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  1. 47 even more incredible Groom 2 day Jb was on it as well Then down to watch some X practice
  2. 46... Incredible Best Carving day of the Season, so far.... JB and Doug on it...
  3. 45 Wow JB and HB Doug from GJ enjoyed an Epic session today...Best Groom of the year an Old Friend stopped by for a few...
  4. Excellent Groom today...Tracks no Lie...
  5. 45 Pow on Grooom Short day... Family to Airport
  6. 43 was Epic Super session with JB, Milk is deserted for the X now out to Snowmass to film Grand daughter Lexi Lela
  7. Here's a couple more of Rob, 85 Milk 90 Snowmass
  8. 42 whoop dee do the end of the run today...
  9. yes, and I just Love these Pics, I believe they show Carving, that anyone can aspire to, even more with the modern tech available but these shots are timeless...
  10. 41 and so Fun Bluebird Day with perfect Groom Surfin with Rob and JB
  11. 1st Tracks...some Chocolate Frosting at Milkland today or some Buttermilk Buttahhhh
  12. 40 somebody has to do it... 1" on GrooooMmm, with another one and half over the next three hours Epic Session with JB, trading Waves, yep, Buttah Milk
  13. 39 Oh! so Fine ... X Games, watching the Prep and all the pieces come together is rather amazing... Also JB made a New Excellent 3 strap binding, with a new pair of Union "Force" Bindings by Bolting the highback Up and adding the 3rd strap... Nice to see a replacement for my Burtons, if they ever break...
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