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    Here's some footage of me on the Exegi DoubleWide 168. Enough I think to get an idea of what's possible on this board. Burton Driver X boots, Drake Podium bindings (no customization on those), 12/27 degree stance. Blue and black terrain, soft bumpy snow and poor visibility storm riding, but these are the days this board was made for... Can your soft boot board do this? It's probably not wide enough. Try an Exegi.
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    Fun day today with the full RunesOhana out as well as James and Miss Hailey. It was short for KK due to sore ankles but he rode well for day1. Ma Runes can’t snowboard due to a couple back surgeries and this was her first time on skis in 25yrs. She did awesome! Way better than I expected and was super happy to slide again. I slowed things down a bit riding D.T.’s 4wd and had a blast. James rode well and it is time to start working with Miss Hailey to get those toeside turns going. ink
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    I finally get to play this game!! Donek MK, new used! Coiler Nirvana Energy 174, 20 waist, 10/12/11 scr.
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    I'm Thirsty this season! This beauty just came today.... pics do no justice!
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    I spoke some time ago with Andrej when I saw the boots. If memory servers me right He said that one boot will weight approx 1.5 kgs without liner, which was half of what my upz weighted at the time. The boots have been tested in Europe and Asia by both carvers and racers. All reviews are super positive. Slovenian snowboard team has tested them, advised minimal changes and I would not be surprised to see these in world cup next season. As soon as I lay may hands on them I will post more pix. There is a few options to test these in EU at one of the carving sessions. Peace
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    Godzilla!!! I'm big in Japan.. Lol Gray Desperado Type R VIIw 178cm..26cm wide.Pet Tex topsheet X shape Titanal on top of core... Specs on their website as well....
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    I got to demo the 9SW today. It is a gentle giant. 195 length, 18.8 waist (or close to that). The easiest, most forgiving big carving board I've ever ridden. There was 1-2 inches of fresh over groomed, with low visibility. I found myself doing a beginner run (which I would normally avoid) 4 times because it carried so much speed that I was able to link turns where normally that would slow me down too much in these conditions. It ate up runs that had been rutted out. It floated in 2-3 inches of fresh in a wide gully. It was easy to skid and slow down. As you would expect with a board of this length and width, crowds and narrow cat tracks were a little sketchy, any thing under about 10 mph. was sketchy. But, you don't have to go 40 mph. to initiate a turn. I straight lined a few sections and it felt completely stable with speed (as expected). It accelerates like crazy if you let it, but you don't have to. I was a little intimidated at first as 188 is the largest I've ever ridden, but after 2 1/2 hours non stop, I couldn't stop smiling.
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    Ok i AM just going to copy and paste the notes from the facebook page: Right, I had a chance to test out the S5 hardboot. I am pleasantly surprised how they ride. In comparison to 951, the main differences are : - heel sits much lower due to different heel placement (more deeluxe like) - heel above causes increased sole length Vs same size upz or 951. For 951 and upz I used M size F2s, for S5 I would have to use L size. For me a major drawback. This is true for shell C in 951 and 302 shell in S5. Liner 285 mp - spring system Vs 951 is little less user friendly. Requires a bit of creativity to get it adjusted. Takes more time to adjust on slope. Probably impossible without taking the boot off. - I found the standard spring too short and had to exchange to something different. They are super reactive and comfortable. If 951 shell is too narrow for you S5 might be your choice. As a standard they come with 3 tongues and 5 different springs. I am selling these only due to the fact that I would have to increase binding size and change angles. I was really pleasntly surprised about how they ride. I like the flatter feeling due to lower heel pocket placement. What I am looking for. I keep asking myself. Not sure. Just see how it performs and if it better fits my style or not. When the carbon boot will come out I will test it too. For sure. Overall I much prefer the 950/951/S5 shell shape and they way it works over UPZ or deeluxe. Especially the tongue design (cables over tongue Vs assym placement of tongue fixation point) Mind you this doesn't mean that upz or deeluxe is a bad boot, cause it's not. Everybody is a little bit different and look for different things on the boot.
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    I generally revel in the fact that I am carving the sweetest turns on the mountain (unless I run into someone else on a carving set up).
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    I’m curious as to what other riders feel is their comfortable speed. Thanks to GPS tracking I found I cruise around 30 mph and speed check by 40. If only I had that when I was a straight lining teenager.
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    Mon GPS me donne de 45 à 55 km avec ma Swoard PRO une vitesse que je suis très confortable
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    We live in great times!! America and Canada are filled with the finest custom board builders. Give any of them a call and describe to them what you are wanting and they will build it. They are all super easy to talk to and will have ideas above and beyond your expectations. They all make spectacular boards and absolutely love building their customers a piece of art. Here is a link to some of them!
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    Sweet! Scratch off another FMLA day...
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    we're all special. especially us short bussers happy festivus
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    Hoping for a show filled holiday for all. Merry Christmas
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    24 okey dokey couple hours . some nice early GroooooMmmm Crowd and bye bye
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    Last week I got a "he's one of those good snowboarders"...pointing at my hardboots and board. I'll take it! Today, strapping in to my BXFR I hear "hey, a Coiler"...so I turn around and find myself apologizing to Mark Fawcett for stealing the color scheme from the Slice...he thought it looked familiar.
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    @Kijima that bookmatched woodie is beautiful!
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    Buggs.. you GOTTA get out here. Everyone's been asking for ya!
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    Err, that is only a small part of what I read ^ - may be worth a re-read @1xsculler
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    I haven't taken it out in a deep powder, but I have taken them out in 5 or 6 in and they've been fine there. I struggle most in them in really chopped up conditions like moguls. That is definitely more of a technique than equipment issue in my case. It only takes a minute or two to swap each spring, so if you're traveling with one pair of boots you could always throw a couple of those in your bag. if I know I'm going to hit variable conditions on freeride or pow gear I'll probably end up using a softer boot there, but that wasn't my main driver for the purchase.
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    Dr. Desai in Beaverton. I had compressed and deteriorating discs in my lower back with lots of tingling sensations (sciatica). He cured me. https://restorepdx.com/
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    If you are riding choppy conditions and feeling the rough a plate helps smooth thing out but if you are injured you need to identify the injury and deal with it. If it is muscle strengthen it, if it's injured get medical advice. My internet doctor treats my issues with muscle relaxant long hot soaks in the tub and cleaning out horse stalls till the pain comes back and repeat.
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    Great snow on MLK Day! Fast, Firm - not hard, excellent grip, no ice, side to side on Comp and Exhibition. Every day should be this good.
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    Guy, I cant guy. Guy I’ve taken a full time position as a professional U12 assistant. I handle all phases of logistics and lodging, meal prep and replenishment, ski tech, yoga instructor, therapist, in transit homework monitor , human ATM machine, laundry service, French braid stylist and on and on, guy.............
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    Glad to see more choices but I’m not sure what problem they are solving with CF. Grilamid .951s are already lightweight and stiff enough.
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    I’m also in the SoCal area. I too can offer up some boards and bindings, but no boots. Here’s just an idea, if you have stiff soft boots and are hesitant to purchase hardboots at this time we could always put a softboot set up on an alpine board. However this is not optimum but it would give you a sense of just how Alpine boards ride and most likely “set the hook”!! There are also lots of boots that come up for sale here! It’s a great place to go shopping!
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    Looking forward to popping wheelies and hot rodding the hell out of it at the WTF!
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    I'd feel really bad selling the board without the plate. It only has two 4×4 inserts and the old Apex inserts. I'm sure you're aware that Apex no longer makes the kits to attach this generation of plates to other insert patterns. This makes it difficult to separate these two...
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    Thanks for the interesting topic and discussion. I like carving turns, but I don't tend to do it all day long, one after the other, over and over again on the same run. I can ride with someone who wants to do that sort of riding, but it tends to get a little old to me after a bit. On days when I'm on a carving set-up I'm carving a lot of my turns, but certainly not all of them, and I do a lot of what I sometimes refer to as "slarving". I may enter a turn with a strong carve, and then let the board begin to slide. Or I might carve through a number of turns only to let things loosen up into skidded turns down lower on the run. Somedays I'm on a carving set up and will not be off-piste. Other days I'm on a softer, more forgiving board (I always ride hardboots and plate bindings). If I'm on a more forgiving setup I'm free to carve some of the time, or slarve around, or play in the crud and bumps. It depends on the conditions and what's good that day. If it is a powder day, I'm on a powder board and loving life. Not that it is always good up there, but I try to find the fun - poking around and looking for interesting stuff to ride. I understand the appeal of carving linked turns, one after the other, and really working to master turns in many situations, steepnesses, terrain...It is great to concentrate on really getting your turns dialed in. I often find myself working on a long series of linked tight-turns as I'm about to leave the mountain; especially earlier in the season when I'm trying to build up my strength. Generally though, I prefer to carve some of the time, and to go off piste, or mix it up with friends - skiers and snowboarders, at other times. It's fun exploring around and looking at having fun from a different perspective. I ride alone a lot too, and really enjoy that. I think hard boots and plate bindings are such an awesome setup. I love carving hard on groomer days, and I like the versatility hard boots and plate bindings provide me on days when I want to mix it up on and off of the groomers. Anyway, I hope you have fun out there and that you get your groove back on soon!
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    The sketchiest part? Showing the plate bindings with a soft boot in them, with the toe clip on the heel! I’m tempted to say I’m interested, but would first like to see video of someone riding it as advertised...
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    Lol if he doesn't bring some powder orientated boards...
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    I wish Donek would release the MK 170 already. Let’s go @CMC!
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    Start back at some basics. Stand tall on a mellow slope and just roll onto the downhill edge and let it run across the hill. Do some of those and feel the board carve on its own before rolling it over and flexing or apply some pressure. Exaggerate some big simple movements and see what you can get the board to do without complicating things.
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    Thanks for showing us some stashes, (we poached them again a few times !) we found some other fun tree runs that were untouched powder as well. Park City has some super fun terrain and the carving was pretty good too. I will show you some stashes as well, when you visit the PNW. Again, thanks for riding with us, you are an awesome rider as well, fast and smooth!
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    At 57 you are going to want something more damp. I just sold my MK, it is very lively, fun but a lot of work. Coiler Angry is damper and has a larger sweet spot. I’d also recommend a Kessler 162
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    I just got an Angrry 160 (and I’m also 165lb) and it certainly is light and flickable. It will do cross under turns so fast you need to be careful you don’t launch yourself over the high side. I’m not sure, however, that it will be a less exhausting ride than your Donek because making more turns at lower speed can require a lot of energy. I suppose if you ride it in a more mellow manner you could end up expending less energy per unit of time, but it’s so turney and has such good edge hold that it sort of eggs you on to turn it up to 11 and put on a show. YMMV. of course...
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    First run today a softbooter (mid-30's) checks out my F2 in the lift line: "You guys can REALLY carve on those things! It's so fun to watch!" Me: "Yep, it's real fun to ride too!" What a nice way to start the day
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    Not quite...O-drive highback is weaved carbon fiber where Apollo is flax-carbon as you pointed out, also they have the same Hanger 2.0 design, but hanger on O-drive is pressed carbon fibre, Apollo is fiberglass reinforced plastic. Straps are different and buckles are different. had a long conversation with Now/Jones rep about this as I thought they were very similar too, but when you ride them you can feel that they are very different and the O-drive is actually quite a bit stiffer.
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    If you get the chance, have a look at a Yes Optimistic...fabulous in trees!
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    After a new Midatlantic years, we're both pretty well noobs again, ourselves! I appreciate the beta- looks like we'll ease back in with an hour or two on Thursday. Hopefully an early start, but we're playing it verrrrrry relaxed this week. If anyone sees a guy in a pink helmet on a JJA slalom or black Donek, say hi. I just realized my boards are going to match my wifes outfit, so we'll be fairly cute.
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    Spent a few hours on the karakoram bindings tonight intial impressions are very very encouraging they are easily the most responsive soft boot binding ive ridden and fortunately there appears to be 0 play in the connecting mechanisim and it seems to lock very securely. The only couple of downside i found are the default forward lean angle of 12degrees is way to much so my front foot i generally run 0 forward lean on the front and about 12 on the back so it was half right. unfortunately adjusting the forward lean to anything other the defaults needs an allen key and a spanner/socket so i just grinned and bared it for my riding time. The other little downside is the ratchets are very sticky and dont really want to slide closed instead i kind of put in the ladder and start ratcheting. The release of the ratchet is also kind of sticky and not so easy. Now i will say i have a sneaking feeling this is due to the teeth on the ladders being more pronounced and aggressive than whats on a normal soft boot binding. I have feeling this stickyness might in a way might be abit of long term benefit in terms of durability and strength which ill take any day over easy sliding but easily broken ratchets. a bit more further set up and i have feeling the karakoram ci's will probably be right at the top of my list in terms of soft boot bindings.
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    I prefer not to listen to anything when riding. I enjoy the quiet, the sounds of the forest, the sound of my edges on the snow. In my car I often listen to the radio or audiobooks. However, on the road, everyone is supposed to be following the same laws and moving in a predictable manner. Also, I have a rearview mirror so I am aware of others overtaking me. None of that is true on the slopes. It can be a very chaotic situation on the slopes and the risks of collision are pretty high. To reduce the chance I try to be very aware of the movement of people near me and have taken to riding only on weekdays. Just my preferences.
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    173 Pure Carve update from the Milkman...

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