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  1. Well done Cody !!! David Winters is with Cody Winters . 41m · Shrimpy 6th today at the Europa Cup in Austria, his best finish in this, his rookie season in Europe. Giant Slalom today.
  2. I have for the 1st time, in 52 years, stopped going to the mountain...it is mid January right? the lack of snow and high temperatures are the cause...
  3. It was no where near that good when we were there no wet or dry suits either, coldest surfing ever, we found a good head high peak back down the coast, howling off shore though and hypothermia after only two waves...one of the things I love about being down in Nicaragua is the Hot water Here is a really bad Wipeout by Grant at Mavs the other day... they have had the best Sessions in years there, say Honolua going off yesterday while watching some Golf, double overhead off the outer point and clean... https://www.surfline.com/surf-news/twiggy-mavericks-gave-slap-showed-whos
  4. surfed that back in 62, trippy what with Golden gate right there Eh ? check out Peters wave a Mavericks, glad he didn't get hit by that lip...
  5. Best Carving day so far...Milk with no People for 2.5 hours... The Virus has definitely cut the crowd, down to Zero the Tracks were Sublime
  6. Perhaps a fine Merlot and ye be a slimy Slarver in no time lad...
  7. May the Force be with You !!!
  8. Nice Roro !! We had some Sweet Groom, at Milk yesterday...JB on it too
  9. after 52 seasons here, this one has taken the longest to get started, because of a serious lack of SNOW...there has been some, but nothin to get excited about, until today, 6 inches makes a difference...Thank You !!!
  10. Depends on Why you are there? Carving with others means, Where do we want to go, where are you going, where are they going, where am I going, which lift do we want to take, where do we meet, where do we eat, where do we, were do we, they do we I ride alone, so there is no distraction or direction, only what happens... when people are following, you have to know and care where they are, when following others, you have to know and care where they are... Is that better? No, simply a choice made by one individual
  11. Up close and Personal with Kai at Jaws
  12. those last two, show the difference between a Sl and and GS stick eh?
  13. even Squirrels leave Tracks...
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