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  1. Pack up the family, fly over the ocean and spend some time with my parents in New Mexico. We make the trip every summer but this year... Incredibly fortunate and grateful that we burned through some of our savings to make an additional trip during Christmas last year.
  2. Riding with friends is fun but for me has always suited soft boots best. When hardbooting I have a harder time capturing the mental focus I need to really ride effectively. It may have been just us, but the group I grew up with took that mantra "there are no friends on powder day" to heart. We all arrived at the mountain at the same time but over any powder day everybody wound up separating as skill sets and physical endurance factored in. There was no mercy given and no waiting at the lift, but over beers at night there were plenty of (mostly true) stories being shared. But like
  3. Just saw the first vid and the nerd in me loves this! It would be really cool if there was some simple sub-text to identify what the machines are/ what they are doing.
  4. To help you get figure out how to setup your boots/bindings/stance so that you get a good neutral/centered position think of the Vitruvian Man diagram. A good setup (for me) resulted in a comfortable planted feeling without exerting any force on the boots. While you are carpet surfing, take a bit of time and rotate your hips clockwise and counter-clockwise (about 30 or so degrees in each direction from your neutral stance) and look at the result on the edges of the board. THAT highlights why correct body posture is so critical to this sport.
  5. Glad you are alright. Might suggest a Mack Titan for your next ride?
  6. Jeeez. I add my sympathies with the rest and hope that your condition improves over time.
  7. @bumpyride summarized It very well. It was a statistical survey that observed that in the collected data there was little correlation between masks/hand hygiene and the prevention of influenza type viruses in the general public. This is science; on this topic there is no definitive, comprehensive answer and you need to be willing to evolve your viewpoints as the science evolves. There needs to be acceptance that observations/expert-recommendations will evolve over time as our understanding of the virus evolves and our tools mature from statistical observations to (hopefully) models of t
  8. The comments section on foxnews.com, where else?
  9. THIS! This is what happens when you restrict immigration!
  10. I’ll be sorry to see this summer go. It’s been a record year for mtn biking for me this year. But by march/april next year I’ll be lamenting the end of winter.
  11. But you can dual use toilet paper. A giant TP turban is exactly as effective as a tinfoil hat. Conversly, tinfoil... isn’t so good.
  12. The T-nuts are definitely the weak point of the F2 bindings. In 5 years I've cracked one of the nuts, just like your picture shows. I do however really like the bindings and pretty much everything else about them have been bullet-proof in my experience. Since cracking the nut I make sure that I inspect the bindings at the end of every season (and make sure that all parts are completely dry before storing) as well as inspecting the bindings each time I move them to a different board. I also usually give the heel and toe blocks a little wiggle test by hand at the start of every day (when the
  13. That is some seriously cool looking bling, but I bet the $/weight_saved ratio is even worse than going from a 12 speed XT cassette to an Eagle X01. Plus, just the thought of using that knife with such a thin handle makes my hands arthritic. Really neat design job though...
  14. I’m definitely the never summer/never winter type. Love both bikes and boards, and both seasons are waaaaay to short.
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