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  1. I think that at heart there are two items on the table here. First is, with certainty, how do we identify and quantify a system performance measurement (or figure of merit or key performance indicator, depending on what your day job is) for the snowboard. In very generalized terms: [system performance measurements] = f(length, min_width, sidecut, rider_weight, snow_type, ...). Given a "simplified" analytical model where the snowboard is quantified as a set of functional properties (side-cut, width, stiffness, camber, damping, etc), you can pick a working point and perform a sensitivit
  2. I think I might be another outlier here. With my daughter's race skis I do the whole nine yards, with my snowboards I've started being pretty relaxed about the base (edges are a different story). As long as the edges engage when I want and the board runs fairly straight when flat, I'm good with it. Structure depends on where/how you are riding. I'm almost always on black runs so I've always got more speed potential than I could ever use, and I never structure my bases. By the time the real slush starts, I've switched to mtb mode. Of all of my boards only the F2 and Kessler came from
  3. Probably the fastest (downhill) of my riding buddies rode a Meta. He switched over to an ebike last year and put a few pounds around his gut. Maybe coincedence?
  4. Sweet!!! Maybe your forum nickname should be the Scottish Sam Hill? BTW, how do you like the Wild Enduro tires? What year Heckler? My first full squish was a Heckler (when it was a people powered bike) and I really liked it for xc riding. Back when the Manitou XVert was a real single crown long travel fork.
  5. Hey! Has anybody ridden both the 168 and 162? @Jack M? I’ve got a 162, and that board is without a doubt the best ride I’ve ever had. But it is an SL board and when I’m at a bigger resort I would sometimes like a board that will run faster when still being driven hard. The SCR on the 168 looks comparable with the 162, but does it ride like a bigger board? What differentiates the ride qualities of the two boards?
  6. Some of us are fortunate that bike season and snowboard season don’t necessarily overlap! Bought the frame with low miles from a racer (not much of an enduro season last year) and bought all the components at serious discounts from black friday through new years. (But The family still doesn’t get to know how many Kesslers the final build will cost.) Now I’ve packed away the snowboards and I’m building the bike while waiting for the rest of the snow to melt. I’m hoping that pedaling this thing up the mountain all summer is going to get me in shape for boarding next winter.
  7. There is no excuse not to join the recumbent weirdos.
  8. Wow! So that's white ptex and black ptex, laser-cut and assembled like a giant puzzle? And here I was all impressed with the inlay on my Kessler.
  9. Really glad to hear you being so happy about your riding! This sounds like a huge difference over last year!
  10. My summer training plan. I hope that was drink, drink, eat, eat, drink?
  11. Small niche?!? In Norway they have a Strava category for this!!! (maybe)
  12. That is almost criminal!
  13. I don’t get where you are going with those first two paragraphs but Ill do my best to find some common ground and read this with my best intentions. If The above quote had been the crux of your argument, we would be in COMPLETE agreement. But this gets lost in all of the seemingly contradictory noise surrounding it. Given there is no federal mandate in most countries for helmets on ski areas, I assumed you were arguing against allowing ski areas to mandate helmet use? Matters of public safety and national health strategies otoh are completely a different story.
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