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    EXCAVATOR! And occaisional lawn dart

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    Hipsterville NW Denva via the lower east section of new jersey
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    The Luv
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    self styled evil genius at ACME CONSTRUCTION
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    02 200cm TANKA, 195 Virus Spartan Super Carver, 188 coila aloha monsta,188 coila skinny aloha monsta, 02/03 187 TANKA oversize, 185 Donek "Flamingo FreeCarve", 180 donek secret, 174 Jasey Jay, 1992 palmer disco Pimp
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    Trac 425 pro, 27
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    TD3si, as goofy as they come, 6 in front, 3 in back, gas pedal, Massive big acceleration baby! 5 pairs all set to edge of board.
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  1. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    2020. The dumpster fire in the middle of a train wreck 2020
  2. We need some of that down here Bad. Wild fires are really nasty
  3. Couple a gallons at least
  4. Ouchit! Glad to hear you're good, that's looking pretty gnarly!
  5. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Finally pulled the trigger on my pass. should be an interesting season. I get the feeling that we might be spending a fair amount of time on 3 once it opens Very cool Pic mister!
  6. Oh yeah? My dad can beat up your dad. That's kinda how I feel we are at anymore. So sad Mario
  7. How's that collection of Dinty Moore stained wife beaters coming a!ong?
  8. Me too. If I actually had a lawn I'd be chasing people off of it. (xeriscaped) Mario
  9. Meh. We had that under the old bomber forum. I prefer the lack of political discourse here. I like that Alpine snowboarding is about snowboarding and other motion sports. And beer. Sometimes music. It's a refreshing break from the inescapable noise of everyday. Mario
  10. Well said. Captures my feelings exactly. Thank you Lowrider
  11. The proliferation of cordless tools from mini grinders, skilsaws, and sawzalls have been a boon to douchenozzels of any stripe from bike and tool thieves to vandals. Last spring my jobsite was hit, and the gang box with all of my tools and a company tablet was opened with three cuts from a cordless grinder, probably in less than 2 minutes. Agree with lowrider, it probably didn't take long with a thin cutoff wheel. Lots of people with a bunch of displaced anger in the world and no outlets for that energy. I'll leave it there before I fall into angst filled rabbit hole Mario
  12. First day in a while that I haven't woken up with an irritated throat from the smoke, the sky is not tinted orange, and it's not "ashing". Such a sad summer Mario
  13. well the border is closed for the foreseeable future...
  14. If you can handle copper bowl you'll be fine Mario
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