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    I didn't fall, it's called Extreme Carving! ;)


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    Sainte-Julie, Quebec, CA
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    Saint-Bruno, Mont-Blanc, Orford, Owl's Head, Mont Sainte-Anne, Le Massif, Stoneham
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    TV Tech.
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    Coiler Contra 174 x 21 12m SCR
    Coiler ECVC 175 x 22 13/14m SCR
    Coiler ECVC 177 x 22.5 14/16m SCR
    Coiler Nirvana Energy 170 x 20.5 11m SCR
    Coiler VSR 170x21 12m SCR
    Coiler BXFR 168x26 11m SCR
    BLAX 160cm
    Ride Havoc 163cm
  • Current Boots Used?
    Deeluxe T325 with Intec and BTS
    Burton Photon BOA
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    F2 Race Titanium Standard Bail Front and Step-In back on all boards.
    Flat, no cant or lift.
    Depending on board width: 47 to 50 degrees rear, +7 degree front...
    Burton Cartel Bindings on the Coiler BXFR
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  1. Sutton! Il y a de belles pistes pour carver? Ça doit faire un demi-siècle que j'y suis aller! Non, ça va pour la caméra, je suis habitué, je film souvent depuis plusieurs années, j'y pense pas vraiment. Je la positionne à peut prêt, c'est l'avantage d'une caméra 360, tu recadres au montage...
  2. Second day on my new Coiler Contra 174 x 21, 12m filmed with my new Insta360 ONE X2 camera! Legs were a bit stiff and only 3 trails openned, hard packed and icy snow... This one on a Coiler ECVC 175 x22, 13.5m
  3. My rack is now complete, and full!
  4. Just received two new Contras, one for me and one for a friend! Red one is 174x21cm, 12m scr, the Matrix one is a 170x19.5cm 12m scr. Now I only need mother nature to cooperate a little!
  5. ... 1 week every winter...
  6. Working on my EC turns, getting pretty good and smooth, toe side still need a bit of work but I'm close! Wide black runs are a pure pleasure, can't get enough of it! At 44 I'm not getting younger, I really need to stretch, everyday if possible. Front leg is working harder than the other one so I need to keep doing some weight training to balance it out. I had a stiff left tight for a couple of month but found a good way to releive that with a massage gun, works wonders! I'm also helping others try hard boot carving, I have a couple of boot sizes, from 25 to 28 and some older boards that I can
  7. A couple of guys in Quebec have them, Redia and Firepopa on this forum, ask them...
  8. It was for a colleague of mine, he sent you a PM...
  9. Hey boys and girls! Here is two 4k montage of our trip to "Le Massif". A nice sunny day with great snow and an incredible view of the St-Laurence River... Enjoy
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