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  1. hello, try reading the Original post here, this is not a we better You thread, so just maybe delete the whole thing Jack...let's move on
  2. The difference between HB and SB is night and day...just as the difference between skis and snowboards...who is in charge, where is the money, what is the reason? the current epitome of Snowboard racing is FIS, they control it...that is the Direction one travels, the destination is set...just a personal observation, based on a belief that if I wanted to Race in the Olympics Now, on a Snowboard, then it would Have to Be, with HB equipment...Gilmore runs Nastar on his SB set up, He is very good at that, he enjoys that, Olympic Dreams however, will require a HB set up...that is not going to change...Racing in SB can be done on any Nastar course, or on any set of Gates...I started this thread thinking that just maybe, offering an FIS approach for SB other than BX could work, Blue B and Jack and others here, believe that if Gates are involved, HB cannot be Banned ? which is the current FIS approach as well, like saying Motorcycle Racing should not be able to ban Formula 1 cars from their races...that argument does not take into account the vast numbers of people who SB, compared to HB and might want to go to the Olympics without having to change their equipment so drastically...
  3. Awesome Dave !! Like You, I went Ape over Snowboarding...those 1st Burton Airs were Incredible
  4. so having a Wave, exactly the same each time, is real close to having a Wave on your Mountain...Designer Carving so to speak...
  5. I doubt there will be any Snow in the west within ten years or so...sand dune surfing may take off however
  6. Awesome, 4 new Osprey https://www.crms.org/academics/osprey-camera/
  7. Indo, lots of low tide close outs
  8. if Milkland was wet... Trestle comes to Mind https://www.surfline.com/surf-news/front-san-clemente/121755
  9. Peter Bauers Sticks https://www.amplid.com/company/peter-bauer/
  10. Well back in 87...it was that 1st Burton Air, that allowed the motion to become Real...being able to paddle out again, with no one else in the water was just unbelievably wonderful...Reality, is our perception, of our surroundings...
  11. a very reliable HB friend has tried these, they broke down quickly and were discarded...
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