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  1. While it's nice not to have any reaction and still get the immunity to the Covid virus, your sore arm, and your friend's wife's illness are both signs of the body recognising the vaccine material as "foreign" and producing a good immune system response to the vaccine. Remember, none of the vaccines you mention contain Covid virus. (Edit: AZ & JJ use an adenovirus to carry the "template" to make the antibodies to Covid) The Astra-Zeneca vaccine does rarely (estimates vary between 1-4 cases per 1,000,000 people vaccinated) trigger antiplatelet antibodies and the resulting blood clots an
  2. Looking at the FIS SmugMug photos and applying some thought, I'd guess the Germans have made a sliding axle with enough slide to not constrain flex at the front end of their AllFlex plates. The effect would be to increase the flex in the front half of the board under the plate, while the rear half remains constrained.
  3. Nikon surf photography awards https://www.theguardian.com/sport/gallery/2021/may/05/in-the-green-room-the-2021-nikon-surf-photography-awards
  4. @daveo you didn't watch the 2nd video, to the end! Respect @NateW!! Edit: Hmmmm, maybe time for new glasses. That was not a deliferate mistale!
  5. @Chouinard Not familiar with the DOE acronym. What does it stand for?
  6. @Skahw you plan to ride in hard boots or soft boots and suitably stiff bindings?
  7. Carving fakie on a skwal? Does Chris make twin tips? Chester clearly is someone who always knows where his edge is.
  8. @Jack M I'll chuckle and take that as a "No". My thinking is that makers have core profiles and composite layups that produce a flex profile for that length that is in sympathy with a known range of sidecuts. Ask for a sidecut outside that range and you're heading into unpredictable territory. Watched a YouTube video of a computer guided ski core sander. A modified core would be a whole new code task and unknown performance. Hence the caution
  9. @Jack MDid you discuss with Hansjuerg Kessler how the board flex might be adjusted, or was the discussion purely around sidecut? The whole point of this thread, and the point that I made at the beginning, and John has made just above, is that SCR is the major determinant of turn shape only at shallow board inclination angles, and flex rapidly increases the contribution it makes so that it forms the majority of turn shape geometry at angles above 45 degrees. SCR is easy to design, and relatively easy to change. Flex, as we've discovered, is a much more difficult beast to tame. You can
  10. @johnasmo Thanks, that relationship between sidecut/board inclination angle/flex all determining turn shape, with the inclination angle changing the share the other 2 factors contribute, is the concept where I began this thread. I'm starting to get a clearer picture of the forces that make a board flex, and the desirable flex patterns in the front, midsection (between bindings or outermost plate attachment points). I still don't have a sense of what is desirable in rear section flex. @johnasmo & @dredman watching the Whitefish videos, John tends to begin his turns with a little s
  11. @slapos If you're looking for a binding & cant calculator for Bomber bindings search for TrenchGear3D in the Google Play store. The app shows the results of combinations of binding angles and cant disc angles. The old Tweakomatic page at the Carvers Almanac - Binding Setup section seems to have stopped working.
  12. @crackaddict We'll agree to disagree, but the disagreement will be friendly and discussed over beers if this awful epidemic ever ends, and I manage to find my way back to the USA for the Montucky Clear Cut.
  13. @Jack MAbsolutely, I can't get my head around why the basic design works, but also what the variants (springs/plate underside rib designs) contribute to the overall performance. Board flex limitation is a unique design feature. The total amount of board flex in the mid-section in use would seem to be a function of the plate flex pattern. The long inter-hinge distance (70+cm) creates a very long midsection where torsional stiffness is presumably very high. Presumably the spring versions allow effective rider input to the board mid-section torsion/twist in race courses where slide/carve turns
  14. @daveoNot necessarily all the secrets. Some of us are still trying to identify which of the various design features of the AllFlex plate design(s) are responsible for it becoming the GS racers current favourite. Isolation / separation of board from rider Long distance between board attachment points Limiting the amount of board flex before the plate must also bend in order for further board flex to occur. Splitting front and rear of plate, with spring controlled resistance, potentially allowing the racer to manage mid section torsion of the board. Variation in plate fl
  15. @johnasmo Is this the kind of thing you're talking about with TR playing a role in the ride feeling harsh, that too much TR can be a problem. These guys seem to be saying the same thing with skis. Not sure if the English translation captions turn on automatically, otherwise your Swedish better be good. (At least I'm assuming it's Swedish, now I relisten sounds like might be German)
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