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    Sainte-Julie, Quebec, CA
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    Saint-Bruno, Mont-Blanc, Orford, Owl's Head, Mont Sainte-Anne...
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    TV Tech.
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    Coiler ECVC 175 x 22 13/14m SCR
    Coiler ECVC 177 x 22.5 14/16m SCR
    Coiler Nirvana Energy 170 x 20.5 11m SCR
    Coiler VSR 170x21 12m SCR
    Coiler BXFR 168x26 11m SCR
    F2 SILBERPFEIL 172cm
    Nidecker SLExtrem60 160cm
    Ride Havoc 163cm (for powder days)
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    Deeluxe T325 with Intec and BTS
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    F2 Race Titanium Standard Bail Front and Step-In back on all boards.
    Flat, no cant or lift.
    Depending on board width: 47 to 50 degrees rear, +7 degree front...
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  1. Hi, I'm looking for Mondo 30 boots and large F2 Bindings... Thanks!
  2. Good, bad, depends on your goals. Is it safer or more effecient in every conditions than "regular" carving technique, no. Is it challenging and fun, hell yes! It's like doing tricks on a softboot board, it's fun but you need to choose when and where to do it. EC helped me improve my carving on steep runs, rotation and "push-pull" also help me to be more versatile and dynamic , no more stiff legs and "sitting on the toilet" on back side... I think EC add tools to your toolbox, and lots of fun!
  3. If you want to go on the path of Extreme Carving (EC) to lay it down, forget isolation plates, buy an EC board with softer hardboots like the Deeluxe 325 or the UPZ XC12. EC boards are wider, more versatile than thin and stiff race boards. The stance is also more comfortable, rear foot is usually between 45 and 50 deg.... Combined with softer boots you will have a setup you can ride all day, carving the groomers and laying it down in the morning and still carve the chops in the afternoon...
  4. This is my setup: Coiler BXFR 168 x 26cm, 11m vsr Deeluxe Track 325 boots with BTS F2 Titanium bindings 22 inch stance. Rear: 25 deg. with inward cant. Front: 50 deg. with toe lift. Rides great and I can quickly switch any board I have!
  5. The cake is a lie! Love it!! P.S. I would add the business moto: "... we do what we must because we can!"
  6. New Coiler BXFR 168x26, 11m VSR, T3 for hardboots powder / AM
  7. Yeah, I know but It's a bit late, it will start to rain soon in the afternoon. Will see in the coming days but I already had a pretty good season so I'm at peace with the idea that the season is over.
  8. Will do... But I trusted Bruce, just told him what I wanted to do with it.
  9. I do graphics if you need help! Received mine today, sadly the season is pretty much over...
  10. Same here going from a 175x22 ECVC 13/14m to a 170x20 Nirvana Energy 11m VSR... First run was on ice, put too much pressure on the nose and got thrown over the handles! Like Corey said, with tighter sidecuts, things happen faster, ajust your speed, timing and pressure...
  11. I'm getting a Coiler hard boots powder board based on the BXFR, 168 x 26cm, 11m vsr, T3... I should get it in a couple of days!
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