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    Donek 172x19 AX, 13m SCR
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    2x TD2 SI
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    All roughly 3/3 tilt, aimed to center, ~21 inch stance, lowest angles w/o toe/heel drag.

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  1. I should have mentioned that the powder board I have in mind would be in addition to the other board that I mentioned. It doesn't need to handle groomers well. Riding this on groomers would be an interesting science experiment ("there are no failed experiments, only new data") but if I'm riding my powder board on a groomer, it's because I'm headed back to my car to switch boards. I always bring two boards to the mountain: one is the aforementioned 172x19 board, and the other varies depending on circumstances. The 'other' board is usually either an F2 with a 15m sidecut (if mid-week, beca
  2. So, did anyone ever hardbooting powder on a fully rockered board? Lots of discussion in this thread, but I was hoping to hear about how it works in practice, because I've been thinking about going that route for my next board. For the last several years I've been riding what suits me perfectly for everything except powder... so I've been thinking it would be fun to ask Sean @ Donek to use all of the same specs and just swap the current profile for a mild full rocker. Current board is 172cm x 19cm, 13m SCR. Cambered in the middle, with flat sections outside the binding inserts that li
  3. NateW

    WTB: UPM Plate

    A Boiler plate with a 2nd board kit, from loopback's for-sale thread. But today I remembered that I still have other boards... Jack, TLN, you'll have PMs in a few minutes.
  4. To be fair, I was adding the 2nd video when he posted that.
  5. NateW

    WTB: UPM Plate

    Sorry guys, my new plate arrived today. Maybe I should have given this thread more time before I bought... but oh well.
  6. The picture didn't come through for me. But, regarding your questions... Sucking it up means less air, so don't do that. Unless you're in a hurry to get somewhere, or the landing is flat - flat landings are no fun. Straight or at an angle doesn't make much difference IMO, just do what it takes to land where you want. Extending violently or even aggressively can throw off your balance a bit, and the only way to get a perfect landing is to take off with perfect balance. So don't do that either. I mostly just think of it as keeping my legs firm. I'll give it a smooth push if that
  7. A couple random things... Custom is great because you don't have to hunt through catalogs for the right set of specs. And you can get the flex you want too - especially if you start by buying someone else's used (therefore cheap) board from that same manufacturer. That gives you a baseline for your real board. And the used board becomes a backup or get sold to the next person... Sidecut radius is a very personal thing, and I think it largely it correlates with how fast you ride. Every sidecut radius has a corresponding speed range - if you're too slow, you'll need to skid more becaus
  8. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Assembly time...
  9. That's me. I'm just about done with the really big jumps though, I broke some ribs mountain biking last summer and that changed my perspective a bit. I haven't been on this forum much in the last few years but now I'm wishing I had checked in, it would be fun to meet up with some hard booters.
  10. I can bring a board and bindings for anyone to try out at Stevens Pass. You just need boots with Intec heels. Of course, the season is over now... I really need to check in more often.
  11. I just bought a UPM board. Anybody got a UPM plate they want to part with? I'm mostly interested in Apex and Bomber Boiler plates, but might consider others. Thanks!
  12. Lift operator, last week: "Cool, that's gotta be a much better way to put bindings on a monoski." Different lift operator, last Wednesday: "Whoah, that's not a monoski, that's a monoboard!" Random guy on lift, yesterday: "Can I ask you some questions? I've only seen those in slalom racing." That blew my mind. I mean, I was so completely blown away I didn't realize I should have told him how awesome and rare it is for someone to actually recognize a race board.
  13. Walker, I can hardly wait to do business with you. Thanks for stepping up!
  14. This is my front binding. I did a 180, under-rotated, landed on my toe edge at about 90 degrees, skidded to a stop still at 90 degrees on my toe edge, and while skidding noticed that my front foot wasn't really attached to the board. It was not a particularly hard impact so I'm guessing that the crack started on a hard landing earlier in the day and just finally let go during that 180. The heel piece is removed to show the crack better, but it's an Intec TD3.
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