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  1. Bump. $150 shipped USPS Priority mail in the CONUS.
  2. Looking at these myself. Can anyone tell me if they've used them without a backpack? The remote mic looks like it might be awkward if it's not clipped to a pack shoulder strap.
  3. False alarm, these are back on the market. Buyer wasn't aware that these are intended for a lighter rider, he was picking them up for his son, who apparently is a high school racer who weighs well over 200#. That wouldn't have ended well... Money refunded, don't want to sell something someone doesn't want or need.
  4. I have these bindings as well, picked up extra h/w at McMaster Carr https://www.mcmaster.com/#97654A380
  5. Good ideas, but SG bindings are inverted compared to F2s; they have the t-nuts up in the sled, and are tightened from below. Benefit is that you don't need to move the sleds to check bolt tightness, but the downside is you can't mount the base then the sleds.
  6. For sale is a pair of F2 Carve RS bindings, includes all parts and a second lift kit. These will fit mondo sizes 22.5 - 31.5. They're currently set up as small, but can be changed to large in less than 5 minutes; I'll re-size them before shipping if the buyer requests. They only have about 5 days on them, ridden by my spouse who's a lightweight at #115, so these are pretty much in new condition. $150 plus shipping USPS Priority from Portland, OR, CONUS and PayPal only. I'll also throw in a Pozidrive #3 bit if the buyer doesn't already have one.
  7. https://www.bootsandmore.ski/ He's done base grinds and tune ups on both of my Thirsts, and I know someone else who had a Kessler 162 repaired and ground by him. Very experienced, knows his stuff.
  8. You could go straight to the source and ask the UPZ rep: yoja@upzboots.com
  9. Patagonia cuts tend to fit tall & slim. Which is not me any more. I had a Patagonia I bought new about 10 years ago, sent it in for repair and they sent me back a $300 voucher for a new jacket. Thought that was a pretty good deal until I went in and tried on all the new stock. At 5"8 and 180, I'm not rotund, but anything that fit me across the shoulders and chest was closer to my knees than my hips, and the sleeves were almost to my fingertips.
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