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  1. I have learned that my lower back issues stemmed from needing to strengthen my glutes, core and lower back. I have had back issues for 3-4 years and my first day out this season it came right back. Yes, I was working out but with the pandemic I lost access to a gym and was not strengthening my core. I now know at the start of every season what I need to do to get myself in riding shape. Add to that spinning and running. Working with a physical therapist that also does deep tissue messages she helped me develop a series of exercises that have improved my core, back and strengthened my glues.
  2. Hey I have figured out some exercises that have helped my back issues a lot. I may be older but my back is in better shape this season.
  3. That a 174 Contra is not designed for bumps, tree riding and chutes.
  4. That is our boy Jason, he gets some air time at his home mtn
  5. Well, well, look how is still alive and kicking! Great productand great prices. Buy with confidence, for new comers on this site, Fin built these and the Trench Digger bindings.
  6. Overthinking it. Just get your angles right and stance. Remember the heel ramp is a lot higher on UPZs. You’ll need more lift on the front.
  7. Welcome Drew. For starters I would recommend reading through all the tech articles.
  8. Didn’t see the demo tent for onesies in the lot @dredman
  9. I see how it is...I get ragged on in the Loon Goon thread.... How’s that new 180 Green Gobbling?
  10. 174 Contra with a 21cm waist 165 Contra CBXFR with a 27cm One of them may make an appearance at Stratton this weekend.
  11. Wait I can relax....? I’ll find out tomorrow morning
  12. I will be posting some porn here tomorrow, they arrived today and went right to the shop to get tuned.
  13. @Skully let me dig that up in an email from BV Bruce’s thoughts on the K168 ”Very nide but not a board I would ride all day. A bit too harsh and flicky for me. “ He has some new ideas brewing but I would need to get his permission to post them.
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