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  1. Beef yes; stew never. Get yer stains right, Gremlin driver...
  2. In your Sansabelts and white loafers...
  3. Now you mention it, I’m surprised the run was on toilet paper and not tin foil. I know I’ve stocked up on Reynolds Wrap. It has the highest deflection factor.
  4. If you substituted "Larry Ellison" for "Bill Gates" I'd be nodding vigorously in agreement. As far I can make out, Bill Gates is a whole lot less sinister than when he took over the world in the 90s. Unless, of course, you're malaria in which case he truly is a treacherous, sinister SOB. You aren't malaria, are you?
  5. You’re lucky you came out with both UCLs intact with those big yellow thumbs all exposed! That seems to be the en vogue injury in our neighborhood.
  6. Wait, you’re telling me I “have to visualize a clothoid anti-derivative curve?!?” I have enough people at home whose job is to make me feel stupid, I’m not sure I should have to pay for the privilege here...
  7. That dude is reminiscent of some members of this forum in the “having figured out life” department. Makes me feel, rightly, like a schmendrick.
  8. Yeah, well that's all really great if you're into bliss and health and peace and prosperity and virtue and all that other s*** that's for wankers. Sturm und drang all the way for me, baby! Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger! Or weaker to the point that something not very threatening at all finishes me off.
  9. Ah, The Pass. About 1,300 skiable acres, maybe 3 of which were groomed. Some of my happiest days were spent at Berthoud. Most of my best snowboarding days too. And where I learned one of life's great truisms: Minivans NEVER stop for hitch hikers.
  10. Nice cover-up Beckmann. The source article actually reads:
  11. That is a great picture! If Burton has even a shred of reverence for their own history, they will outfit the next Olympic Snowboard Team with that exact, awesome getup.
  12. F*** me, what I wouldn't give to be a "40 year old on a snowboard..."
  13. Bring on the sadcore; I get my daily sodium allowance by lapping up my own tears.
  14. Great idea. I'm pretty sure this girl has some available time since she's no longer leading the crew team at USC.
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