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FREE-Nidecker Escape 176


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Free board that I know nothing about. The base looks good with only one gouge deep enough to take Ptex but not close to through to the core. Edges are super clean. The waist measures 8 15/16" (you do the math)

Free plus shipping from zip 93923 by UPS.

Did I mention Free?




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score!!!! I have both iterations of these awesome all mt hardboot board, will ec the steeps and rip thru the glades like a dream, good for switch! they were my go to and used as a base line for my thirst bx.

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UPS quote to your zip code is about $108. I packed it in cardboard with some extra space on the edges for safety. If they pack it, another $80. Will you be in Boulder CO on May 9th?

I may have some time this week to try the cost from USPS if the line is not too long. It was a lot more than I thought it would be. Even if I trim the box down he said maybe around $80. 

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USPS has a shipping calculator online.  instead of box wrap like a burrito,  put an extra piece of cardboard wrap for tip/tail  should be able to get close to 3" tall 10" wide 64 long at 13-14 #

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