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  1. Not mine. On a Dutch online marketplace. The catch is that you have to take the proto (free) as well. And that it is in the Netherlands. But may be interesting for fellow Europeans. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/sport-en-fitness/snowboarden/m1540787692-f2-silberpfeil-162-cm.html
  2. Best investment, that you will never regret, is definitely more snowboards.
  3. The f2 will be quite a different ride with much bigger sidecut radius, but if you want longer deeper carves it might be just the board for you. The best thing would be to try a few boards to find out what you like. However, if a board is very different you may need dome time to understand &appreciate it since you only know one board. E.g the f2 will definitely demand more active riding than the Airwalk (and reward it) If the F2 is a good deal it may be a good idea just to buy it. You can always sell it again at a small loss if you don't like it. It is good for your riding to have m
  4. Is there really a decline in alpine carving? Over the 30 years that I am carving, it has always been a niche. Yes, hardboots were big(here in europe), but the number of people really carving has always been very very small. In my perception the main difference is that the skidders moved to softboots, and the overall % of snowboarders has decreased. We are simply on one extreme of the spectrum and will always be a niche. I actually think the alpine snowboard market is pretty healthy, enough small manufacturers that are dedicated and make very good boards. That's better than a big
  5. I'd settle for 1/4th of that. Johnasmo, seems that data is not you only OCD. I guess buying board and snowboarding must be OCDs as well!
  6. Have a live stream of the event, so all of us who cannot attend can envy the participants even more...
  7. 89° side, 1° base if I do the base. I sharpen them when I think it is been a while, guess every 7-10 days of riding. To be honest I have never noticed a difference with different angles. It has to be pretty rock hard to distinct a perfectly sharp edge from a not-too-blunt edge anyway. I prioritize sharpening technique over sharpening edges ( I wish). But an isolation plate, that makes a difference!
  8. I take off the bindings (have more boards than bindings anyway, so I mount them when needed), no wax or anything. Nowadays I store them vertically. I used to stack them horizontally and that never gave problems (with boards of decent build quality), but with the stack increasing in size there is a lot of weight on the lower boards, and I got a bit worried on noses deforming over time. Bit less organized than the others
  9. Normally you run the top laminate over the inserts and drill the laminate afterwards. Makes a lot of sense not to drill inserts yet if it is not sure they will be used, as there is a significant strength benefit. Bit weird tough that the locations are not marked then by Kessler
  10. A PJ7? So how does that compare to a current board?
  11. It could also be thermoplastic matrix instead of epoxy, which would allow quite a bit of distortion.
  12. But it feels a bit uneasy to lay down carves behind a kicker.....
  13. hardboots / ski boots was pretty much the default option late 80's in europe, Took a few years to discover carving. Just freecarving, never been interested in doing any sport competitive.
  14. Shocked to read your story Ladia, wish you all the best for your recovery. It is crazy how some (many) bomb down the mountains these days, without paying attention. Even if you a laying down carves consistently, many skiers seem unable to anticipate your next turn.
  15. The axles forward of the center is definitely not helping, as it softens the tail relatively to the nose. On top of that your setup seem far back on the board, even relative to the already setback position of the inserts. Underslung heel puts you back even further. My suspicion is that you ride a bit backfooted. Directly mounted, your boots working the board would counteract that a bit, but with a plate the full edge is more evenly engaged.
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