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  1. Allee

    NES 2020

    Pretty sure Rice has plans to go to MCC again this year, so I"m thinking he might not organize anything at Nakiska this year.
  2. I bought a non MIPS helmet last year. Now that there are MIPS helmets, is that obviously unsafe?
  3. Allee


    Well, I know what I'm doing tonight.
  4. Forecast looks good. Weather guy on the radio this morning said elevation in K Country and Canmore might get up to 50cm from this front. Fingers crossed.
  5. 14/15 of Dec will be the first weekend I can make it out, hopefully we'll have some snow and terrain by then.
  6. Hey all, anyone local heading to Montucky for the session in Feb? I'm planning on spending a couple of days there later in the week, maybe hitting something else on the way up and down. Maybe we can have a Canadian mini session there, and possibly coordinate some lodging/carpooling as well. Hills are open, all my boards went in for tuning last weekend. Hoping for more days than I got last winter, this year I don't have to keep myself in one piece until August
  7. Hahaha, didn't work so well for him in Q2 in Malaysia last weekend I think Lurch's pic from above was just before he went into orbit. But yes, #93 is the master of the impossible lean angle.
  8. Stick with the Euro stuff, or a company that makes a lot of climbing gear. Patagonia, Arcteryx, North Face, Mountain Hardwear all tend to have that tall, skinny climber fit. I fit well in a small in most of those brands, given that I have wider shoulders and bigger biceps than fit comfortably in a lot of women's jackets.
  9. Super hopeful I can swing by for a couple of days, I just can't commit to the whole week. Fingers crossed for your registrations!
  10. I am hanging out for next season. I did all of four days last season. Once the house renovations are finished, the house is sold and I've moved into a condo with nothing better to do, I can ride every weekend. Bonus that our company was acquired a few weeks ago, and year end for accounting is now September and not January ... so I don't have to spend the best months of winter chained to a desk fending off auditors "happy dance".
  11. I loved Siglu. Super cute little village. That whole area was one of my fave parts of Iceland, and the tunnel to get there's fun too!
  12. Seems to be the way. There's a few motorcycle and MTB magazines I've followed over the years, have gone belly up in the last little while. Nobody wants paper any more.
  13. Thank Dog the warmup is coming. It's been SO cold. I read an article yesterday that's forecasting another two weeks of this cold, snowy garbage, and then an abrupt transition to spring. Given that you get much the same weather we do, that has to be good news for you guys. I'm still crossing my fingers that I can drag a couple of friends over to Beerfest before everything closes down for the year.
  14. Billy and Lonbordin are right on the money. I think this is where it's going. In the last couple of seasons I've seen a LOT of kids on soft boots carving, or attempting to carve, and the shape of the boards has changed radically over the same time period. I've had people on soft boots chase me down specifically to talk to me about carving, but they don't want a skinny board and hardboots, they want to do better with the gear they have, or the gear they can buy from the shop. Most kids can't afford more than one board, so they need to make a smart decision as to which board they want to buy and the riding they want to do. It shouldn't be about hardboots v softboots ... it should be about putting trenches in groom in whatever way works for you. That's how we're going to grow "carving" as a sport.
  15. This Feb has been brutal. We're about to break a weather record here, not a single day above freezing for the whole of Feb. Let's hope spring arrives soon.
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