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  1. party at the swizz last night i didn't go but looks like fun was had
  2. looks like burton heels, 20+ yrs old aluminum and plastic not handling the cold? would like to see the damage on the shells.
  3. ^^^this, exiting turns at 25-30mph laterally across the run is fun as opposed to gripped at 60 down hill
  4. sweet, pay pal is good, switchcarve at yahoo.com, taking the rv up today for the weekend, I can send'em out 1st thing mon.
  5. wow, looking very carvaliciuos this morning, bummed I gotta miss it, been waiting for some decent vis
  6. hazelwood, nomad, promad with some camber in front of the binding
  7. shells are new shiny minty fresh out of the plastic I have only 5 runs over 2 days the sb shell in mondo 27/27.5 is 295 sole length, the 700 asym shells in 27 are 299 sole
  8. I'll stick to ski /board injuries '75 at 49*North, spiral fracture on handme down JCPenny skis. '90 wrapped my front knee around a tree on steep n deep at silver mt. rear entry skiboots in modified strap binders on a K2 TX; MCL PCL "93 compressed disc dropping a cliff at Alpental and hitting the traverse track several minor concussions and tweaked shoulders from edge catch body slams over the decades since the mid '80s, including this week keeping me out of the new pow today many sprained thumbs crashing with poles a couple spained ankles from over flexing '07 hairline pressure fracture fibula at the top of the front boot from pounding moguls no surgeries so far (as if I could afford that), not to severe for 45 years of glisse
  9. only 1 bite so far so I'll sweeten the deal; I'll throw in the like new m27 scarpa liners, or I'll pay shipping if you want shells only.
  10. just a bag of animated earth slime, sitting at home on the google machine while nursing a pulled shoulder during the 1st good powder cycle
  11. interested, how much you want for it?
  12. wow, the new gladeing off kaniksu is great, hope they burn the stump piles next year. 1st time on the new Cedar Park express, Kaniksu laps just got a lot faster. can't wait to explore some more but I'm out with pulled shoulder for a few days during the 1st good pow cycle
  13. about time, plan on riding this morning hope we can see
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