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    Bogus Basin
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    snowpro race 66/60 4deg/0deg
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  1. Hi  This is Charlie Russell from Boise.  Bogus now has enough snow,  I'll be going up  Fri. and next week  Wed-Thur maybe Mon. I do sometimes ride the weekends but get there early and leave by noon  If your going up give me a email  ibrussell@yahoo.com     or text    208-331-5641  and we will try to get together for a few rides

  2. I have a teleboard 12cm waist run tele bindings on it 2-3 times (runs) a year when it's soft and I'm brave. have to keep perfect balance or it's a face plant. So when they call by 20cm Coiler a Teleboard I say no that my other board.
  3. I'll take the F2's  What your paypal?       my address      Charlie Russell   2601 Hillway dr  Boise ID 83702

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    2. ibrussell


      Hi Matt   Looks like I sent you  $135 instead of $120  and I sent the other person $120 could you send a refund of the $15  Thanks Charlie

    3. Mthib17


      Yes I can send that over right now.

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      Will send tracking info tomorrow 


  4. Try running your back binding at 50-53 When I start sliding the back of the board I drop the rear binding angle, when the rear starts chipping I raise the angle seams to put less or more pressure on the rear edge. my .02 good luck
  5. I'll take the F2 intecs with extras Send me your paypal ibrussell@yahoo.com
  6. On my F2's I just run a 6deg rectangle Burton 4hole cant in the rear
  7. I have a set of Deeluxe 323 30.5 liner 322 sole
  8. RC II Race Carve II, 04 built 2004, TS1 person name 1st board they ordered 7.1 stiffness
  9. I have a 180 RC II 6.6 and at 180# it's just a little stiff for my weight.
  10. I ride hard boot 100% of the time at higher angles, have a Ross 185 undertaker for 2' or deeper. I still use the Raichle 125 & 225 80% of the time, for powder/crud and most of my carving. I'd look back into the Raichles 124-125-224-225 if you can find them. then add some BTS (Bomber Tuning System) springs maybe blue for your weight or yellow if you find 325's. you will have to learn not to put as much input into the board as the boots are more responsive.
  11. F2 mediums only go up to 28 maybe 28.5
  12. No interference from the Intec's to a standard binding. I use both with Intecs.
  13. Well I guest the next time I'm riding a board older than 2008 and someone says how can I try that? I'm suppose to say this is old you wouldn't have fun on this you need to buy newer stuff, oh and I can't give you tips on how because I'm not a certified instructor.
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