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  1. That I like wider boards and softer boots. I haven't reached for my race shapes in two seasons.
  2. That Elan Ballistic on there would be a nice board for a lighter newbie. A couple of the women on here have run that board and really liked it.
  3. Honestly, this is a great idea. At 130lb you're going to be very lucky to find an alpine board that doesn't feel as stiff as a plank. You're going to have your hands full as it is. Carving boards are expensive and can be ornery, and nothing is going to be less fun than getting hauled down the hill because you can't weight a board enough to make it turn. (I speak from experience. It's all right for these 200lb dudes with trees for legs, it's a bit different for lightweight women). If you can find some boots that fit, which is the hardest part, then I'd second the Race Titanium bindings, and
  4. This snap has been brutal. Next week is going to feel like Hawaii after this.
  5. They said yesterday "several" cars had gone off the road and they were having trouble getting the employees up the hill. Good times indeed! And how is it warm there? We got that same front yesterday and it's frostbite cold here.
  6. Allee


    Wolf, do you have a link to those 323's? I know someone looking for some.
  7. Pat, what year are those ATB's? I've got a set of blue 27.0 RC10's, but I wouldn't mind something a little less race.
  8. Some of the guys are amazing riders. But sharing a slope with them makes you better by osmosis. True story.
  9. I stopped going to the Warren Miller tour years ago, but it sounds like I might have to make the effort this year. Seeing you guys represent would be sick.
  10. Not in the lift line per se, but I was sitting having coffee in the restaurant at Kimberly one day when a snowboarder somehow lost his board at the top of the last approach to the lift. It's a short but relatively steep pitch, so the board picked up a reasonable amount of speed, and took out three people in the line like literal tenpins. Flat on their backs, because of course they never saw it coming. The liftie ran out, grabbed the board, and waited for buddy to run down to the bottom before losing his s*** on the guy. I was far enough away that I couldn't hear what he said, but the Chapl
  11. Still one of my favorite hills, and still completely under the radar. I've never had a bad day on a carving board at Kimberley.
  12. ^^^ Yep, this. Lots of people talk to me about my gear, but once they find out you can't buy it in the local shop they lose interest pretty quick.
  13. Most of the hills here seem to be perfectly fine with a neck gaiter, pulled up all the way. Since I wear one anyway, that totally works for me.
  14. I'm with you 100%. I don't do well in the cold, so I have a -20C rule in place these days. If it's a perfect bluebird day with a foot of fresh then I'll rug up and go, but otherwise I'll stay home. I've given up on the early season white ribbons of death, and this year with Covid I didn't rush to make reservations at the local hills over Xmas. I have a bunch of vacation I have to use, so I'll pick and choose days midweek when there will be few people on the hill and I know conditions are decent. I'm totally good with being called a fair weather rider. I don't see the point of spending a lot
  15. I've never been a fan of Fernie for carving. The best riding there is up in the bowls and that's not carving terrain. The runs off the Elk Chair are decently groomed but they're crawling with beginners and kids and the chair is painfully slow. Falling Star off Timber Chair would be my fave run, if it didn't come out into basically half a km of flat at the end ... Others might disagree though. For me personally if I was headed to Fernie, I'd pack soft gear or at least an all mountain board. Now, if you have a car and can drive for 90 minutes, KImberley is an AMAZING carving board hill.
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