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  1. Pretty cool: Empire Builder train from Chicago. It does stopped by Libby https://www.roamingaroundtheworld.com/amtrak-empire-builder-train-review/
  2. Thank you Neil and John. I picked up a same year Hovercraft but in size 160 for pow/tree for hardboot/plate(when the condition warrants it). Never had the chance to take it out... For normal carving condition; i will be on dedicated carving stick
  3. Be more playful with the terrain: Go after untracked freshie, little jump here and there, knoll/off camber type of trial used to bother the heck out of me. Now it's "fun" tinker more but with purpose: I tend to not touch my setting at all. One board (up to 4 or 5" of snow) a carving board will do surprisingly well Touch snow less: it's addicting and hard crutch to get rid off. It was a great indicator on how low one get but it's not as important once we progress pass that point. Smoothness/relax/speed control is the new "low"/"high" measurement for me Mental fortitude: I got hurt because I thought a skier was getting too close to me... General fitness: top to bottom riding is more fun than taking ~10-15 turns and had to rest/catch my breath. Be more consistent rider: i sometime ride well; and sometime not so much.
  4. Nice!! is that a Jones Hovercraft? Did you ever try it with plate/hardboot?
  5. Love the discussion! Huge fan of Pareto. For work: i have to be precise, measure many time before we can even start thinking of writing up proposal of cutting intent. For snowboarding: shooting for ball park is good enough(as I want to maximize riding time). I would like to be precise/dialed in. Gearhead is gonna be pedantic However I can't tell the difference between very fine micro adjustment. I wish I can but I just can't. I ping pong between the 2 mind sets. Depends on where i am on the path of carve journey. When i first starting: I don't know what "good" is; so it's time wasted trying to dial in. the dark age.... but i read and try; that was not fun... As i get further along: some tweak is good but not dramatic difference/revelation. technique trump tweaking (to a degree) for me. I can compensate setup deficiency with technique (extra movement): not ideal Naturally talented rider is going to be able to ride no matter what. Me the talentless advance by brute force and over time i find that "doing less" is more appealing to me(less thing can go wrong); hence tweaking/optimized setup become appealing to me. I don't obsess over it but recognized the importance of it. Not going to tweak for a particular condition/day/trail i am way too lazy to do that... but one day i would like to be able to tell the trade-off between various tweak and come to a good comprise and stick with it. Until that day: rinse and repeat; sometime i want to be a tinker bell; sometime i want be a carving brute
  6. thank you for this! Count me in for a pair. shin bang on the back leg is normal occurrence for me but it shouldn't be.... I have around blessed 2 hours where everything was perfect with my liner/boots. It held my feet in place firmly and supportive. I went through chop up snow not experience pain/jarring/discmofort. Now that i know what it should feel like would love to have that feet nirvana experience all the time. zipfit hopefully is the answer
  7. Harry is the man to see. He's got the wisdom but isn't doing well physically. If you can follow direction; he can guide you.
  8. Thank you @zipfit I did try to reach out to Sven but didn't have a chance to get together.
  9. @Jack M I did the same thing and shin bang problem went away but it seems to be chewing up the stock strap. Do you have a picture on how you have it setup? The stock strap is too wide to go between liner/shell tongue without it take a "sharp bend". ~50k vertical feet so far and it gets better and better. Didn't think boots will make much difference in riding but it does. Thanks all for short circuiting dial in time. Feel like the "2nd mice get the cheese"
  10. More setup question on 951 spent first day on it And getting feedback from carving friends that It seems i can’t bend as low as I can on the deeluxe in the back foot. i feel something is off but can’t quite put my finger on it. Could be lack of snow time cobweb, new boots... To me the flex Of 951 is pretty “soft”/at least on par with track 700(fore/after) laterally it’s stiffer but in a good way. Don’t know how but it made dealing with bumpy snow easier? stilling trying to dial things in... Was anything stood out to you in your 951 journey? Current plan of attack: decrease little bit of Spring preload Decrease stance width by 0.25” Increase back angle by 3 degrees next: decrease heel lift then I am out of idea.
  11. upz 26.5 with DGSS - 1.84 kg MS 951 shell B world cup - 1.68kg This is done with a cheap travel luggage scale so take it with grain of salt. single boot. a while back: A review on SG GS 185. The term that stood out to me was "beefy". I didn't quite understand it until I got one. These MS .951 just seems well beefy.
  12. that is a great price! My plan is to continued to tune/tweak it in order to make it work for me; the weight saving is just mind boggling. Link lever is a good way to go as it doesn't required you to punch out the pin.... OMG what a PITA compare to Deeluxe boot...
  13. Thank you Slapos and yamifumi! Are there instruction for the boots? What does dot on the cant disk meant? Feel like more of an idiot than normal... For spring/forward lean: the big nut is to adjust the spring preload. Use the hex on top of the rod for forward lean. Man that is slick.... yamifumi: How do you center your 951 on SG binding currently? if center by bail/sled: Both Front/back foot: the boot center mark point is about 1cm behind binding center.
  14. I think i figured out how to tell difference between the SG performance heel bail: 53mm (normal UPZ, Deeluxe) 50mm (Ski boots/NW) There is a mark on the "rod" if you looked closely(probably from machine bending/grabbing). From that mark point and measure to where the rod is connected to the plastic. 3mm is tiny but distinguishable. i am not a smart man hahaha...
  15. so how do you center the boots(951) on the binding(SG performance)? Center mark of the boots to the center of the binding? I typically just center the sled(equal distance/turn from the edge) personal preferences/bio mechanical difference.... where is the easy button lol. make one change at a time
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