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  1. If there was an Ultimate Surfer It would be a Curren or an Irons...Style is a very personal thing, you can copy it, but it shows...
  2. Thank You Tom, Ride On https://www.surfertoday.com/bodyboarding/a-short-biography-of-tom-morey
  3. Ok Stoked New Burton Hometown Hero 160 has arrived... a modified Flight Attendant with added improvements...Thank You !! perfect for Surfin wesB Aloha nui loa
  4. Put a Smile on my Face... thing is, the first Hawaiian surfboards were about 7ft. max, 1 in. thick, thin with square tails, no rocker and with parallel Rails...they would have worked just fine in Deep Pow as well Whoa...Chops going Off !! the Ride at 58 sec. blew my Mind !! that drop was Insane!!!
  5. HB SB difference, Front Back, Lateral support, this is why some HB people here, ride their SB set ups at 30 degrees Max, then go back to 60 with HB, personally I like a Sloppy/Play set up, so HB have too much lateral support for me, though my SB stance is 45 45... I know HB folks who use their HB on SB sticks without complaint...I also hang out on green and blue runs, which provide the resistance for the type of riding I prefer... my daughter in Law is 40 years old, from the Russian Ski Team, she hauls ass everywhere, thru anything, on any Pitch, I never go with her, so really what exactly is your daughter doing that makes you need to change your equipment?
  6. https://www.outsideonline.com/health/training-performance/7-moves-will-get-you-ready-ski-season/
  7. That's a Favorite West!! I got totally Stoked watching this Thanks!!
  8. This is a recent photo of Austin Kalama by Eddie...he has straps on as well Kind of strange, as I surfed with his Grandfather Ilima, many many years ago
  9. Evidently, it depends on which country you take it in... https://www.yahoo.com/news/brazils-tragic-ivermectin-frenzy-warning-090000208.html Spawn of Satan?
  10. uh...watch out for the trees please...
  11. Left? Right? nobody cares but you....
  12. just so People Know, what you mean here... https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/woke and Here is a picture of a Woke, on the Gondo in Aspen, so apparently you can find them just about anywhere...
  13. When the Pow is Deep and Light and the sun fills the sky with Sparkles...
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