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  1. Or you might be a bow-legged goat. Either way is fine.
  2. Me neither but the real problem appears to be all that metal left behind by your orthopedic surgeon. You should probably have that cleaned up before messing about with small stuff like pivot points...
  3. I've had a fight with myself over buying the Hammerhead 181 for a couple years. If it was at least 27cm wide, I'd be fighting with my wife by this time. Neil, I'm happy to sell you a much-loved Glissade Big Gun 185 without rocker or turned up edges or other technical advances that may just be masquerading as marketing hype or even pretty graphics you'd have to fret over in the lift line to help ease your transition from HB to SB...you're welcome.
  4. The better question is why aren’t all the purportedly hardass hockey players not using these?! The Hanson Bros would...
  5. Right on! I suspect the lads from GBH haven’t aged gracefully...
  6. Now I know where Damien Sanders stole his style. Mystery solved!
  7. Not new by any stretch of the imagination, but lots of turns left in them. All ratchets and ladders work as intended. Some wear on the straps. Later iterations of the El Hefe came equipped with carbon highbacks, but the stiff ABS versions on these have greater adjustability. And the bindings are white. White, for crying out loud! With this funky, multi-colored, oil slick looking finish on the "Infinity Chassis." Seriously, if these were a car, they'd be Huggy Bear's Lincoln Continental. Come with multiple canting footbeds. Extra Large for you sad, clown-shoed mofos who can't find a stock board wide enough to accommodate those big slabs. Like me.
  8. Agreed; what's holding the sport back might just be this thread...
  9. Inspired stupidity...don't be a drag drag drag.
  10. ...but as a drawback, they may open up your personal data to snooping. Sometimes those excellent features come with hidden costs: https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/03/06/ski-headphones-flaw-unlocks-mountain-of-user-data/
  11. lordmetroland

    Yo Lci!!

    Maybe you have a bigger valley? Or less unruly occupants?
  12. Saw this on Denver CL amongst a bunch of other boards. I'd grab it but at 160cm with a 25cm waist, it's just too puny for my stretched out self: https://denver.craigslist.org/spo/d/denver-snowboards-size-nitro-rossignol/6997352892.html
  13. On the positive side, at least in the winter, the net result won't be begging your better half to pluck cactus quills out of the buttocks you've been handed.
  14. Presumably comes with the crutches and PT mat, as pictured?
  15. I’ve got a set of the Palmer 10mm risers (hardware included) that I would donate to the experiment for the cost of shipping. I found that rocking Palmer’s clown hairstyle had a similarly strong effect on my riding.
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