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  1. What are the dimensions on those? Currently planning on 178 length, 24.4 waist, 160 eff.edge and 12.5m radius. I am a bit in doubt on the radius (if it is too small to my liking)
  2. I must add that 'all' for me is just carving hard and riding powder. I mostly ride with my family and dedicated powder days are rare. Now I have dedicated HB and SB boards, and pick a board for the day. I regularly end up doing a powder run on a 20 cm waist, or carving groomers on my SB powder board. In the past I have built 22cm boards that carved great and were already much more enjoyable in powder. Now I will build a 24cm board, bit bigger nose, channel in the tail so the base in tail is rockered along the center. I don't expect the same HB performance as narrow boards, but close
  3. So you are suggesting a 172x19cm board, but with full rocker? I'd expect powder riding would improve, but it would suffer dramatically anywhere else. You will ruin it's alpine board qualities, and for that price you might just improve the powder riding from very poor to poor. You would be far better of with a compromise. Lower camber a bit and increase width. A 22cm wide board is much nicer in powder then 19cm and still perfect for freecarving. Reducing camber, but not eliminating it. Nose and tail rocker starting a bit earlier. Maybe bit more taper and setback. Bigger nose. etc.
  4. Yes you got me confused for a second too, as I think of friction as the resistance in my direction travel. Then I realized you must be a side slipper..
  5. The stiffness number is just a number for comparison. Stiffness needed also depend on board length, sidecut radius, weight, design, torsional stiffness, etc.
  6. Always nice to think about how a snowboard behaves: On hard snow (no significant trench), turn radius is mostly determined by the sidecut and edge angle On soft snow, turn radius /shape is mostly determined by board flex and pressure exerted by rider. With stiff laminates like used in alpine boards, the core only contributes 15-30% of the stiffness. The stiffness is quadratic with the thickness (only the core contribution is 3rd power with the thickness) You can quite easily build a board within 10% accurate of your design stiffness A bit on camber: The stiffnes
  7. How was the camera mounted here? looks good.
  8. Hip rotation works exactly as @johnasmo described for me too.
  9. Nothing. Over 30 years old...
  10. Ouch, sorry to hear that. hope you have a speedy and good recovery. PS. That brace looks like it would fit in a sb binding....
  11. I have read through a few pages and well..... There was actually a video of him on the first page, see screenshot below. I guess it depends on your definition of carving.
  12. Yes please share the link! I doubt it is for G-force pulling edge loading carving, but I'd like to check it out. I have seen discussions before on reducing effective edge (thereby reducing sidecut depth), instead of increasing sidecut radius,to get a longer turning radius. Honestly I don't see 100cm working without serious body dragging, but new ideas are always good to evaluate.
  13. @Corey nice vid! I can understand that Bruce and Sean were a bit hesitant, as it changes the character a bit, but I also think I will like the lower angles more. @lowriderI have been thinking about a skwal but doubt I will like it. So it will not get priority, building is time consuming and I have a few others planned. Maybe if I bump into a used one.
  14. Great to get so much feedback! Thanks! I have to agree on this one I had the same with the shorter boards, when my riding developed they became too easy to overpower, whenever there was a softer spot I would lose it. Over 20 years ago though, with a modern board built to my weight and liking it should be better. But all the responses convinced me that I should add a shorter board to my quiver. Not a 145, but consensus seems on a 160ish, 145-150 EE board as a turny board for busy days. Currently thinking along the lines of a 22cm wide, lowish camber, m
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