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  1. @Lurch Looks narrower or sharper bend on TD2
  2. Another thing about the two bales are the thickness of the blocks. Step-in toe blocks are thicker by 3mm
  3. Upz boots fit exactly like that. Center of bale does not conform to boot like F2
  4. Anyone want to part with 1 cant plate?
  5. I wouldn't mind trying the soft red ones for comparison. Make sure you get the right size tongues. 2 Sizes: Small fits 23mp to 26mp (shell 279mm to 287mm) Medium fits 27mp to 28mp (shell 299mm to 312mm)
  6. Sorry for high jacking this post. @Eboot try the milwaukee gloves, you wont be sorry.
  7. Thumbs as well. Notice in picture how the heating element loops from backside of hand then loops around perimeter of thumb and fingers. Trust me you'll be happy with these gloves
  8. Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 14 2019 looks like it didn't go very far
  9. Pm sent on second td3 set
  10. That was a good story thanks for sharing Dave! Mine was a asymmetrical pj. Sad to hear. Rip
  11. Looking nice! I like the flex fitted hat too. Does the soft shell have a soft liner?
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