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  1. The lifesitenews article you posted was very misleading. The hearing was about Pfizer’s proposal for a 3rd dose, not vaccines in general. It was written in a deliberately confusing way so that it was difficult to parse which quote was coming from a legit source and which was coming from anti-vax activists. Here in Saskatchewan we are having to use paediatric ICU facilities for adult patients. We are back to cancelling elective surgeries and have put the organ transplant program on hold because we don’t have the ICU beds. This is all in large part due to our government pandering to its base of vaccine skeptics and maskholes which caused them to delay implementing badly needed health measures. And of course if people would just get the damn vaccine and wear a mask, this would all be fading into the rear view by now.
  2. Regarding SCR - I have one board with variable sidecut 12-14, and another with a tighter one around 10. The tighter sidecut is definitely more versatile. So I agree with Eboot, SCR 12 m and under will likely work for you, and 170 (give or take a couple cm) is a versatile length.
  3. If you search this site you can find lots of previous discussion on the Silberpfeil and F2 in general. It's a board that's been around a long time and has gone through changes throughout the years so I would look for more recent discussion. IIRC it's pretty well regarded as a carving all-rounder. Short doesn't necessarily mean easy to ride, some of those short race boards can kick your ass.
  4. Yeah, I took a bootbag on the bus as well as my board. Super convenient, but I understand Covid concerns.
  5. So the short of it is that the states whose governments have been idiotic enough to avoid using preventative measures are now using that drug in such quantities that there is a shortage of it throughout the nation, and the federal government has stepped in to control it. This seems like a good thing to me. Those governments are very quick to cry about it being political when their every action throughout this crisis has been about politics.
  6. This article states the opposite, that Biden is moving to increase supply and access to Monoclonal Antibodies.
  7. Well thankfully here in Saskatchewan they have finally smartened up. It took Alberta to show the lead to Moe, but at least it's getting done. The mask mandate will be restored as of tomorrow and as of October 1 proof of vaccination will be required to enter a number of public facilities, list to be announced shortly. Also all government and health care workers will be required to be vaccinated.
  8. It's not even necessarily that they lied. The deaths reported to VAERS are deaths that occur after a vaccination is received. There is not necessarily a relation between the vaccination and the death. So when vaccine alarmists state things like "12,000 deaths caused by covid vaccines", they are being disingenuous. The tool is meant to be used a sort of early warning system and CDC explicitly states it is not meant to establish causality. Here is an update from the CDC on the sort of analysis they do with that data.
  9. VAERS is self-reported with no verification. Anyone can make a claim there. It’s often quoted by anti vax people but it is not a legitimate source. Here is a recent fact check by Reuters on one of the false scare stories about VAERS going around. It contains links to other fact check stories and some details about why you should be skeptical about data from VAERS.
  10. Can you point to a legitimate source of data for deaths or serious side effects due to Covid vaccines? Anecdotal evidence from FB doesn’t count. Here in Canada we had a few well publicized deaths due to the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Frankly if AZ was the only option we would have continued to use it as the risk of death from Covid was far higher than the risk from the AZ vaccination. However we had options so we don’t use AZ anymore. However those few deaths were huge news published through every reputable news source. People in general don’t understand statistics or math very well so there was a lot of fear and vaccine hesitancy generated from those stories. If there was something similar going on with Pfizer or Moderna we would be hearing about it. The media love nothing more than a juicy story.
  11. Oh, good grief. Facebook is not a trusted source of information. Facebook is the source of a great deal of misinformation.
  12. The carving board one is 3 years old, and I totally get his direction on that. His audience is soft-booters looking for commonly available boards, not carving fanatics willing to pay double the normal retail price for specialized gear. He's not going to cover hard boot equipment, and he's not going to cover something you have to special order from Japan, and he's definitely not going to cover anything he doesn't get given to test for free. The guy makes these videos in his spare time from working at a snowboard shop and a liquor store.
  13. Of the 198 people currently hospitalized in Saskatchewan, 154 were not fully vaccinated. As we are currently 77% vaccinated for 12+ (nobody younger is hospitalized), that means that on this limited data set you are nearly 12X more likely to be hospitalized for Covid without a vaccination than with. Get the damn shot.
  14. He has some really weird hatred on for Donek in general and Knapton in particular.
  15. I've only been to Panorama a couple times, the snow sucked both of those times, as in the whole upper half of the mountain unrideable level of suck. It's just in a crummy location, snow-wise. I'd love to be there in good conditions but as I need to plan my vacations considerably in advance I won't risk it. Big White and Sun Peaks are about as reliable as it gets, conditions-wise.
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