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  1. Wait, so having one strap in place on a ski boot restricts your ankle motion more than having all the buckles undone? [/sarcasm] That article is built on very shaky foundations. Lots of big words in play to say that you shouldn't couple ankle movement to the rear spine of the boot. You know, LIKE SKI BOOT BUCKLES DO.
  2. Bails? Part D of this: There should be no sharp edges on that. Maybe the toe clip part N/M? I'd file any burrs off.
  3. The molded-in ones on my UPZs are pretty deep. I removed one and decided it was too invasive for preventative maintenance.
  4. Buttermilk, CO. There's a hotel right at the base, a free bus to Aspen just a short walk away, and wide open and empty groomers. If you feel like trying any of the other 3 mountains, they're a short bus ride away. Your wife and daughter can drain your bank account while you snowboard, but not too much as it's awkward to carry too much on the bus. Or, the ski lessons for kids look freaking awesome (from what I could tell as a very interested observer...) as they seem to hire really enthusiastic/good people. Pricey, but I was blown away at the whole scene. There's a reason the SES/ATC was held there for many years.
  5. Oh, wow, this is still from then? Yeah, time to get things moving properly again! I struggled with varying degrees of back pain (stiff/sore to can't walk) for almost 20 years before a friend convinced me to try lifting heavy stuff to build muscle mass. I didn't know I'd also learn to move through a wider range of motion as well. That's really awesome! Having a good coach, or even a few tips, will greatly speed things along. Keep the volume low at first and ramp it up over weeks, not days.
  6. I so wanted to hit the ice karting place nearby a few years ago, but they had odd hours that would mean it needed to be on a day off. Haha, that's about the opposite of a spa!
  7. I had a frustrating day a while ago when trying to do heelside EC carves on very firm snow. Turns out the front boot upper cuff buckles were hitting, levering the edge out of the snow. It wasn't super sudden, just a gradual decrease in grip that lead to fall after fall. I thought it was something I was doing to the board, so lots of experimenting with posture and weight positioning ensued. Then I noticed the badly abraded pants cuff... It's admittedly-small window of conditions that cause me to want zero overhang, but I'm way too lazy to change binding angles based on snow conditions.
  8. Doctors Baraki and Feigenbaum addressing low back pain causes, risk reduction, and management with the soldiers and medical staff of Ft. Irwin: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jordan-feigenbaum/barbell-medicine-podcast/e/66096102 If you want to go full nerd on the current state of back pain research, try this 66-minute long literature review podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jordan-feigenbaum/barbell-medicine-podcast/e/65771209 Dr. Baraki addressing Ft. Irwin medical staff (more technical): https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/jordan-feigenbaum/barbell-medicine-podcast/e/66216996 The takeaways I got from all of this: 1. Back surgery is unlikely to provide a better outcome than waiting an equivalent amount of time 2. A significant percentage of people without any back pain show herniated discs - so imaging can cause undue stress via nocebo and non-proven medical procedures
  9. No demos are available. B.Y.O.S. I did learn to close my mouth when faceplanting in powder. Rather impressive how much snow got packed in there in a hurry. LOL!
  10. Interesting. Looks like there is excellent snow clearing areas for the attachment points, though the bottom of the heel looks like a trouble point.
  11. Did you know that you can adjust the volume on most audio devices? I have mine quite low, to the point that I can barely hear it over wind noise while moving.
  12. I've found that a 'bus driver' with a weighted barbell in a land mine (or corner) hits this exact muscle very similar to snowboarding. Regular deadlifts and squats don't hit it enough. It's my right side of my spine, regular-foot rider. I also add strengthening exercises for the sides of my calves (the muscles that roll the foot along its long axis) to my training program. Dr. Austin Baraki of Barbell Medicine is a medical pain expert that openly critiques things like the McKenzie method. Check this video for a reading of one of his short articles. If that intrigues you, they have many articles and podcasts on the topic, as casual or science-y as you want. I'm amazed at how fast I've come back from a couple back 'tweaks' using their process, laid out in the video linked within that video. Get past Alan's 'big badass Marine' voice to hear the content. I used a foam roller and lacrosse ball when I was having flare-ups of that muscle, though I now realize that foam rolling is a placebo. A placebo that's pretty cheap and worked, so I still carry that lacrosse ball in my riding gear on trips. Haven't used it in years. @FTA2R, the comment at 4:00 is exactly addressing your comments. Catastrophizing is only adding to your issue. The spine is made to bend and twist, and over time you can progressively strengthen the supporting muscles. I had a similar mindset to you; defeated to an ever-shrinking range of motion as I aged. My back hurts less often now after a few years of training than it did 10 years ago.
  13. Hey @ktv, just wanted to say thanks. That Apekx Bluetooth player is exactly what I wanted! Small, good battery life, functional with mitts on (barely...), etc. It has replaced an old iPod Shuffle as well as eliminating a cable between my jacket and helmet.
  14. Metal boards can bend and take a set. It's still rideable, unlike a cracked glass board, but its glory days are over.
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