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  1. By “politics” I presume you mean American politics. I get more than enough of that from every other angle in my life. No thanks. Now if you want to talk about whether we should have an election if Freeland’s budget is as off the rails as we’re all expecting, I’m down with that...
  2. This gondola is the Sea to Sky, it is not at a ski resort. It is open year-round and serves tourists not skiers.
  3. Teachers aren’t underpaid here but they are being asked to do a lot. The rules on when a kid or teacher gets sent home are quite strict and we are rapidly going to run into a staffing problem.
  4. It’s been a very slow wildfire season here in Saskatchewan, they are at about 1/3 of the 5 year average. It’s been a cooler and rainier summer than normal. Not having any tourists and also reduced local wilderness use due to Covid-19 has helped. California otoh is having big trouble.
  5. 19/20 O-drives are on sale. https://www.now-snowboarding.com/limited-201920-bindings-sale/270-2355-o-drive-1920.html#/273-nowcolors-black/292-nowsizes-m
  6. The way things are going for you guys I would be surprised to see it open by then.
  7. You are pretty severely limiting yourself if you are looking for something fun to drive that is also a wagon. Try a VW GTI or R. They’re not wagons but the hatchback style is very practical.
  8. The widest board I ride in hard boots is 24.5, if memory serves I’m around 40f/35b on that one. Maybe 35/30? It’s been a minute since I mounted up the Tanker. My others are all 21.5 or 22 and I ride them 55/50 which is the point for no overhang with my size 27.5 boots. I could go lower angled but I don’t think I’d be happier higher. Sunsurfer, have you ever tried lower angles?
  9. Don’t be bringing logic into this. Your thoughts are probably controlled by 5G thingies that have optimal breeding conditions in masks, anyway.
  10. TB kills around 500 people a year in the USA. You're pushing 170,000 over not even 8 months for Covid. How are these remotely comparable?
  11. Rooney is a Marxist, which comes through pretty well in Normal People but is really forward in her first book Conversations With Friends, which is also worth your time. The BBC TV adaption of Normal People is terrific.
  12. @pow4ever: warning, Normal People is considered “literature” meaning there’s no heist, murder mystery, or sf elements to it at all. Also much adult content, as is in the TV series. My wife dubbed it “Naked Irish People”. @ursle I read A Discovery of Witches but kind of lost patience near the end. Is the second book ok? @SunSurfer I know very few people who haven’t read Douglas Adams.
  13. We have less than 50 active cases here in Saskatchewan and life is slowly getting back to normal, or at least some variation of it. We're watching the US situation daily and hoping our American friends find a way out of this mess.
  14. Whitefish looks pretty sweet, year-round recreation in the Flathead Valley there. We thought about buying property there when the US real estate market bottomed out but it turned around before we could swing it. Now the prices aren't low enough to justify the PITA of owning US property.
  15. Just finished Normal People by Sally Rooney. Picked it up after watching the excellent BBC series based on the book. Been reading some great fantasy recently: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo and Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. I recommend them both.
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