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  1. http://www.figmentoriginal.com/aceskwal.htm on the Green Mtn Proto. Very fun ride!
  2. @johnasmo and I have been meeting at Big Sky Resort on closing weekend for many years. This year we got to meet up with Chester Fox who we met at this years MCC. Chester is a multitalented carver. This video highlights his riding. More Rub In videos from the weekend to come! And if you really want to watch a whole bunch of Chester here is the long version.
  3. Fun was had! https://www.instagram.com/p/CNsaFH6jLWt/?igshid=q3v58k5ko3sc
  4. @digger jryou can always have fun on a soft board, one too stiff will be terrifying. Soft flexing boards can be easily bent/flexed into much smaller turn size, or you can resist the flex and lengthen the turn size. Say Hi! To Gloria! Here we go! Down the Rabbit Hole! So many factors....and how do they change performance? I am still trying to get my head wrapped around how all of these variables interact. How do you quantify these things to test hypotheses? Because we do not have the luxury of building and testing boards that only have one change in design parameter to help mak
  5. They were all really good. Just depends on the snow, crowds and mood.
  6. Great edit @Johnasmo! @daveovery stable like every Coiler I have ridden. Spring variable conditions are great for testing. On good snow, nearly every alpine board works well. Working well on spring freeze/thaw snow is the condition that separates the pack. The target for testing is a board/design that has the most fun factor in the widest range of conditions, that has “Ride all day comfortably” qualities. 4 more days of testing at Big Sky starting tomorrow.
  7. @snowburn Possibly, driving over in AM. I just pm’d you my cell number. Shoot me a text and I will text when I get in the parking lot. Cheers!
  8. Kristin and I will be there in the morning as will Fred G. @johnasmowill arrive Thursday afternoon, @Charlàyhad to cancel. @Ohob I have not heard anything about since the first post.
  9. Little more Whitefish Carving fun! Skwal, Hardboots and softies!
  10. Software based. Works great! Even has an auto horizons leveling feature. Heck of a lot of camera for the money. All the video I have shot this year is on the 9. Super easy to carry and use. Very happy with the quality vs ease of use. Use a Mac and iMovie to mix things together.
  11. Magical. 11ish. Rides like a cross between a K168 and a Contra. Really good ride. Winterstick really does carving well.
  12. Just got the Winterstick 170 Montucky. I will report back tomorrow or the next day with a ride report!
  13. Just arrived! Winterstick 170 Montucky! P-Tex top sheet, titanal, rubber and carbon yum!
  14. @johnasmo 119 turns down Big Ravine.
  15. Looking forward to it! See you then!
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