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  1. Exhibit A on why interstate immigration must be outlawed. Shayla should either get with the program of leaving your kids out all day in brutal cold or move the hell back to Missouri.
  2. It’s easier than having to repeatedly show your Jerry ID Card.
  3. I’m amused just thinking about this. Like an all day sack race.
  4. That’s what you get for taking up the whole roadway with your big, looping turns...
  5. The pattern looks like it might have been taken from Ethel Mertz’s housecoat, but I don’t think that’s detrimental. Unless you object to being beaten by Loveland toughs.
  6. Enough obfuscation with your "sensible comparisons" and "knowledge of Scandinavia." Clearly the point is that we have found the vaccine and it is homelessness. Finally, a compelling reason to get out from under this crushing mortgage and the suffocating expectations of my suburban neighbors. Freedom (and health) is waiting for me under a bridge!
  7. I don’t know anyone who died this year. Evidently the death problem is solved!
  8. Beef yes; stew never. Get yer stains right, Gremlin driver...
  9. In your Sansabelts and white loafers...
  10. Now you mention it, I’m surprised the run was on toilet paper and not tin foil. I know I’ve stocked up on Reynolds Wrap. It has the highest deflection factor.
  11. If you substituted "Larry Ellison" for "Bill Gates" I'd be nodding vigorously in agreement. As far I can make out, Bill Gates is a whole lot less sinister than when he took over the world in the 90s. Unless, of course, you're malaria in which case he truly is a treacherous, sinister SOB. You aren't malaria, are you?
  12. You’re lucky you came out with both UCLs intact with those big yellow thumbs all exposed! That seems to be the en vogue injury in our neighborhood.
  13. Wait, you’re telling me I “have to visualize a clothoid anti-derivative curve?!?” I have enough people at home whose job is to make me feel stupid, I’m not sure I should have to pay for the privilege here...
  14. That dude is reminiscent of some members of this forum in the “having figured out life” department. Makes me feel, rightly, like a schmendrick.
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