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  1. We are doing it again. Come and join us. Remember Whitefish is where we gather. We are independent of the mountain. Great deals at the Hibernation House. Here's a quote from Dredmen. For those of you that don’t know. Whitefish is a spectacular carving area with every color of run groomed. They also have great off piste runs. Whitefish is a great cross between a smaller Montana ski area and a full blown resort. The town of Whitefish is littered with great places to eat.
  2. Any news on next year? Any changes in operation due to Covid?
  3. Sorry West I just saw your post. It wasn’t great. Not much snow in February. I had mor good carving in Tahoe compared to WTF. It doesn’t look like Mark is coming next year.
  4. I'm with you. The best thing about powder is that it gets groomed. Three days it will be firm cord.
  5. Sorry to here that West. I know you were after 100 days.
  6. Similar conditions in Tahoe. Carving well. Like I grew up on.
  7. It was great seeing everyone. Nice to get some turns in. Enjoy the rest of your season. Stay healthy and keep turning.
  8. It wasn’t fun. All the things you described I can do without. I looked for you West but you blended in with soft boosters. I will look for you today.
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