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    Regular stance. Models: F2 & Bomber TD3 Intecs. Isocline plates, both DIY design/builds and BBP 4mm, with UPM & 4x4 pattern, ride with fixed axle front. Experimenting with stance distance & skwal style stances.
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  1. I ran into a hairy, barefoot guy at the shops called Peter, and he asked me why I looked thoughtful. I explained the poll to him, and he said I should go ask Finn Bomberdill. (I live in Wellywood)
  2. https://imgur.com/a/JNjfR1v (images of my feet shape + photo of my feet) I used 3D Avatar Feet to do these images (Google Play store). It used an A4 piece of paper as a reference size/shape and involved multiple photos guided by an onscreen rectangle. The software undersized my foot length by approx 1cm. Measuring my feet by heel against a known vertical and to tip big toe I am 28.9 and 29.0 cm. I use the 324mm UPZ shell with Intuition mondo 29.0 liners. I used the same UPZ size chart shown above to reach that decision based on my measured foot length and knowing that my toes needed roo
  3. Happily ride UPZ RC10 mondo 29 on Intec F2s and Bomber TD3s. Remember, you're looking at a same/shorter shell if you go to mondo 29. UPZ heel just moved things in a little more. I moved away from Deeluxe because of heel hold issues, and that is better in my UPZs. Use Intuition Powerwrap liners after stock UPZ liners left me with blistered shins. UPZ North America have had end of season sales in the past. I bought my boots during one of those. PS: nothing too shabby about the riding in the video!
  4. Over servicing is always going to be an issue in a medical system where it is fundamentally a money making business, rather than a service. In a publicly funded, universal healthcare service your doctor gets paid whether he/she operates or not. That environment does not reward over treating or over investigating patients.
  5. Read this and be inspired to make the best of all your days. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/feb/21/its-never-too-late-elderly-high-achievers
  6. @Neil Gendzwill Not you, Neil! Brother Lowrider tempted me by mixing politics and people being counter to modern science. I cannot say more without incurring the wrath of the mods!
  7. @lowriderOh I am so tempted to post something that the mods will have to delete! ............ deleted
  8. @teach Wrong order. Get cuff canting done first. Establish a baseline of flat boot soles. Then work out if you need binding lift and/or cant (see video below).
  9. Both of the hamstring stretch techniques shown will put major stress on your lumbar spine. I am in my early 60's, just like you Barry, and do lots of cycling in the off season. I have a life time of tight hamstrings! I use the hamstring stretch I describe and illustrate in this post below. It is a powerful hamstring stretch but protects your lumbar spine.
  10. @Jack M Do you have a sense of why such a different experience between your K168 and the K185?
  11. 182 cm tall, 89.5cm leg inseam, 56cm (22 inch) stance, 60-65 front, 60 rear. UPZ RC10, modded rear for better heel lift control, and to allow greater forward flex without buckle impingement. Use 6-9 degrees lift front, and 9 degrees rear. No cant used on either foot. (Bomber TD3, 6 degree cant disc, 3 degree wedges under toe and heel blocks) Front boot cuff positioned on 1st position, i.e. more vertical. Front springs set to medium compression to allow some give for bump absorption. Rear boot position 3-4, i.e flexed forward. Rear springs set uncompressed to allow easy forw
  12. @b0ardskiI'm also witnessing the decrepification of my body. I turn 62 soon, and finding my previously very able body is starting to betray me. Laughter is good medicine, certainly for me.
  13. "decrepification" Love it! A new word to use with my patients!
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/feb/15/he-was-the-steve-jobs-of-audio-how-rupert-neve-changed-the-sound-of-music-recording
  15. Kids that do that to my boards get the "death" stare! If they're with their parents I speak to the parents, if alone I explain lift queue etiquette to them. I have a way with words! One of the Covid social distancing advantages is that it wasn't possible winter 2020 season!
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