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  1. Dad of the year award goes to my brother and his power wheel stang..safety first kids
  2. 1967 mustang named "Betty" 347 stroker motor, 3 speed c4 manual valve body transmission built by Dynamic in CT. Locked rear end 4.11 rear gears (not fun to turn) lol ran 12.6 in the 1/4 people always bother you where you go, and ask if it's fast and if it can do a burnout. 2005 ducati 749 dark good fun great conversation piece 2004 40th anniversary mustang gt. lame and slow but loud and people like it. smh
  3. I really enjoyed riding the Ride Superpig 142cm (baby Pig). Also, the Slash Happy Place. The Superpig- Great stiff little board. I really liked the ride. This started off as a bit of a failure due to not downsizing enough. I first rode the 148 small piggy. Due to the waist being very wide for my little feet. I traded that guy for the baby pig and it was amazing. The ability to carve with a "short and fat" is awesome, it's very playful and not cumbersome at all. The slash- super fun and probably the most flexible poppy board that I have ever ridden. I really thought that this board was going to wash out when I tried to lean it over and it didn't at all. Very fun and I got it at a steal. These two are def the dark horses that came through this year for me.
  4. ibex sold. upz and cult still available.
  5. Update Ibex speed small smalls 90 shipped in us Upz 175 plus ship Sg cult 159 300 plus ship
  6. Update Head bindings small 90 shipped in us Upz 175 plus ship Sg cult 159 300 plus ship
  7. Closed for the rest of the season along with Catamount
  8. cbrkid1981

    I tried lol

    Took my nephew Jackie out yesterday. We had lots of fun messing around. He tells me each time we go out this was the best day ever. I'm the only one in my family that board so it's very important to spend time out there with him.
  9. Dingbat.... it was all dingbat. I was working at Berkshire East and putting around on my softies and saw him rip big chief and it was all over.
  10. I'm not sure in comparison to the ones that your son has. They do have a very wide toe box and heels are average size. They have intuition liners so you can mold them.
  11. I have some green upz rc10s for sale 24.5
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