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  1. Just got back from 3 days at Anthony Lakes. Will be going back next year, most likely more than once. For a single-chair hill, it's got a ton of variety for carving. Grooming was really good, no crowds even on Sunday, and super-cheap. I ended up with 12 lift tickets for $187. Here's a shot of what happens when you arrive 30 minutes after opening on a bluebird Sunday: we ended up twice as far from the lodge compared to the day before. Hard times indeed.
  2. I have to thank @Keenan for bringing this to my attention. I just bought three days' worth of lift tickets for a family of four for the princely sum of $187. Total. For 12 tickets. It's like the 70s, but without the disco.
  3. Unfortunately Amtrak doesn't seem to offer baggage handling service in Libby, so there's no one to offload any baggage, boards, etc you can't fit next to your seat, or cabin if you book one. I looked into the Empire Builder from Portland to Libby both for 2019 and 2020, had to do the drive instead both years. Maybe this is something we should see if we can line up with Amtrak for next year? Sure they'd sell a fair number of seats in and out of Libby for the duration of the event.
  4. Make room in your car then for more boards. I'm bringing four riders; 2 hardbooters and 2 softbooters, but one of the softies tries to carve as much as possible, she even bought a full camber Burton this year, no rocker in that board.
  5. Any special recommendations for lodging, or just find something in Baker City or La Grande? edit: booked an Airbnb in La Grande, it's almost the same distance from AL as Baker City, but it's 45 min closer to Portland. Will be riding Friday to Sunday.
  6. Looks like we're planning on attending at least Friday through Sunday; will be myself, my spouse, and both of my daughters.
  7. Unsure if the album is open to the public, here's the URL:
  8. I use heel lift in the rear foot, but I run even more lift in the front to counteract the UPZ bootramp. I don't run any cant, so I have unused cant wedges. I stack two opposing cant wedges together to make a flat stack, and put that under the lift wedge on the front foot for even more toe lift. Run whatever seems to work for you; everyone's got a different stance, body type, etc. At those lower angles you're more likely to need that inward cant. I might get flak from others for this, but I'm going to say that if you're going to try out hardbooting and carving, try starting out with a bit steeper angles, 50 front and 45 rear. The technique you're learning at those lower angles might have to be unlearned later as you move the angles up past 45 degrees.
  9. New arrival from the talented Mr. Miller at Thirst for my spouse. Thirst CC, 165 cm, 19.3 waist. Similar topsheet treatment to the original PC. This board is freaking gorgeous; the pics don't do the dark cherry topsheet justice. Undoubtedly my wife the professional photographer could do better, but she's slammed working on shots that actually make money.
  10. Bump. $150 shipped USPS Priority mail in the CONUS.
  11. Looking at these myself. Can anyone tell me if they've used them without a backpack? The remote mic looks like it might be awkward if it's not clipped to a pack shoulder strap.
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