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  1. Weather/condition doesn't look too promising so far. Hope it gets better
  2. lots of golden nuggets being discussed here. Each points dance around genuine insights but only you can make it cohesive for you. Having Fun is key as Corey pointed out. It's recreation for most here. Everyone's goal is different. I struggle with it greatly. In my mind: more efforts equal more result but only if the efforts are focus on what the right thing to do. Rotation technique is generally less physical demanding (compare to angulation) as Tim point out. However it does required better flexibility(think YOGA). Everyone's bio mechanic is different. I happen to be
  3. I did the same one year. Pre-season work out: squat, deadlift, lunge, eating right Was disappointed at the ROI. Does it help; yes but not as much as one hope. Without proper technique is just not sustainable. It does allow me to ride longer, recover faster even with my poor technique. Eventually diminishing return hit. Put it differently: One can train to held their breath for 3-4 minutes (in approximation to strength context). It's an impressive feat but not practical in the grand scheme of thing when you want to ride top to bottom which could take 15+ minutes. Ride loose,
  4. thank you all once again for the awesome recommending list. Rediscovering the joy of reading is a beautiful thing. I believed I read all the books that was listed and more. Except catch-22. Really want to get into it as I hear tons of great thing about it. One problem i notice is character names... feel like i need a white board to keep track who is who. I will get back to it eventually. Moscow by Amor Towles. <-- going to start this one soon; can't wait.
  5. My brother? https://simpsonswiki.com/wiki/Crazy_Talk
  6. Great points! @Dan@*Ace* Have common ground/share some core values/belief(alpine snowboarding) are basic building block toward meaningful communication. Without that bond often people see it as "attack" on their own core belief which often trigger an emotional response. Earth was center of the universe was the truth in particular moment in time. To have people challenge that result in some pretty savage act.
  7. not family but co-worker. FWIW: large company and in the "essential" service sector. Not to mention frequent company announcement of positive covid case in particular office and result in "deep clean"/contact tracing.
  8. Great points. I am getting long in the tooth but recall not so long a go that's exactly what internet is for; to share diverse idea/view points across the globe. It allow us/me to venture outside of my echo chamber. Where does one suggest for online civilized conversation on these "taboo" topics? Or maybe discuss the ingredients to build/rebuild such an oasis ? In a way anonymity have embolden troll behaviors. Where here we are semi aware who each other are. But that must not be it as FB are pretty bad for shouting match.. for the techie this is a great place(got it's ow
  9. Not sure if that was miss. Also not sure if it's a real offer as $4k seems too good to be true.
  10. before anyone else ask; it's turtle all the way down
  11. I feel the same way toward those dirty 2 planker! yep; certain things(topic/figure) are designed to be divisive. However this help me a ton to realized that if someone say/write can easily trigger me; then i am easily manipulated/controlled. re cable cutting: destruction of property, eco terrorist, terrorist in general are form of intimidation/controlled. It's nothing new but more visible in the ever presence of social media. Good thing i naturally repel people so that's not a problem for me. self burn lol...
  12. @queequeg hope you were ok! sorry to hear about the car. When we push the limit; sometime it push back... build vs buy factory HP are just refined. It's difficult to get in trouble with all the electronic nanny in place. it's all in the tune. Huge wagon fan here: my first car was a 80s green wagon. I know you are looking for new one but maybe a used one might fit the bill: Audi RS6 wagon can be costly in repair and up keep. BMW some 5 series wagon are pretty nice; good chassis/engine MB got some crazy nice wagon... too $$$ for me. i had a 1996 Chevy Capri
  13. Looks great @SunSurfer!! me: woo! free camera
  14. Thank you for the kind words @GeoffV. It's the least I can do. Much props/love/appreciation goes out to the event organizers present and past. There are so many logistical nightmare to work through: The event team do it on their own personal time without expecting anything in return. Event planning: when/where, group sale, liability waivers, food menu Lining up Clinics Getting discount things(lift/lodging/freebie) for attendee Help with demo, questions and etc Not to mention taken time out of their own riding time to deal whatever fire drill is happening at the time. Loo
  15. well said! Tell us more about your new board On one hand COVID-19 give board maker less testing time/shorter season It also meant there is less distraction so maybe more time for R&D What do we think the overall impact is? positive or negative in that narrow context?
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