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  1. No need to circle the wagons Jack. I called it how I saw it & was satified (if not in agreement) with Coreys reply. I'll leave it at that.
  2. We agree to disagree Corey. I'm ok with that. Hate to be classified as an irrational and vocal minority!
  3. And this thinly veiled political commentary relates to alpine snowboarding how?
  4. @SunSurfer; +100 days in, you go rogue, take your eye off the ball for a quick jaunt to the snow and BAM the 'Rona returns. What were you thinking man?!!
  5. Finally something about carving! TFFT.
  6. @lowrider a tunnel might be the answer - I dont think El Chapo is very busy. I'm holding out for reports on the groom at your Tbar commune.
  7. Alex Pullin drowned today while spearfishing in Australia. A 13 year veteran of the SBX world tour, Chumpy won 2 world titles, 2 Crystal Globes and carried the flag for the Australian Winter Olympic team at Sochi. He was 32. He will be missed.
  8. The longer it all rolls on, I'm thinking a seaon pass to @lowrider's T-bar ranch might be the safest bet (with the added bonus of unfettered political debate, ride-through rest rooms and some handsome livestock). Actually, might be nice if all the mega passes just fall over and you can go back to riding with locals who don't blow in for the first 2 hours, smoke all the groom/pow, eat their packed lunch in the lodge and blow out....
  9. Congrats @SunSurfer. Proof enough of what a well thought out response, real political nous and a willing population can achieve, even if you did have an advantage of location. Time will tell how much heartache NZ has escaped if the dead bat does bounce, but as you say, even you hardy kiwis can't survive in isolation indefinitely; re-integration to the globally (infected) community may be your greatest challenge.
  10. Sweet. Also love an honest opinion on how they pedal with flat battery (or zero assist). Thanks!
  11. I'm more of a flow trail tourer rather than a 'shuttle up for the DH' rider, so other than being able to ride further in an allotted time frame, I am really torn over these - does (almost) double the price & weight deliver double the fun? Really interested to hear you thoughts @JRAZZ & @212swat after few months use.
  12. Not sure that is exactly where the idea came from
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