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  1. That is some seriously cool looking bling, but I bet the $/weight_saved ratio is even worse than going from a 12 speed XT cassette to an Eagle X01. Plus, just the thought of using that knife with such a thin handle makes my hands arthritic. Really neat design job though...
  2. I’m definitely the never summer/never winter type. Love both bikes and boards, and both seasons are waaaaay to short.
  3. Fair point. I've got a convertible Bell helmet with all of the right certifications that I use at the park. Otherwise I don't usually bring that one along on rides at the local trails. Might be time to reconsider.
  4. Definitely love to earn the turns and get out into the solitude, but a trip to the bike park a couple of times a year is a great way to practice a lot of technical descending in a short time (albeit with sculpted berms, gaps and tabletop jumps). I really love 100% pedal-power trail biking during the spring/summer/fall, and while the gear is getting really really good (shocks/tires) the safety margins are getting paper thin (if you want to keep up with the latest biking trends). Compared to what I was riding 30 or even 20 years ago, you can really open the throttle on the descents and do so with a lot more control and comfort. But a tree is a tree and a cliff is a cliff and crashing now typically happens at a LOT higher speeds. It's a bit scary how casually folks talk about broken collar bones, ribs, wrists, ankles, etc. I'm conservatively stupid when I ride. I know better than to try keeping up with the 20/30 year-olds that I ride with, but I still often wind up coming home with plenty of blood shed and the occasional weird thing getting squeezed out through a cut, that would probably be better if it was still inside my body. Luckily I had a camera on my ride after work on friday so I can prove once and for all, that yes, I do fly down the mountain...
  5. I totally get what you mean about getting the same kind of sensations on the mtb! I love smooth, loamy downhills with lots of s-turns between the trees where you've almost gotta do the whole weight/un-weight/weight the bike as you transition from one turn to the next, while really leaning the bike over so the knobs can get a good bite on the ground.
  6. Love riding fatbikes on hard snow, but aside from medical/health reasons, not a big fan of e-bikes
  7. There are tons of really good single track trails all around Kongsberg, within riding distance from my pretty much anybody’s house. Due to dry/ warm weather and a pretty crappy winter, the trail biking season started nearly two months early. And one of the best things... the following pictures were taken at around 19:40 tonight... you can just ride late into the night.
  8. @SunSurfer, those trails look awesome! I especially liked the serendipity one; super smooth and flowy. I'm fortunate to have a really good local network of single track and a vibrant trail/enduro oriented community.
  9. I bought season 20/21 passes for the family at our local bump. Regardless of the conditions/circumstances next season I consider it being my responsibility to do my part to help keep the local hill open and the local owners in the black regardless of seasonal variability. I'd rather loose out on the cost of the passes for a few sucky seasons than to have the ski area shutdown. So yearly passes for my family and me are just planned into our budget as a cost of living.
  10. Hey everybody, take a couple of minutes and give yourselves a pat on the back. Seriously! Good job making the sacrifices necessary to keep you, your loved ones and the folks around here safe. It isn't easy, especially when the effect of our efforts aren't visible for weeks on end, and where the end result isn't something great, but just less awful. There was an awesome info graphic I saw a couple of weeks ago that shows the effect of individuals contribution, so yes even if there are jerks that aren't doing their bit, you are making a contribution.
  11. Good on you two! Watched the whole vid and loved seeing you simply enjoying being together and taking the whole shelter in place in stride.
  12. I’ve played plenty of Fallout, Metro, and Far Cry on the XBox, so my attitude has been “bring it on”, I’m prepared. Just wish that zombies were thrown in too.
  13. Great ideas! I wonder if Fin is thinking about this as well? Seems like there is a fairly active community trying to open-source a ventilator design with printable components. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexandrasternlicht/2020/03/18/theres-a-shortage-of-ventilators-for-coronavirus-patients-so-this-international-group-invented-an-open-source-alternative-thats-being-tested-next-week/#1211f03b3ba0
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