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  1. K2 makes Kwicker boots and bindings again BTW K2 makes Kwicker boots and bindings again BTW https://k2snow.com/en-us/c/snowboard-boots/step-in-snowboard-boots/
  2. I know of one guy that rides back country with poles down hill but this demonstration if frickin hilarious!
  3. snowburn

    Injury sale

    My favorite mountain. Only rode there once back in 96. Long wide bomber runs with high speed quads. Would love to visit again.
  4. I ride there on weekdays, Lets ride! send me a pm if your in the area Hope there's more spots. I wanted to attend last year. Schedule was tight last year. Open this year
  5. I do this on every step in more so with TD3 bindings then F2's. TD3's seem to be a little tighter to fully engage with intec's. I rocker my foot until I hear that nice click sound.
  6. I had a chance to ride the XC 12's one day before they shut all the mountains down around here. I like them alot. Not as stiff as my RC12's. I left the springs set from the factory. Tongues are definitely way softer. I got these boots mostly for my powder board but I rode them on my Nirvana Free Carve board and loved the ride. I'm thinking these will be my go to boots most of the year in all conditions. UPZ has a summer sale that just started with limited stock in hand so act now. Same with me. Really comfortable.
  7. Better not try this on a windy day. Might get white caps
  8. Well that's s green way to do it. I like it lol....
  9. are you wanting these bindings for spare parts?

  10. my NFCB floats just as well too.
  11. I'm thinking the same thing.
  12. Yes there still available. I'm not sure about the 3 degree? Looking at the pictures between this year and mine there an exact match. Not sure if the 3 degree was an added feature or not. My guess would be they are identical. I would email K2 headquarters and they would be able to confirm for you. From what I've read these boots are compatible with old and new bindings. Its the old boots that are not compatible with newer bindings. Here's a youtube video. Read the comments below video. I called K2 headquarters last year with concerns with the green lever bindings with the recall. They have the
  13. My new XC12 UPZ with new Intec heels. Their definitely flexier than the RC12. Going riding tomorrow!
  14. I've got the fever. I need more cowbell! Well if the market crashes I bet deals will get better?
  15. Haha. You can only ride so many! Doc's on a holiday!
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