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    work hard all day
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  1. We are here. But the power is out. We could be delayed start tomorrow. We can’t get our season pass until it comes on. It’s always something.
  2. Hi Dan. Do you come in Friday or Saturday? We get in Friday. I should be in by 3. My number 216-390-4842
  3. West is the best. I wish I could ride like you. WTF cant come soon enough. I hope I get to go riding before my trip. The weather in western NY is shit.
  4. We are staying at the base of chair 3. Kintla lodge.
  5. I will be riding Heavenly pretty much every day. I stay on the loop without a car. Let me know if you want to ride.
  6. Hi Dan it would be great to see you again. As always WTF has no backing from Whitefish. They have good deals $89 for lift lodging and breakfast. Check it out here https://skiwhitefish.com/specials-packages/ You can also go higher end lodging.
  7. Can anyone get me a 100 year limited edition Great Northern shirt? Extra large please.
  8. Thanks for the information Jack.
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