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  1. Does $2 million buy you a big house in Aspen? Personally if I were buying in the US it would be Whitefish. I love the hill and it’s only a day’s drive from home. I believe it also meets your criteria but honestly Aspen is better if carving is your main goal and you have the scratch.
  2. 8’ treated 2x4s here are $CDN13.50. It’s ridiculous. I built a couple of 6’ benches for the greenhouse out of fence lumber, it cost $220.
  3. Just the opposite here. We moved to our current house nearly 3 years ago. We’d been in the old house 20 years and had several things that needed doing, biggest of which was a kitchen reno. Instead of doing that we bought a different house and did all kinds of work on it. Two major renovations (master bedroom and kitchen), new fence, new shed, greenhouse, RV parking pad, replaced the garage opener, new furnace, added A/C… it just keeps going but we’re nearly done.
  4. There was a good series a few years ago called Sense8. The first season finale was set in Iceland, it was like a tourist advertisement. It made everything look so cool.
  5. Cool shots, Phil! Iceland's on our list of places to visit but we hear it is very pricey.
  6. 500 health care workers in the stands couldn't prevent the Leafs from choking. We've had indoor/outdoor dining and hairdressers open for ages. I think hair salons were only closed for a couple of months here. They restricted indoor dining to 4 people per table, now they've opened it up to 6 as of this week. I think indoor activities still have to be distanced but they have dropped the restriction of 8, you can have as many people in your zumba class as you like so long as they can all maintain distance.
  7. Born in October 78 according to one site so 42 but she’s been coy about her age. Her salad days racing were late 90s so that seems about right.
  8. My son’s healthy 24 year old friend died. These variants are not to be taken lightly: it’s no longer just older people with co-morbidities dying.
  9. I’m so sorry to hear that. We haven’t lost any relations yet but there have been a couple of friends who died.
  10. Yeah, I considered buying an RX8 but a few horror stories put me off it.
  11. Fun fact: the author of that article dates Oski.
  12. Are you sticking with the sequential turbos or going for something more reliable?
  13. The rotary is part of the charm! Guy at work had a red one, gorgeous car, sold it and got a butt ugly Lexus sc. I was sad not to see it in the parking lot. That generation RX7 is the prettiest car to ever come out of Japan imnsho.
  14. Apparently she has dropped out of the public eye these days. Found an old racing picture of her I hadn’t seen before, thought I’d share.
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