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  1. Morse code...turned around to see a little kid banging down on the top of my board with the bottom tip of his ski pole.
  2. Work backward from the defect - Buckle pops open but but does not break. Why: Loss of latch tension. Why: Ends moving together allowing buckle to release. Why: Boot deforming during forward pivot. Why: Either forward lean springs too soft and boot deforms at end of travel OR forward lean springs are ok but initial lean pivot position too far forward forcing boot to deform at end of pivot to accommodate additional forward lean.
  3. And I canceled my trip to Aspen this week because of the...WUHAN! This one is hard to take.
  4. Custom foot beds will most likely shorten your foot as they support your arch so get them before molding the liner. I think they are crucial to comfort.
  5. Beautiful board but I am backing out of the Nirvana.
  6. I’ll take the Nirvana balance.
  7. If you have already pressed the center plate down into the rubber ring before trying the bolts the stack up is too tall for the fasteners you have. I have multiple sets. Some center disks are thicker than others but all need to pressed into the ring. Set the bindings on the board and use a rod to gage down to the bottom of the insert hole to quickly determine the max length of bolt. You’ll need to go shorter to compensate for the compressed profile when the bolts are tightened. I wouldn’t ride without the ring.
  8. I’m interested, I’ll PM.
  9. In addition to your quiver of boards you need a quiver of techniques. Learn them, ride the mountain and carve when you can.
  10. "Some people think that fans of outdoor activities should stay in fleabag motels and dry their wet socks on radiators.“ I thought it was just me!
  11. My anecdotal input...the board responds very well to a push-pull rhythm especially on ice. Stay centered and rock the board edge to edge while pushing as hard as you can/want to depending on how tight of a turn you desire. It’s not the end all but just another technique to try.
  12. Use them but they can be a pain in the glutes. They pop off.
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