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    Beautiful Montucky
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    Red Lodge / Whitefish
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    I might have a problem.
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    Deluxe 425Pro With BTS Red/Red
    Raichle 124 w/BTS Yellow/Yellow powder boots
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    Bomber TD-3's Sidewinders Step In
    F2 Titan Flex Step In
    65-60 degrees
    6 degree lift toe/heel
    21 inch width
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  1. Looks like Donek is out of them also https://www.donek.com/product-category/accessories/bindings/ Maybe just do a pre order with Donek, or YYZ.
  2. I think I was trying to pump the turns to get more speed, you know how flat it is over there.
  3. A look to the past at Turner Mtn. I am thinking this is spring of 2000.
  4. John McGinnis and I trying to make snowboarding look cool on the bunny slope at Whitefish (Big Mountain).
  5. Luckily from the Red Dog Saloon to Turner there is very limited privately owned land. There is a small pocket of private land near the Loon Lake turnoff. There are several cabins. There is no electricity, internet or cellular in that area.
  6. I have lived in and out of the Flathead Valley (Whitefish, Kalispell, Columbia Falls) for the past 30 years. For a long long time I wanted to retire there. The ski area is spectacular, the access to Glacier NP, tons of public lands, access to trains and flights all wonderful. Whitefish and the entire Flathead Valley has had horrible urban planning, the traffic is terrible. For those of you accustomed to traffic and packed restaurants and services you will not mind a bit. The Flathead (Whitefish) is off my list off my radar for desirable places to retire.
  7. I always like the first official day of summer! The days start getting shorter, so winter is just around the corner! And to our Southern Hemisphere riders, Happy First day of Winter!
  8. Don’t forget www.YYZCanuck.com. Prices are in Canadian and the exchange rate is in our (US) favor. Donek.com, UPZ boots.com and All Board sports are great vendors also. We are very fortunate to have such great dealers in North America. All of them are VERY knowledgeable and will help you get into the right boot for your feet.
  9. If you are interested.This is what the fire looks like today from the town of Red Lodge. This camera is normally pointed at the ski area, they moved it for us to see the fire. Link to Red Lodge live web cameras https://www.redlodgemountain.com/webcam/
  10. Wildfires and snowboarding! June 14, 2021 This picture is from about 9:30am, just a touch of smoke over the hill. Tomorrow will be the last day of season for Beartooth Basin, running very thin on snow. This photo was taken at noon. Yes, they will shoot, you are in Wyoming. This is where you purchase your lift tickets. Flags are very appropriate on Flag Day!
  11. Telemark bindings on snowblades? As seen at Beartooth Pass, however I did not get to see them in action.
  12. There is some inner thigh chafing associated with riding their pomas. I do like surface lifts, uphill and downhill workout!
  13. Just to the south of Red Lodge, Montana on the scenic highway that goes to Cooke City (near Yellowstone) is Beartooth Basin Summer Ski Area. They open typically as soon as the highway plowed open(Saturday), and close when the snow melts out (early - mid July). What this place lacks in grooming and terrain, it completely makes up for that with the people. Everyone riding there is just so darn happy to be sliding on snow in such a beautiful place. I got to spend the day up there today, carved a few turns, slid, hopped and skidded a bunch of turns and just had a grin on my face all day long. My board of choice was a 23 wide Coiler AMT 45/40 and my super duper soft flexing Raichle 125's with yellow springs. Those boots ride more like soft boots. This is also the setup I use for resort powder days. Beartooth added a winch cat this season and they are just getting things sorted out with it. The first improvement was they dug out a bunch of the cornice that was pretty sketchy to navigate on icy days. They are hoping that with the extra snow they got from the cornice they will be able to keep the lifts open longer and groom more often. So there is hope that we will be able to really lay down some carves when they get it all sorted out. If you decide to make a trip this way, PM me and I will try and meet up with you. I am most often free Sat-Mon. Cheers!
  14. I am missing the lifts spinning. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPG9rjKjJAo/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  15. Big Sky Bend-It April 2021...most likely some GoPro distortion.
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