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  1. Welcome to the Ankh-Morpork Carvers Guild!
  2. The act of vandalism/protest is a window into the whole debate about access and commercial exploitation of wilderness areas. A similar gondola project in the Fiordland area of NZ failed to get planning permission because a whole lot of people saw it as commercial vandalisation of pristine wild NZ. A gondola is a much more permanent and visible change on a landscape than a mountain bike trail.
  3. ASB = Alpine(S)now(B)oarder.com Forums
  4. ASB is an addiction most of us can't seem to quit.
  5. From what I've read about this the perpetrator knew exactly what they were doing and had the equipment to do it very quickly. Someone who was strongly against the gondola installation from the very beginning would be the likely motivation.
  6. Suspect that the reason for civil discourse is that that is the established "norm" here, maintained by the vigilance of our volunteer moderators.
  7. I watched Australia's infernoes last Southern summer and had the smoke darken our skies here in NZ. How are things going?
  8. If Cummins is right, then the current upsurge in "case" diagnoses in Northern Europe will not be matched with hospital admissions and deaths to anything like the same extent that was seen in March through June. Given the known lag between diagnosis and deaths, time will tell. Testable hypotheses, based on previous observation and evidence, are at the foundation of science.
  9. Note in the video a 23 day lag was factored in between new case and deaths correlations. Overall, excess deaths is a reasonable marker of the overall impact of Covid. Case diagnosis has so many variables around it across the various countries being analysed. Death is a reasonably definitive diagnosis I'd like to think that, as an experienced doctor, I'd make correctly. Time will tell with this event who was right. In any evolving situation with many unknowns, after the event hindsight gives perfect vision. If correct it is a very humbling analysis for the (lack of) efficacy of p
  10. @Modobigdog This is a skwal.
  11. https://niwa.co.nz/news/winter-2020-–-nzs-warmest-winter-on-record This was our warmest winter since records began. NIWA is New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.
  12. I picked up the board about 30 minutes ago from where it had been safely delivered while I was away on a snowboarding holiday. Well packaged, it is in perfect condion, clearly unused as described, and no shipping damage. Communication with forf.dawg was excellent. Many thanks, in particular for being willing to go the extra mile to arrange delivery to New Zealand. My thanks also to Mark @ Thirst for detailed information about the boards specs and suitability for me. It's been tucked safely away until next winter when, unless someone has prised it out of my cold dead hands, it will be r
  13. Yes. Mondo 29 boots impose some limits to how low I can get without overhang. I've never felt comfortable with more - body position lower angles create. I don't find balance and edge angle control to be as easy on heelside when I compare it with the + position I'm riding in the video. I'm 61, and have some lower back issues, so I don't have the trunk rotation capabilities that many of the great riders in the "Softboot carving worth watching" video thread are able to produce. I also find that the + stance allows my knees to flex/extend for shock absorption without major changes in edg
  14. A great deal, but still a lot of money. The hardest bit is going to be looking at a new Thirst Superconductor for nearly a year until I get it on snow. And the memory of riding yours gnawing at me!!! Hopefully next year won't be quite as exceptional a winter as this one, reported to be in the warmest 3 winters in the last 110 years, and with snowpack in many monitoring sites just half of long run average.
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