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    Turner Mountain and the rest of the <$50/day resorts in the state
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    I might have a problem.
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    Bomber TD-3's Sidewinders
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    3 degree cants inward front and rear.
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  1. I do not believe there will be demo boots. Maybe some samples to look at. Boots are the leap of faith in North America unless you live close to one of the 3-4 businesses that sell them.
  2. Carving and pow rigs. Helmet, boots, keeps warm and dry stuff, wallet (ID, Credit Card), phone, chargers, GoPro, camera, sticker on helmet or tape saying your forum name (helps to make friends!) and a spirit of fun and adventure!
  3. Lots of snow and more this week. I’ll be there Friday and will post some pictures.
  4. Guess what we got to help read the raffle tickets at this years MCC? No, not reading glasses... way cooler, pocket magnifying cards! So even if you are not a winner you will get to take home a magic card that fits in your wallet and makes the small stuff bigger!
  5. dredman

    WTB Monoski

    @skwalguy might have some to sell.
  6. Still looking. The North American dealers are out of them for this season. Thanks!
  7. Look at all those amazing companies and organizations sponsoring the 2020 MCC! See you all soon! Not to late to register!
  8. @Bentnail I think we need the rest of the story... Looks like you blew off both heels?
  9. 3 weeks 3 days till we have the Montucky Clear CUT family back together!
  10. @west carven It looks like I failed to press record when I was filming you last week. We will have to try again on Wednesday or Friday! See you then!
  11. Thats right!Three weeks until the the Montucky Clear CUT! There are still spots left! Join us for what will most likely be the most fun carving event in North America in 2020! It is most certainly the only carving event in the world that has a whole ski area open only to participants for 4 days! Did I mention the "No Passing Rule"? (no worrying about getting hit from behind!) Currently we have 9 board makers bringing demos. Each company is donating a board or a massive discount for one or one of the demos for the raffles. Donek Thirst Coiler Exegi Winterstick Rad-Air Stranda Ace Skwal Alloy Prinoth Groomers is donating an extra groomer and operator to help out with grooming. Bomber by Gumbo, YYZCANUK and UPZ Boots are sending items for the raffles. Improve your skills with free clinics by Corey and Kathy. Google share drive set up for all participants to share photos and video. Video production by SkyVault. Plus many more sponsors. You get to see just where your money is going. 100% of registration fees go directly to Turner Mountain (not-for-profit volunteer ski area) Raffle and game entry fees are donated to the volunteer ski patrol. All hotels in Libby are privately owned by local community members. Nightly meet up spots to talk carving, make new friends and catch up with old one. (I assure you this is a very friendly and kind group, you will fit in.) Thank you so very much to all of our amazing sponsors and to those of you that have registered. Without this support, this event would not be possible! More info at www.montuckyclearcut.com or Here or message me if you have questions. Look for us on Facebook and Instagram.
  12. The new Hero 8 is amazingly easy to use. Riding with one in hand is tricky and I most often do not ride well with one in hand. The stuff I post is highly edited to remove the not so pleasant riding. That being said, I can hand the camera to my wife or a pal and get great footage. With it on a selfie stick all they have to do is point in the general direction and they will most likely get you in the shot. The new 8 has 3 different lens setting (Super Wide, Wide and Linear). The linear work well with someone following, paralleling or leading you. The 8 has great stabilization and requires very little/no post processing to have the footage end up very watchable. Watching yourself will really help solve a lot of problems. Riding with a group of varying skill riders will also help the group collectively learn. Either way, learning is a lot of hard work! Consider joining us for the MCC. Lots of folks with GoPro's and we share all of the footage on a Google Share drive. And we will have some professional film and camera guys. Oh and we have clinics! Instructors @Coreyand Kathy @kinpa rock and have helped many carvers over the years! Hope that helps with your question and some possible solutions.
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