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  1. Hey Barry your messsage inbox must be full.- cant send you any PMs ?

  2. @dhamann I run hardboots for day-to-day carving, but I've found these to be quite a bit burlier than the diodes they replaced, and certainly have no reason to think they are any more likely to fail than any other binding that uses a plastic disc to connect with a board. Given scottish surfers extensive history in pushing bindings into failure, I would imagine he is better placed than most to make an educated observation on the bindings being up to task he requires?
  3. The vast majority what @scottishsurfer has written reflects my experience with the Prime CI's, although I have had no issues with ratchets. They are solid. Couple of additional points that may be of interest to some: 1. There is no adjustment to allow highback rotation. To be fair, I don't know of a binding on the market that will allow highbacks to be rotated enough for high angles anyway (I run +30/21). 2. I doubt you could fit a boot much larger than my sz11 DriverX without significant toe overhang of the footbed. This will be more of a problem if you decide to convert them for splitting, as you have to trim the footbed to install the tour pins. 3. I like to run the toe strap around my toe, rather than on top. In this position, the lower part of the strap is not snug against the boot and I have had it snag and pop the toe strap off. Could just be the interface with the specific brand of boot. 4. I have yet to try mine, but there is a factory option to add a quick-release "third strap" (flex lock) to provide some additional lateral support which some might find useful. Strap releases when angle rachet is opened.
  4. I just dont understand why Shred needs 4 Skwals?
  5. Reworded the question. If if the goal is to set the heel & toe over the edge, then if the boot is easily centered in the binding, it just becomes a simple function of angles, boot size and board width. Are larger sized UPZ as difficult to make heel & toe equidistant to edge?
  6. So, after all this, some one school me the utility of the underslung heel?
  7. And ours @lonbordin, and ours !!
  8. Hand written note below the PREPARE TO UNLOAD sign in the lift house window: ^ Show me your tip$ ^
  9. http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/Bomber-By-Gumbo-LTD_bymfg_2-0-1.html
  10. What! No stout or onion soup today gents?!
  11. Great description + photos Rj. Thanks for sharing. A couple of before/after photos of binding mounted on board with the "fuego" would be really interesting.
  12. A satellite should have a wide enough field of view.
  13. From a good ole boy in a camo snowmobile suit and trucker cap: Y'all makin some dangerous ruts with that there ski whaal. Dang near crashed. Me: I can't help it, the board makes me do it. GOB: That so? Well, guessin' sometimes y'all just gotta let the horse have its head... I'm still not sure if that was a compliment or he was fixing to Skijore me
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