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  1. sorry Jon, the voile has a new home in Idaho
  2. stumbled onto this today, I feel vindicated; http://splitboard.com/poles-not-just-for-the-skintrack/ couple of my own fav points "Growing up with the mid 90’s snowboard scene embedded pretty deep inside, my impressions of poles mixed with snowboarding was, you’d have to be a kook to ride with ski poles in your hands. Over the years and with more and more time in the backcountry, poles have slowly become a fixture in my hands." "As a snowboard guide there is no going down to my knees or sitting in the snow. This is and has always been a huge pet peeve of mine. In the backcountry
  3. if you want to step out of the skis an into the snowboard the 1* are the schite,if only they were a 27. I have the scarpa, great skiboot, but prefer the deluxe for board, even at twice the weight.
  4. bought the album in 79, still have it
  5. b0ardski

    Injury sale

    sorry guys the social distance board is mine
  6. b0ardski

    Injury sale

    email sent on the split
  7. b0ardski

    Injury sale

    how long is the viole and do you have the skins?
  8. the only detriment I see is it shifting in the liner
  9. I've cut down insoles to get more volume in the toebox before, if the edge behind the ball of the foot doesn't bother you Saul Goodman
  10. one of my favorite sayings; you may beat me to the bottom but I will have traveled twice as far!!
  11. there's no cursive on my keyboard, must be an oldschool thing
  12. isn't red supposed to be faster? or is that just straight lining two plankers.
  13. that flavor is called zen
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