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    Anythings with wings or turbines
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    K2 TX
    Burton Craig Kelly Air
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    Burton Supermodel
    Burton Custom
    F2 Silberpfeil
    Coiler NFC Balance
    Coiler NFC Energy (my goto, slice and dice all)
    Kessler 162 (love in the backseat of of a Porsche at 200kph)
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    Old old old Airwalk free ride boots
    UPZ RC10 with Intuition Powerwraps
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    F2 Race Titaniums 65/60 (on everything)
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  1. [Deleting completely unnecessary post here, everybody is fully invested in their viewpoints and this discussion appears to be pretty unproductive.]
  2. And I’ve got it from a reputable source that getting the shot gives you bigger balls. Soo… pencil thin carves on double diamonds, here I come!!! always include your sources: https://www.thedailybeast.com/nicki-minaj-says-she-wont-get-vaccinated-against-covid-19-because-cousins-friend-has-swollen-testicles
  3. Oh yeah, Mexican Gothic! That was nice and creepy!
  4. I'll add some: Historical Fiction: +Bernard Cornwall: Vikings, Napolianic War, the US Civil War, he's got it all and it is exciting and well researched +Patrick O'Brian: It's like Hornblower++, was really bummed to be finished with all of his books Introspective, moody fiction: +Cormac Macarthy: Just don't start with Blood Meridian (which is actually faaantaaastic and highly regarded) unless you want something pretty brutal. +Patrick deWitt: The Sisters Brothers (as the book) was a fantastic slightly surreal jaunt thru the old west. Fantasy/Sci Fi +Neil Gaiman: super imaginitive and human stories, with very well crafted prose. + Hugh Howey: Read the Wool books first. OMG! Nothing has ever presented a post-apocalyptic mythos better than this (well, maybe Macarthy's The Road is better... Maybe) !ark Lawrence: The Broken Empire series is unhinged, dark-funny, and has you rooting for the kinda bad guy.
  5. There are these people at work that tend to irritate me the most. They ask questions that purposely tend to portray any presented data in the worst possible light and then shrug and say ‘Hey, I’m no expert, I just thought this should be asked?’ There is a not so fine line between playing devil’s advocate and just throwing turds in the punch bowl from a safe distance because you can.
  6. Check those security settings!
  7. The second I saw the adds that were loading from the canadafreepress site, I just new that I had to make some popcorn. This was going to be a wild ride! Also about flat-earthers attacking the facts and not the person... That might be a personal observation, but it appears to be an over-generalization when the president of the flat earth society called scientists liars and "demented dope fiends". (https://www.salon.com/2014/04/03/creationists_endure_rough_few_weeks_why_the_flat_earth_crowd_is_in_trouble/)
  8. Did somebody say snowboard and ocean? https://player.vimeo.com/video/236068369/?autoplay=1&muted=false (check at 1:10)
  9. Maaan… the sport has come a looong way since then!
  10. Given that at my latitude I now usually fall asleep at midnight and wake between 4 and 5am, I love hearing that the days are getting shorter!
  11. I think that at heart there are two items on the table here. First is, with certainty, how do we identify and quantify a system performance measurement (or figure of merit or key performance indicator, depending on what your day job is) for the snowboard. In very generalized terms: [system performance measurements] = f(length, min_width, sidecut, rider_weight, snow_type, ...). Given a "simplified" analytical model where the snowboard is quantified as a set of functional properties (side-cut, width, stiffness, camber, damping, etc), you can pick a working point and perform a sensitivity analysis on the different inputs to identify which parameters will have the greatest effect on improving the system performance. I think a lot of the theory needed to model this is available, where the whole thing is underpinned by a model of how the snow reacts to the board (here discrete particle modelling looks promising). At this point we want to generate a generally "optimal" description of side-cut, camber, stiffness distribution, damping, etc. The second problem is how do we fabricate a board that displays those attributes? Here comes FEM/FEA, manufacturing expertise etc. And maybe the optimum theoretical board is not practical to manufacturer, then you need to refine and adapt your simplified analytical model to reject those designs and try again. Human intuition works well sometimes, but when the problem definition has remained vague for so long and the best solution is elusive or "an art", it is worth looking into systematizing the problem and approaching it with analytical tools, maybe?
  12. I think I might be another outlier here. With my daughter's race skis I do the whole nine yards, with my snowboards I've started being pretty relaxed about the base (edges are a different story). As long as the edges engage when I want and the board runs fairly straight when flat, I'm good with it. Structure depends on where/how you are riding. I'm almost always on black runs so I've always got more speed potential than I could ever use, and I never structure my bases. By the time the real slush starts, I've switched to mtb mode. Of all of my boards only the F2 and Kessler came from the factory with structure. My Burtons and Coilers came from the 'factory' with a base grind, but never been structured. Any structure will look like a real obvious pattern of intersecting grooves that look kind of like the surface of a vinyl album with shimmering chevron-like overlays (typically). Even old structure should be obvious to the eye. My wife's 9 year old VWerks skis have never been restructured but the original pattern is still slightly visible. Nicks and gouges should be in the realm of what you can fix on your own? Ptex, torch, file, sandpaper: It's kinda fun and it smells great!
  13. Probably the fastest (downhill) of my riding buddies rode a Meta. He switched over to an ebike last year and put a few pounds around his gut. Maybe coincedence?
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