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  1. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Heading up tomorrow to meet an old friend and his daughter. Doing things backwards. Starting at the valley then heading up. Out by 12:30 or so though. Picked up a used pick up. Anyone have a truck pop up camper they want to part with?!!.
  2. I tune but I’m self taught. But my bases are always fast and edges always sharp
  3. "I bet that's fast" says liftie...Alloy DO 165
  4. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Glad you are getting some Don.
  5. Just got one for Christmas! 2 brushes, horsehair and nylon board width size. Awesome after waxing and refreshes a base for an extra day or two in between. Probably not using it properly but then again, I use the Doug Coombs/rip..."q&p" tuning method
  6. /85' Boxers fracture 3 bones rt hand 7 concussions by /88' /88' 3" Spiral fracture right ankle/fibula /skateboarding a pool/no surgery /92' Pars fractures L4 & L5 /93' Left foot/2 broken metatarsals/dancers fracture/snowboarding-washed out of toeside and chalked the edge hard while sliding on my belly /94' Left shoulder separation/collar bone break/scapula fracture/both thumbs and both index fingers fractured/mountain bike /95' Started wearing a skateboard helmet when snowboarding /98' Whiplash/ came out of deep pow onto groomed run with a large snow-cat berm. Numerous finger fractures over the years... /04' Broken left elbow/radial head-skateboarding /05' Left knee partial tears/mcl, acl, lcl, cartilage damage/ MRI-recommended at consult for knee replacement-nothing done. It is now my good knee. /13' Broken rib displaced #8 left, backside/ Looped out of toeside EC turn/ overloaded nose-ejected out the back seat. It tasted like metal in my mouth for about three months /17' mild concussion-Taken out from behind at Loveland by gaper spring break skier from Chicago /18' Right wrist/Hairline fracture. Don't Pat the dog! /18' Tail Bone squatting in heelside carves took its toll. Softboot/bad technique... since corrected /19' Broken rib left, backside #7 displaced #8 fractured, and 3 separated up front. skateboarding its been a good run... still paying off the ribs...
  7. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    kids slept in. no riding. blowing the price of 2 lift tickets at harbor freight instead
  8. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Heading up with the boys tomorrow. One last day for me with my sons Then back to WP/MJ sunday
  9. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Valley chair for the win!
  10. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Horrible drive heading west for sure Soon enough. Heal...
  11. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Played binding Tetris as stated but jumped straight on the Alloy DO. Headed up Chet’s with Katie, Logan, Julia and Wayne. Survival mode! Firm, flat light, gaper crew in full effect. Rental line at 8am was out the door into the “smoking area” 3 survival runs down Richards before the clouds rolled in. We rolled the dice and hopped a short bus to the valley. I freaking love the valley. If there was a pass just for chair three I’d buy it. Anyway, needless to say it was way better. No crowds, a few racer types, and the average skier crew that goes right at the top of 3. Saw Eric/Mr. E and Met Walker/Bomber By Gumbo. Great guys. Good times, good conversation and some sweet turns to be had by all. Thanks again Mark for the advice last week at A-bay. Dropping the back knee in and closing up the wide stance had me fitting into some nice deep heel sides. Saw some interesting new things on the horizon for hardboot bindings too! Did I mention I love snowboarding? New friends, family time, I’m a lucky man. One more mid week day going down next week with Wayne. We are going to pick the nicest day. Then the kids are all gone and Katie and I will be hitting up MJ/WP from there until Aspen Feb 6-9. Be well.
  12. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Upped the angles on my virus for the morning laps on Richards and Ptarmigan. Alloy DO for the softer side of me. Hope to see you up there. Wife and Kids in tow. Stoked!
  13. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Missed this but did this! Great to see/meet today. Traded laps on 3 mid day until we hooked up for a chair ride and a run down the frontside. Nice to hook up with another carver and a new smiling face. The oxess has been good to me. 12m fixed radius is a lot of fun. Tentative with a “cracked” high back all day but all was right in our world. Really enjoying our kids and the mountain. Hope you are all well. Back up Friday... may try out my coiler? Heal up Mario
  14. slopestar

    Yo Lci!!

    Sunday not so funday. It was great to see Mario, Arne and James. James and I had family in tow and spent the day riding with them. Wayne Julia and I started running some warm ups on 1 and then moved over to Ptarmigan. It was brutally obvious that Mario and Arne were laying trenches. We eventually rode the short bus for some laps on 3. I ditched the hard boots and the virus avalanche for my new to me oxess bx and we all had a blast before leaving at about 12:30. It was eerily quiet in the Rathskeller for our apres toast only to find out that LCI’s finest, Big Mario took a spill that will probably keep him off the hill for the next several weeks. Fast healing my friend. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out until you are feeling better. James and family will be up tomorrow/24th. My family is waiting for Christmas Day to get back up on the hill.
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