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  1. There are a lot of kids racing - about 100% start on soft boots as you can see with several hundred kids in the younger age groups at nationals. Most of these are not started and motivated by their parents. As they progress a smaller percentage move into hard boot racing as they are not competitive if they don’t. Virtually all in the group are self motivated (nog motivated by their parents) and I know of only a very few parents in that group that hard boot. The coaching as they move move up is far beyond what a parent can provide.
  2. The VRBO in Frisco we rented from provided a full refund
  3. You are definitely not from Wisconsin!
  4. And the announcer pushing for USSA support for Robby
  5. 4th at Blue Mountain World Cup yesterday
  6. I believe USASA coaching certifications currently require a variety of skills, including switch riding, basic pipe skills, jibbing, etc. for a level 100 certification. That's fine - but what if they had a separate certification track for alpine racing based on carving skills? My daughter, who races, could be a great alpine coach in the future, but could care less about jibbing, pipe, etc. In fact, given the scarcity of half-pipes nationwide, it would seem that a much higher percentage of younger snowboarders in USASA programs would have access to racing.
  7. FG plate - 4X4 mount Similar in mechanism/performance to Donek F-plate and VIST SL plates Good condition $150.00 US plus shipping PM me if interested Bucky
  8. Apex X plate Excellent condition $650.00 US plus shipping PM if interested Bucky
  9. Kessler 171 Great GS board for young or lighter racer, storage was on base This board has been raced quite a bit, but still in good condition for the price. $325 US plus shipping PM if interested Bucky
  10. Good condition $325.00 US plus shipping PM me for if interested Bucky
  11. bucky

    ASB Stickers

    Thanks dude! My wife thought I was getting mail from someplace I'm not supposed to!
  12. Hi Sent PM on the JJA plate Bucky
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