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  1. Absolutely agree, and the vaccine widely distributed. (This is not a cue for a vaccine vs. anti-vaxxers flame war). Business leaders here in NZ now saying that international travel/tourism at any significant level will need the same thing, tourism being a major contributor to our GDP. Travellers will probably need evidence of immunity via a certififed antibody assay.
  2. What blows me away, having tried to shoot video of others while riding my own board, is the riding/tracking skills of the guy with the (gimballed) camera!
  3. Assuming that Pokkis' provided setup data is correct, his(her!) stance is also long for his(her!) height. 58cm! I've gradually moved out to 56cm and I'm 182cm with relatively long legs for my height. Might have to try longer whenever I next get on snow. PS: See Pokkis comment below - setup data from the video on YouTube - Thanks @pokkis PPS: Kira is a girl!? Then I have to carve like a girl!
  4. "+" style upper body despite the relatively low angles. Very flexible waist/lower spine/hips rotation to allow that difference to exist. Exemplar style. If I was going to show one video to a softbooter who wants to carve - THIS ONE!
  5. Likely this season will not happen.
  6. Original reference for DIY mask research above. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/258525804_Testing_the_Efficacy_of_Homemade_Masks_Would_They_Protect_in_an_Influenza_Pandemic#pf7 Just made my own using my neoprene face protector from snowboarding plus a folded bandana inside, counting 12 layers of bandana, an air seal close to the N95 mask I practised with at work the other day and enough humidity absorption that my glasses don't fog. NZ goes into Wuhan level lockdown nationwide in 26 hours time for initially 4 weeks. I'm sure I'll be doing some carpet carving trying some stuff out, and watching lots of carving videos. At least when I'm home resting up between whatever shifts we end up working at the hospital.
  7. Made by Siouxsie (Susie) Wiles, a currently purple haired microbiologist from NZ, not your typical academic! Just one of the people helping with the response here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siouxsie_Wiles
  8. Playlist of the instruction videos I've found. The above video is in the list. Tried to put together a number of playlists of useful videos for riders so have a look around the channel. Recently made them public. RiotSupercarver (YouTube) = SunSurfer(AlpineSnowboarder.com)
  9. In the midst of this pandemic there are many sources of information. There are already a lot of conspiracy theories and misinformation. Go for authoritative information, your local health authorities, the world wide respected CDC, Centres for Disease Control. View anything on Facebook etc which does not have an official source with caution. I haven't watched the video John has posted above. The comment is a general one, not specifically directed at the posted video.
  10. Wearing my anesthesiologist hat, non-invasive ventilation very effectively aerosolises the virus. Recommendations are for intubation earlier than usual to support patients but enable sealed systems to be used to minimise aerosol spread. The other issue is not just the number of ventilators, but the number of people with the skills to operate them. Lots of people thinking hard about ways to get us all through this. Keep thinking John.
  11. Just seen a new horror of this pandemic. Personal protective equipment training for our all anaesthesia department staff today. The viral filter masks don't seal if you have any significant beard. Just fully seen a number of my male colleagues faces for the first time ever!
  12. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/coronavirus-may-make-millions-of-americans-sick-but-we-only-have-about-100000-ventilators/ To help you understand the stats around the whole heap of trouble the USA is in. 538 is a USA based, reasonably politically neutral, and has some of the best writers around to make statistics accessible. The article may also help with linking your behaviour as an individual and the effect that has on your country/society as a whole. Not all doom and gloom.
  13. Coming to the realisation that there is no guarantee of a NZ season this year for me. Fields may not open, OR, our hospital system may be running on empty for staff by then and my time off is not possible. PPE training this week for all our anaesthesia dept staff, (ED & ICU staff already done) with plans to use our younger staff in the frontline to start with. This is a long game, play will continue till vaccination is widely distributed.
  14. Right now Jack, that's as close to a hug as anyone should give to someone who isn't immediate family.
  15. Not so sure. If Photoshopped someone has gone to the trouble of putting accurate cord reflections on the ptex surface near the nose.
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