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  1. FYI - folks, those AT style boots are super comfortable and light. The scarpa are amazing boots
  2. i have a stuff accelerator i can let go for $25. My son is done with it. $25 Plus shipping please I also have a set of 23ish raichle boots. Decent shape.
  3. I like softer boots in general. But with wider feet, its tough to get a good balance. I always had soft boots for powder days, but the soft boots and bindings always fit wierd and never supported enough. I am hopefully these will function as soft boots for hardbooters like me. Not really a hardboot for softbooters. They might just end up somewhere between, but its all about comfort with these and if they can ride at all.
  4. So I found a good deal and bought a pair. i will suit them up this season and post a report. Should be interesting as they are stiff lowers, and medium uppers. The boots fit super well. More posts when the snow flies, ping me back here to remind me to write up a review Thanks
  5. I am going to have to hold for now. Hopefully things change, but I am trying not to fly until this pandemic issue subsides I almost pulled the trigger!
  6. Contact Sean at donek. I bought them there before. Also yzcanuck has them the hardware store version doesn’t have wider heads for pull through. just my opinion
  7. Yeah. I just found a 2009 F2 speedster. Much more modern in shape. Should have more camber too and more width
  8. I like the nine inch nails sticker on the tail.
  9. Thats a nice board, but kinda steep at 225 plus Thanks for sending my way!
  10. I used to love that 171 from way back. How much is shipping to MI? 48189. Do you have a picture?
  11. Looking for a Burton factory prime or ultra prime for my son. 155ish range. Looking to keep costs low. Would consider others as well in the same sizes. Let me know - either PM or email me Lambertos@charter.net
  12. are you wanting these bindings for spare parts?

  13. Done. 130 shipped? Pm me your PayPal. Been busy the past few days. lambertos@charter.net
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