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  1. From NOAA I like the look of this for the PNW and Montana! Above normal precipitation and below normal temps! Maybe another lift served pow riding at MCC?
  2. Just got back from the Warren Miller movie. Great overall movie and the carving from the Montucky Clear CUT looks pretty darn good. @soccerdogeand the Winterstick story and riding was super fun! They used quite a bit of @Jcarfootage and there are a lot of us from the event in the clips. I wish I had a copy of it to give you a play by play…
  3. Kristin and I will get to see the movie tonight in Billings, MT. I'll let you know what we think! Our own @Jcar did all of GoPro filming for the WM film guys at the event and drone footage was provided by MCC sponsor/contributor Vault Media. Thank you both so much!
  4. Registration is exceeding all previous years. We are 70% full, so if you are on the fence or needing a nudge, this is it! Space is really limited. https://montuckyclearcut.com/registration I also wanted to shout out to our amazing instructor team! They are all professional ski and snowboard instructors that know how to carve! We had some of our BEST clinics last year and are expecting great ones this year. So if you are a beginner or intermediate rider looking to break through to the next level of riding, We have the instructors. Chester, Tom and Kathy have the teaching skills to help you along! If you just want to ride with other carvers, because you are the lone wolf at your ski area, come meet your people at Montucky Clear CUT! www.montuckyclearcut.com
  5. I do not think that is bad. @Shred Gruumer Thank you for having that built closer to @johnasmo and my preferred waist width! Looking forward to hearing your review and hot rodding the hell out of it at Whitefish in January!
  6. This came up on my FB feed this morning and I thought I would share it with you, @THOR recommends the Minwax polyurethane spray on palm surfaces and E6000 for the seams. Both products are available at most hardware stores. I got mine at Lowes. Seems to work very well for me. http://www.thorsnowgloves.com
  7. We have 2 former World Cup racers put on gated clinics at the Montucky Clear CUT. We also have great beginner and intermediate clinics. www.montuckyclearcut.com
  8. Yes they have arrived. This new condo will eat up the best parking spots at the hill. These are the ones that make board changes so easy at Whitefish. In downtown Whitefish this morning all the parking spots were full.
  9. We have some really exceptional board builders in the US and Canada. I would highly recommend getting in touch with them and having them build you a custom board. They will listen to your riding story and build you a dream ride.
  10. I have been getting a few questions about where people are riding/staying before and after MCC. So here is the place to find folks to ride with and possibly share accommodations in Sandpoint or Whitefish. Both Sandpoint and Whitefish are spectacular carving resorts, the locals at each place will tell you their place is better. They are both great! What airport you flew.drove into will most likely steer you in towards one or the other. If you flew into Spokane or drove in from the west, Schweitzer. If you flew into Kalispell or drove in from the east, Whitefish.
  11. Hard saying from that distance. There were several folks looping there.
  12. We have a bunch from the MCC. All of the stuff I shot last year for my personal stuff was 4K.
  13. A Warren Miller film crew was at last seasons event and we got our 2 seconds of glory in this teaser. At about 2:11 mark you will see a quick glimpse! Hopefully there is more in the full length movie! I am not entirely certain who the rider is or who was quoted saying “If you are not carving, you are starving”
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