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    Turner Mountain and the rest of the <$50/day resorts in the state
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    I might have a problem.
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    Deluxe 425Pro With BTS Red/Red
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    Bomber TD-3's Sidewinders
    F2 Cow Cant mod
    Setup angles depend on board width.
    3 degree cants inward front and rear.
    19.5-20.5 stance width
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  1. Registration will be open to all next week! Stay tuned for details!
  2. Check out the Session Archive section of the forum. Quite possibly you would find it there. We have some videos on the YouTube page and some 30sec clips on the Instagram account.
  3. @west carven see 5th picture!
  4. Good time to sell, out of state people are buying up stuff like crazy in MT. Big Sky has been over run with the shared pass (Epic/Icon). There are quieter and better places scattered in the west.
  5. Passes bought. MCC is a go, registration opening soon.
  6. Until the government or universe says otherwise, we are moving forward with the 2021 MCC! We may have to adjust our evening social activities or group size to conform with COVID requirements. I will keep you all informed as this progresses. It is very hard to predict given the dynamic nature of the COVID. I will let you all know once registration opens up. Returning members of the MCC family will get first shot at registering, then we will open up registration to the new family members. More info can be found at www.montuckyclearcut.com, Facebook and Instagram. Kristin and I are looking forward to seeing you all and meeting the new folks!
  7. February 1-4, 2021 Moving forward with the event unless the government or universe says otherwise.
  8. I am looking for volunteers to organize any contest you want.
  9. Good stuff to review! http://alpinesnowboarder.com/tech-articles/
  10. Already have passes for Whitefish and Red Lodge. Hoping that having a season pass allows better access if things get funky again...
  11. Look who I found at Beartooth Basin.
  12. We are still planning on having the Montucky Clear CUT February 1-4, 2021. We are very hopeful that things will be settled down by then and we will have no travel restrictions. We will adjust social gatherings as necessary.
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