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  1. @davekempmeister is also correct , and I have had to do exactly what he describes to release my boot when my rear cable failed during a Summit Expression Session in Aspen a few years ago. I was able to get back to my spares pack, change out the cable and be back riding within about 45 minutes. Rear boot cables generally get pulled a lot more than the front and suffer more wear as a result.
  2. Get yourself a spare cable and keep it close when you ride. Make sure you know how to replace the cable before you need to do it on the hill. Watch out for ice accumulation under your boot heel preventing the pins from engaging properly when you step in. If it feels at all odd, stop and check and prevent a release in your first proper turn. Make sure you keep your weight down as you pull the handle to retract the pins, then lift your heel up. Trying to do both simultaneously will be hard work and cause wear on the cable. Love Intecs, in particular for the lateral stiffness which
  3. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6942e2.htm CDC report on USA excess deaths for 2020 so far. Approx. 300,000 excess deaths for 2020 so far. Scroll down the page to see the graphs.
  4. Interesting research from a reputable institution, but a long way to go till this basic science cell manipulation technique in a lab setting becomes a viable and safe treatment for osteoarthritis in humans. Thanks for posting. It is cool science.
  5. Reduced up lift capacity makes for longer waits. But it also means fewer people trying to go downhill at the same time, more space for carving!! That was my experience this NZ winter with social distancing on our chairlifts.
  6. Coming from soft boots you are more likely to prefer binding angles that will probably benefit from some inward canting of your bindings or boot cuffs. You're a climate scientist. You should have no problem getting your head around the ideas about how your body proportions and binding angles interact with tilting your bindings along either axis. Search YouTube for "binding angle secant curve" to get a primer in how this all links together. Then try binding angles you prefer and use your new understanding to make reasoned adjustments to your setup. Carpet carve as Corey, (who is very knowl
  7. What brand ski boots did you fit? Be prepared to do the adjustments you may have used with your ski boots to get comfort, good heel hold down, and toe wiggle room. Deeluxe has a different combo of heel and forefoot width to the UPZs I ride which have a relatively narrow heel, wider forefoot. But Sean may not be able to sell you UPZs.
  8. I could barely walk afterwards!!!!!! It was a great day!
  9. @barryjWe have CAC screening available in NZ. If I'd been screened I'd have been low risk cause there was just one plaque. @slopestarGuys are often not good at the preventative stuff. The event rammed home what I knew intellectually from my 11 years in critical care, no guarantee for anyone that they will wake up in the morning and find themselves on the right side of the grass.
  10. Amen, brother!! @lowriderRed Green Show. Got it now via Wikipedia. North of Forty!!
  11. I get to go home tomorrow. I have a damaged area of muscle but a normal post event ECG and very good pump function on my echo. My only modifiable factor are my lipid levels which are slightly raised. I have no significant family history for coronary disease at this age.
  12. I'm now out for the next 12 months, both for snowboarding and mountain biking. Dual anti-platelet treatment for the drug eluting stent, in my immediately prior completely blocked LAD coronary artery, that saved my life on Sunday, 2 days ago. The drugs make the risk of severe bleeding too high even with a relatively minor injury. My new Thirst Superconductor will just have to wait til 2022 to be ridden. I was on a downhill part of mountain bike ride when I got sustained chest pain that didn't go away when I slowed down or even stopped and rested. I'm a 61 yr old doctor yet it took me a lit
  13. The New England Journal of Medicine is one of the most prestigious medical journals in the English speaking world. The editors have just taken an unprecedented step in clearly expressing their thoughts about the management of Covid-19 in the USA in the editorial for the 8th October issue. They don't mince their words. These are people who under normal circumstances would not make any kind of even vaguely political statement. Their normal focus is reporting well conducted research that significantly advances medical knowledge. This post is not a comment on their opinion, merely to ale
  14. PayPal has worked for me, both for eBay and for a recent board purchase here. Trust between buyer and seller is on individual reputations. Example, I bought a snowboard here recently, to be shipped to me in NZ. The seller packaged, priced and sent the board before they had received their money. They got paid, as soon as I could after the shipping receipt arrived with the shipping costs. A couple of weeks later I got a well packaged board. TRUST still exists. End of sale feedback is really helpful to others contemplating a transaction.
  15. I know of roughly 5 million team members who might not agree with that statement. But I am glad your part of the world is relatively unaffected.
  16. USA population approx 328 million (2019 US Census Bureau) USA Covid deaths 200,000 approx as of end Sept 2020. USA motor vehicle crash related deaths 2018: 36,500 According to the NOAA, over the last 20 years, the United States averaged 51 annual lightning strike fatalities, placing it in the second position, just behind floods for deadly weather. (Maine is clearly a dangerous place to play golf, or carry other long metal containing objects outside. ) CDC: Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 de
  17. Fast when you follow the fall line, but I know how to find the longest way down the mountain.
  18. Doesn't happen even in our (NZs) proportional representation system. Especially when election campaign time rolls around.
  19. Only that some people will interpret not knowing of someone who has died as "evidence" that Covid is "fake news".
  20. Death rate per case diagnosis varies widely across the USA. The problem lies in the denominator, we don't have an accurate idea of the number of actual cases, as opposed to diagnosed (variation in e.g. test availability, access, willingness to be tested) Death rates per head of population would be more helpful in answering your question @John Gilmour https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map -------------------- https://www.euromomo.eu/ Euromomo (European Mortality Monitoring) click Graphs & Maps Like I said before, death is a pretty reliable diagnosis. Clear spike
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/24/genetic-immune-defects-may-impair-ability-fight-covid-19 Research starting to find clues that may explain why some Covid infected patients get really sick and others left almost untouched.
  22. What you do depends upon what you aspire to achieve in season.
  23. Welcome to the Ankh-Morpork Carvers Guild!
  24. The act of vandalism/protest is a window into the whole debate about access and commercial exploitation of wilderness areas. A similar gondola project in the Fiordland area of NZ failed to get planning permission because a whole lot of people saw it as commercial vandalisation of pristine wild NZ. A gondola is a much more permanent and visible change on a landscape than a mountain bike trail.
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