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  1. gawdzira

    UPZ xc12

    I have the XC12. I am really happy with the fit. After a full day of riding my feet felt like I had been in soft boots. The adaptive spring is great and I did not miss my old "riding in walk mode" from my ancient Raichles.
  2. If these boots had a soundtrack then it would be by WHAM. $75 plus shipping. Count on about $25 for shipping in the U.S. of A..
  3. I generally revel in the fact that I am carving the sweetest turns on the mountain (unless I run into someone else on a carving set up).
  4. Got it. I did not realize the Fintec heel was required. Ordered. Thanks, Alan
  5. I have only taken 2 lessons on hard boots. One was from Martin Drayton in Park City Utah. Go there. He is a former racer.
  6. If I push the boot forward and back in the long directions of the boot I am tight. By indexing pins do you mean the plastic wing elements on the side of the heels towards the front?
  7. I am setting up my new(ish) gear. I got these TD3's slightly used but in very good shape. The boots are new but the Intec heels are old (2003 +/-). Is too much wiggling? Time for new heels? I compared it to my old Cateks and there is also wiggling but slightly less. I could mount up the other bindings I just bought which are F2 and check but I suspect it will be similar. Why did I just buy two new pairs of bindings you might ask? Never mind, you know why. Link to movie: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1s7l8wv1ri40l9k/intec%20movie.mp4?dl=0
  8. At least I didn't die.
  9. I am interested in the Coiler. I currently ride (and this has been my only board I have ridden with plates and hard boots since starting in about 2002) a 161 Nidecker SL board. I am slightly nervous about adding 11 cm of board length but I could probably subtract about 2cm from that since the tail has less effective edge than my SL board. Is that much more board more difficult to ride or just a mental hurdle? P.S. I used to live just south of you in Seattle. I started snowboarding after designing and building the trade show booth for K2 snowboards in 91. I still have a small quiver of leftover b and c grade boards from producing benches for them.
  10. I really need to get a new pair of boots (and everything). Is there a store in the Portland OR area that carries boots for a hardboot setup? Thanks, Alan
  11. I have ridden one SL board and that is my worn out Nidecker 161 (I think) that I bought in about '02. How would this ride compared to that?
  12. Anyone riding this weekend? I am headed up for a solo trip. Completely out of shape so I will be left in the dust (powder) panting but a half of a run of comaraderie is better than nothing. Alan Text to 831-747-4718
  13. I am similar that I raced in high school and taught skiing for a few years. Once you get comfy with the forward stance, it will become just like racing. I am headed up for a Boy Scouts trip Feb 20 and 21 and will (most likely) be at Sugar Bowl. I don't have a lot of gear but I have a 161 SL board you can try out. This is my main board and it probably a bit easier for learning due to it being small and nimble. I have another board that is larger and ancient if you want to feel the longer board (173 Alps). What size boots do you wear? Of those 3 resorts, Kirkwood is really best for carving. Northstar is a dog due to the flat run outs. Heavenly is pretty good on a day that is not too crowded and you get the early grooming. On that trip in Feb. I may do an extra day or two at Kirkwood. Feel free to email or call alan@lehmandesignstudio.com 831-747-4718
  14. Thanks all for the input. It sounds like this is his year to try boarding. I may have to get a split board so I can still teach my daughter on her skiis (she is 7 years old and had a great season last year on skiis. I had them following me down Snake Gulch at Kirkwood which is a really fun huge gully.).
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