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    Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
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    10+ boards between 160 & 180cm, 1995 to 2017 builds.
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    Modified UPZ RC10S. A pair of standard boots is just the start of the fun!
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    Regular stance. Models: F2 & Bomber TD3 Intecs. Isocline plates, both DIY design/builds and BBP 4mm, with UPM & 4x4 pattern, ride with fixed axle front. Experimenting with stance distance & skwal style stances.
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  1. Reading the whole reference I don't get quite the same impression as TVR. But it was an interesting read. Thanks for linking it.
  2. A great demonstration in the slow motion heel side turns of how with an across board stance absorbing vibration with your knees changes edge angle.
  3. Senior contributor? I'm wondering what the next rank is? Celebrations this morning here too where NZ has won the World Championship in a major sport the USA and Canada really don't play. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/jun/23/new-zealand-win-world-test-championship-after-last-day-drama-against-india
  4. In the dark Southern climes of New Zealand, ski season has begun with Mt Hutt open with reasonable early season snow. Other fields not so blessed with snow yet. We increasingly celebrate Matariki, the Maori New Year, around this time of year. https://www.tepapa.govt.nz/discover-collections/read-watch-play/maori/matariki-maori-new-year Our Aussie cousins have the Dark MoFo https://www.darkmofo.net.au/program Personally, I'm making preparations for an August trip to Cardrona & Treble Cone ski fields, with a collection of boards, and a pair of carving skis. Have family & friends joining me for periods of the time away. Hopefully lots of GoPros etc. Aussie travel bubble with NZ has just popped, with a brewing Covid infectious Australian visitor last weekend to Wellington who was symptomatic at time of their return flight and tested positive soon after. That will impact a lot of Australian snow visitors for the school holidays (spread over about 3 weeks) that start in 3 days time. Local impact will become clearer over the next week or so.
  5. Brown snow? Volcanic ash, or ?
  6. Riding platter lifts on a snowboard is an acquired skill. Bystanders are likely to be much amused if you haven't done this before!
  7. @philw Try biasing your bindings on wide boards so that your rear binding toe is close to the edge, and your front binding heel is close the edge. Works for me on my old Rad Air Obsession/Pinkerman Extreme and the board carves easily and flicks quickly from edge to edge.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/may/24/tony-hawk-skateboarding-legacy-interview On growing older but still skating, deciding that there are tricks he won't do again.
  9. While it's nice not to have any reaction and still get the immunity to the Covid virus, your sore arm, and your friend's wife's illness are both signs of the body recognising the vaccine material as "foreign" and producing a good immune system response to the vaccine. Remember, none of the vaccines you mention contain Covid virus. (Edit: AZ & JJ use an adenovirus to carry the "template" to make the antibodies to Covid) The Astra-Zeneca vaccine does rarely (estimates vary between 1-4 cases per 1,000,000 people vaccinated) trigger antiplatelet antibodies and the resulting blood clots and low platelet counts, which makes the risk-benefit ratio favour its use in older people (somewhere around 40-50+ years old) with a greater risk of severe illness or death from Covid. (Links below to newspaper, and New England Medical Journal original reference source) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/13/astrazeneca-blood-clotting-what-is-this-rare-syndrome-and-how-is-it-caused https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2105385 Update 13 May: JJ now also linked to same rare clotting and low platelet count problem.
  10. Looking at the FIS SmugMug photos and applying some thought, I'd guess the Germans have made a sliding axle with enough slide to not constrain flex at the front end of their AllFlex plates. The effect would be to increase the flex in the front half of the board under the plate, while the rear half remains constrained.
  11. Nikon surf photography awards https://www.theguardian.com/sport/gallery/2021/may/05/in-the-green-room-the-2021-nikon-surf-photography-awards
  12. @daveo you didn't watch the 2nd video, to the end! Respect @NateW!! Edit: Hmmmm, maybe time for new glasses. That was not a deliferate mistale!
  13. @Chouinard Not familiar with the DOE acronym. What does it stand for?
  14. @Skahw you plan to ride in hard boots or soft boots and suitably stiff bindings?
  15. Carving fakie on a skwal? Does Chris make twin tips? Chester clearly is someone who always knows where his edge is.
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