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  1. This is a good idea. That tape is intended to fill gaps in tapered pipe thread. It will help a bit in straight threads. The industrial thread sealer is Loctite PST (567, I think) that comes out of the tube like sticky caulking, it seals better than the tape. But it's hella messy until it sets!
  2. In my professional life, we find that never-seize and/or grease washes out in vehicle underbody conditions, but simple Loctite 243 sets and stays. Very different application than a snowboard, but it wasn't immediately intuitive. It might be hard to break a lug free as it's a pretty big thread in that small lug, maybe the light-duty green (222? can't remember) would be more reasonable.
  3. Wasn't the original Madd 158 more like a 155? My shortest board is 160, Coiler Angry. 5'11", was built for an aggressive 210-lb rider. It's awesome! The 164 Donek MK variant turns tighter, but has a longer/rounded tail per my request. And I love a 185 GS race stick too. Depends on the runs available and my mood. If I could pick any run and board, it's my 175 Coiler EC on something steep and wide. But when I'm stuck at a small and mellow hill, the little boards come out.
  4. That's a great lunch break!
  5. LOL, I should add that this is NOT general advice for all!
  6. Thumbs up for the positive attitude in those pics! LOL!
  7. No notches. 3rd gen? Base is not the crazy speckled one on the first-gen boards.
  8. Definitely not 1st generation, but I'm not aware of how many generations there were. It has neon green sidewalls, if that helps. Anyone out there know?
  9. @nitro My knees hurt when I read your message. That is a unique setup, but the moral is to listen to your body.
  10. Bump back up! Open to reasonable offers.
  11. It's short on purpose! Great video John & great edit Anna!
  12. I'm laughing too much at this! The logistics of getting suited up in 0F (-20C) weather in a Mazda 3 are pretty awful. I don't warm up as much as I should. I know from other training that I need a good warm up to prevent injuries. I've now started doing some jumping jacks and some air squats before the first run. The boots make squats funky so find something to hold! Luckily snowboarding is pretty easy to modulate your output. i.e. You can take it easy for the early parts of a run.
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