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    coiler by 168 (soft boots)
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    K2 cinch for stop powder - 50front & 52rear
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    Burton Race plates - 63front & 65rear
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  1. are you wanting these bindings for spare parts?

  2. Done. 130 shipped? Pm me your PayPal. Been busy the past few days. lambertos@charter.net
  3. ok, how much is shipping to michigan? 48189
  4. I have a small 150 accelerator?
  5. How are the sizes compared to raichle? Are the upz wider toe box and heels? Need to make sure they will fit my son
  6. Hello all. Looking for the extra long base block screws for the heel lift. It’s the big 3/4 inch one. I need two of them. anyone have any? thanks Lamberto
  7. Do you have pictures? 24 or 24.5? thanks
  8. Looking for some kids boots. My son has a pair of raichle that are hurting his heels. Seems to narrow in the back heel cup. Anyone have some advice or options for me? thanks all lamberto
  9. Norman if you still have the boilers, I could use the, for my son. Let me know thanks! lamberto
  10. Anthony other buyer passed on these. Bindings are yours. paypal or personal check? let me know lamberto
  11. I had one buyer ahead of you. I’ll check with him real quick. If not they are yours thanks lamberto
  12. Not sure. I have these mounted on 4x4 mounting pattern. Perhaps someone can speak to this? I do not know if they mount on both. Some pictures online show a third hole for burton 3 hole bindings. I can take another picture but perhaps you should inquire on the forum to be sure but yes they are available. One other person was in line. I will check with him
  13. Sold - sold - sold Brand new BXFR for sale. Posted for Bruce. 165 length. 27 waist. It has only 45 min of demo on it. No marks or scratches. 165 overall length 133 effective edge 8/10/9 meter side cut 27 wide range for 180-200lbs Contact Bruce, he is asking for $600.00 USD . I am only posting for him. info@coiler.com
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