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    inland northwest
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    49* North, Schwietzer
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    bend nails
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    k2;tx 170, burton;asym prime,164,alp159,173fp. libtech;184 grocer, gnu choice158,sissy165. identity;173am, 173am carbon,185gscarbon race. nidecker escape 165 175. 168 venture Odin split
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    magic all mountain raichle123(wornout),124, snowboarder 121; nordica SBHard & scarpa pegasus, free69
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    5 pair old style nitro stepins,I prefer the mechanism on the binding, 12yrs hard use still goin strong;2 burton rattraps;
    sold off; raichle Xbones; catec os1
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  1. Dave I think the tip stand paled to the hairdo
  2. 0* and 45* in skiboots,,, yeah baby did you break the bindings?
  3. sounds like Mark was listening to my wish list, but it'll be next season before I get to try it
  4. that board is obviously for goofy's, I'll take it off your hands
  5. a carved eights contest on fresh cord, tracks don't lie
  6. ...we meet every year in a remote corner of montana to address the scourge that is laces and straps. sharpen those edges and bring your favorite weapons or demo some new ones that will have you carving the runs to pieces! MCC FOREVER not affiliated with any other conspiracies and no babies will be eaten on the premises. masks optional
  7. do the coloradians have to choose sides or are they neutral?
  8. parking is already a shitshow, it'll only get worse. real estate is inflating as fast as lumber prices. they're coming here in droves just like whitefish 15 yrs ago.
  9. the minutia involved to model flex variabilities caused by human body positioning and snow consistency make my brain lockup and reboot imma just let the art happen and enjoy the ride
  10. imagine riding a heavier clunkier IUD 2000' vert up the face of Turner!! my season was cut short of normal due to knee issuses, didn't even get half that many days but we did appreciate your daily reports Art, glad you were there to represent the skinny skwallers
  11. 1st let me say I use poles cause scootch leg suucks rode the lift with a couple rippin 20?year old skiers , they grew up at schwietzer have seen me ride there for years; as the conversation went on I realized I was THAT guy, when they said "We hope we can still rip it up like that when we're your age!!" humbled and proud at the same time at 59yrs old
  12. good day! the hardbooters made a good showing with lots of comment and questions and turning heads. We got us a crew at the swizz, missed our favorite lifty though from earlier in the week
  13. seriously Art, one ball jay summer slush graphite; I waxed with it and was passing skiers on the cat track, dirt and pine pollen don't stick to graphite. I'll have some with me tomorrow morning
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