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  1. Keenan, I had a similar trip to Panorama a few years ago. Drove three hours to get there, did three runs on my weekend pass (if you could even call them that) on sheer blue ice, and called it quits. The motel that I'd booked was at least decent and the town is cute, so I stayed and wasted the afternoon rather than driving home. The next morning when I went to leave both the main routes out had avalanched overnight, and it took me nearly seven hours to drive home. Ugh.
  2. I'll probably buy one for the local hill here this season again. Travel plans for next year mean I'll probably be staying close to home this winter, and since I moved across town it's taken a chunk of time out of my commute ... nice.
  3. DH is awesome. I'm cleaning up pictures off my old laptop right now and found a bunch from when I was hitting Whistler and Silver Star a few years back. Those was good times.
  4. I read an article where they traced Patient 0 (and 1.2 and 3) in Iceland back to a group that had gone to Austria to ski. They even traced it back to a specific bar, and then discovered that people from the bar that week had gone home to 9 different countries. Oy vey.
  5. I wonder if the people who bought these are getting refunds. My guess would be they're SOL.
  6. Lake Louise, Sunshine and Castle here. Not for much longer though, I suspect.
  7. Hahahaha, sad but true. Not to mention oil at $29 a barrel this morning, I heard. Things aren't looking great in the west right now.
  8. RCR stood down all their resorts for a week from Sunday Mar 15. I bet they don't reopen. I'm happy that I got a good day at Nakiska yesterday. Whitefish also closed, so much for Beerfest this year. Louise, Sunshine and Castle look like they're still open. Wondering if I should take a vacation day this week and hit Louise while I still have the chance .. although everyone expects Trudeau to declare a federal state of emergency tonight (3/16) and close all non essential services. Fun times indeed.
  9. Fintecs are definitely a step up. I had constant issues with the cables fraying on my Intecs, but I've run my Fintecs for five seasons now and they're perfect. Yes, they're awful to walk on (so I avoid doing it as much as possible) but they're solid and well made.
  10. Allee

    2020 injuries

    I've been hit from behind and knocked right down the slope by someone doing the same thing, and I'm sure others have as well. I downloaded a phone app a couple of weeks back at my roommates prodding ... he wanted to compare stats from his skiing and my riding. On the day we went out, I only hit 54 km/h as a top speed, but that's kind of frightening when I think that was probably going across the hill. I don't ride fast compared to most of the guys here, who are carving at speeds significantly higher than that. Skiers simply don't expect you to be travelling that fast cross slope. Given that my roommate topped out at 95 km/h that day, it;s not hard to see that's a bad combination for people who don't see carvers too often. However, that in no way excuses hit and run.
  11. Allee

    2020 injuries

    I can't get over people these days ... that someone would hit you hard enough to do that sort of damage, and then take off to cover their ass and leave you there, just boggles my mind. People can totally suck, and I'm sorry that happened to you. We can only hope that karma is truly a thing. Healing vibes coming your way. I hope that you can rehab well enough to enjoy your summer at least.
  12. I thought about stopping in after MCC, as my roommate was there for the weekend, but I thought the crowds would be stupid so opted for Kimberley instead - reading that I'm happy I did. See you for Beerfest, save some snow for me to ride!
  13. I had the chance to ride a couple of Exegi boards at the MCC, and loved them to the point that Carl will be building me one next season. I was looking primarily for a replacement for my ageing Madd BX, a 159/24 waist with a soft flex that does everything pretty well and carves like a piranha. It's my go to board for when I don't know what the mountain has in store on a given day, and it's especially good in chop. The 158 I tried was pretty much a clone of the Madd, and did everything equally as well. The biggest difference, and one I liked, was that the flex was so progressive that I could control the uphill turn and scrub speed in the carve on steeps - something I struggle with on the Madd, and on my pure carving boards. I either jam the nose so hard I stall, or I let it run away in the turn and take off on me. The Exegi was super friendly, and it did wonders for my confidence. Lovely boards for sure! Can't wait to get my new one! (PS I do not ride like James )
  14. I can't even imagine how much effort Dave. Kristin and their support crew put in to making this happen. I have to admit that when I went up on Tuesday to the flat light, the death marbles, and some of the steepest runs I've ever ridden I wondered what the hell I'd signed up for. Once the sun came back out and the hill softened up a bit, it was fantastic, and the groomer crew did miracles with what they had to work with. Other travel plans might nix me going next year, but if you get the chance do it - it's awesome.
  15. Great job, Dan. A lot of the work that you do on that rehab will translate over to the rest of your life as well, so while it might be boring or tedious, it's certainly not going to be wasted. I am eternally grateful that taking up lifting three years ago forced me into mobility work I would never otherwise have done, and the payoff is huge.
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