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  1. Very well said! Unfortunately, politics and religion are two example topics of core beliefs that seem to illicit emotional responses from otherwise calm people. Everyone thinks that they're not being emotional, the other person is the one being emotional. Too risky to our small community to bring them into this forum, in my opinion. I regularly interact (purposefully left vague) with someone that is extremely intelligent, soft-spoken, and calm in general. Get him talking politics or religion and he's on the verge of dropping hate speech and condemning large swaths of the popu
  2. Go Donek! That's an amazing price for a great board from a great company.
  3. Please see rule 7: This is EXPRESSLY permitted. If you have a problem with that, please raise it with Jack as the site owner.
  4. Who is accepting this? I haven't seen any support rallies for the anonymous cable cutter. If someone is trying to send a message, they need to use a clearer font. This is vandalism.
  5. This thread walks the line of what's acceptable here rather well, but it is tangentially related to snowboarding as court proceedings and the resulting interpretations will affect many riders. I'm really glad I don't have to create policy as both sides of every possible decision have irrational and vocal minorities that pounce on every little thing right now. I think there's no way to make everyone happy.
  6. Not looking good. Border is still closed. I'll be there in spirit!
  7. Who benefits from a lockdown? Or having people wear masks?
  8. Think Gunbarrel at Highlands, just narrower. I seem to recall some guy in orange doing "Ancient Egyptian" poses while slaying that run. Maybe you know him? I loved my 14/15m sidecut board at all of the Aspen mountains. I had more fun on a 12m sidecut board at Turner. Just a little more selection of where I could be on the run with the tighter sidecut.
  9. I'll add a random story here: Had to grab some items at a chain store whose name rhymes with FallMart. I just plain forgot my mask in my car. Friendly greater offers up a disposable mask as I enter, reminding me of the new policy. Right, no problem! Their mask, my mask; I'm not picky. Well, this mask is why some people hate masks. Smells like an old washcloth, has a plastic nose strip instead of metal so it doesn't stay bent to reduce glasses fogging, and it noticeably restricts air flow compared to any others I've used. Last I checked, I didn't die. Did learn to make sharp inhala
  10. Make sure you actually measure your feet. Simple shoe size conversion often ends badly.
  11. What do you propose the world should do differently given these numbers?
  12. I went with my email on my lock screen. Won't help if it's legitimately stolen, but there's a chance that a good samaritan (like @bumpyride) can contact me. A scary thought for a hacked phone is how many systems/places use my phone as the second part of TFA...
  13. Evidence disagrees with this sentiment.
  14. Corey


    Noticed my own longboard tracks on the third lap of a little park:
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