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    Donek FC1 in Carbon Fiber 181
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  1. Interestingly, but I suppose a little off topic, the last Slash and Burn in 2020 featured a good mix of riders from every discipline in the top ten of Open Class. Shrimpy (PGS PSL) was second to Taylor Gold (HP) (by 6/100ths!) and Mick Dierdorff (BX) Bronze. At the end they have a switch race. All riders throw in $5.00 and winner takes all. You have to ride switch. Taylor won the money. I remember I did the math and his time switch would have been 8th in the regular race!
  2. Great discussion. For what it's worth, the Slash and Burn Banked Slalom in Steamboat officially bans hardboots. And there's even a kind of gentlemen's agreement on not using BX race boards. I think the idea is to level the playing field as much as possible to make it a test of raw talent rather than gear.
  3. Nice! I’m in!! See you guys in the morning.
  4. Hey! Thinking of a road trip tomorrow.. anybody at Luv Saturday? Or Copper? My Ikon is good at Copper, but I’d love to see y’all! Any discount tickets available at Luvie? Thanks...
  5. Congrats, guys! Sounds like a great event. Family issues prevent my attendance this year, I fear, but I'm there in spirit!!
  6. Hey, guys! My son Cody is going down under to New Zealand to represent the USA in GS and SL at Junior World Championships. But he needs a little help to get there. He's just started a RallyMe campaign and you can see his story and a cool video, here: https://ussa.rallyme.com/rallies/13115/codywinters Thanks, and I hope to visit y'all more this winter!! Dave
  7. winters dot d at comcast dot net Thanks! Dave
  8. Dibs if they're still available.
  9. No affiliation other than a satisfied long term customer. Just sayin!
  10. Still plenty left and ...New stuff added!
  11. Huge snowboard sale--mostly jr alpine stuff. Some BX. Burton, Sims, Rossi, Oxygen, Donek and more. Email: winters dot d at comcast dot net for a list.
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