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    Hipsterville NW Denva via the lower east section of new jersey
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    The Luv
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    self styled evil genius at ACME CONSTRUCTION
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    02 200cm TANKA, 195 Virus Spartan Super Carver, 188 coila aloha monsta,188 coila skinny aloha monsta, 02/03 187 TANKA oversize, 185 Donek "Flamingo FreeCarve", 180 donek secret, 174 Jasey Jay, 1992 palmer disco Pimp
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    Trac 425 pro, 27
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    TD3si, as goofy as they come, 6 in front, 3 in back, gas pedal, Massive big acceleration baby! 5 pairs all set to edge of board.
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  1. If you decide to start padding up, stay away from the gform elbow pads, they tend to slide out of place upon impact. Knee pads are fine Mario
  2. Bravisimo!!! That is Stack Hall of Fame worthy right there!!! Exceptional work, you make me proud! Invest in some pads, my honi is much happier since I did, no more bloody sheets after one of my episodes of stupidity.
  3. Such a tease... Full frontal please
  4. Pictures please. You cannot tease carnage!
  5. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    As I recall, you were the only one who was unable to remain upright today. nice try girlfriend
  6. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Felt good to attend mass at the church of motion this am, and to partake in communion at the alter of acceleration. Missed you two boneheads more than I care to admit. Mario
  7. It's not the lift off, its the reentry that can be problematic. at least for me, just ask ink. I think I will be rolling more things in the future. My perceived age is close to 5 decades younger than my actual Mario
  8. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Lifts, lodging, food beverage and gas, I'd say 750 to 950 depending on how big you go and how many days you spend there. The LCI boneheads rent a house that works out to about 40 bucks a night per person with 5 people for 5 nights. Mario
  9. Yeah, that was some weak sauce... Kinda like my attempted run at the end Mario
  10. The main criteria was that the board had to be a minimum of 45 degrees to the slope. 3 judges counting turns below. Skidding and slarving were okay. It was all about the fun, and keeping the playing field as level as possible mario
  11. The universe is beating you about the head and neck with your pile of broken high backs, mushed out boots and what not. Succomb. Don't fight. Just a casual observation. Mario
  12. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I don't think the boots would fit you Andre, he's running like 26 mondo quadruple extra wide. I think his mom bound his feet when he was a baby...
  13. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    What kind of use has Ridgeline been seeing? No first hand knowledge of jeffco, but I've been reading that it's been a shitshow. Actually thinking of getting on my road bike and doing crit intervals around mile high to start getting some miles in without dealing with crazies Mario Ps. The above post is akin to blasphemy for those that ride with me can attest. Crazy times call for crazy actions
  14. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I ‘ll skip the camping thing, but i could be coerced into doing some bbq. Lets see how this all shakes out. Speaking of bbq: 2 racks of ribs on now
  15. Inky needs to have a peek at that Berthod clip, he might be in it Thanks Happy Bob! Mario
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