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  1. Same thing up on Sneaky's..........................
  2. Thanks for putting on a clinic today! Bear with the doggone sun...
  3. Buttermilk was churned up today. Six carvers in addition to Bob...and the suns coming out tomorrow! So much terrain...so little time!
  4. Point well taken. It is taking me years to stop riding an alpine board like I just hooked into a seat harness on my old windsurfer. I can feel the edge in that posture but cannot advance very far.
  5. It starts with the “Norm” and hopefully ends with the “Norm”. It’s not a board, a boot, a binding nor a technique...it is a feeling. A feeling of being stacked over the edge of the board. Your ability to maintain the feeling as you make a turn is the limiting factor to your progression. If your quads can’t hold on then you lost the ability. I disagree with not working out now. There is enough time in this season to realize a benefit by at least loosing up joints, and starting to build dormant muscles. Find a trainer at a local gym, tell them what your goal is and start working out.
  6. Any new recommendations? Unable to source the Loubsol’s recommended above.
  7. Tried symmetric plates on my Superconductor - did not like them at all. I will try them again after the base freezes to ice. Following Kneel's lead I tried them on my SF. Middle row of holes with a single hole asymmetric offset to clear my stomp pad. - board runs longer with the gecko's. I will probably use the board with and without the plates depending on the base conditions. One qualification - I use the softer bumpers at the four end positions.
  8. The little brother showed up a few days ago. I originally referred to it as a mini-conductor even though it is Technically a SF. First impressions changed my mind to TLB (turny little bastard). Turns like 163 Pure Board Bastard I demoed at the 2016 ATC without the chatter, etc. To me, a very complimentary board to the Superconductor. Stay Thirsty my friend!
  9. I experienced this condition and struggled to fix it for 3.5 years. I went as far as punching out the toe box on my shells. I ordered new liners because original ones wore out. I received shells 1/2 mondo size larger than the originals. The increased length made a significant difference without any loss of fit.
  10. WTB a set of large F2 Titanflex binding risers and pads.
  11. Two "like new" Coilers for sale. I have dropped significant weight and need to move to softer boards.
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