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    Professional Dumarse
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    UPZ XC 12
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  1. Dave, Have you considered UPZ XC12's? Plenty of flex for powder and all mountain riding. I love mine. Good deals this summer on last years stock
  2. Or get the XC 12 boots. I like these both for powder boards and carving Considering selling my barely used RC 12 boots.
  3. Well that's a wrap on our season here in Montana. I want to thank @dredman and @johnasmo for the opportunity to demo some great Coiler Contra proto type boards. I learned a lot from these guys both with a plethora of knowledge and experience. This seasons end event at Big Sky was super fun and the mountain is a bucket list for anyone who hasn't experienced such a awesome resort. I highly recommend it! Sorry @Ohob and his son X couldn't join us this time. Maybe next year?? A shout out to Chester and Hang for lots of spirit and laughs! These kids are a blast to watch ride and pure enthusiasm for
  4. John told me today but I'm sworn to secrecy.
  5. @johnasmo @dredman looks like your favorite was the 178?
  6. nice choice for the song!
  7. booked all 4 days. be there or be square
  8. I have the 174 version with same top sheet and waist. This is a great board! Someone should scoop up this!
  9. Going thurs and fri for sure. Maybe more?? seeing how much interest??
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