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    Archipelago of Alpine Isolation
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    Pheasant Plucker
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    Karakoram Prime CI

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  1. Do you still have that board Mick?
  2. @Chad was chasing a 4x4 I think
  3. Careful brother @lowrider, I suspect the @SunSurfer would be a dab hand at lambing, with the added bonus of applying Propofol as required. While he may pay up front for the pleasure, I suspect the account may swing in his favor once his professional skills are tallied. Stay safe, some day this war will end.
  4. @SunSurfermore fuel to stoke your cerebral fire; no talk yet on sidecut depth - think it was @crackaddicts 25m moon rocket that raised the topic of "sidecut depth being better predictor of turn size than sidecut radius"
  5. An insight to the origin of the contra sidecut would be interesting.
  6. Those Universal Porcelain Mounts are a bit fragile
  7. Johno I am a Bomber guy but enjoy looking at these so much if I had a money tree I'd buy a set for the coffee table just so I could admire your engineering. Respect.
  8. Ooh sweet mercy -- I'm hearing construction is quite different to established metal boards too
  9. that is merely your opinion
  10. I was wondering why my sodium free nut butter was emblazoned with the caution "not edible" - clearly I should not have assumed it could both compliment the lazer cat satay and unfreeze my galled Whitworths. I appreciate this insight Beckmann. As you were.
  11. I like the lively - sets them apart from the rest.
  12. @kram that Tesi still got the lively feel under foot typical of other Thirsts?
  13. I like this interpretation of fiscal impact @st_lupo and will use it during the next home office trial by fire ...."No, that new Fox X2 was waaaay cheaper than my snowboard"
  14. All those people with 160 Angrrys must be disapponted their carves are meaningless?
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