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  1. Anyone know what the current liner comes with MS .951? Jack seems to have good experience with it. Those liner seems to be heat moldable?
  2. pow4ever

    S5 Hardboot

    Seems the facebook page is private. Would love to read about it the difference between 951 and S5. You seems have tried all the boots under the sun What are you looking for? better fitment? more performance? Would love to hear you opinions on the current Alpine hard boots offering. UPZ/MS .951/S5 As I am looking for new boots now.
  3. Thinking about investing in zipfit liner. There are few zipfit dealer in the Aspen area. Any recommendation on which one to go to? Sven of zipfit seems to be in the area but I doubt he deal with the day to day operation. Thanks in advance!
  4. Have fun at Sugarloaf! Tons of carvers on that mountain. Lots of Beckman-ism still linger in the ski school Softboot Instructor Kirby/Brent: they carved very well. They might not be able to help with setup but technique pointer they are on the money! If you don't know the mountain: warm up(double runner lift): Broadwalk(my favorite, wide and mellow), lower wintersway (narrow-ish), lower narrow gauge (usually less people) intermediate stuff: Whiffle Tree lift Steeper run: super quad/Skyline Tote Road, King's landing, Hayburners, Sluice, Spillway, Competition(my favorite when star align, usually i don't like double fall line type) Drop a line in this thread:
  5. For our Canadian friends visiting Aspen We will be lodging in Basalt area(AirB&B type). No hotel discount Single day lift ticket is $174 Advanced purchase online for 7 out of 10 days is $1008 Hopefully there are more economic way? Craigslist got some hit but don't know how trustworthy. Figure gave it a shot here.
  6. +1 for MCC and meet up type. It did wonder for my riding. Smile and wave is all it take for so many take me under their wing. Take advantage of ride board of the forum. https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/forum/28-canada-ontario/ Donek Carving Block: https://www.donek.com/product/ryan-knapton-karving-block/ remote video analysis also work well.
  7. That suck big time. So sorry to hear that. It suck right now but hopefully "this too shall pass". Heal well; as you said lucky to be alive.
  8. i don't want to give us a bad name.... That guy on ski boots keep on falling all over the place lol...
  9. Enjoy your stay and have fun! Lots of Alpine Snowboarders at the loaf. Mountain OPS does an excellent job on recovering from mother nature's surprises. It's just too far for a weekend trip for me.
  10. Heard the chair is slow but it's basically a wide trail. Milking the turn is the way to go. the conversation have gone from "i will go in the summer time; I can go to real mountain in the winter" to "i am seriously considering indoor skiing"... 160' vertical I like to get at least 20k feet when I go anywhere. just need to lap it 125 times lol... assumed 10 mins for chair ride + carving time. 20 hours should do it lol... $30 for 2 hours block
  11. Nice! i think i understand Thanks for that. It's a great reminder. That's part of the problem the old me seems to be doing better. The older I get; the greater I was.
  12. i think you are also getting better in addition to the video software!! Nice video.
  13. What type of liner does M.S. .951 comes with now? Sounded like full heat moldable? budget be damn: maybe just a little bit. when there are no snow near me; I tend to day dream. Many have said it. we don't know how many turn we have left. Maximized the enjoyment while we can . Kessler 168 UPM Apex X plate UPM M.S. .951 with zipfit maybe an onewheel isn't all that expensive...
  14. maybe still shaking off the early season cobweb... kinda tough this season as weather not cooperating. Well that's my excuse lol; ice/difficult condition does make things more challenges for sure. Margin of error become less. Video does tell tons of truth... hence i hate it. I start writing things down every season(carving journal) and that seems to help with progress retention.
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