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    stare at 'puter all day and hit the keyboard once and a while
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  1. I have is been up 3 times this season. Finally getting some colder nights, which will help open up more terrain. I’ll be there early next Saturday.
  2. Everyone bidding will want to know if it has brass inserts and the condition of them. Are there any stripped inserts?
  3. I was at Wachusett yesterday
  4. Welcome to the K-168 club Shred.
  5. Was thinking the same thing Jack.....but I will resist, I need the Force to stay strong with me. How about this, you get it and I’ll try it
  6. Yes, I connected with him, it will take him a few days to respond. He is busy golfing and riding his motorcycles.
  7. Can’t wait to lay some trenches in that awesome Corduroy in February with my son.
  8. @JRAZZ +1 on your garage rack, mind sharing some more close ups?
  9. Wow only Coilers @dredmanimpressive, keeping Bruce busy. I’ll be keeping him busy in December with a few boards.
  10. I'll be at Big Sky the week before and Bridger Bowl with my son. @dredman I had the best pow day I have ever had with armpit deep snow at Red Lodge (snowed for 2 days straight). Lazy M is a great carving trail, grooming, well that is a different story .
  11. That is awesome Dave, that was the 1st ECES I ran. I remember picking up the voucher from Jeff Caron. Also remember that was the the ECES where you got your nickname as "Smiling Dave" because, well you were always smiling on snow, didn't matter the conditions or weather, always a great attitude. @dredman can you do me a favor and move the MCC just for me to Feb 13-20? I'll be out at Big Sky a week later and may also hit my fathers old stomping grounds Bridger Bowl.
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