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  1. 100 last; now we are getting somewhere. Link lever spring mod next thanks @Mr.E
  2. Has anyone used these on boots bigger than M27?Website quotes max BSL as 300mm, just wondering if there is some wiggle room.
  3. @pokkis is that a snowboard strapped to that paraglider?
  4. Thanks @Beckmann AG. I came across a large variation between 2 different sets of skis (on which every other parameter is set the same) which gave me cause to wonder if that 'usual' business card dimension may be different for Knee bindings (one was as advertised, the other akin to a sausage in a shirt sleeve). Unable to find any OEM adjustment info. Bad day at the workshop maybe.
  5. @fishrising he is probably out making a few turns I've emailed him twice recently and he responded within 24 hrs.
  6. Thats it. You could try PM here too: @forrest
  7. Just maybe that new & improved back of yours will also cure this problem! Good luck.
  8. OK. Might be worth checking the base with a straight edge. If that looks good, I'm out
  9. Could be your front binding is too far forward?
  10. @Beckmann AG Care to offer an assessment of MS width in comparison with the more 'mainstream' boots?
  11. Sure. Might even save some money. A pack of 4 is $8 from Bomber/Gumbo -personally I prefer to support him so he might still be around when I need a TDsomething I cant buy at mcmasters.
  12. Or here: http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/TD3-and-Sidewinder-Parts_c_47.html
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