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  1. +1 on this. It’s been a couple years but I’ve taken a handful of boards there for grinding, structuring and waxing. If I’m not doing it myself, I’ll take mine there. I love the concept of the hot box! Did nice work at a reasonable price. Purportedly started by a couple of World Cup ski tuners who got tired of traveling (and probably being cold all the damn time). The shop ain’t much to look at, but that only increases the charm.
  2. It's a death trap. It's a suicide rap.
  3. In some circles, this is known as “swinging...”
  4. At every ski shop on the front range...
  5. Sadly, I have tiny, doll hands so the truth is in there somewhere.
  6. Like the friggin’ moron I am, I assumed - like everything else related to my feet - they were XL. They are in fact merely large, fitting size 10-13 boots. Clearly I need a fact checker...
  7. Now O-Drive large (10-13) bindings from the 2019-20 season (the Covid era!), used two days. Feel free to read all of Now's marketing fluff here. They're the exact same bindings as this year's non-Covid release, except they don't have the regrettable lime trim. They are light, stiff and responsive, with a moderate amount of cushioning underfoot. Straps are comfy and plush with good lockdown. And carbon. So much carbon. Are you snowboarding or flying the f****** Space Shuttle?!? If you know anything about the O-Drives, retail price is obscene, they sell out every year and almost never go on
  8. Setup: Cheater 170 (26cm waist, 8.5m radius); Catek FR2 Frankenbindings (23” stance, 31F, 26R); K2 Thraxis boots I was hoping to demo the wide version (27.5cm waist) but the standard 26 was the only option, so I adjusted with steeper angles than I’d like. The short sidecut makes for a pretty decent platform at a 23” stance, but let’s just say that Fuego box wasn’t getting anywhere near the edge of the board. It took a bit for me to get adjusted to the Cheater, but I suspect that had more to do with the unfamiliar stance angles than the board. Once I found my bearings, I had a really
  9. Astute observation. It is the nature of pandemics to ruin everything. The Europeans probably would have said the same thing about the Black Death, but most of them were too busy dying or burying the dead to complain. Of course, everything back then sucked so there was a bit of a floor effect. They may not even have noticed the worsening. You know what else ruins weekday carving? Spring break. Oh that's this week? We've been at Monarch and the place is crawling with kids - including mine - who have no business terrorizing the hill on a weekday. I mean, what the hell?!? The little bastar
  10. This seems like a terrible credo...
  11. Today I discovered you can’t like a post multiple times. Not sure what the actual data say, but in my mind, you have won the day, brother! I could actually feel the spittle hitting my face...
  12. Exasperation and vitriol can look very similar. Ask the parent of any three-year-old.
  13. A stirring argument. If I try really hard I can almost picture Patrick Henry making this exact same argument against ski helmet mandates at the Continental Congress..."my brothers, we must cast off the shackles of our helmeted oppressors and stand up for our God-given right to ski wherever we wish, with God's own sweet breezes blowing through our unprotected hair! And I also think $18 for a bowl of chili is f***ing usurious and we should be allowed to bring our own food." Let's not confuse states with private businesses.
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