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    Hipsterville NW Denva via the lower east section of new jersey
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    The Luv
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    self styled evil genius at ACME CONSTRUCTION
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    02 200cm TANKA, 195 Virus Spartan Super Carver, 188 coila aloha monsta,188 coila skinny aloha monsta, 02/03 187 TANKA oversize, 185 Donek "Flamingo FreeCarve", 180 donek secret, 174 Jasey Jay, 1992 palmer disco Pimp
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    Trac 425 pro, 27
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    TD3si, as goofy as they come, 6 in front, 3 in back, gas pedal, Massive big acceleration baby! 5 pairs all set to edge of board.
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  1. big mario

    Uber Funny

    I was just going to answer that with that very same thing
  2. Especially with the 6 day grey beard I was sporting Mario
  3. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Thank goodness I brought the skinny monster. First run on day 1 with the 195 virus was not an intelligent choice, nor was that stupid stuff freecarve. Sometimes I'm not a smart man. Mario
  4. Not quite there, but nice try! You are correct! Loveland Carve Initiative, Taking over the mountain 1 rider at a time. Its a long term plan, a very long term plan Inspired by a James Bondish dinnerjacket looking shell that I found on a discount rack at a beginning of the season clearance sale, the military guys from the college years of Buffy the Vampire slayer ( The Initiative) and a bunch of goofballs getting together once or twice a week to trench up the slopes of Loveland ski area, drink beer, and tell each other how awesome we all are. We even have a secret handshake. mario Love the soundtrack of our sticks rending the snow. Thanks for the edit Aaron, and all of the footy you, Inky, and D.T. shot!
  5. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Nice Job Aaron! Big thanks to you, Inky, and D.T. for shooting all of that! Mario
  6. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    No comparison Scrub, roulette, richards, switchback, and twist with 2x the length and maybe 4 people on it. Steep, big ass rockin' mountain That is all, Mario
  7. big mario

    Bend it....

    And still another MCC pic
  8. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Won't make it this weekend Andre, I will be just getting back from MCC on Saturday Mario
  9. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Might be enough snow that they can mow firecut and scrub now.... In Butte tonight, Montucky tomorrow! Mario
  10. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    The Return of MR. AWESOME (albeit briefly) So I decided to back off and do a few runs on mambo after finding my self comfortably ensconced in the back seat in 3 or 4 turns on Richards on the previous run. As I approached the junction of Richards and home run, I needed to pick my jaw up off the snow after watching this unknown cat absophuckinglutely rip the off camber section of lower Richards to shreds. I caught up to him at the lift chicane, and it turned out to be the long absent MR. AWESOME!!! So glad to see you at the Luv today! Another Steller day today, with Dusty Bottle, Ice, Inky, Lil' Miss Haily, Racer H, and my self in attendance. Pop Pop, you might not see it now, but your little granddaughter is about to leave you in the dust in the next season or so. Better start working on that fitness, you're gunna need it. I passed her on catwalk, and she is riding with a confidence beyond her years. A few of us are out for a bit as we trek up to Montucky, so I am expecting you , James to pick up my slack with your usual pithy, somewhat verbose updates. See you in 3 weeks, Mario
  11. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I know... Scared myself as I came up parallel to one of my trenches. Managed to tighten up.and get away from that tank trap. Had to check my knickers after that one. Tweaked my ribs a bit when my trailing hand dropped into someone's previous trench. Might have been one of mine. Severiously trencherous shit right there. Mario
  12. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Inky, Yami, Lonbordin, Ice, DT, moi, Carvin Marvin
  13. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    I could fill this page with superlatives to describe todays festivities, but alas, I still wouldn't be able to capture the magic and majesty of what transpired today. Instead, I will keep it simple, succinct, and monosyllabic: Wow. Fantastic crew out today, In alphabetical order, we where Carvin' Marvin, D.T., Ice, Inky, Lonbordin, (riding 2 miles above his regular elevation at Paoli, well done sir!) Ms. Shelli, Yamafumi, and myself. It is so cool when a crew comes together, syncs up, creates an energy all of it's own, and begins feeding on that energy. I have been lucky to have experienced this a few times in my lifetime, today being one of those. I am looking forward to experiencing this again, again, and again. Stoke was off of the charts. After jacking myself up pretty good 5 weeks ago, I approached today with no small amount of trepidation, wondering If I would be able to ride at the same level and aggression as prior. A few turns in, I realized that any worry was unfounded, I knew I was going to have an outstanding day. Cannot wait to do it again. Thanks to all of you riding with me today, It was a much needed and overdue catharsis. I feel goooood... mario
  14. so they would be '' cows" then... Right?
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