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  1. Brighter boots equals more comments and questions in the lift line. Go for it!
  2. On my powder boards with 40* angles I use inward canting as well. My stance distance is about the same as my carving boards. 19 3/4 inches ( 50 cm )
  3. "sexy cord" could be the new phrase??
  4. I have the XC12's also. I usually use those with my powder boards. They are super flexy without turning up the spring tension. I like the firmness of the RC12's for carving hard. This is great guys! I'm seeing a pattern forming. Others please chime in. Thanks
  5. I forgot to mention that my binding angles are 55 degrees on both. Stance 19.5 inches No lean on both boots. Although without rear lift I set rear boot lean on click. Yeah I've got the front foot dialed in. Rear foot is where its slides in the grey area.
  6. I'm leaning toward without bc it does feel more natural. With lift makes me feel like It makes me lean forward on the nose of the board and not centered. Especially on a Thirst
  7. Curious to see if UPZ boot riders like 3 degree heal lift on rear foot with F2 bindings. I'm thinking it might be too much considering the high internal boot ramp angle. I've gone back and forth riding with and without and still haven't found what feels better. What are your experiences with rear foot? Binding angles 55 degrees both. Stance 19.75 inches (50cm). Front lift 3 degrees.
  8. OMG that would of pissed me off. Count to 10 then scold politely
  9. YES! Crack! After my first ride on a Thirst Superconductor I dream every night riding the SC. Now its dumping everyday this week and have to leave my Thirst at home for the powder board. Don't get me wrong I love the powder but I wanna ride my thirst so bad its killing me.
  10. This might be apples to oranges in comparison between Deluxe and UPZ but I noticed with my UPZ XC12 (very flexy) verses my RC12 (stiff) was the flexy boots were more likely to unbuckle if I didn't have my buckles tensioned evenly (equally) between all buckles. Especially if they were set too loose. RC12's because of less flex or movement seems less finicky. FWIW,
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