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  1. Thanks! Probably should have ridden hard boots instead today due to the icy conditions... I’m out 4-6 weeks... Will need to see an orthopedic doctor next week when I get home to see if there is additional soft tissue damage... The doctors at Mt Snow were very good and X-Rayed the ankle, put me in a boot and crutches... 2 small fractures, so not terrible... I’m actually not mad about it for some reason... And fortunately nothing else is injured... And yes the boot may actually work in soft binding, but I’m totally not going to test it out at this point...
  2. I’m out... Fractured left ankle in 2 places at Mount Snow, VT today on my first run... Had on soft boots... Super icy, and way too fast... Can’t even explain what happened... There was a bump, twist, and a pop... A fitting end to this season... Cheers! Tim
  3. timbox18

    Mount Snow

    I will be there on 3/6-7... I usually don't prefer weekends, but I have a ride up this time... The hardboots are bugging my feet so I'll most likely be on softies...
  4. I finally applied what Corey taught at MCC 2020... Bend your knees and squat down like you are taking a p**p... Angulation Carving East Coast ice... And I forgot how much easier and fun soft boots are... I could softboot all day, 9-4... With hardboots, I'm done after lunch...
  5. Just do it! If I can pull off neon green boots, you can for sure pull off red boots! Fake it till you make it!!! Besides, red is a lucky color... And better to have boots that fit your feet in the wrong color, than boots that hurt in the right color...
  6. I can recommend the UPZ XC-12... I have the UPZ RC-11's and have changed the stock springs to the Free-flex springs. These springs have made the boot much more comfortable... Do not go for a stiffer boot unless you are already a professional racer with access to perfect snow...
  7. Hey All, Just putting it out there... I'm planning to be at Gore Mountain on Feb 24 & 25th... Let me know if any of you can make it out there... Tim
  8. A little of it was money ($100.00 USD less), then I wanted the "moss" color (vanity), and I wanted the stiffer nylon high backs (performance), and I was able to get them from a smaller shop (shop small) in OH with free shipping, to arrive this coming week... Something like that...
  9. @dredman Is there proof of you on that skwal in a onesie either in photo or video form??? If so, I, and I'm sure a bunch of others here would like to see it... ;oP
  10. I've just ordered a pair of the A-8 bindings today... They should be arriving next week, and will be able to test them out in about 2 weeks... I'll keep you posted...
  11. I did it... I don't recommend it. The UPZ boots are too soft for skiing, and flex the wrong way... I ended up just buying a pair of real ski boots...
  12. Hey Pat! Nice to see you riding. Probably won't get to come to VT this season due to Covid restrictions... Pat's a lot of fun to ride with. He's stupid fast! Tim
  13. No worries... I would definitely try to go soon as they just got snow... Hunter Mountain got 20" of fresh powder last night... My friend went today, and said it was thigh deep powder... Great conditions, but long lines...
  14. Yep. I just used the screws that came with them. They have the Torx socket head... They were way too flexy for me... Maybe if you are a freestyle skier, it might work... But not for me... Let me know what you think...
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