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  1. maybe she was trying to think of monoski? I got a "nice monoski" remark the other day (Thirst BX), I said , it would be if it wasn't a snowboard I like confusing peeps with my poles
  2. the grooming report this morning looked minimal only the AM groom will be anything less than bulletproof, good training for the east coast
  3. got 1 other interested, hoping for a couple more to bring the price down, out side fire barrel for apres on the way down
  4. happy groomers sunday, b-chute rocked pend orielle was good, bumps on the face and debbie sue tested my early season legs, going up thr morning
  5. b0ardski

    I'm Out!

    I gotta ask James, are you goin back to strap bindings on the splitboard?
  6. what is this 'ice' thing you speak of?
  7. I retain my snowboard brakes with magic
  8. ""Not a bad day, but just too soft for good carving."" That's why I took the Eldo, went to the top for wind packed braille powder on A-chute, back up the triple and over to upper headwall, good stuff, quad to the colburn side, down debbie sue was tits. Got 3 runs of sweet untracked low angle cream cheese cruizing thru the new glades (more like clearcuts, the greedy phuqers), which was mostly effortless with a little speed the groomers were vaiable at best, from hard to see ridgey soft to icy at the bottom.
  9. you'll never get to 10,000 hrs second nature riding at 10 days a season I'd rather rip on the good days rather than just cruise, that takes practice; I love the satisfaction I get from conquering a heinous sastrugi bump run under the lift and making it look smooth through Herculean efforts. However being from the NW I say phuq ice The 1st decade of my skibum career was 100 day seasons, lots of crappy days in there. These days either side of 50 makes me satisfied; that said this year I'm on track for maybe 30, but those are pick and choose days, so in my old age I'm going more for
  10. may go up for swallow tail testing today, not sure about tomorrow; thu. fri. look to be carvalicious only 4 weeks to get in shape for mcc, and I only 5 half days in so far, 1/3 my average year
  11. Only 4 weeks till MCC, one last call for the social distance cabin, $250 per night; apparently social media distancing is not popular? 3miles from the slopes (you can get a signal at the mountain just up the road), friends of the family and longtime turner supporter owned.
  12. lmk when you go up, planning on gaper free monday ps today was pretty good for a pineapple
  13. Got a late start after blowin snow, got to the round about about 10 and rounded the round about right back down and across the valley home to avoid the ridiculous time sucking holiday shit show shuttle from the fire station shoulda took a clue from the downhill traffic and turned around sooner; constant flow up while driving back down. up early tomorrow for happy hangover turns ahead of the crowd
  14. 2-3 inches of good snow mixed in the groom made for very fun carving in the sun yesterday, should be great this morning too if a bit chilly -2*f windchill, and cedarpark chair opens
  15. I've got SBH ,SBS, and TR9 but they're all size 27s
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