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  1. Jack, Remember when Craig beat Jose? then again Jose DNF Anyway, you get to Race in HB, where SB can't be competitive...so what is the problem with SB folks having their own Gig? Anyone, You, Blue, whoever, go race in your HB, I am talking about SB here, HB are the Bomb, they do the Purest Carves,You guys Rule, again whatever, go Race in HB, I would like to see a different course alignment as well...having a thread about SB racing means if you are talking about HB here...Well?
  2. there are Kids Racing, that were not started and Motivated by their Parents? Where?
  3. 99% of Snowboarders are wearing SB, I was simply responding to Jacks comment and referring to Threads that have appeared here through the years about Growing the Alpine side of the Sport...I thought, the Alpine side of the sport was Racing...Carving is growing on the SB side with advances and adaptations in equipment crossing over from the HB side to the SB side, look at Deluxe, actually making a HB sole on a SB as an example...so rather than be trite with the HB are for Racing, nobody races in SB, I was projecting a means for the masses who will be Carving in SB, to be able to Race...
  4. yea, Nice...love seeing that extended Extension through the turn
  5. Why don't we say it is evolving, the reasons being, the adaptation of Racing design Sticks and Stances, by SB riders with a Smile, after realizing how fun Carving is, this means the General Snowboarding Market is now open and growing to Carving...why is it so hard to believe that SB racing of Gates, is far behind? and no, not against HB racers, rather SB racing of Gates limited to SB, certainly the numbers of available people would be exponential compared to what we see now? Different Equipment does not mean no Racing...
  6. yea, always felt fortunate... 3 straps at 45 angles both feet size 10 US 27.5 mondo equals toe on rail heel on rail with no boot out on all the Burton Sticks for all the models through all the years... A lot of the Images we see here, are at different points in Transition...knowing when to pull the trigger and from which angle can make Carving in SB look just as Wonderful as Carving in HB...I simply borrowed this Image from one of West Vids. on that thread...I personally think Style, shows up quite well in this Frame,.... of a Woman SB rider...no doubt the Alpine influence in these Sticks has helped bring that about as well...
  7. My Favorite, is the One I am using...I would say that about all the new Burton mass produced boards I have had over the last 35 years, from the original Elite, through the Airs and All the Supermodels and the whatevers after that...we can explore many different Sticks, Shapes, lengths, flexes...I have always found, that as long as I kept my stance consistent, it was a quick fix to dial in the stick...some were better than others for Carving and or Pow, though from the Original Air, to the Flight Attendants of the last two seasons, the boards have continued to get better, allowing me to get better and improve...I have noticed the last couple of seasons here, all this Youth on the hill Carving around, with these Moss lookingShaped sticks, Naoto and the Boys and Girls in Japan are having fun no doubt, I really believe though, that it is the Edges that are doing the work, Swallowtails, Fat Noses and Rocker are not necessary IMHO... in fact the Flutter that occurs, on my HEELSIDE turns at certain angulation, is very irritating, as it messes up the Line...I personally would prefer Camber only, but such is life...when you would rather pay a couple hundred for a Stick than a thousand Eh ?
  8. Elk Camp yesterday...pic by Darren
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