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  1. Just got a wave storm soft top quad for river surfing In and around the Denver Metro and surrounding areas. I have river surfed a handful of times on conventional short boards and sups and hope to get a dedicated board made sometime soon but the Costco special is ideal for getting used to riding a standing wave at a low cost and they take a beating.
  2. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    We will go be going next year. I’m thinking we will drive our Truck Camper our there. Count Katie and I in on the shenanigans.
  3. Probably the best riding I have seen so far. None of that gimmick flapping front hand arm swing. Aside from the guy on the Donek featured at the end, they were all ripping
  4. I agree, however I have tapped my resources and now have a huge supply of parts from Rider Services over at Flow! The universe has spoken!
  5. The brand new to me Burtons i bought a couple seasons ago (as a back up pair) has those. before I could even use them, I tripped over the t-handle lace and it broke off the tab that locks the lace. can't win....
  6. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Katie and I are not sure what we are doing for passes
  7. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Miss you all. Maybe we get together for a Summer camping weekend? Maybe sample some more of Mario’s special BBQ... we hope you and yours all are doing well!
  8. I don't speculate. I think its a waste of time. I do hope that many feel the financial hardship and go backcountry on splitboards in lieu of buying passes. season pass deals and empty slopes!
  9. This summed up my season. Riding faster, being smooth, dropping my back knee in... I learned a lot this year and my last day on the hill was spent as a a first time 50 year old sponsored rider. Thanks Alloysnow.com
  10. I will make sure Alloy gets Boards there this year. Looking forward to attending.
  11. slopestar


    Rebelution Free rein
  12. Curious. Goofy or regular purchase. I like The smaller heel side (regular) than the bigger toeside
  13. Yes and no. Engine and drive train is. Air suspension is a fairly easy to do replacement as my rear self leveling suspension went bad. Only had to replace the OEM bags with aftermarket. Im a Shady Tree mechanic so simple fixes like Bakes/rotors etc... are not a problem. youtube is your friend. They handle amazing in the snow and although not screamers when it comes to horsepower, the HP/Torque curve is virtually the same on the e350 and my previous 99' e320
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