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  1. No where local for me to try them on unfortunately.
  2. I found a Deeluxe 425 shell online for a reasonable price. My feet measure 26.75 and 27.25 mondo. I was going to get something like an intuition power wrap for a liner. Is 27 the size I should get? I’ve been boarding a long time new too hard boots. Thanks for any help.
  3. I’ll do some research. Thanks.
  4. Makes me almost want to stay in soft boots. Look for 10.5. Done.
  5. Thank you for your reply. This is ridiculous. Just when I think I’m making some progress toward a decision, I get more confused about sizing. Then I think I figure it out and no one has anything in stock anyway.
  6. Awesome. Thank you.
  7. As far as I know I have a normal foot shape. I do have to wear orthotics. Where did you get mountain slopes from? With one foot being 27.25 and the other being 27.75, do I go for 27 or 27.5? Thanks.
  8. I’ve been boarding for 34 years but this is going g to be my first season with hard boots. I’m going to order a Thirst board and some f2 bindings. I’m leaning toward UPZ boots. My feet measured 26.75 and 27.25. What the hell size do I order? 27.5? 27? Thank for any help.
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