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  1. @johnasmo making it smooth at the 2020 MCC
  2. @johnasmo doing what he does so smoothly.
  3. I do not believe so. Seems like colors and buckles are only changes year to year.
  4. @kiteparsons enjoying the wide open spaces MCC 2020
  5. @Corey as captured during the “how many turns can you make” game at the 2020 MCC
  6. @Corey showing his skills during the “Who can make the most turns” game at the 2020 MCC.
  7. Montana: Turner Whitefish Blacktail Snowbowl Discovery Lost Trail Bear Paw Big Sky Bridger Maverick Showdown Great Divide Red Lodge Beartooth Pass Colorado Aspen Buttermilk Ajax Snowmass Idaho Schweitzer Silver Mountain Sun Valley Bogus Basin Pebble Creek Kelly Canyon Wyoming Grand Targhee Jackson Hole Oregon Bachelor Hoodoo Timberline Anthony Lakes Washington Mt. Baker Snoqualmie Mission Ridge 49 Degrees North Mt. Spokane British Columbia Fernie Kimberly Whitewater Alberta Sunshine Lake Louise Mt. Norquay Switzerland Verbier Slovakia Just one place, cant seem to remember the name That was a fun journey trying to remember all the trips and friends along the way. More to come!
  8. Length is only one variable in the board decision matrix. Sidecut, Sidecut profile, flex and width are more critical factors. What angles do you like to ride at? What speeds and turn size do you like? The modern carving boards are unreal. They make riding fun in the widest range of conditions. If you want the perfect board, call one of the North American board builders and they will build you a dream board. Getting a custom build is a spectacular experience and will guarantee you years of great joy.
  9. Our goal with the grooming this year was to get the groomers as firm as possible. That way the grooming would potentially last longer with less trench depth (aka better carving longer). We had a freeze thaw cycle on the lower mountain 1 or 2 days but temps stayed nice the on the upper 3/4. We started grooming right after the lift quit spinning to get the grooming done and give it more time to set up. It worked very well with the weather patterns we had and no snow during the week. We will adapt and change to get the best quality grooming we can for next years event. Without a mountain full of people skidding/slipping turns filling things in it is critical that we get firm snow with minimal trench depth. Just makes the grooming last longer. The Brett from Prinoth and the Turner grooming staff did an awesome job!
  10. Thank you so very much to Prinoth to supporting the 2020 MCC!
  11. but he had good colors that defined him from the trees and snow!
  12. Just like boards, you need different ones depending on conditions or moods. Being seen is very very important to avoid collisions and to keep the cameras pointed at you.
  13. @RCrobar You should join us! It was a ton of fun and such relaxed carving! I can only imagine that good banks requires a combination of, tons of snow, lots of snowmaking equipment, lots of groomer time or lots of pre-season dozer work, thus lots of money. Money is something this event and Turner Mtn do not have much of. So this will not likely be an option. It does look like a giggle fest! I would love to get a chance to ride something like that, varied terrain makes carving much more interesting. We had some rather funky grooming on day 1 and 2 on 1 section of off camber pitch between the bottom of the bowl and the midway area on main last year, there were steps on the right side, groomer path was sloping with a ramp (about a foot rise) between each pass. It was super fun to carve and very challenging to do smoothly. I know a lot of people would disagree with me about that section, but what a fun set of features to play with!
  14. @lowrider I am working with Jacob (Turner Grooming) and Brett (Prinoth) to develop a grooming plan for next year to improve the quality and quantity of grooming. We are planning on starting grooming operations 2 grooming periods prior to the event too really get things smoothed out.
  15. We have a ton of good footage. We will be releasing footage through the spring, summer and fall season to promote the event and the sport. Keep an eye on our Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for pictures and videos. I will always post in this forum when we release videos. Not likely, you have 9 months and 2 weeks to plan getting there.
  16. @big mario The bottom of the Pig Chute at MCC was so fun!! Thrilled to hear a few of the best runs were at MCC!
  17. I am looking for feed back on the 2020 event. Suggestions or ideas to improve the whole event/experience. Do you have any ideas for partnerships/sponsors/contributors? Please feel free to email me at montuckyclearcut@hotmail.com or post them on here. Things we are already working on: 1) 2 instructors per clinic to get more riding time, less sitting. 2) Winch Cat to speed up grooming and improve quality, the quicker they get done grooming the more time the snow has to set and get firm. The firmer the snow, the longer the grooming will last through a day. Currently the plan is to start grooming Saturday before the event to establish base and buff out smoothness. We groom more during this event than they ever do at Turner. I am working with Brett (Prinoth) and Jacob (Turner) to develop a grooming plan to make things more efficient. 3) Online registration. Should make registration process easier. This will help with the logistics end, and help reduce emails asking what kind of dinner you want. 4) Researching different meet up places that could accommodate us all more easily. 5) Would you be interested if we had a daily bus service from the hotels to Turner? 6) I had a few requests for a clinic to teach how to ride gates. Former World Cup racer Rob Berney will be putting on that clinic! If you have any ideas or want to help out, please get in touch with me via montuckyclearcut@hotmail.com Thanks!
  18. This topic is affecting our members in ways that we have no understanding of, from a simple inconvenience (lifts are not turning sadness) to life changing events (Unemployed, family member deaths) We have members on the front lines that are sacrificing themselves and their families for the greater good. We should be acting like a family and supporting each other spiritually and emotionally. We need to stay out of the blame game, and move forward with kindness and support. Please stop with political statements and lets find out if there are ways we can SUPPORT or family of carvers. Be healthy, stay safe.
  19. This is my Contra 174. 19cm waist, 11-12ish feeling SCR.
  20. We had an outstanding compliment of North America's finest board builders at the 2020 Montucky Clear CUT! Thank you so very much for your support!
  21. This is the process for setting up the groomer for the 2020 MCC. The Prinoth Team is amazing!!
  22. This is the process for getting a groomer from Prinoth delivered and set up for the 2020 MCC.
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