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  1. Very close... there was a clip from Aspen that had a few of those stylish turns linked together.
  2. That was the Montucky version of a Sword Eurocarve. I can't seem to find that video to repost it. Will try and recreate it this MCC.
  3. I skid turns every run. I only post pictures of carving turns. The magic of still pictures....it is a nanosecond of time, you do not get to witness all the flailing and skidding before and after that snapshot of time.
  4. @1xsculler The board you are on will take great care of you. Just tip it a little more up on edge to get it to come around quicker keeping you at the speed you are comfortable with.
  5. If you have registered for the 2021 Montucky Clear CUT be on the lookout for emails from us. We will be sending out updates and info for the event. Don't forget to add us as a contact to keep the emails from going to your Junk/Spam box. We are 2 weeks away from the event and looking forward to seeing you soon!
  6. Just a quick thread jack. These cards will be in the registration bags for MCC participants. I hand them out every time I am at hill. I guess people like talking to folks in obnoxious onzies.
  7. Donek should have them. Or find a ski boot shop that carries Full Tilt ski boots. They will have them. Same boot, different toes and heels.
  8. @nekdut Great top sheet! Wogococo! Hope you love it as much as I love mine. It eats up challenging conditions and makes them smooth and easy. They are great "Ride all day" boards!
  9. We are opening up individual day registration. This is for the folks that can't join us for all 4 days. The daily rate is $90/day. You must be pre-registered to attend. How to register at www.montuckyclearcut.com
  10. @Riceballlike the saying about a tree falling in the forest and no one around to hear it, a carve event without you there to film it... did it really happen? We will most certainly miss you and the the Canadian MCC family!
  11. Yes, they have started vaccinations in Montana. Seems like they are getting through the front line workers first and now moving onto the experienced/at risk citizens. Info on the event COVID plan and other info on the website www.montuckyclearcut.com. I added a Blog with some additional info also. We still have some spots open if you are interested in joining us. We are not having any social meet-ups and are requiring everyone to comply with Montana State COVID recommendations. Montana ski areas have done an exceptional job keeping the lifts running and mitigating COVID exposure
  12. Red Lodge bendy and GoPro distortion.
  13. Or come to the MCC and I will give you some!
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