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    inland northwest
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    49* North, Schwietzer
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    bend nails
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    k2;tx 170, burton;asym prime,164,alp159,173fp. libtech;184 grocer, gnu choice158,sissy165. identity;173am, 173am carbon,185gscarbon race. nidecker escape 165 175. 168 venture Odin split
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    magic all mountain raichle123(wornout),124, snowboarder 121; nordica SBHard & scarpa pegasus, free69
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    5 pair old style nitro stepins,I prefer the mechanism on the binding, 12yrs hard use still goin strong;2 burton rattraps;
    sold off; raichle Xbones; catec os1
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  1. will reduce the price every week til it sells
  2. low miles, bought here on classifieds to add a metal board to the quiver, but after a few rides we're not connecting, lots of camber out the tail with more early rise decamber on the nose than I like, not so switch friendly no matter how beautiful it is( , some minor gravel scrapes on the base that'll come out with a tune, and some lift line nicks on the topsheet corners, over all 8/10
  3. for the top sheet chip. got it off fleabay this way some yrs ago and never fixed it, because it's too soft for my 200#. base is 9/10 very low mileage
  4. if i could put my stepin heels on backlands I'd be all over it
  5. primarily all mountain, wider boards and softer boots except for riding 18 x185 gs which I rarely bother. 45/30 ish angles currently using free69 deeluxe with softer tongue and walk mode on the back foot, prefer 21-25 wide all mt boards, 172 Thirst BX is my go to on+off piste board, it switch carves beautifully I've pretty much given up on square tails ps sold my 425 pro after trying them out found them stiffer than I need, easier to carve in softer boots than it is to surf in stiff ones
  6. can't help you there sasquatch but I did see some size 30 raichles on ebay last week
  7. on a side note; I achieve bias by shifting the toe /heel blocks rather than off centering the binder to board, thus keeping all stance width and set back adjustability in play
  8. party at the swizz last night i didn't go but looks like fun was had
  9. looks like burton heels, 20+ yrs old aluminum and plastic not handling the cold? would like to see the damage on the shells.
  10. ^^^this, exiting turns at 25-30mph laterally across the run is fun as opposed to gripped at 60 down hill
  11. sweet, pay pal is good, switchcarve at yahoo.com, taking the rv up today for the weekend, I can send'em out 1st thing mon.
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