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  1. The contra rides The contra is great in all conditions. Its a different variable radius than the vcam. Vcam is 181, contra is 174. The vcam is easier to ride and more smooth variations in surface or snow. It also likes speed a bit more, even though it has a tight radius as well. The Vcam is a nirvana and likes to move and make smooth turns. The contra likes uniform snow, meaning not soft in one spot or icy in the next. It rides well on any condition, but because it is so turny, it feels better on a more uniform surface. Does well is slush, ice, or snow just needs to be the same
  2. I'd like to add that the contra is an amazing board. i just got my 174 this season and wow. My riding has gotten so much better. I laugh all day long, kept saying I shouldn't be able to do this! Can turn like a madman, runs over anything and did I mention it turns?? This is loads of fun. Don't get me wrong, it does not replace my nirvana vcam, but it fills in gaps I did not know i had...
  3. i think these might fit the sparks? Based on the image above. Yes they do. They have the full intec compatible heel
  4. take a look at f2. Those are a good place to start. Ebay or here is best for starters
  5. Interested in the bomber bag if you have an extra one? (saw in the picture) Thinking about the EC 165....
  6. I have a set of older deeluxe 27.5 blue. Decent condition, shells only, not being used in my closet. $50 plus shipping
  7. Done. I am in for these. 48189 shipping in michigan
  8. Anyone have a board bag that they are will to part with? I need one or two for my son. Please email or DM me Thanks! Lamberto
  9. Its a sweet board. Good luck to the new owner! That was one rainy icy week. But lots of fun. The demo tent helped me out as my board did not work so well in those conditions.
  10. Was this from the session at Stratton mt a few years back? The ice session?? FYI - this is an amazing board. I have a similar board at 181 that is sooo smooth and fun to ride. My 12 yo son is trying to steal it all the time from me!
  11. They are quite pleasant JRAZZ. They gave a good ride feel, but the question will be on the long haul. I will be interested how they feel after a week or two on them. Looks promising though. What size are your boots?
  12. So a bit of an update on the boots. Fitment - the boots in general are very stiff out of the box. The size seems to run a little smaller but standard liners are warm and supportive. That said, there is an added lace up leather/vinyl support that goes over the liner and is meant to secure the foot to the liner. It could be very comfortable. For me, it created several pressure points that were not comfortable to me. I disassembled the boots and found this inner support was the culprit. I removed them and re-inserted the liners. Much better fit! To this, I then added my molded liners
  13. ibrussell, Not sure if there are around, someone might have some. I used F2 bindings on these. Worked great as I could put three screws across the plate. So the TD plate should work. I just have never done it myself. If you want a deal, i could bundle the F2 bindings I have for sale with the board? Then you have a full working set up.
  14. Sorry for the confusion, I guess it was not clear. This sale is for the bindings only. I can add the heels if needed. I have the intec heels and mechanisms if someone is interested. Please add $25 for heels to the bindings price, plus shipping.
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