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  1. Used a suction cup mount. These are two screen shots from a video.
  2. We had heavy fog yesteday morning when I sent the drone up to 400' over Ludlow. The view above the clouds was worth it.
  3. I picked up a DJI Mavic Mini Drone a couple weeks ago and have been busy learning the best uses for it. I was flying it toward a covered bridge in southern Vermont when a bald eagle flew under the drone. I did a couple dozen screenshots from the video and created this composite shot.
  4. For the past few years I've raced in the Innkeepers Series on Tuesdays at Okemo. We have a single start wand and a single finish. Coming out of the start gate you take the ski course on skier's left or the snowboard course (stubbies) on the right. I started scoring the race as a NASTAR event this year so as the Pacesetter I ran the stubbies on skis to set the par time before switching to my Kessler. The upper portion of the course has a decent pitch and then it flattens out. There are two softboot riders (Jerry Tucker and Steve Kelly) and one hardbooter (John Kelly) who are so fast that they sometimes beat my ski times. At the NASTAR Nationals in Squaw Valley in 2018 and 2019 the pacesetter was Nate Holland on a softboot setup. No one could come close to his times. Use what works for you. Here's a short clip of Jerry, Steve and myself (age 73). I'm sorry I didn't get John whose time was 37.55. Jerry - 37.13 Steve - 39.54 Me - 43.02 My pacesetting time on skis - 37.56
  5. Thanks! Not everything went according to plan. Here are the outtakes.......
  6. I submitted a short clip of three of us riding hardboot boards to Okemo's Marketing dept. They profiled it on Twitter and their Facebook Page a couple of hours ago. It's already had more than 2500 views! Video
  7. I decided to go out and try it anyway. I moved each binding back one slot and it seemed to work better. I may try one more slot after tomorrow's race.
  8. I've asked this question before but need some clarification. I ride a 170 cm Kessler GS board with Trench Digger step in bindings (58/54). Age 73, height 5' 8" weight 175. 3 degree upward cant on forward foot and 3 degree downward cant on rear foo (although the issue is the same when riding without cants). In years past my front leg did most of the work and quad burn was a real issue especally in the early season. The past couple of years I've experienced the complete opposite with quad burn on the rear leg. I'm also struggling with heelside turns while racing. I've tried to shift my weight forward with no luck. I seem to recall the someone suggested moving the bindings back a bit although a poster above suggests moving them forward. I'm not changing anything for tomorrow's race but would like to experiment in the days ahead. Suggestions? .
  9. Three-time Olympian Kaylin Richardson demostrates the Invisible Selfie Stick feature of the GoPro Max.
  10. I did a comparison between the GoPro Hero 3+ and GoPro Hero8. Note the difference in the head movement. BTW, I used a triple suction cup GoPro mount.
  11. I was riding my Volkl GS board in Davos a dozen years ago when I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. My rear Burton Physic step-in had too much snow jammed in it and wouldn't release. After 15 minutes of struggling I came up with this solution.
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