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  1. And TVR for the win with nothing but facts… close the thread!
  2. Very true Bob. Yet many scientists and medical practitioners: nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors do not agree with the narrative we have been led to believe. The virus is real and it is a bitch and then some. I think the level of mis-information we have been fed from all sides makes it the most difficult. Like holistic over big pharma… I think it’s a culling of the herd. Short term and long term… but hey… hoping we will have Aspen in February to look forward to and to hopefully remember for a very long time
  3. I didn’t want any bad blood/ associations so I’m calling it what it is! I hate getting excited for winter in September…
  4. Those interested in participating and or sharing lodging/ travel from Denver area. Contact myself or b.free.
  5. Some of us are heading to Aspen to get our carve on… nothing official except for good people and good times. Not to conflict with Montucky… but maybe worth the detour… so far Katie and l +10 or more from CO and other locations
  6. Good to see you back on snow so soon!
  7. My Buddy is a denture guy there. Its pretty sweet
  8. aspen!!! right after xgames alloysnow.com can have boards there and one of their softboot carvers. i know this old guy...
  9. Id hook up a couple Condo's. One where I could Snowboard and one where I could Surf/kite/sup... Pinball around between them. 2500HD pick up and a crawler hauler gooseneck/5th wheel with a Side by side and a couple Dual Sport/street legal Bikes. Done Condo's are low maintenance and rent-able when not there...
  10. Good News! 20/21 Alloy Snowboards will be available for next winter!!! PRICES LOOK GREAT! Get a DO for fun and an AZX for when you plan to get serious!
  11. Understood… @dredmanit was amazing fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Especially at 100% physically! Aspen is cheaper only because I don’t have to take 2 extra travel days to get there and back. Fortunately, I know my Friend Erick Vines will be back for sure! And who knows, katie and I might make it back… great people/great mountain and Libby was very good to us as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to MCC, you won’t be disappointed.
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