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    near Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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    Home: Asessippi, Favorite: Aspen
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    Mechanical Engineer
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    Coiler: Angry 160, VSR 167, EX 175
    Donek: 164 MK variant, Proteus 170, Rev 163
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    UPZ RC-10 with FinTec heels
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    Bomber TD3 Sidewinders
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  1. I should add: I can't believe the price disparity between skateboard stuff and bike or car stuff. This would be a $300 car part. Nope, $79.
  2. Got mine, installed on a Loaded Vanguard, and went for a ride. Here's after about 3 min of playing around: First impressions: 1. Woah, it feels crazy tipsy when pushing. Like the pivot axis is 8" below your foot. It's not, but it took some mental recalibration. 2. OMG it turns tight. I could make a 180 degree turn in just wider than a standard parking spot width. That's toeside, I don't have the confidence to do that heelside. 3. Steering with one foot (while pushing) requires a delicate touch, can pretty easily steer the truck so far that it rolls under your ankle. 4. Easy to pump some speed with rotational movements. So far, I LOVE it! Super fun and playful, can't wait to get some more miles on it. I like lower speed stuff, and this lets you really play at low speeds. It's crazy looking down and seeing the front axle at 45 degrees to straight ahead!
  3. Wow, talk about life goals! Seriously cool.
  4. I ordered the adapter and rail with the 4th of July sale. I'm concerned about the height, but like the prospects of low speed pumping. I didn't connect with a Ripstick, hoping this will be much less of a toy that that was. The videos make it look fun, but all promo videos do.
  5. I love the FD RX7! Such a timeless beauty. I assume from your username that you're sticking with a rotary engine? I'd love one of those with a more conventional engine!
  6. Interesting plan! You (population level of 'you') want this to end faster? Get vaccinated and ask your friends to.
  7. Well, our infected numbers are spiking again. We went full Code Red Critical: stores limited to 10% capacity, or 100, whichever is less. City schools switched back to remote learning. Etc. I hope more people get vaccinated and we can slow the spread.
  8. The recipient pays taxes and import duty on the declared value no matter what. Make sure they know that. I always ask for and gladly pay for insurance. UPS and FedEx are the worst, with surprisingly large brokerage fees payable upon receipt. Seems random and non-negotiable. They know you want your stuff and abuse that. USPS (converts to Canada Post on our side) has low brokerage fees. Was $5 a couple years ago but i don't know if that changed.
  9. LOL! I should have figured that out from the thread.
  10. You're never going to win with that attitude, Mister! Can't wait to see my carving friends in 2022!
  11. You need on on-board view to appreciate that form of racing: Don't blink!
  12. It works well. Clean, apply, trim any corners with a radius so it doesn't start peeling as easy. If any spots start peeling, use clear nail polish to seal that edge down before it gets worse. It will deform under the bindings. Mines been fine for probably over 100 days of use. @BlueB - I'm going to try an X in aluminum duct tape to add torsional rigidity! Lessons learned from the sidecut thread!
  13. Maybe a silly question, but in your 'bombing' runs, are you making S-shaped turns that leave 1-2 cm wide tracks? i.e. what we define as carving. Not skidding. Not meant as an insult in any way. The average snowboarder and skier that talks about bombing down runs makes fast skidded turns, so sidecut radius matters less than you'd think for them. Toe & heel overhang don't matter as much either. This was 100% me a while ago. Fast skidded turns; thought I was awesome because I went faster than most.
  14. I got my first AZ shot yesterday too. Feeling a little tired today, but not bad. No schedule for the 2nd shot yet. Just "later".
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