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    Hipsterville NW Denva via the lower east section of new jersey
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    The Luv
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    self styled evil genius at ACME CONSTRUCTION
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    02 200cm TANKA, 195 Virus Spartan Super Carver, 188 coila aloha monsta,188 coila skinny aloha monsta, 02/03 187 TANKA oversize, 185 Donek "Flamingo FreeCarve", 180 donek secret, 174 Jasey Jay, 1992 palmer disco Pimp
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    Trac 425 pro, 27
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    TD3si, as goofy as they come, 6 in front, 3 in back, gas pedal, Massive big acceleration baby! 5 pairs all set to edge of board.
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  • Hardbooting since

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  1. Yes. I have a 23cm waisted 188 and have done just that in 2' at 250 lbs. mine is such a fun board
  2. got my lovey pass back in may. Not sure about hanging out in the lodge or The Rat(skeller), might just have to bring my breakfast again and do the post ride cahr bahr again this season. Should be riding in another week or so...
  3. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    should help things along some...
  4. Once she receives the transplant she will have to stay on immuno suppressant drugs for the rest of her life so her body does not reject the kidney. I’m sure her transplant surgeon would like her to have a greater number of antibodies on board before the surgery to increase her chance of surviving in an immunocomprised state should she contract covid She refuses to take the vaccine because it used a line of stem cells from an aborted fetus in its development, just like tylenol, Motrin, and a gozilliion other drugs we all ingest every day
  5. what about hanging with zombie armadillos?
  6. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Next saturday night... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMyXxOzuTo8
  7. Howzabout some facts about your ballz, they grown enough yet to hop on that coila' more often, or do you need a booster( or 3)
  8. Well, I guess with all of estrogen you're surrounded by you need all the help you can get Mario
  9. You want to see a show? Get vaxxed. Want to eat inside at most resorts in Colorado? get vaxxed. Using common sense is not "woke", its considerate of others, and smart. Got both of mine, I'm not magnetized, and try as i miight, I can't seem to get my laptop to hookup to me for that high speed 5g hotspot on my jobsite Mario
  10. yeah, the guy who posted above you, he made it a twintail
  11. That was my suspicion from that tiny morsel…
  12. Curbstomp that mofo and show it who's boss That's my answer for just about everything btw Mario
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