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  1. I know Garmin watches sample at a max of 1 Hz which is not nearly enough for carving. Accuracy on any given sample is only about 3 m with a good signal according to Garmin. If that’s the case in general I don’t know how this app can be anywhere close to reality for the way we ride. Do we know how fast the app is sampling? Any reason to believe it would be any more accurate than a Garmin specialized device?
  2. He hit someone from behind. By definition he was skiing recklessly unless the victim entered the trail suddenly.
  3. Big White is a great hill! It is the 2nd largest resort in BC, after Whistler/Blackcomb. It is not as pretty/rugged as other Canadian resorts, for the real Canadian experience I highly recommend you visit Banff sometime. There is a wide variety of terrain, from easy cruising up to a few hairy double blacks. You should give "The Cliff" a shot if conditions are good. There's good glades if trees are your thing. They get a lot of snow, and because of that visibility is often not great. The nickname is "Big Whiteout". Bring some good low-light goggles. It's a great family hill due to all the on-mountain accommodation. You can rent a nice ski-in/ski-out condo for reasonable money, and they have an excellent ski school/daycare combo. Most people stock up on groceries and booze in Kelowna, but if you run short there's shops in the village. They have a number of good restaurants and bars. You should check out Snowshoe Sam's, a great ski bar that's been around forever.
  4. Too busy being a grandpa again I think! Have fun at Turner. I’m going to be at Big White last week of January with Donnagail and a bunch of old friends.
  5. I've seen one. They seem like an excellent way to hurt yourself badly.
  6. Riding covers the gamut of snowboarding. If you're bored pursuing one aspect of it, I suggest go trying another. If all you want to do is chase the perfect carved turn, knock yourself out. Bores me to tears, personally. ETA: not that I don't like carving, I do. It's just that if it's all I do, I get bored. I want to ride the powder, I want to hit the bumps, I want to ride in the trees. I enjoy riding with my skier friends, I am not sure why carving is counter to that.
  7. If you're not having fun, stop doing it. Why don't you go riding with your buddies?
  8. I was replying to Jed, should have quoted him. I'm running a wide Jones with size 10 and I still have a little overhang. Size 11s he might want even wider than the custom x if he is really going to lay it over.
  9. Size 11? You need a wide board if you are going to get it up on edge at all.
  10. The hard boots aren’t what is preventing me from launching the hits and hips.
  11. The more sideways stance is fine on toeside. There it’s just going to be confidence that I can attack it harder, right now I’m just cruising around on the sidecut. It’s on the heelside where I have trouble adjusting: my instincts are to drive the sides of my knees into the hill. I just need more snow time to figure it out. I’ve just had a dozen runs on a teeny hill.
  12. Thanks, I note from the vid my front hand is way past the heel edge. I was considering a more forward stance but I think I want to try to make this work. 9/24 is in the ballpark of what several of the older pros run. If it’s good enough for Jeremy Jones... Tugboater it is still pretty early to judge: this was a half-day at a short prairie hill with maybe 200’ of vertical and conditions were man-made hard pack. The last soft bindings I rode were the Sims ones from 1987 that came with my 1710 Blade, and I was running Sorels with ski boot liners. I think most soft booters would find the Genesis bindings too stiff but I thought they were fine. As I go on I’ll probably want more forward lean than they can give, they are maxed out right now. The Ions are pretty much what I wanted, stiff enough to work with but still softer than my hard boots by quite a bit especially laterally. I found the combination pretty comfortable. My soft boot carving skills will need to improve considerably before the Flagship is the limiting factor. I didn’t find the top end on it at that little hill. Looking forward to getting it more into its element at Big White later this month.
  13. Testing out my new rig at the local pimple. Jones Flagship 162W, Burton Ion, Burton Genesis X. Toesides feel ok, heelsides still iffy. I think my upper body is rotating too far out of habit. +9/+24 https://imgur.com/a/oMVfw3L
  14. Good lord but JJA’s website is a POS. There is almost no information there.
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