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  1. I’d take that over 2 weekend days for 4 hrs on a 180’ drop anytime. Two ways to solve your problem...stop overloading your muscles or spend your time building your legs into tree stumps to carry the loads. You’ve tried just about every board on the planet with similar results. I suggest you try a Thirst SF. It Is significantly softer than the boards you’ve been riding without any loss of performance.
  2. @lowrider It’s been three weeks since the CAD Thanksgiving...any related spikes in cases?
  3. YYZ is a great source if they have stock. The shipping fee is steep. There are other sources if you search...Carvers Paradise is has them.
  4. Usually in the middle of the pitch on the hidden backside of a roller. My guess is the crowds will be smaller this season for a number of reasons. I can only hope that the US/CAD border opens so I can use my multi-pass at Searchmont in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
  5. Keep us posted on the outcome...a good case study of potential asymptotic spread.
  6. Not looking for acceptance...only seek the truth. Hyperbole no...the data don’t lie. It is criminal what we have been subject to and I look forward to the day when the perpetrators and their accomplices, whoever they may be, meet their just rewards.
  7. The data will set you free. heraclitusoncovid19.com
  8. A ring around the sun at sunset. This picture was from Tuesday Sept. 15th in Michigan at about the same latitude as Rawlings, Wyoming.
  9. That’s a great deal...you saved over NZ$450 on the retail price, all other costs the same!
  10. My 30 something neighbor on a Yamaha...been riding since a teenager. I kept my Kawasaki 750 stock but with new build and Hooker impeller it carves pretty good. The hull shape on the Yamaha is flatter so he can rail it better. Like everything else there are very few pictures of the guy with the camera.
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