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  1. @cbrkid1981 Diana, I am at Wachusett quite a bit (have the Gold pass). @Arden is there as well and works on the mtn. Happy to give you some pointers. The trails should be plenty wide enough for linking turns. Are you able carve your down hill edge either on softboot or hardboot? Ralphs Run is a good trail to practice on. Geoff
  2. After over 30 years in hardboots apparently my back is protesting now and given out on me. I have developed some bad habits this season sitting in the back coming out of the apex all due to lower back paine. I am focused on relaxing my body, looking where I go, letting the board initiative and not tossing my body into a turn. I am trying to stay balanced and not trying to sit in the back. If I feel myself doing it I go back to basics, touch the front boot stay centered and keep my rear arm from flailing behind me.
  3. 18-25m dang where are you riding that? On a football field? My 185 KST takes up the entire trail at 45mph. It yells at me when I am doing 25mph. With 18-25m you have to get up to some serious speed before you can tilt that sucker over.
  4. @tfcarve welcome to the forum. I would recommend adding some more info on the boards you are selling (i.e. width, radius, metal vs glass construction etc). This will help you sell your boards and reduce a lot of questions. Good Luck with your sale
  5. I was not, there was a teenager running gates. I was up Sat/Sun. I’ll probably be running gates at Wachusett on Saturday
  6. Kurt you definitely have a big $$$ collection. I see about $15K+ in boards on your wall. I should show that to my wife and tell her "see my collection is nothing compared to this guy. NOW he has has a serious problem"
  7. I rode last weekend with @AlexJ at Stratton which over the past 10 years has been known for providing some of the top grooming in the East, hence having multiple ECES events there over the years. Well Alex has been telling that it has been bad the past few years from a grooming perspective. I can personally confirm that I experienced some of the worst grooming I have seen in a long time. After riding there I feel spoiled with the great grooming I have seen at my local bump Wachusett Mtn. Even Sugarloaf has now better grooming than Stratton. Someone in the know told me that grooming will improve there in the next 3 weeks as a new groomer will be laying down some cord. I'll have to make a trip up again to confirm
  8. @trailertrash you have been using Zipfit for a while. I know you suffered from cold feet a lot. For me as @Jack M indicated heel hold is a top priority, good stiff liner and toe warmth. I also suffer from snow coming in under the tongue and getting a soaked liner by the end of the day. The snow issue is because of the high angles we create when carving.
  9. Awesome love it. Looks a little busy
  10. @MR. JOHN DEERE !Those specs are very similar to @Jack Mcustom KST 175x20.5/10-14m. When you unload it I want first dibs.
  11. 185 arrived today. Awesome job packing her up, she looks like she has been barely used. Great seller
  12. Do you still have a set for sale? Trying to find a set of TD stepins for a friend. I’ll take a set shipping will be to 01590. Tell me total cost and can PayPal/Venmo today
  13. This was on the rack at Wachusett last night.
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