I fell in love with simple cotton bandanas; think of a wild west bank robber, but with goggles closing the top. Sadly, this 100% does not meet the function or intent of a Covid mask as very litt
  11. Numbers are climbing here and people are trying to find every loophole they can. Provincial government said enough is enough: "new health orders will take effect at 12:01 a.m. Friday that will restrict people from going into the home, cottage or other private residence of another person." Not much to debate in that rule!
  12. That's much funnier when you grossly misread it as using corn dogs to warm your boots. Warm boots and a tasty treat!
  13. My two cents: I found a Skwal to be terrifying on flats and easy runs. Once I got on blues, it felt more similar to a regular alpine board. Trust that it will hold and it will. Even after riding it for multiple days, I still struggle with basic sideslipping. Hip-dragging carves? Sure!
  14. Yeah, we're in code Red, 4 weeks of lockdown starting today. Interestingly, schools are still in-person. Transmission rates are quite low in schools - I'm assuming because mask compliance is mandatory. Word on the street is that milk is the thing to hoard this time. What are you going to do with a freezer full of milk? The local grocery store had a mountain of toilet paper built up. They're ready!
  15. This is exactly what I needed in my life today.
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