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    I just got back from the 61st World Airline Ski & Snowboard Championships. Riding my BXFR 160, I was2nd fastest qualifier. Unfortunately I got squeezed out on the first turn of the final. Well I’m guessing he was trying to slow down, pushed his tail out to the side, and sadly my line got redirected as a byproduct. So I ended up 4th in the final, not bad considering they were all 30 years my junior. I had great support which I really appreciated. A great week full of laughs and happy memories. @parkcityss_sbx thanks for the advice! @airlineskiwasc @deltaskiclub @delta #deltaproud #sbx #coilersnowboards
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    Thanks to YOU and your subscriptions, classifieds donations, merchandise purchases, and interest in our advertisers, we have been able to donate $1000 EACH to USASA and USSRT since my last update on April 30 last year. We have also donated $100 each directly to USSRT members Bobby Burns and Cody Winters to support their racing dreams at the international level. Thank you for being part of this site and helping to support our weird fringe sport!
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    First off, a big thanks to Slopestar for his camera work, and again to Carvin' Marvin for his camera work and editing. Oscar worthy right there if'n you ask me. Another amazing day of riding made possible by the Lovey Groomers, and the confluence of a great group of riders, Carvin' Marvin, Dusty Bottle, Ice, Inky, Ms. Katie, Iil'' Ms. Hailee, Mr. E, Slopestar The Highback Breaker, and myself. Despite the fact that some of us are still nursing Montucky hangovers, the flat light and the occasional kook strafing, we managed to do a damn fine job of laying waste to every trail we were on. Marvin, and his Thirst are beginning to give me a run for my money with his trenches, as witnessed by Katie extracting herself from one in the opening shot. Thanks again to everyone for showing up, and making the Sunday sessions so much fun. only 6.5 days 'til the next one! see you then, mario Cool detailing matching the graphics to the color of their jackets Aarron!
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    Good lord yes - see my avatar. I think that was at Okemo. My most rewarding day at my local hill (Bousquet in Pittsfield, MA on fresh groom over decent base for once) was when I came to the bottom and the lift had shut down. I asked the liftie what was wrong and he said: "Nothing - I just didn't want the people on the chairs to miss you." An hour later the whole slope was shut down and I asked the patrolman what had happened and he told me the trenches were getting so many complaints they had to re-groom. Most satisfying.
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    Since you asked! Board on the left is a BXFR 158 CM long 24cm wide 10 to 12 vsr with the "slice" technology powder nose and tail. This is for the Wife built with soft flex at 125 lbs. She has another BXFR from Bruce that she loves this one is bigger in length and side cut radius. Board on right is for me. 185 CM long 23.5 wide "Contra" Monster Powder Hybrid Carver. At least that was my thought when I discussed with Bruce. I have a "Contra" from last year just needed an all mountain version. Can't wait till Thursday. There's a third board that has not been photographed that is also for the wife a Donek Talon that was ordered @Montuky. This is the wife's first true Alpine Board she got a test drive @Montuky. The problem with my board fetish is now the wife has one. Custom boards just got twice as expensive. When I told her she officially has a quiver she quickly told me that it was her Harem.
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    Discovery, MT riding with some of the Montucky Crew and the newest member X!
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    Ok @1xsculler, I think it's time we had: "the talk". When water vapor, cold temperature and nucleators love each other, baby snowflakes are born. And on the scale of 1 to 10 powder is the 11 (or the 12 if it is Utah powder). The reason we get powder at all is because God loves snowboarders. It's true! I have never personally seen powder before the early 70's. And every day that a snowboarder doesn't ride pow, a kitten dies. Focus on what you are passionate about, but adapting that passion to your conditions goes a long way towards achieving satisfaction, on the whole, with snowboarding.
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    Had a super morning at Breck today. Record snow and a fresh fall made for some super soft conditions. Didn't stop us. Rippin' Bill was in town and threw down this wonderfully powdery toeside on a bank. Now I'm here to tell y'all about it.
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    John please stop! I know it hurts but the goal shouldn't be how do we get more turns in. It shouldn't be how to circumvent the system and travel. Please be responsible and drop it! Our goal should be to stop this pandemic. This is not a joke. Even if you don't transmit the disease you could get hurt riding and end up in the hospital taking a bed from someone else. This is irresponsible!
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    Took my nephew Jackie out yesterday. We had lots of fun messing around. He tells me each time we go out this was the best day ever. I'm the only one in my family that board so it's very important to spend time out there with him.
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    Riding my LaCroix Skwal @ Mt. Ashland a couple days ago. First lifty tells me I can't ride with only 1 ski on. Still dubious after I pointed out the second binding and made me wait while he called his supervisor... Get to the top and lifty did a full stop thinking I dropped my other ski. Had another Lifty seriously question my "homemade" ski and tried to bar me from riding. I googled Skwals to show him that they actually do exist. Clipping in at the top in front of a snowboard lesson group several of them wondered what in the world my Skwal is. The instructor confidently informed them it was a very old school "UniSki"
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    I wanted a large and small, wide-ish board for riding hardboots in softer snow, powder etc. Got the big one a while ago, really didn't expect that he'd have time to make the little one too, but here it is... Couldn't decide on a top sheet, so Bruce said, "I'll figure it out. What colors do you like?" Uh...I donno, blue?...green? The blue 185 was inspired by Shred's new Monster with that modern powder nose. Bruce calls it the Contra All Terrain. 23 waist, 11m sidecut. The little one is a 165 Contra All Terrain, 29 nose, 23.5 waist, 28.1 tail, 10m scr. I suppose these are a BXFR hybrid for hardboots with a redesigned core/flex for the contra sidecut. I'll get to ride the green one tomorrow. Bruce took 4-5 test runs on it and said it was really fun. It sounded like he wanted to keep it. Last time that happened (the rev), he turned around and made a duplicate for himself. Oh, the packaging for my board included some re-purposed golf club packaging. It's a sign. update 4/16: 1st ride was on 4-5" of slush over ice and I was able to make easy, surfy/floaty turns on the slush without bottoming out on the rough ice base. Of course it had good edge hold on the ice, it was just a nicer ride floating above it. But yesterday, I got to ride it on some firm & crunchy, carvable snow, not really the conditions for it's intended use, but turns out (not surprisingly) it is a really fun carver. Very satisfying turns! Can't wait to get it in some soft snow. I have a feeling it's gonna be great. Could be it really is a board for all terrain. ...And I know you're thinking, "How many friggin' boards does this guy need???" In my defense, these boards replaced 2 similar boards that I sold earlier this year.
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    Just crossposting for posterity. Was a fun day!!!
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    Mark was working on a similar design for me to try, but it didn't make it out to the U.P. before the Corona shut down. An all terrain for soft or hard boots...
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    I have been smote and repent of my wretchedness. Henceforth, i will not cast aspersions on this noble, coiled style as "silly looking." In feline solidarity, I will raise my bottom to the skies, my brothers. Not only on softer, surf-style Japanese boards where it is sometimes necessary, but on ALL boards, regardless of tail length or stiffness! As a show of good faith, here are some other things I no longer consider silly looking: Synchronized swimming Rhythmic gymnastics Cup stacking Jazzercise Oh god, the boredom...
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    Just in time for the hills to close down I got a NOS EC 168 from Bruce for a price I could not refuse. 21.5 waist and 13/14 sidecut. He says not as EC as the ECVC, but still good for tipping it over. Now I have to be patient...
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    I'm truly happy riding my board following friends and family down any trail. Weather it be green, blue, black, groomer, bumps or trees, I don't care. I'll always look for a good pitch of corduroy to link carved turns over everything else, but I really do just love being outside enjoying the snow with others. However. There is a side of me that has not faded since the early 90s. If I come across an aggressive groomer that's underneath a lift...showtime! I know, as all of you do as well, that most of the people on that lift have never seen a snowboarder do much more than scrape the snow off the trail. Not today my friend. My goal is to get everyone on that lift to turn around to look downhill and watch until I'm out of sight. I love ripping as many hard carved turns as I my legs will allow while listening for the "Whoohoo!" from one or two of them. Am I alone in this? A narcissist, or are many of you right there with me?
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    It's a blog. English is not the primary language. Seeing as how she earned her level 1 CASI in Japan in 2018 I suspect that she demoed readily available boards. I agree with the statement that the title was an overreach. Frankly, the purpose is to make snowboarding more accessible to more people. Let her share the stoke. That's the intention of the author. Think of how cool it is that she is actively searching for more knowledge. Every day that we get to ride is a gift. Some years we are blessed beyond our wildest imaginations and others our wants are far from met. Enjoy what you are given and keep your eyes fixed there.
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    This came out last Oct. but don't remember see this posted, so here goes..... A great article with many classic photos on early board makers and their board shapes and the rebirth of retro surf style shapes so popular today! Enjoy~ https://tahoequarterly.com/ski-ride-2019/the-shape-of-snowboarding
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    I'm with 1xsculler! I think all snowboarders and skiers should hate powder, and not even show up on a powder day.
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    NO BOARD FOR YOU!! I couldn't resist Board naked or go home.
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    Big Mario on the phone with wifey after the session. He tells his wife what an awesome day it was and that is why we were running a bit later than normal. He says “ we had to tell each other how awesome we were”. she asks how many on hill, which was 7 carvers and a handful of others. She responds with “that must have been quite the circle jerk”. I had a to LOL at that! ink
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    T174 CONTRA 020 CTB 6.4 +9 Well the season wrapped up quicker than I had hoped but I did get several days on a new 174 Contra. First a little about me. I am 6ft and weigh in around 210lbs. I am 59 years old and have been riding Alpine/Race boards since 1995, road my first snow board in 1984. During my career (ha, I even had to laugh at that), I have had the opportunity to ride many boards from several manufacturers. I talked to Bruce and told him I was looking for a board that was a little more forgiving on my abused body (59 years of bad decisions are catching up with me). I asked for a 174, 11m SCR and 20.5 wide. He said he had just the board for me. He sent me out a beautifully made board with top quality construction and graphics. Based on the way it rides he sprinkled it with a large dose of Bruce Voodoo. If you can decipher Bruce’s code, the flex of this board was perfect for my weight and ability. The last few weeks of the season I only needed one board and the Contra was it. The thing could rip tight turns but also could handle some speed. I could make close to SL board radius arcs, but its natural turn was like a Kessler 168 (I know because I was tracing turns of a friend who was riding one). I let a couple of friends give it a try and they first thing they both said was “that board is grippy” and they both had big grins. When riding stale NH snow that had been through some freeze thaw cycles (with most of the other skiers and riders slipping their way down), the board was sick, it was sticking like glue on a couple of very firm black diamond trails. It gave me a ton of confidence to charge hard. I did get two days of hero conditions; the snow was great, and it gave me a chance to play with the board. Load up the nose and make it slow down on steeps, CHECK, did it well! Hammer on the tail and really force it to finish a turn, CHECK, all good there! Pop out of turns, CHECK, like a boss! The extra width helped in the crud and didn’t seem to give a big lag in edge to edge transitions. This board CHECKs a lot of boxes for me. All in all, it is a keeper, if you get a chance give one a try. If you see me out riding most likely I will be on it. Tip it and Rip it!
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    Mostly cat-butt free (for @lordmetroland)
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    166 Contra with ~10m sidecut and 23.5cm waist width. Yes, I did ask for a copy of @bigwavedave's board I'm hoping this would be a softboot replacement board for all mountain riding.
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    Yup. Knit pattern with a textured top sheet.
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    Under the Basin Express chair, then tailgunning alongside the new Cedar Park quad. Too bad the season was cut short.
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    Yep, no Gondo...but Milkland is Fine, 35 minute drive works OK and the mountains, are not crowded Eh? Stoked!! Exceptional Season here this year...
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    Yea Dave, I get this a lot at Milk, they go crazy, first trying to match the Track, then when they can't, they go out of their way to sideslip it into extinction, what they don't realize, is that All of our Carves, are magically stored in our Sticks, forever...
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    Just wanted to turn! Found this recently, Circa 1990 turnin some trenches at Sylvan/Treetops in Gaylord MI on a Mystery Air!! Next year we all bought hardboot setups. Thanks Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva!!
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    Gnarcisists There are two types: those who like to show off and those who LIE!
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    Shhh! Don't tell my surgeon but went out Fri. and today/Monday to Bretton Woods and Loon and not just survived Day 1-2 of the season but actually got my Carve On!. Started out Sunday on the Swoard Dual 168 just putzing around keeping it flat with sliding turns to get my rhythm back but mostly paranoid about falling and hyper vigilant about getting run into.......but speed and angulation increased as the day went on and all went well really well! Legs gave out by noon but super satisfied just to have gotten out! Today started out on the Swoard but conditions got really good for railing some turns and I pulled out the K168 with BP v2 4mm lite and Boy Was It a Confidence Booster! On it I felt like I jumped a month instantly in comfort and confidence and actually laid down some pretty good turns considering! I wanted to stay longer but my legs were toast by 1pm! but Day 2 was even better! Winter is dwindling away up here in the 50 degree temps and no snow in the forecast, so not sure how many more days I will get but super stoked to have Just Gotten Something Out of this Season! Hope to get some carving shots next time!!
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    Only three snowfalls this winter here, so only three powder days that only last for maximum 48 hours because of the very strong winds or the rain......a globally bad season for the moment .......this year, you really had to be at the right place at the right time......Last Saturday morning March 7th's joy, worth the climbing for the run down....
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    Yes exactly ! with the river below there is an incredible view in real life . with the river below there is an incredible view for real. I recommend this place, the visual spectacle is crazy
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    Checking out the trail map at the top of Bromont: Guide: "Can I help you?" Me: "Sure. Can you tell me what runs are wider to carve on?" Guide: "Do you do park?" Me: *Looks down at my F2 Vantage 168, then back up at him* "...No"
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    Well, I felt good enuff to hit the road at 6am to arrive for first tracks at Indianhead. It was 6° when I left home and 26° by the time I got to the hill at 8:30. Ran into Al taking time from work to partake in what turned out to be one of the most exceptional days on snow this winter! 4-6" of new snow, mostly groomed in. 1st day groomalicious. Soft and slow at first, transitioned to softer and faster later. Surfy, carvy fun. One of those days where you find yourself looking for all the untracked groom. Trenches were getting deep. Temps were getting up near freezing when I left at 2:30. The sun made it feel warmer. Rode the 8rw's all day. Those first tracks.... Tomorrow---2nd day groom! Savoring these days as we stumble in to spring.
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    Exact opposite experience of xsculler. I've had several people actually stop me at the top of the hill or in the chalet and ask me tell them everything about what I'm riding. Some know what it is and some have never seen it before. Short answer is, "yes, it is as fun as it looks, and you can find out more at Alpinesnowboarder.com and it's the best place to find good used equipment cheap in the classifieds". I think the average skier/boarder looks at it and thinks it looks like fun, but would be too hard for them do or learn, and they may be right. I had a ski carver ask to follow me around the hill recently. He had been trying to duplicate my turns by going next to my trenches all morning. He was okay until we got to the steeps, and then he just couldn't crank the same turn. Now he's seriously thinking he needs to try an alpine set-up. Who knows, maybe algunderfoot will hook him up at Indianhead. I've seen more and more good softboot carvers on the hill in the past couple of years. I suspect some of them may want to take it to the next level and try (as Fin called it) "adult snowboarding". btw, BSO (Big Snow Outfitters) in Bessemer (near Indianhead) has some Thirst boards for rent and I've seen them out on the hill.
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    Hi Dave, Corey, and everybody else here... Just wanted to share my experience... I got into alpine snowboarding in college around 1996 in Northern California... My college classmate worked for the Burton west coast sales rep, and for 2 seasons I had my pick of Factory Prime/Ultra Prime salesman samples along with Burton Reactor boots and race plates... The Factory Primes and boots were made in Austria, and the Ultra Prime was made in VT, I think... While I enjoyed watching the freerider Craig Kelly, it was Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva that caught my eye... I still have the Peter Bauer asym board at home with rat trap bindings... I was very fortunate as there was no cost for me to get into alpine/hardboot snowboarding... I remember going to Kirkwood and happening upon a group of 15 or so carvers... That's the most I've seen at a US resort, with the exception of MCC 2020 at Turner Mtn... Also, the last time I rented alpine gear at a resort was around 1997/98 at Blackcomb... I got a Rossi VAS alpine board in their rental shop... I moved to NYC about 21 years ago, and took a very long break from snowsports, but picked it back up a couple of years, sold off the old boards, and got a new setup... My usual resorts are Hunter (because it's close), Gore (my favorite), Okemo (pretty good except the weekend crowds)... I am usually the one of the few on hardboots at any of these resorts... Sometimes people ask my questions, and I am happy to answer. Some common ones are: What are you riding? Is it a snowboard? Are those ski boots? Last week at Okemo, I passed out 2 of those cards we got from MCC. One to a skier in the lift line, and a snowboarder on the bus... But most people are not very curious about it other than a passing glance, and they may say: cool board, or something like that... Also, it's tough to find people to ride with, for example, at resorts, skiers ski together, soft booters side slip, or go to the park together... Carvers are left on their own as an oddity... Even carvers are a testy bunch, as the really good ones usually keep to themselves... I'm an OK rider, but it's tough to find people around your level to ride with... If you are beginning, and you don't have a patient friend, you are pretty much screwed for support... I'm not sure what the answer to growing alpine snowboarding in the US... It seems to have more of an audience in EU and Asia (Japan/Korea). I think here in the US, the only time we see alpine snowboarding is the PS, and PGS every 4 years during the winter olympics... Other than that, there is no promotional events with big sponsors like they have for half-pipe, slope-style, even extreme freeriding... There are no freecarving showcase events that are televised or promoted... I think there is a pack mentality... If all your friends are skiing or snowboarding(soft boots) you are going to gravitate towards that more easily, rather than seeking out a strange activity with expensive gear like alpine snowboarding... So, I think there are so many factors going against taking alpine snowboarding to a larger audience... I think the some would be: 1. Access to rental gear so you don't have to drop $1K for a starter setup 2. High learning curve 3. Perception that hard boots would be uncomfortable 4. General lack of visibility/support/lessons at most resorts, on the internet (save a few forums)... Also, I don't think about just getting the youth interested in just racing... It could involve getting them interested in freecarving... My buddy Pierre M who rides at Okemo, and came out to MCC 2020 told me that his 11 year old son recently asked to try hardboots, so he could go out and ride with dad in the morning... Pierre says his son is doing really well... This is really cool, and I hope there will be more stories like this... I do agree with what Sean said, and what he is trying to do to try to get more people interested in alpine snowboarding, but I think he can't go it alone, and other builders and equipment manufacturers have to step up their game if they want interest in alpine snowboarding to grow... Sorry for long winded rambling post... Cheers, Tim
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    All Hail Mr. Redman! Ours is a unique pursuit. We are a freaky bunch. It's difficult to learn anything about carving/alpine boarding. Redman has really created something special. In addition to organizing a stress free carving experience, he created a MCC "family." I had thought it a little trite to use "family" to describe the event. After making it through the whole event (crash free this year )and having time to reflect, "family" is a perfect moniker for MCC. I really appreciate the sponsors and others who put in so much effort. I'm sure I don't realize half the effort necessary. Where else can we ride with such experienced carvers, demo equipment, and meet new friends? I've already carved up with folks I met at MCC and I'm sure I will ride with more. Plans are already in progress. I can't wait until next year!
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    Who's laughing now? Today was good.
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    Alex Yoder - Devotion to the Turn Great conditions, terrain and style.
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    Just 5 confirmed cases in NZ so far and no new cases for 6 days but no complacency where I work in NZs health service. Planning committee at our hospital meets daily. Our hospitals are expecting to need to admit to ICU level care about 5% of confirmed cases and ventilate 1-2%. We anticipate the need to triage ventilator care, that is to select which cases receive it because the numbers potentially benefitting will exceed our ability to supply it. NZ significantly has better leave and income support protection for workers than the USA. We have a universally available public healthcare system which is centrally organised and coordinated. As a result we anticipate NZers are more likely to self isolate when appropriate rather than turn up to work, and to seek healthcare when they do get sick knowing that they will not face prohibitive healthcare costs. Hopefully that will translate into slower community spread and overall a lower case fatality rate.
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    Moved to Lodge. It's reasonable to talk about the effects and precautions to be taken. No politics please.
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    10 days on my SF now and can confirm the hype is real. If there is a more capable short board out there I'd like to know what it is. Tip it up high and you will disappear up your own trench. Flatten it off a little and it makes stable, big turns that would make much longer boards proud. Really easy to take from a carve to slide to carve; very useful in jerry rich enviroments. Edge grip is great. In longer turns sometimes it feels like some extra effective edge would be of benefit, but seriously people, it's a 162. Perhaps the biggest revelation is how versatile this thing is. It's a true alpine board in every sense, but you can ride it like an AM. In fact, I would go as far to say it encourages you to release your inner waay gnarrllly duuude. Shortcuts thru trees to next groomer & bumps just too easy. The only downside is the real risk of a putting a core shot on your new carving stick. Underfoot it's damp, but not quiet, if that makes sense. In comparison, I would call my beloved Nirvana quiet and damp. Both are really easy to ride all day, but maybe the metal Nirvana would leave you slightly fresher at last chair, at the expense of some tactile (and hoodlum) enjoyment along the way. The sidecut is smooooth - with some vsr's I sometimes got the feeling the different radii were fighting each other. Not so here. Riding is all about staying centered and angulating, with very minor fore/aft weighting to further shape the turn. Not sure it would suit the sort of aggressive rider that really likes to actively load the nose/tail and force the different scrs and board shape to work to their advantage - they might find it a bit too refined. Think Aston Martin v Lambo. Then again, it does everything else so well I would not be at all surprised that it can do that too. Build quality is superb and the inclusion of the board cover, scraper and freight a professional & welcome touch. Mark spoke to me for 45min to make sure he understood what I wanted, and he delivered 110%. He mentioned he can still recognize all his customers by their boards and I believe that. So, like the Queen of England says "We are amused". And that is what snow sliding is supposed to be all about. Thanks @BLOODTYPEZX10R. I will be in touch re that CC+ or PCjv. Or maybe an 8R....... Also a quick thanks to the others who have previously posted in this thread - really helped me. Quench the Trench my Thirsty friends!
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    I switched to the 9SW today when the groomers started to get choppy. It was about 42 degrees and the board absolutely drove through everything. Mark, if you're reading this, your plan worked. I'm not giving the demo back. Bill me.
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    At Turner every rider (and worker) on the mountain feels like family that doesn't need an explanation of the gear on your feet and knows what to expect on the runs, I.E. no collision worries. 49*North had the best grooming of the season yesterday with no crowds, but the camaraderie of like minded freaks was definitely missing

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