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  1. Love to see DSM on the board! Had a 97GSX and Galant VR4 @Poloturbo That should be fun/terrify with 443 at the front wheel. What turbo are you running with it? Show some engine bay pic lol
  2. We are all just a little nutty Jealous you still get to ride! it almost hit 70 degree here today... powder on modern alpine board isn't bad. Heck when I first started; i was trying to carve on 2 feet+ of sierra cement on a Donek 180GS 18.5cm waist olympic construction board. It wasn't fun for me(wrong board, lack of technique) but I sure learned a ton by the end of my trip. My humble 2 cents: YMMV Ride in sub optimal condition is critical for progressing. If we only ride when it's perfect condition; then it should be no surprise that we can only ride perfect cord. However if we can carve on icy boiler plater pepper with death cookie or track out bumpy snow then it should make good grooming riding that much simpler. Stick to one setup; remove variable. Not saying One board all the time but most of the time. It force us to focus on technique.
  3. logged in just to say that. Get it through i-carve.com. Ivan is great to deal with.
  4. sorry to hear that... @Aracan I am hard on my gears and have kill some relative new board the same way... them no trailer queen... almost every single of my board have battle scars: warp edges, gauges, scratches.... Price we paid for going off the path of least travel. Got some of my best experience on snow because of it but non the less it suck.. This season have been challenging for me and the weather sucked in general. It have both high and low. Start getting ready for next season
  5. working in progress carver here: Used to hate it and actively avoid such trail... Same with video/photo session; something about other watching just throw my games off. Now still not a huge fan but if the snow is good then so be it. on those rare occasion where the star align: I can see why getting cheers/head turners from chair is a positive thing.
  6. exactly! sorry if I mis-represent the good doctor's work! one pair was made by starting gate in VT. another pair was part of the ECES benefit at Stratton Green boot lab? Both seems to hurts my foot/toe more than help(take too much volume maybe). Granted it's first time i ever wear plastic shell boot so i don't know what the heck i was doing. Now I believed i am ready for proper fitment.
  7. will try decrease heel lift(back foot) to see if it help. It's on my to do list to see how it treat my poor shin. No problem per se. Just fine tuning and looking for tips on striking balance between the 2 edges so its effortless/set it and forget it/lazy carving Developing this annoy heelside stalling/bleed too much speed off which mess with carve flow when transition from steeper section to mellower section. I am dialing in new boots so that might be root cause; may just need to re-adjust/commit new muscle memory.
  8. When is the doctor in Sugarloaf? Maybe I will try footbed again Had 2 pair made and don't use them anymore/broken... I know I know... heresy
  9. hahaha.... what other excuse would we use for not showing up to the carving event of the season Thank you again for doing this! MCC and everything. For me the train things is just "what if I retired and got time on my hand".... ETA 20+ years lol...
  10. Great Q on the heat transfer. It's not foam but cork so not apple to apple. Supposedly Zipfit is always forming. It can be mold as many time as needed. I have no first hand experience but spent lots of time reading/watching video about it.
  11. Reading this article got me thinking: http://alpinesnowboarder.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/The-Toeside-Problem.pdf Went through the progression as described in the article: Preferred toe side then heel side and toe side lacking. But I seems to have start the cycle all over again? Is that normal? There are couple seasons where toe/heel are "equal" oh baby those were good.... when it's balance; it's sweet. Now I need to paid more attention on heel side as i can bleed off more speed (sometime caused stalling on less steep If i am not paying attention). On toe side; it's just no brainer. It could be setup/tweaking. Thoughts/comments: keyboard snowboarding on a Monday lol. Just more things to work on i guess
  12. thank you @jburk for the intel. Guess train is out for now... would be really cool to travel by rail for snowboarding. More leisure and relax compare to AirTravel it's just rush rush rush....
  13. pow4ever

    Next Gen

    Go Mike! I was lucky enough to witness his raw talents in freeride context! Mad props to @TVR Huge time/money commitments to developed the next generation!
  14. feel better Mike! My body is falling apart.... shoulder/knees are killing me.
  15. Pretty cool: Empire Builder train from Chicago. It does stopped by Libby https://www.roamingaroundtheworld.com/amtrak-empire-builder-train-review/
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