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    stare at 'puter all day and hit the keyboard once and a while
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    MADD 158 F3,Donek MK, M-Spec Schtubby Coiler 171, Kessler180, Kessler 168, Donek Axxess 167, Donek Incline 160, Coiler Nirvana vCam T+ 174cm 12/14
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    TD3 SI x 6, 6 degree front, 3 rear. Angles 58 front, 55 rear
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  1. That was a great board, never should have sold mine.
  2. I am local to Wachusett and ride in VT as well. We have a small crew that races at Wachusett on Monday nights. PM if you want to ride locally before our season comes to a close.
  3. I just got back from an overnight with my son at Sunday River. Towards the end of the day my son and I were doing laps on White Heat's double black. It was only 3 1/2 groom widths so I was working pretty damn hard to tighten up the radius of my Contra. The trail has about 3 sections where the pitch increases and you don't have a good view up hill to see who is coming down. Every time I got to the top I made sure I was the only one on that trail because I was taking up the entire trail going down. I stopped at every new pitch pulled over to see if anyone was coming down. Towards the lower part
  4. It is called a Coiler Contra.....probably the easiest board to carve on.
  5. Dave, does it have metal or is it glass/carbon construction? MCCS 22, be prepared for a take over from the Ice Coast!
  6. Great advice Corey. @Ebootis trying out my new Contra on Saturday, let’s see if we can get a nice clean line, maybe it is all about Bruce’s magic
  7. Nice Brian, love the hard work you have been putting into your carving this season. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  8. Dang! OK most of us all have a Quiver addiction issue, but an outfit addiction issue we’ll that brings it to a whole new level! The only other rider that I know of with many outfits is @dredman?
  9. Great video and riding. I think I counted 6 different outfits?
  10. Hmmm tempted for my 17 year old son...
  11. Correct pre production and I recall the preproduction demos rode a lot better than 2nd gen production. That army style topsheet was only used in preproduction boards. The flex was a tad stiffer. If you’re looking for a Madd, this board will be e better than production Madds from 2nd and 3rd gen runs.
  12. Paging @Shred Gruumer he may or may not have ordered a dozen Oxcess over the years from Marcel.
  13. @Jack M when was the last time you rode you PJ? Take her for a spin, give her some love! I want proof, get some pics by @trailertrash of you taking that down Sluice or Comp. You certainly have a great Quiver.
  14. I have learned that my lower back issues stemmed from needing to strengthen my glutes, core and lower back. I have had back issues for 3-4 years and my first day out this season it came right back. Yes, I was working out but with the pandemic I lost access to a gym and was not strengthening my core. I now know at the start of every season what I need to do to get myself in riding shape. Add to that spinning and running. Working with a physical therapist that also does deep tissue messages she helped me develop a series of exercises that have improved my core, back and strengthened my glues.
  15. Hey I have figured out some exercises that have helped my back issues a lot. I may be older but my back is in better shape this season.
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