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  1. Does anybody remember the ski/snowboard competition back in the 90's called "trench wars" or something like that? It was run on a waterski style course with buoys (half balls) placed at different widths and you got more points for rounding the outer buoy than the inner ones. Racers could go on both snowboards and skis for the "skimeister" award. I remember watching Mark Fawcett race in Vermont and always thought that would be the future of alpine racing, but obviously it did not take off.
  2. Awesome job! Congrats and much respect for representing us older coots. Is it just the video or was the course really slow?
  3. Drifting may not be skidding, but it is not carving either. Remove the gates from that image and it would look pretty rough compared to the graceful arcs you see at an expression session. Not that Karl isn't killing it time-wise, and is obviously exceptionally skilled, but the goal is to get there first, not prettiest. In the mid weighting 3 video, the radius of the two turns is different as is the amount of the center of mass the rider puts inside the turn. Both show great skill and similar technique, but not apples to apples.
  4. I don't know about the future of "alpine", but the future of carving for me was just revealed after my first day on my new Coiler BX hammerhead 160x27. With Flow bindings and some stiffer boots, I was able to lay out turns as quick and precise as any I have ever done on race boards and hard boots, plus it was much easier to just cruise and skid around on when riding with slower riders. I spent years teaching people to carve with hard boots and race boards, plus more than a decade evaluating instructors (who used hard boots and race boards) mainly because free ride/freestyle boards from the l
  5. Even at 1,000 EU that's still 1,100 USD. 1,500 EU would be over 1,600 USD. Ouch.
  6. An "engineered ski area" is my favorite term for these built-up hills. There used to be an actual landfill hill in SE MI called Riverview Highlands, and they struggled to keep snow on the hill even in good snow years because of the rising heat from the decomposition process.
  7. Any idea what the waist width is?
  8. Is there a published (by F2) upper weight limit on these bindings?
  9. I have one of these with Bomber B1's on it, and it does not need anything to be fantastic, other than a younger, more fit rider. There are some limits to ancient equipment though....
  10. I patrolled for almost 20 years at a local area that later became part of the Vail conglomerate. After that we were highly discouraged from curtailing reckless behavior on the hill because it might turn away customers.
  11. I still have my RT 168 GS as well. Don't be surprised how much softer the Concept is than the Volkl. I'm not sure how it will ride with plates, but i would like to hear your experiences with it. Right now these are available at a pretty good discount online.
  12. If it is for use on a heel piece, for sure use something like Super Lube (silicone based, not petroleum).
  13. Permatex anti-seize does the same thing. It prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals (aluminium and stainless steel).
  14. Never used, black tongues. Sized for 25-27.5 shells. Shipping extra.
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