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  1. Summer Carving... No crowds and the Tracks are invisible...
  2. Well...I want one so bad, this would just be crazy fun if lived by the sea...
  3. Yep, Hands and Rails once a Sk8ter, always a Sk8ter
  4. Nice, a season to remember, in a year to never forget... Thanks to the Ski Co for making it happen... Spring has taken over
  5. Aloha and Mahalo LCI Short and Sweet... need some new Snow/Surface
  6. well, Tracks don't Lie, evidence so to speak
  7. Nice Chris Well, I sure do feel fortunate !! To get maybe 1 and 1/2 hours, before I see any people where I am...It is like paddling out everyday for a morning session and you're the only guy out and it is shoulder high perfect point break surf... today was special what with perfect groom, some little pow shots, puffy white clouds and Blue sky...
  8. Wow Dredmen and Roro Nice Tracks !!! It was a pleasant day here today... 3 here then three there
  9. I watched this Steamboat vid. on Cody Winters and Dad Dave...just a Wonderful look at what can be accomplished with Heart and Desire and Love ....Thanks to All the Winters Family, for making Tracks we can all appreciate...
  10. Kai, flying over on Maui at Jawz... seriously, you know how many different disciplines this takes to do?
  11. Wonderful Lupo, nice section there 1st 4 today were very nice, 2nd day Groooommm is a favorite...competitions are back on and the mountain is dangerous after 10, or so...more time off now till some more Snow...
  12. well OK, some new snow, so go ahead... but watch your Head Sweet uncrowded Grooooommmm with an inch on top...
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