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  1. Those guys clearly broke the "no passing" rule. I call foul! Looks great!
  2. I’m not clear on whether you agree or disagree with my statement. But just to clarify my understanding, here’s one article supporting my position: https://www.womensrunning.com/training/this-is-your-body-when-you-dont-stretch/ Here’s another: https://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/should-you-stretch-before-you-run/ These apply to running but I think it should be applicable to snowboarding. I’ve also been told that hard static stretching, the kind where you are trying to increase flexibility, causes micro tears in the muscle. If you then exercise on top of that you are at hig
  3. Due to all those damn kids I’m reading that name differently than Sean likely intended. Or maybe that plate really is just that Donek-y.
  4. Static stretching before an activity is counter to modern sports science. Warm up and some dynamic stretching beforehand is good, do the heavy stretching after the main activity.
  5. Reminds me of some advice I got from the best golfer I know, a woman: “pussy to the pin”. Adjust that advice as necessary ...
  6. It’s not only technique, it’s mechanical. I have severe arthritis in my hip, bone on bone with spurs. I’m getting better at it with practice.
  7. There’s a problem for some of us. I have a lot of trouble strapping in due to mobility issues with my left hip. I can do it but it’s a pretty good comedy show for my friends. No problem with my hard boots with the stepins. A good softboot solution would be welcome.
  8. I recommend you give Donek a call rather than just ordering from the website. Sean (the owner) can recommend the right board for you.
  9. If they're not aiming for markets outside of Japan, why do they even bother with English? Also, physics doesn't change with culture. If I get on a board designed for the weight range of an athletic Japanese person, it's going to be a noodle for me.
  10. Feels like you work extra hard to suck the joy out of snowboarding. I will not get on the snow at all this year due to Covid. I would love to make some turns with family.
  11. What does the height of her nose have to do with anything? Boards don’t flex based on height, it’s weight and the strength/skill of the rider. She should look for something where she is in the middle of the recommended weight range.
  12. To be clear I haven’t tried on Drivers for a long time, maybe 10 years? My Ions are the leather ones from 2019.
  13. The xc12s are softer. That might be preferable at your weight, I would contact UPz and ask them.
  14. Size 9.5 actually. Most people size down for hardboots. My softie board is a 26.3 cm waist, riding 12/27.
  15. Hmm. When I measure my size 27.5 Raichles vs my size 10 Burton Ions, it's a half inch shorter for the Raichles. That's measured from the drink & drive lever to the toe for the Raichle, and from the heel hoop on my Genesis X binding to the toe of the Ion. So for me, hard boots are shorter. My old 224s are pretty laterally flexy for hard boots, especially if I ride them with flexier bindings. I can easily drive my back knee into my front knee. I think the modern UPZ ATBs are even flexier. I bought a soft boot setup last year for the first time in 3 decades, and I am enjoying it a
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