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  1. I salute you sir! Compare to you I have not live. “Get busy living or get busy dying.”
  2. you can surf with it? How do you get back up if you fell off? Looks super fun!
  3. @SunSurfer I hear you. exactly my sentiment that the public is not ready to watch science development in real time. It required us to update view point very quickly and that "correlation not equal to causation". i communicated via meme/youtube clip -
  4. cool. seem we are in violent agreement on most points? I am not sure i followed your logic exactly on this "thus actually protecting the unvaccinated" If i interpret literally. Yes herd immunity is there to protect the unvaccinated. Like in snowboarding (it's not one single thing that make a good carve): get vaccinated(just in case we get it; less severe symptom). wear mask, social distance(to protect other, vaccinated or not). flatten the curve so hospital scarce resource is not over stretch. I get that about "freedom". When i was younger. libertarianism was attractive to me. As i get older and found that it's not that black and white. Now i subscribe to a more collective libertarianism view (a bit oxymoron) or maybe Libertarian paternalism. On seat belt: one might become a projectile out of the front window and hit me. On mask: Mask is to protect the other: so my viral droplet does not reach other (vaccinated or not). yes it looked like it's here to stay and become part "normal flu". Key is to flatten the curve to buy time so we do not run out of hospital beds for non-covid related emergency. health care is a scarce resource.
  5. what about from the same study? which was also quoted to illustrate the point one can't just read a head line and jump to a conclusion/selective hearing. Science isn't always black/white. > the viral loads decreased more rapidly in vaccinated than unvaccinated individuals in Singapore [3], suggesting that vaccinated individuals may remain infectious for shorter periods of time. can't pick and choose fact based on "desirability of outcome"
  6. I don't disagree and frequently hold the view that "science advance/progress one funeral at a time". Dogma should be challenged when better/overwhelming evidence is there. "look both side before cross the street" seems to be a dogma that I will follow till the day i depart. pick When and which dogma to rail against to me is wisdom. Fascinating to see what hill people choose to literally die on. In tech: best practices is there to protect the inexperiences. If you know what you are doing; you can choose to remove the guard rail. making an inform decision. Put it in a different way: "Bureaucracy is there to compensate incompetence and undisciplined" This is what the policy maker's struggle. I can see in some case where natural immunity is better than vaccine. Did you see the movie Bright(with Will Smith) on Netflix? "The Magic Wands are extremely powerful magical artifacts. They are described as nuclear weapons that grant wishes. However, only a Bright is able to use the power of a Wand. If any being other than a Bright touches a wand with their bare hands, they die, exploding spontaneously along with with those around them. " In that context - Do you think you are one of the lucky one with superior natural immunity? I play the odds when it comes to high risk/low reward and not leave it to chance like lottery. This is interesting but I still think mask, vaccine make sense; despite it contradict the main stream narrative. "No Significant Difference in Viral Load Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Groups Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant" ref: https://med.papers.bar/paper/2021.09.28.21264262 If anything this show me that the majority of people is not ready to see "how sausage(science) is made in real time". Devil is in the detail: if we only read the headline and it reinforced the view (which ever side). If we did dig deep: It appear that at some point in time after infection, viral load might be the same, but: > the viral loads decreased more rapidly in vaccinated than unvaccinated individuals in Singapore [3], suggesting that vaccinated individuals may remain infectious for shorter periods of time. nuance matter. but i doubt anyone will spent the time to read this.
  7. Corey is a machine so take it with grain of salt/YMMV(your mileage may vary) i may be getting old and soft in my older age lol.. Here are flip side/mere mortal perspective: Walking in hardboot after a hard day of carving and carrying all your gears on a bus is do-able for sure. Able to change out of full gears and relax is pretty grand. I been to Aspen on ski club trip long long time ago: The Roaring fork shuttle service is amazing. (Free during winter). I was in softboot/young and full of youth exuberance. No car no problem. Many ppl fly into ASE and don't need a car. If you staying in Snowmass village/Buttermilk Hotel/downtown Aspen (more expensive) - shuttling seems to make lots of sense. If you stay outskirt (cheaper): having a car let you explore the surrounding a bit. Glenwood Hot spring is 50 mins away(still never been to after 10+ years) but pass by every time lol. Driving isn't too bad but there could be traffic/bad weather. Depends on Covid, some ppl don't feel comfortable on public transportation. I was on a train for the first time post covid and get used to it pretty quickly. you can't go wrong either way. It will be a great adventure. it comes down to your preference/budget concerns. more than happy to answer any Q.
  8. As a self identified dopy/goofy looking person. People automatically write you off/judge the book by it's cover isn't a good feeling. I am actually impress by the gentlemen in the grey Detroit Lions shirt. He is clearly unconformable with "lying"; very open minded: open to new idea, have exposure to different culture/cuisines. if anything I am hopeful. He didn't judge until it was mentioned that it's illegal. Jimmy K: host of man's show with Juggies shouldn't held a moral high ground. Unless we agree that we are all changing. hopefully changing for the better. me 1.0 is work in progress, rough draft. me 2.0 is hopefully better, more polished I believe people have to sign release form? As long as folks are ok with these being release and might be compensate for participating. i am counting my lucky stars that i grow up where i won't be haunted by all the dumb ass things i did. Now everything one do/done is being recorded/often taken out of context. on the other hand:
  9. “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Monoclonal Antibodies is treatment("cure" - not guarantee). many of the VIP/politician/rich folks were able to get access to it. vaccine is prevention. When former president was hospitalized. he was treated with Monoclonal Antibodies. Joe Rogan have access to it when he got it. For the average plebeians: cost of treatment $1250 per dose (not sure how many dost is need to treat) cost per shot/jab(mRNA based): $30 (round up) x 2 = $60 policy(economic) is often about maximized impact based on constraint resources. constraint resources: hospital bed, money, doctor, health workers ref: Monoclonal Antibodies treatment cover in main stream media https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/16/covid-19-antibody-drug-used-to-treat-president-trump-isnt-getting-to-americans.html ref on cost: cost per treatment https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/10/28/928841997/government-signs-deal-for-covid-19-treatments-from-eli-lilly cost per jab https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/pfizer-moderna-raises-prices-its-covid-19-vaccines-eu-ft-2021-08-01/
  10. For most things in life I am an idiot. I might be an "expert" in one or two things. Point here: people trust my opinion on the things i am expert in shouldn't trust me in things that I know little about. There is often halo effect: He is so smart in "field x" so he must be expert in "field w,y,a,b,c,d...". truth is: i am just an idiot stumbling through life. This is why at some point i need to take a leap of faith and trusting the so call expert. I do believe in the scientific method. I make decision based on what little i know. I also make decision on odds/risks tolerance . I maybe be call sheeple but at this stage of my life; i tend not to let external factor impact my inner peace/happiness. There is CNN/FOX news and there are CNN/FOX opinion. Does the talk head practice what they preach? Those who tell you get/not get covid vaccine; but what did they do? For me that's a simple litmus test. At some point: we just have to agree to disagree in a civil manner. Which is ok. I do wish everyone well/healthy; there are no malice in my heart. I hope you live without regret.
  11. couple of you seems to embrace contrarian way of thinking. Definition of contrarian: a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion. Nothing wrong with it. It's just a label. Sometime it's good; sometime it's bad and sometime it make no difference. If you present idea that's against the grain; I am good with that. Let's explore/discuss that idea. However when it's presented as "fact"; then it's a bit harder pill to swallow. When present different view points: Look at it deeper(introspection): what's the intention/goal for holding that particular view? seems like you believe vaccine in general is good/effective. Just not this particular vaccine/covid. I can see where one come from. We all have confirmation bias and internet/FB/social media exacerbate that bias/bubble. re: buddy. Hope you get a laugh out of this
  12. there is a time and place for discussion. At work - we discuss pro/con with the info we have. At Some point a decision have to be made. Once a decision is made; we are no longer general/strategist. We become solider and march forward. Having people constant questioning/second guess after a decision have been made often have negative outcome. Not saying foolish consistency and not change course/correction when data/result does not align with goal. I also don't believed in censoring data/information. However it's all moderation. Should nuclear secret/national security/or your own private banking info be freely distributed? Freedom of speech doesn't protect one's right to yell fire in a crowd theater. IMHO: censorship have taken on a different form It went from not enough information to flood people with so much information that analysis paralysis kick in. People's nature is to avoid ambiguity; and life is often grey. Hence when the initial filtering isn't done for the mass. Outcome is often poor. Censor isn't always bad: https://sos.oregon.gov/archives/exhibits/ww2/Pages/threats-bombs.aspx It's not an easy Question to answer: Can people be trusted to make the right decision? An absolute position just seems hubris to me.
  13. hahah.... yes. was thinking the same i hope it's a character that he played(to get a reaction/trolling). for my personal preference the schtick get old quick. the character/performance to me is not angry but bitter and narrow minded (my humble 2 cents; nothing against the person as everyone need to eat.) I like to think i am relative open minded but this one just rub me the wrong way. seems anti-snowboard culture if anything. snowboarding suppose to be fun and not anger/bitter. i used ad-blocker so no one is getting click/ad revenue i support/vote with my wallet. I do need to figure out why i get some reaction out of it/trigger by it there are enough contents on the internet; that i won't missed this one; just as he won't missed one viewer. Choose to not engaged is a great way to remain sane. time to move on.
  14. Thank you @yamifumi for such great deal/steal! It's new to me. I got couple email inquiry about it; this community rock. i still need to unwrap my late birthday/early xmas gift as i bought it earlier this year.
  15. “NEVER ARGUE WITH STUPID PEOPLE. THEY WILL DRAG YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL AND BEAT YOU WITH EXPERIENCE.” same apply to engaged with inter-web trolls. i was ok with it until one of us is being attacked. Sean genuinely want to change mind but meet with mockery. seems to be the norm now a day. It's a sad state. Best to ignore and moved on.
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