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  1. @svr does the boa make a noticeable improvement to heel lockdown?
  2. Sandy interesting to see the SI version of Ion get an extra Boa strap across the ankle that the regular Ions dont have - should help with response and cure the ballooning of the upper cuff typical of the Drivers. Look forward to the report.
  3. Pretty sure the CC can go wider - paging @BLOODTYPEZX10R
  4. Not surprised the first encounter with 'Madam Death' was exciting - there is some powerful voodoo in those Thirsts!
  5. Thanks @Serajam. After messaging with @hknzgot some great info & will buy.
  6. Stumbled across this after disappearing down an interweb rabbit hole courtesy of @slapos recent 'for sale' post - thanks Lukasz!
  7. You can't be serious....
  8. @*Ace* guessing stock TD3 don't work on a Skwal (?) so do your demos come with bindings? From a personal perspective, I've never even seen one in action on the hill, and I'm not even sure if my M29 landpackers would allow it (at 13.5 wide), but judging by your videos, it looks fun. I don't ski, so I feel like I would be far more likely to demo a Skwal if it came with a 'guided tour' of the basics (like how not to die ). Do you have any ambassadors scattered around that could help you out with that aspect?
  9. No need to circle the wagons Jack. I called it how I saw it & was satified (if not in agreement) with Coreys reply. I'll leave it at that.
  10. We agree to disagree Corey. I'm ok with that. Hate to be classified as an irrational and vocal minority!
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