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  1. Yes, SVR think I will just skip it for now...Thanks
  2. Thank You Alex, this is confirmed by some others I know here as well...for the Split? Fine for Carving not so much...
  3. Did I say BC? no I didn't... that would be late Spring or perhaps a few early ones in Places where there is nobody else...with 50 years of knowledge of 4 ski areas here, I don't need a lot to make it happen, nor hang out with large uphill crowds, especially since they mostly hang out in the same areas to wave at each other...
  4. Well, I just received my Splitboard gear...the senior pass is up to around 600 if bought before nov.8th so yea, I am ready...Snow is required however, and it has only rained here 4 times since mid march, the driest I have seen it in over 52 seasons...if the Covid screws up the mountains, the split will help me split from that...thinking for now, the holidays and the weekends will be a time to split for sure as well...Wearing a mask, standing in a lift line 6 ft. from anyone, shunning the Gondolas and only singles on quads chair rides could be a detriment to the type of seasons I have had for t
  5. Question, I do not want to go through the Hot Wax thing again...I did that when I had a ski touring set up and did some Ski racing long ago...I have bought a new Splitboard set up to get me where I need to go if Milk gets Covid crazy this season...I have some exceptional backcountry friends who have said, Bob ! just do the Phantom treatment, apply Skins and enjoy...no problem getting at least a season minimum result without applying anymore wax at all...anyone here have used this product and have a review of how it works? Thank for any input...
  6. 1959 this comes out...the First Surfer magazine as a 13 year old Stoked Grom, I looked at it till it fell apart... Thanks to John Severson
  7. 2011 some of the leftover Sticks 36th season approaches...
  8. Yes, Ruthies and Straw Pile below her... soon hopefully...
  9. Cool shot selfie, high above the Fall Colors on Aspen Mt. by Cathrine Rios
  10. Alone at the top, off in the woods, a raven caws good morning, the sparkles fill the air, as the cold feels cold, we start down, no direction, flowing over a sublime surface both giving way and inviting, we become part of the whole... I don't know, that sounds pretty Religious to me...
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