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  1. Right now real estate is at a premium. Imaginary me is living large - been looking at Ogden, Ut, Basalt Co, Sugarloaf Me, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Whitefish, Summit county Co, Jackson Hole, Vitor/Driggs areas before the price took off vertically. Now it's way out of my price range. It might keep going up or maybe there will be a price correction. With that kinda of money; i would just do season rental and chase the snow globally. (try before you buy). Let me know if you need a bellhop lol... Carving/less crowd: typically weekday riding (or early on weekend). Resort gets crowded on dump, holiday weekend. Play the odds to maximized Time on Mountain: hard to beat Carbondale/Basalt area as home base (access to Aspen 4 mountains to choose from).
  2. Thank you @daveo for the detail reply and sharing your notes/experience on various interesting topics! bought some Xero Prio to try out: getting impatient with all the activity in my local high school track. How dare them holding lacrosse tournament when i am trying to exercise! i pay taxes!! apology for being pedantic: pretty sure this is the knee brace but want to double check https://www.bauerfeind.com/b2c/Sports-Products/Sports-Knee-Support/p/YPBF_SPK_SKNEESUP olympic lifts scares me but it build powerful/functional strength instead vanity. compound move like thruster is about all i can muster. my info was way outdate: it was ironically based on "The New Rules of Lifting". new being back in 2008 lol... push, pull, twist, squat, dead lift and lunges.
  3. i is but a simple country college drop out. The older i get the more i find the study of economic fascinating. Used to be on the right side of the purity spectrum but more and more leaning toward the human side. https://xkcd.com/435/ IMHO: monetary/fiscal policy != politics It should about interpretation of data and how to maximized efficiency of the market while balance human dignity. Pure capitalist does not work - result in Oliver Twist like exploitation Pure socialist does not work - Fall of the USSR Largest economy of the world: USA/China/EU are working by balance between free market and social safety net. Politic to me are the bits about percentage and arguing who's opinion is better. Which i have very little interest in. Macro economic(fiscal, monetary) is difficult to get right: interest, tax rate Close loop system sounds great in theory but assume we know what we are measuring. Butterfly effect at play here: “some systems … are very sensitive to their starting conditions, so that a tiny difference in the initial ‘push’ you give them causes a big difference in where they end up, and there is feedback, so that what a system does affects its own behavior.” -- John Gribbin Micro economic: this is more manageable bite chunk. "simple" supply demand Behavior economic: now with human emotion in the mix. illogical and irrational. What seems illogical to people can be perfectly rational to me the individual. ie: buyings new snowboard over and over and hoping that it will make me a better snowboarder - seems illogical to my family and bank account. However It's perfectly rational to me. Mental gymnastic is hella powerful. Take a more empathetic view toward our fellow man and don't let emotion rule our decision seem the pragmatic things to do. Long winded way to say: this idiot doesn't know for sure but likely it's because we is human.
  4. Thank you Daveo for testing and review! i assumed the best is also the most expensive? the S = sport? https://www.bauerfeind.com/b2c/Products/Knee-Braces/GenuTrain-S-Knee-Brace/p/YPBF_BAK_GENUTR_S FWIW: anecdotal not empirical nor scientific "my knee is in a somewhat permanent state of injury." <-- I am in the same boat and it stink.. My knee just been stiff (can not squat as deeper), limited range of motion, click/clack/pop all day longs. This have been going on for more than a year. I can still do pretty much what i want activity wise but I dread about the next day. Supplement work more or less on a placebo level for me. What made a dramatic change is walk/run barefooted. It's only been 1 week. I tried barefoot long ago and didn't like it. probably i was trying to run barefoot after my long run and it's just torture. knock on wood; so far so good. it could be squeezing the ballon as the calf is under heavier load. i take muscle sore(good 'pain') over numb/stiff joint.. just can't believe the difference it made: got the spring in my step back in a manner speaking. I don't wear shoes at home so i am familiar with "the feeling" and I really didn't think walking barefoot (~5-6 miles a day) will make any difference. Notice immediate relive after first session. i can squat deeper, knee doesn't feel stiff, old clicky is gone(mostly). it's still not 100% but definitely moving toward the right direction.
  5. been reading "48 laws of power" -- more as cautionary tale. maybe it's not so much politic but it's just human nature. we are creature that's often illogical but never irrational.
  6. drone application: https://www.liquidpiston.com/how-it-works just don't call it a wanekl .
  7. thoughts on NMN, NAD+/David Sinclair's study in the context of knee? I took some turmeric supplement and seems to help with inflammation/osteoarthritis. squat, stretch just seems to maintain the status quo but not getting better.
  8. This season is tough for me. feel like i lost what little progress i made over the years. Rage quit for a bit... "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast" It apply in many front. Spent the time dial in the setup in a methodical fashion. i say that every season but lack of empirical good/bad have always hinder me acutely doing it properly. Finger crossed that i finally have some faint idea on what good vs bad is.
  9. to make the heads hurt/spin: "logical fallacy" isn't suppose to invalidate an argument. It suppose to promote constructive feedback based on evidence. fallacy/fallacy(double negative?) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_fallacy who is watching the watcher that watch the watcher and so on and on until it's all turtles all the way down. Nothing wrong going against the "establishment dogma" -- in a way that is "alpine snowboard" Best practice become the norm/main stream not because it's wrong but because given the data in that moment in time that's what SME believed the right thing to do. Ability to change one's view based on evidence/new data is good being a contrarian for being contrarian sake is bad? it does make you think. Finding that balance is hard.... TLDR: question everything; existence is pain!!
  10. just going to leave this here: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/academic_writing/logic_in_argumentative_writing/fallacies.html Spring/end of the season must be near
  11. I can't read mind so just my humble 2 cents. I interpreted @Jon Dahl's statement as "fear" have no place in the context of Jackson Hole. It's indeed a challenging mountain. When hanging with the JH local; be honest about your ability. Paint Brush/Toilet Bowl was fun. the older i get; the greater i was or maybe i was just much dumber back then...
  12. I agree. your mileage may vary. Snowboarding is very individual. If you are used to ride a certain way; Contra Side cut could work very well. on the few occasion i was able to get Contra in the Goldilocks zone it does make riding the steep ridicules drama free/easy. Tip the board over; stay center and it just cruise. However i am having a hard time stay in that zone consistently (just not how i ride). Once again my problem not the board. Just sharing my humble 2 cents. It's a process; we are getting better acquainted. This season my timing seems to be way off so it doesn't help there.
  13. Cliff notes version for myself. The word smiths put it much better than I ever could. Jack M: However the overall feel of the sidecut was strange to me, something I'd never felt before. It kind of felt as if the board was riding on two skates, one in front of your front foot and one behind your back foot, and nothing in between. I didn't sense much feedback under or between my feet. I felt it was more reluctant to tip up on edge, and low angle cruise carving was kind of "sticky". It seemed to be happiest inside a certain range of edge angles, and sort of awkward outside of it. Aracan: if you happen to have your weight too far back in a backside turn (which, of course, is where it shouldn't be in a backside turn to begin with), it's very hard to get off the edge again. my idiotic rant/editorial: for those very consistent rider. who ride center. Contra/WOGO will work great with no learning curve. for me: i preferred to ride differently depends on how steep the trail is. Incidentally - i think this is a reason why some rider once they conquer the steep; they don't like to go back to mellower terrains. they simply carve away too much speed which is a good thing in term of consistency. I am a lazy carver that tend to use the least amount of energy to get the job done. on the shallow: Contra seems to respond well to various input/style: push pull, rotation, front/back weight shifting , angulation, push the board until it automatic change edges(fun) and etc. as it get steeper: for me(due to lack of skill/fortitude and just general sucky rider). the board seems to want to be ridden in a very quiet/specific way. It lose a bit of playfulness/dynamic nature(at least for me). Again: if you are an advance rider. I don't think that's a problem. for someone who is all over the place; it's a bit of learning curve.
  14. very nice write up! KTV took a very methodical approach toward testing. Something required lots of discipline to do. You can take the result to the bank
  15. hide the purchase from SO would save LOTS of marriage/relationship
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