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  1. Take the camper and the ADV bike to Oregon for a couple of weeks. Hoping Rally in the Gorge is back on next year. Find a cheap flight to San Diego, go see my friends, and spend some time in Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego in the fall. Get back to Portland, and MotoGP in Austin. Go see my friends in Whitefish (miss you guys!) but I think that will be a next season thing When that vaccine's available, I'm going to be first in line if it means I can travel again.
  2. Canadians can't even get to the next province at the moment, much less anywhere else. Super hopeful that I'm going to get to Revy and Kimberley this year, but it certainly won't be in Dec.
  3. Look on the bright side. The news here this morning said that by the end of November last year we had over 100 cases of (real) influenza in Alberta. This year we have - one. So your chances of catching that have gone down at least!
  4. Ummm,deadlifts? Deadlifts are a posterior chain exercise. They don't do anything for your quads. For that you need to be squatting (ideally) or at least wall sitting. And quite honestly, 3 sets every other day isn't going to do anything. That's not even close to enough volume to encourage any sort of strength gains.
  5. Fingers crossed for you, Corey! Hopefully it's just a cold. I had a scare six weeks or so back, but turned out everything was fine. And yeah, it's lots of fun having a mini toilet brush stuck up your nose ...
  6. Jeez, buddy, when were you there? Sunshine gets busy, but I've never seen it that busy. I guess the answer is that anywhere there's other people, there's risk. You're the only one who can decide how much risk you want to take on. But if you're still going into supermarkets and gas stations, then I'd say your risk there is higher than a non powder, midweek ski day at Whitefish. It might just mean that you have to choose your days this season.
  7. That doesn't look like it would be any fun at all, James. Remind me not to fall into your trenches if I bring the Exigy to Revy this season.
  8. Alberta's not looking great. We were rolling around 100 new cases a day a month ago, but now that's up to 500 a day and has the people in charge rumbling about "extra measures". RCR has put their hills on reservation, and have yet to release their discount cards, so presumably they're going to limit on hill numbers. Sunshine/Lake Louise look like they're trying for business as usual. I'm thinking about putting this season in the "too hard" basket. The one saving grace is that I work on the weekends at accounting month end and can pull lieu days midweek. I also have a ton of vacation days to
  9. Not looking good for "not busy" here either. COP is the local bump, 300 ft vertical, but it "is" right in town. Usually the place has more skate skiers on the lighted loop than it does people on the lifts, but apparently not this year. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/winsport-covid-19-dale-oviatt-canada-olympic-park-1.5771823?fbclid=IwAR2KGF-td1TyI7NoCRoHvJWh5C1CPUraTS0SY8dW8l7Q7Z_f9uiXkJmG4zE I have a bad feeling about this season. People who can't fly to sun destinations for vacations or head to the US to ski, are all going to be looking for something to do, just like they were in
  10. I heard they were still deciding which airport to trial in. Did they actually decide on YYC? I spent the night at the Nordic Spa in Kananaskis last night, and they were furiously blowing snow at Nakiska when I left there at 7am this morning. This snow's going to put down a nice base if it doesn't get too hot again next week.
  11. Categolys. LOL. "The repulsiveness of carbon" is amusing too. 169,000 yen is about $2100 CAD. Ouch. That's like, half my budget for my trip to Japan next year!
  12. Border closure extended again today. With the Canadian side saying that it things will remain closed "until the situation in the US is under control", I'm not planning on getting to anywhere in the US this winter. With a bunch of vacation I have to burn, it might be a good season to take a road trip to BC ... more than a few hills there I've yet to hit.
  13. Ah, THAT'S why our weather is garbage right now. I have to get the KTM to the dealer for service ... Dog knows how I'm going to manage that with snow on the ground and freezing temps.
  14. At least you won't be getting the usual Canadian numbers this season, with the border closed, and not looking like it's reopening any time soon. That should cut your weekend and holiday numbers significantly. I'll wave to you from up here, because I don't think I'll be visiting this year. I can't see you skipping a season, somehow
  15. Targhee is a smashing resort for carving, although you're more likely to get powder. I can't wait to get back there. And huge value for the dollar v Jackson Hole (cheaper and way less crowded), so I've been told by the locals. We've had the same in and around Banff. There must be thousands of city dwellers who never go near the mountains when they can get on a plane, but when they can't ... That said though, many people are much less keen to road trip in the depths of winter, so we'll see.
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