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  1. I bought the Ikon pass in March, plan it be at Big Sky during February break with my son looking at schools and getting some riding in.
  2. Matt, to help sell the board it may be helpful to mention more info on construction of the board. For example, fiberglass vs Titanal? Does it have a decambered nose and tail? Was there an attempt to replicate Kesslers clothtod radius tech? For the price this could be a great board for a beginner.
  3. Bruce is awesome and I love how he interacts with his customers. Yes we are in a niche sport and a small community if carvers, a big plus thought is the access to builders at a personal level. Bruce goes above and beyond with his interactions with his customers. The new Contra lineup is another great example of Coiler magic. @Jack M I look forward to testing these bad boys out this coming season. I will be very interested to see how the Contra's compare to the Kessler 168 which for me is the holy grail of snowboards. I am glad I am in the queue for a few Contra's before the word gets out
  4. I am in BVs December build queue. Curious why you changed the width between the 162 and 178? I guess prefer a slightly larger side cut, 11m for a 178 is just to turny for me. I have a VCamp 177 with a 12-14m and I wish it turned larger. It will be up for sale next season once I get my Contra’s. I hope we have a next season....
  5. Awesome great story. The one from Ian Price is great as well.
  6. 3/1 tried the Trappy 4/1 tune. Doesn’t last as long and hooks up to easily, but man did it hold on ice. I do notice a difference on icy conditions between a 3/1 vs 2/1 tune. No detuning for me I want full engagement.
  7. Steve, I have a 185, I could do some measuring at some point.
  8. I have an Apex X plate and I am looking for a set of 4x4 mounting hardware. Anyone not using it and willing to sell it?
  9. GeoffV


    Man another K168 for sale, what is going on? Probably the best board on the market right now for all around riding... If you could only have 1 board this is the board to have
  10. Just last Saturday I discovered a double black called “Double Dipper” at Killington that was incredible. Very long sustained steep pitch. I was doing laps on it until my legs gave out and it happened to be right under the lift The rest of the day I had people commenting on my riding. I actually had a lady want to follow me around to watch...That was a little creepy, she ripped on skies.
  11. I’ll never forget the day. At the time in 1987 I was living in Austria. I was a young teenager and was at Gerlos Platte in Austria with my buddy. We saw two guys come down on what we thought was a short surfboard, actually we had no idea what it was. We chased them down to ask them what it was. They told us it was a New thing called a snowboard and where they had Funky test boards with plates so we tried it out. I can’t tell you how many times I fell that day, but I loved it and was hooked. My father was not to happy since we had just gotten 195 Blizzard skis from the factory and I only used them twice. I didn’t even know there where soft boots when I started besides what I saw on TV and mags since just about everyone in Europe were on plates. Not until I moved to the US in 1990 did I actually see someone riding in softboots. The only reason I tired softboots was for jumping, it was difficult to pull a rocket air in plates. I was all about looking for jumps, laying down turns between jumps, repeat. I hated not being able to carve until I discovered I could do both tricks and carving with a PJ 6 and Flex bindings. In one season I busted 3 pairs of Burton Flex bindings until they replaced them with plates.
  12. @Shred Gruumer we need some proof of you laying some ruts with those Stöckli’s, I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy laying down some carves on 2 planks once and a while...
  13. Where you headed Shred? East/West?
  14. @cbrkid1981 Diana, I am at Wachusett quite a bit (have the Gold pass). @Arden is there as well and works on the mtn. Happy to give you some pointers. The trails should be plenty wide enough for linking turns. Are you able carve your down hill edge either on softboot or hardboot? Ralphs Run is a good trail to practice on. Geoff
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