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    Septuagenarian unicyclist/hardbooter from Ludlow, VT
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  1. I stumbled across this in my archives this morning. From ten years ago. Didn't there used to be a thread devoted to VIdeos and Photography?
  2. You certainly did. Sorry for the omission! And unlike me, you made the Finals! Blame it on cranial flatulance when posting in the middle of the night. Hope to see you next year!
  3. WIth COVID issues to deal with, NASTAR made some major changes for this year's Nationals at Snowmass. Skiers raced with boarders on the same course. Everett McEwan and Kevin Blagys were blazing fast and will be racing in the Finals tomorrow. Within my age group (70-74) I took 3rd in Skiing and 1st in Snowboarding. That's my 14th National Title in boarding (I've outlived most of my competition). Looking forward to next year.
  4. The cnild bride and I scored a deal on a time share at Smuggs the nights of Jan 31 - Feb 3. I've commited to doing some cross country skiing wth her but do plan to ride at Smuggs and/or Stowe a couple of days. Anyone else around?
  5. Thanks Geoff! I'd have a hard time convincing my child bride (she's only 68) that I need to add to the quiver. I think have about ten boards now.
  6. I'll turn 75 later this year and I'm having too much fun to give it up, especially racing. Yesterday I raced on skis (finished 8th overall out of 48 racers of all ages) and on the board (fastest of only 3 overall). The day before I logged a few hours on a newly acquired 158 F2 Speedster Slalom board. Very responsive and a blast to ride. A friend offered to video a couple of runs.
  7. Acquiring a vintage Corvette meant one less garage space for my day to day car. It's under the 42" dump we got last week. Fortunately it cleared quickly...... The socks in the tailpipes contain mothballs to keep the critters out.
  8. Several years ago I tried an eight-year experiment. Every other year in the off season I worked out exensively trying to to simiulate snowboard turns with several types of gym apparatus. I was diligent in my efforts and faced the new season with high expectations. Sorry to say, it never made a difference. Each year I had at least a half dozen days of serious quad bun before things settled down regardless of whether or not I trained in the off season. My conclusion: there's no substitute for the real thing. I've been out once this season on the board and once on skis. The quad burn on the skis was so much I had to give up after an hour.
  9. Hi John - Sorry, I just saw your post. Yep. We just got it. It's a 1999 and in showroom condition.
  10. It's a 1999 with 64k on the odometer. The child bride (she's only 68) drove it yesterday.
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