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    spudville idaho
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    Bogus Basin
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    174 Coiler NFCE
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    170 Coiler Stubby
    180 coiler<br />
    179 PRT<br />
    177 TelebBoard<br />
    173 Volkl sabertooth tiger<br />
    172 coiler <br />
    172 Burton alp, 170 alp asym reg, 165 coil 164 alp asym, 164 twisted asym<br />

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    Raichle 323 125
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    Bomber TD2 step in & reg 66/60 6deg/3deg<br />
    Burton Race plates 66/60 6deg/0deg<br />
    snowpro race 66/60 4deg/0deg
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  1. There are TD2 3D disk around
  2. You might want to move this question up to carving central Then go to wwwbomberonline.com and read some or all their tech articles. You should give some more info how long have you been snowboarding where you live/board, equipment your on now, boot size so if there is anyone close that has something to loan they might speak up. I keep a couple different size boots and board/bindings in case someone near shows some interest. Welcome and Good Luck Charlie
  3. ibrussell

    185 Oxess

    185 Oxess in good shape great camber, Not sure if it's vintage age but its used with thin but sharp edges three days on tune 24mm x 19.5mm x 23.6mm only has 4 pack mounting holes 49.6 center holes Has Vist center holes and other holes that were used for experimental plates before I got it that have been filled Top has a couple small chips base good some light scratches and some binding suck $180
  4. Two sets of Bomber TD2's one standard one step-in They have black e-rings 3 & 6 degree cants $175 plus shipping
  5. Gold mondo 29 Raichle's SOLD
  6. I think Tamarack is Thur-Sun So they have powder Thursdays They get fewer people so if your going to there thur a weekend do Brundage on the weekdays. Both do a ok job of grooming and have green to high blue groomers and some good off trail. Tamarack has some nice runs with rollers haven't ridden the north lift it just got put back after being repossessed it looks live good terrain. Both can get 1-2 foot dumps I run a 174 Coiler NFCE in anything less than a foot when I go to either
  7. Intuition Power Wrap lines size 11 in good shape molded one time $50 plus shipping
  8. I have a set of Raichle 124 29.5 They are 3 buckle with a strap in good shape $70 plus shipping
  9. The 29's are the top picture
  10. Two sets of Raichle 323's Mondo 29 new old stock $130 plus shipping Mondo 30.5 in good shape have dents from too tight front toe clip $95 plus shipping
  11. I have some 25.5 Oxygen 3 buckle with strap lace up liners in great shape for $50 plus shipping
  12. Never mind Bogus Basin is closed as of today, Lucky I was able to get today in. At noon they said they were closing and lifty's thought that it ment now and closed their lift and said go home it took 20 min. to get things straighten out. So I got another three hours.
  13. In Idaho Bogus Basin is open with lodges for restrooms/lockers only, looks like Schweitzer is still open too. On my way up the hill now.
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