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  1. Don’t think hard boots are well suited to modern bx courses.
  2. One thing about the Jones boards is that they aren't overly wide. My 162W flagship has a 26.3 cm waist, you can get a 27 cm waist if you go for the 169W. The Hovercraft doesn't have a wide size but its regular size is 26.4 in a 160, 26.8 for the 164. I find with my stance of +12/+27 that I don't have much overhang at all with my size 10 Ions. Currently lacking the skill to get the board over enough to boot out, but as I've said in other threads I didn't buy it specifically to carve, I just want it to carve well along with all the other things I want to do with it.
  3. Believe it or not, but many soft-booters consider our style to be ugly as sin.
  4. I'm very much a softie carving neophyte but my Flagship works very well. It's stable at quite high speeds and tracks through a carve very well, although the short sidecut (compared to what I'm used to) causes me to skid out the tail from time to time. I need to get used to the sidecut and simply get better with the softies. I've got nothing recent to compare it to though.
  5. A little simple syrup, a few dashes of bitters and some orange peel (just the very outside, use a peeler) are what you need, along with 2 oz of good bourbon. I like Woodford for the bourbon. You can substitute sugar and a little water for the syrup. Give the peel a good twist or crush it to release the flavour. Best served with one of those giant ice cubes so it doesn’t get diluted so much.
  6. Cherries, brandy and the edible part of the orange have no business in an old-fashioned.
  7. Custom X is Burton’s best these days I believe, at least for carving.
  8. Glad it is going well!
  9. I have no clue why they felt the need to market that atrocity as a Mustang.
  10. -17 is below normal but not unusual this time of year. The record lows are well into the 30s. I likely won’t get the Miata on the road until mid April.
  11. Currently -17C where I live. I normally don’t get her out until mid-April. That might be when I get home given I am currently in Hawaii and Trudeau has announced travel restrictions are being implemented.
  12. Mine is still sleeping...
  13. He’s very skilled but I really don’t care for that style of jumping. He looks like a figure skater who got lost on the way to the rink.
  14. That was my original motivation for contacts: huge early 80s glasses had significant weight. I’d yard sale and both glasses and contacts would go flying, then I’d have to clean and dry both ... royal PITA. If you can tolerate contacts, I highly recommend. I use the daily wear ones, very comfortable and no cases or solution to screw with. I have astigmatism so mine are a little more expensive but still not bad: it works out to around $CDN 3 per day.
  15. Neither of those two options. I was on a Sims 1710 Blade with Sorels with ski boot liners stuffed in them. You had to really crank those old Sims bindings and they were painful. At the speeds I liked to go at I felt my ankles were in danger with such flimsy support. So I switched to Elfgen plates and Koflach Damians and never looked back. It wasn't about racing or carving, it was about free-riding and still is for me.
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