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  1. Is he speaking English?
  2. I have a set of the Palmer Plates and a set of the Donek BX plates if you are interested.
  3. Well, I did make him look pretty foolish by eloquently contradicting him, but I heard from the ski area owner that after I was dismissed, he basically told the jury I didn't know what I was talking about. No skin off my nose. I'm still right, and he is still a wealthy personal injury lawyer.
  4. Sad news- the French Olympic snowboarder passed away today in an avalanche. She was also the granddaughter of the developer of the Poma lift.
  5. Helmets are a personal choice and should not be mandated, but neither should seatbelts or helmets on motorcycles and bicycles. The problem is that we all pay for TBI or ICU care in the end.
  6. Both are at fault, but only the lawyers will win if it goes to court. Years ago I was called to be an expert witness for a case involving a collision between a boarder and a skier years ago. The injured skier's attorney was trying to convince the court that snowboards are inherently less controllable than skis and therefor it was the boarders fault and the ski area was liable for allowing them on the same hill together. He even brought in a board and comically tried to demonstrate how boarders have to hop into the air and pivot in order to turn, thus leaving the snow and becoming momentaril
  7. It is an interesting article and a complicated situation. When I saw this link, I was thinking more along the lines of Zudnick(sp?) from the old ski movies, but this is quite different. As an animal rights advocate, I wonder how the service animals feel about this? Are they terrified? What happens to them if their human falls on them? What happens if the animal escapes and causes another skier/boarder to be injured? I also know there are lots of people who are nervous around dogs, so how does that factor in? I have also experienced first-hand people who are abusing the "emotional suppo
  8. I have been switching between my Nidecker Concept 161 (bought last year) and my Nitro Pantera Wide 163 (new this year). The Concept requires big angles (40+) for my boots, where the Nitro allows me more mellow angles (33/30) and is much more versatile. I am going to put Donek risers on the Concept and see how that works. No matter what, they both pale in comparison to my Coiler BXFR, the board that has my hard boots gathering dust.
  9. Was that him in "Downhill Carving"? That was a pretty sweet video either way. It looks like those boards are set up with a very rearward bias- almost like a down-sized Korua Cafe racer.
  10. I am 5'10" and 170 now. 20 years ago, when I was 155, I rode 150-157 cm boards on Mid West slopes and never needed anything more. Point being, there are more factors than just board length.
  11. I have found that a slightly softer boot combined with a stiffer binding works better for me than the opposite combination. A really still boot in a softer binding tends to bend too much right at the curve of the tongue and really digs in to my ankle. I also seem to get more heel lift in this combination as well.
  12. Craig Kelly always stretched for extended periods of time before riding.
  13. Nice riding! It's fun to see great carving on snow that is not perfectly groomed. The linked short radius turns are interesting because you can see how much effect a really wide board has on the transition from edge to edge. I wear 29.5's and have 36/33 angles on my 27.0 wide boards and I can definitely feel the "blocky-ness" of those cross-under turns compared to more narrow boards.
  14. When I remold liners, I will loosen the cuff cants on my 325's and clip into a board on the carpet until the liners are cool and then snug the cuff down. It helps to not create any funky hot spots.
  15. That is me- I bet you are correct, it is likely a 163. Way too stiff for a 130 lb rider. The Elan 157 Speedball was what my 130 lb wife used. Actually, I'd really like to hear more about the skill level and experience of Aquarifaeri. Lots of recommendations for equipment here without knowing all the facts. What I can tell you is that my wife rode race boards and hard boots for 20 years and can lay down a pencil line in the snow as well as anyone, and now does the same on freeride boards with (stiff) softies. It's all about the driver.
  16. Based on those cants in the video, you could probably cast your own out of 2-part urethane. The mold would be simple to make and there a tons of different durometers to choose from. You could also buy pre-formed sheet urethane and machine it to your liking.
  17. Counter-opinion here; Have you thought about trying a directional freecarve board with soft boots and stiffer bindings? I have been so impressed with my Nidecker Concept, Nitro Pantera and Coiler BX boards with Flow NX2 bindings that I haven't reached for my race board yet this season. My wife is in the mind set as me. I give up about 10-20% carving performance, but gain a ton of versality and comfort. Something to consider as a transition at least.
  18. PM with cell # and I can send pics. Can't figure out why the picture links are broken.
  19. While I figure this out, I can send pics via text if you PM me.
  20. Any reason you chose the A-8 over the A-10?
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