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  1. Whitefish MT. WTF 2022 January 13-29 Unofficial event Shread and myself with local carvers. Heavenly January 29 - February 28 Unofficial. Six carvers depending on the day.
  2. Always grate to watch. A little sad with my season being over for 28 days now.
  3. A dance fight is what I equate it too. It turned out to be a top to bottom run with not much carving going on. The nice man thanked me and my friend for the run. I never saw him again.
  4. A couple weeks ago at Heavenly. I was getting on Sky chair when I hear " Do you want to have A carve off?" I reply yes and turn to see who asked. It was a soft boot boarder.
  5. Thanks West. It was a great WTF. More sun and carving than ever before. Great seeing everyone.
  6. We did. More snow than reported yesterday. It should be good carving in a day or two.
  7. We took your advice last night. I hope the snow gods respond. I’ll look for you Monday West.
  8. Do your snow dance. Toast to the snow gods. All these things help
  9. It won’t be long now. It would be nice if Mother Nature could help us out. Let’s get the snow machine turned on.
  10. Hi West call Patty at Hellroaring. She wants to put you to work. 

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