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  1. I don't do much training outside of being active. Was getting tattooed the other day on my thigh by my good friend and he commented on how ripped the muscle was... 2-3000k squats a day seem to have had a lasting effect on my legs
  2. 1. Pop up Truck Camper nap, food, tuning, dogs and a port a potty 2. Loveland Pass LCI for the win! 3. Montuckey!!! just praying for safe travels and decent conditions 4. Just bought Property near Blackhawk Casinos at 9100' DIY ropetow on 3.1 skiable acres...
  3. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    We are going Lovey again this winter. Count Katie and I in for Sunday Fundays
  4. Im in Puyallup WA, Smoke is very bad. Witnessed two of the arson fires and actually saw a woman trying to light one in a strip mall near my jobsite. Sad state of affairs.... on a side note. Just bought 3.1 acres near Blackhawk... may be building a generator operated rope tow on my property for socially distant snowboarding this winter
  5. I know that Mark Kress had issues with the uppers separating from the lowers. it was fixable but still a failure from a hard charger... I have switched to UPZ ATB and really like the 4 buckle, softer tongue and the addition of dgss spring system
  6. Sunday? I am available for some flatland pumping. Asphalt is my personal fav surface. i would love to try out that pump track up in broomfield although i bet my drop deck would bottom out on some of the humps...
  7. When I get back from Seattle. Not this weekend but next?
  8. Felt pretty slighted by A-basin when they were doing the lottery and saw the crew getting multiple days and couldn't get on the hill. I get it why and obviously membership had/s its privileges. I just don't want to miss out...
  9. Feels like ABasin post Covid... still love ya Don
  10. This token LCI softbooter and Wife want in on the fun. Where the hell do you register?????
  11. And my roadside is also conical Khiro blue. The tracker Rts comes with an hourglass board side bushing and with the oversized Bennett spacing for the bushing... I got creative
  12. The board side bushing on my Bennett 5.0 up front is actually 2 conical bushings of medium and soft Khiro's melted together in an hourglass shape. blue and orange... Nice rebound...
  13. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    They are very cool. I have been afraid to stick ours because it is so cool. Thanks Jordan. And right on Mario!
  14. We will be running our pop up truck camper a lot this winter (hopefully) so tailgating with on open kitchen/coffee Ill make a special skier breakfast with killer coffee for all LCI members
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