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  1. http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/Fin-Tec-Heels_p_190.html These are great heels. YYZ is a great dealer! With Cad/US exchange rate they are well priced.
  2. Been snowing in Billings for about two days. Leaves still on trees, some flowers under the snow.
  3. If you get over to Montana, I would be happy to help. I am not an instructor, but can try and teach you my bad habits. I do not think Jackson has many, if any carvers anymore. Another option would be the Montucky Clear CUT. Clinics and lots of great folks that love to share and help. Lots of cameras and video folks to to help you see what you are doing.
  4. This is a pretty good looking group!
  5. BigDogDave, Johnasmo and I brought a few boards to Whitefish a few years ago.
  6. Great catch! Wish you a speedy Recovery!!
  7. AWD Ford Transit. Great to hear you are all ok!
  8. We opened up registration for folks on the wait list. They had until yesterday to finish registration process. We will evaluate this weekend how many more spots we will be opening up. I suggest if you are wanting to attend this year, to get on the Waiting List. Thank you to all that have registered and finalized your registration!
  9. You will be most likely driving I-15 to I-90 from Denver to Libby Red Lodge, Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, Discovery, Snowbowl, Blacktail, Whitefish are all relatively right on the path to Libby. Montana is littered with great ski areas. I will only talk about the ones relatively on the path from CO to Libby. If you are driving from the West, be sure to check out Schweitzer, great grooming, facilities and people. Link to Montana Ski Areas Here is my breakdown on those areas: Red Lodge, 2nd worst ski area in the state. Old lifts, terrible lift layout, old facilities, high
  10. I am really looking forward to checking one out. I am going to most certainly make time at MCC for them! I have watched Johnasmo, Skwalguy and Ace for years. Looks like a lot of fun and a very efficient carve.
  11. If you are on the Wait List for the 2021 MCC be sure to check your inbox or junk email folder. If you are on the Wait List but did not get an email, message me. Cheers, David
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