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  1. Finish the fit out of the Transit Connect for camping. Looking good so far - I had someone build out the main part last summer because I knew I didn't have the time and skills to do it myself. Got the first trip in last year, and I learned a lot. Like I needed better privacy options and somewhere better for the cat's food and water bowls, if I didn't want a wet bed ... I just hope that this summer will be better than last for camping, You can't get a campsite booking anywhere around here for love or money right now. Hopefully travel will start to open up again soon and the ravening hordes w
  2. Ah, Iceland. Yes, it's eye wateringly expensive, but it's so stunning it's worth every cent. I spent two weeks sleeping in the back of a car there in 2015, and I'd go back in a heartbeat.
  3. Alberta's gone full redneck, and insists on having the Stampede this year because of course, we can't possibly have no Stampede. LOL. Something I will avoid like the literal plague, not that I don't most years anyway. We reopened for stage 1 today, which means outdoor gyms and sports, patio dining, and personal services like hairdressers can open up again. Rumor has it that by mid June we'll be at stage 2 and pretty much fully reopen by mid July. First dose vaccination rates are closing in on 70% and they're talking starting second shots ASAP. Progress, I guess.
  4. OMG, me too. That is one bad a$$ looking bike.
  5. Alberta not doing any better than the rest of Canada, we had the distinction of the highest infection rate in North America last week. So gyms, personal services, restaurants all shut down, but you can totally go to the mall and hang out, or BBQ in the backyard with four of your buddies. Sigh. I got the Moderna vax on Thursday. Couldn't lift my arm over my head the next day, but that went away pretty quick, although five days later and I've felt pretty blah for yesterday and today. Hoping it's the vax doing things behind the scenes. Glad I didn't get the Astra Zeneca shot. A friend of mi
  6. When I did tuning training at the university here, the tech told us that after a while you'll see the board stop taking wax well - you'll scrape it and see some patches are shiny, some are dull. He says that's the point at which he'd grind the base, to open it back up and restore any structure. That's the advice I've followed and I find that usually takes three seasons. (That said, a good hot wax or a decent rub down with some citrus cleaner would probably also take care of the wax issue, so IDK. But I figure a light grind once every three years doesn't hurt).
  7. Five days. I just wasn't feeling the covid restrictions, the lift lines, snotty icy masks and the general BS, and once we got an early spring and the motorcycles came out I was happy to pack it in. Next year.
  8. Yeah, this is fun. I'm supposed to be up in Whistler for motorcycle training in three weeks, and BC's back in lockdown. This whole open/shut thing is just ridiculous. Not having the resort open for Easter is going to hit Vail Resorts hard in the wallet.
  9. Allee

    Start em young

    Saw this on CNN today, and it's too adorable. Half of what I say during a run is NSFW, so this is super cute. "Like. The. Boys" OMG, dying. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/03/20/skiing-toddler-dad-mics-up-british-columbia-orig-kj.cnn/video/playlists/atv-trending-videos/
  10. I'm packing up all my gear this weekend. It's been unseasonably warm here too. With weekends at the hills all sold out on reservation and the great weather, I'm going to shift into motorcycle season early. I'll see you all next season. Looking forward to it.
  11. That I like wider boards and softer boots. I haven't reached for my race shapes in two seasons.
  12. That Elan Ballistic on there would be a nice board for a lighter newbie. A couple of the women on here have run that board and really liked it.
  13. Honestly, this is a great idea. At 130lb you're going to be very lucky to find an alpine board that doesn't feel as stiff as a plank. You're going to have your hands full as it is. Carving boards are expensive and can be ornery, and nothing is going to be less fun than getting hauled down the hill because you can't weight a board enough to make it turn. (I speak from experience. It's all right for these 200lb dudes with trees for legs, it's a bit different for lightweight women). If you can find some boots that fit, which is the hardest part, then I'd second the Race Titanium bindings, and
  14. This snap has been brutal. Next week is going to feel like Hawaii after this.
  15. They said yesterday "several" cars had gone off the road and they were having trouble getting the employees up the hill. Good times indeed! And how is it warm there? We got that same front yesterday and it's frostbite cold here.
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