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  1. Where I live we have a bunch of ski swaps a couple of months or so before the start of the racing/competition season. There is always really well maintained stuff with plenty of life left for racing events, powder, and park. Typically skis that have seen one season of use are about 1/2 price or less, two season old skis are considerably less. Maybe picking up a couple sets of lightly used park skis at a big discount would be the way to go?
  2. This is what I’m going to start using for this purpose. Rylo just got bought up, so all cameras are at a serious discount (got mine for $187 including stick and protective case).
  3. All further posts on this topic must be in KTAS.
  4. This was what I thought a uniboard was.
  5. Interesting question! I’m probably on the low side here. Checked through my data and I guess I’m nothing if not consistent. Cruise speed is typically 35 - 40 mph and max is pretty much 45mph regardless of mountain, slope, conditions (given good enough visibility and sufficient pitch).
  6. That isn't overkill, that is BOSS! I'll bet with an rear facing radar, you could get that cannon to take out the straightliners before they become a danger.
  7. Helmet, back-protector, hip-pads, and elbow-pads definitely. I ride at higher angles so knee pads don't really offer much protection for me. I usually wear a Sweet Protection Bear Suit as insurance against straight-liners but it is way overkill and makes me sweat right up despite way sub-zero temps. Next time around I would opt for a back-protector alone.
  8. Just wait until you try it in not so great conditions. You'll be wondering why everybody else is packing up and going home.
  9. Good gravey!!! Sorry to hear you’re off the snow. 90: Broken tailbone on day one 92ish: Broke riding buddy’s finger (he claims) 93-97: A couple of consussions, bloody noses 98: Had a crazy wipeout while trying to keep up with my girlfriend (a DH racer, and now wife). Tore up something pretty good in my groin (SNOWBOARDING!!!) and nearly passed out when we were walking from the parking into Tommynockers. Things were an ugly purple, yellow and black mess for months. 03: Smashed up a bunch of bones in my ankle (wakeboarding) 15-19: Switched to hard boots and earned assorted shoulder cartilage damage and concussions. Seem to rack up more injuries in a shorter period carving than I ever did freeriding?
  10. st_lupo


    As much as I am jealous at her early start and want to say something funny about not riding fakie... Just look at her smile and look at how engaged her mom is! That is awesome parenting right there, and one happy kid! Kudos!
  11. Happy New Years everybody! This one has enough Mother F-bombs to accurately describe how I feel about the winter we're having in my area of Norway right now.
  12. If those SG bindings are like the F2s, could you mount the binding base plate to the board using the farthest out screw holes (without the heel/toe sleds installed on the base, but with the t-nuts captured between the board and baseplate), and the install the sleds last?
  13. I'm with Jack in regards to the palm patches. I've had two pairs of gloves where those kinds of patches just open up and turn into big scoops. Of all of my mittens/gloves, the failure mode has always been tearing open a seam that has made contact with the ground (not that the thread splits, but the leather always tears around the seam). I really wish someone would rethink how the leather palms on mittens were cut/sewn so that the seams were moved farther back on the hand and away from the palm. Seems like it should be doable. On another note when looking for durable gloves I always try to find out what kind of leather the palms are made of; goatskin is awesome. My Hestra Army Leather Heli mittens have performed better than anything I've tried and on the palms you can see a lot of superficial wear, but the goatskin holds up really well (and these mittens have the fewest seams on the palms of anything I've seen). https://jtillman.com/material-safety/tillman-university/material-science/leather-breakdown/
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