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  1. Donnagail was under the weather this week and went for a test, still waiting for results. I had a similar thing happen a few months ago. Neither of us found the test all that bad.
  2. I think the flex is the amount of deflection in mm during Bruce’s test. Obviously a longer board deflects more under the same pressure given similar stiffness.
  3. Bought that board in Calgary when we lived there for a couple of years in the late 80s.
  4. Not really exponential in Saskatchewan. Manitoba getting hit hard though.
  5. We’re heavy into the second wave now. Some of it might trace to Thanksgiving but mostly it’s carelessness due to Covid fatigue and idiots.
  6. Nobody makes stepins that don’t need modifications to the boot anymore. Burton built them decades ago but they were finicky and fragile as I understand it. Really the only game in town these days is Intec.
  7. Just Norquay opened. Sunshine, Louise and Nakiska are all planning Nov 6.
  8. If yyz doesn’t have what you want, try Blue Tomato. Also they occasionally come up used here or on eBay. I got a very snazzy red and gold set from eBay a few years back, when they were sold as Proflex. (Raichle->Proflex->F2, all the same design).
  9. I have only ever run the F2 step-ins. I am currently using the Titanflex on both my active alpine boards and like them quite a bit. I've also got an old set of the Carve RS model when they were sold as a Raichle product, and never had an issue with them. The Titanflex are quite a bit beefier than the RS but the foam risers they are on give them some flex. They add about 10 mm of height as well. So if you want a lower binding, run with the regular Ti or the RS. The RS will be flexier and closer to your old Burtons. At 150 lbs you shouldn't have a problem with them but some people are ner
  10. Alan so glad to hear you will be ok! That’s a scary thing.
  11. A “story” is something a collector would be more concerned about. Besides, in my experience you don’t get much story when you buy used, unless you count service records. Maybe if you’re buying something that was raced or otherwise notable, but mostly you’re just buying an old car. You mainly do that either to save money or get a model that is no longer available new.
  12. My sister has an MGB. It’s cool and all but she only drives it on days where there’s no chance of rain. The top is just too much trouble. Whereas, as soon as the snow’s melted my Miata becomes my daily driver. The top goes up or down in 3 seconds and it actually keeps the rain out. They don’t make them like they used to, thank god. And I get the wisdom of buying used, most of mine have been used. But there is just something special about buying new. Bought the Miata new, haven’t regretted it for a second. Plus if you are buying a sports car it is comforting to know that if anyone is going
  13. Ours has 210000 km on it, still going strong. It’s the v8 so it gets crappy mileage: the tradeoff is it can tow over 7000 lbs and still fit nicely into our little garage.
  14. Was thinking of snow today so I got all the old gang back together and mounted them up. Missing due to me being a dummy and selling them, my first 2 boards a 1985 Burton Elite 150 and a 1987 Sims 1710 Blade.
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