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    self styled evil genius at ACME CONSTRUCTION
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  1. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I know... Scared myself as I came up parallel to one of my trenches. Managed to tighten up.and get away from that tank trap. Had to check my knickers after that one. Tweaked my ribs a bit when my trailing hand dropped into someone's previous trench. Might have been one of mine. Severiously trencherous shit right there. Mario
  2. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Inky, Yami, Lonbordin, Ice, DT, moi, Carvin Marvin
  3. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I could fill this page with superlatives to describe todays festivities, but alas, I still wouldn't be able to capture the magic and majesty of what transpired today. Instead, I will keep it simple, succinct, and monosyllabic: Wow. Fantastic crew out today, In alphabetical order, we where Carvin' Marvin, D.T., Ice, Inky, Lonbordin, (riding 2 miles above his regular elevation at Paoli, well done sir!) Ms. Shelli, Yamafumi, and myself. It is so cool when a crew comes together, syncs up, creates an energy all of it's own, and begins feeding on that energy. I have been lucky to have experienced this a few times in my lifetime, today being one of those. I am looking forward to experiencing this again, again, and again. Stoke was off of the charts. After jacking myself up pretty good 5 weeks ago, I approached today with no small amount of trepidation, wondering If I would be able to ride at the same level and aggression as prior. A few turns in, I realized that any worry was unfounded, I knew I was going to have an outstanding day. Cannot wait to do it again. Thanks to all of you riding with me today, It was a much needed and overdue catharsis. I feel goooood... mario
  4. so they would be '' cows" then... Right?
  5. I forgot to add this link earlier. Deceptively brutal. Just started these in anticipation of my return to snow: https://www.backcountry.com/explore/train-eccentric-leg-strength-for-alpine-skiing Mario
  6. Here are a couple of simple things for you to remember: Soft legs (knees bent and flexy) Ride small (center of gravity close to the board) I have a few more, but start with those good luck, mario
  7. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    New this year due to the new lane construction and the rockfall mitigation mario
  8. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    just be sure to cross my trenches at 90 degrees, and I will try to do the same with yours. We'll be fine, the unsuspecting kook's, well, probably not so much. It will be entertaining, I'm sure Mario
  9. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    YO YO YO YO!!!! Word on the street Is that 2 rida's that have been down, but not out, are coming off of the IR next sunday. Ice , and myself, are planning our triumphant return to the slopes of lovey after a brief injury hiatus. It looks like we may have a couple of visitors, Carvin' Marvin will be joining us from the Beav, and we may have Lonboardin slummin' at the Luv from Paoli Peaks. Who else is in? Mario
  10. Good morning Dave, You could do an advanced purchase for 72bucks for the 26th, or meet one of us by the wedge bar before 8 and we can get you a pass for 71.00. I am planning on returning to the snow that day. Keep us posted Mario
  11. I ride at one of the earlier opening and later closing resorts here in Colorado, and I have seen a fair amount of idiocy that springs from entitlement through the years. We get teams from Alaska to New England for both early and late season training. The behavior ranges from a complete lack of lift line etiquette, coaches setting up drills under rollers, sending their charges across the slopes blindly, to treating a public slope like their own private race lane. Having experienced such behavior, I am not surprised by the racers action in regards to the collision, nor by the resorts decision to barely punish the culprits. Back in the olden days, I remember a time when you couldn't take a lift ride, grab a beer or a burger without seeing the responsibility code plastered allover the lift towers, bar coasters, and resort napkins. Not so much anymore. mario
  12. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Glad you collision wasn't worse. 3 weeks out, and I am able to burp, fart, hiccup, cough and sneeze without too much discomfort, so I got that going for me. I had a chest xray yesterday for my Drs. appt tomorrow, my lungs looked good, and I couldn't see any evidence of the break, but I am not a radiologist. I will have a better idea after that. Been working pretty minimally, though I did manage to overdo it a bit on Friday getting a safe set in a crawlspace. Shooting to get back on the snow around the 26th. Mario
  13. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Its been a while since I had anything ground, when I did, I used Edgeworks/Bicycle DR in Denver, they did a fine job, but that was like 10+ years ago I know that Sean sends his high end tune stuff to Denver Sports Lab, I have heard good things about them, but their hours are kinda funky, 4-8 pm Sunday- Friday, and Golden is not very convenient to your Fort Collins location. Another option is to check in with Bola, and see where he sends his stuff. I am due on a few of my sticks, the bases have acquired a bit of "structure" through the years Mario
  14. I have found that as I get in the upper 40's, the board is riding me, I am not riding it, 'm just hangin' on. some of my best days are when I can keep that board in the mid 30's, I know then that i'm controlling the board, and not just along for the ride mario
  15. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Hope it wasn't anything fancy. I should have added a caveat about some of the coverage when you asked about bringing "A" boards, be careful on the natural terrain off of 4/8/9, make mental notes of rock outcroppings when there is not a lot of new coverage, those sharks are always there even on deep powder days. Though a little sketch at times with the speed you need to carry on the catwalks, it is safer to take the catwalk back over to 4 than the face. They found a dead guy on the face a few years ago, never heard anything beyond that about it though. Mario
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