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  1. the minutia involved to model flex variabilities caused by human body positioning and snow consistency make my brain lockup and reboot imma just let the art happen and enjoy the ride
  2. imagine riding a heavier clunkier IUD 2000' vert up the face of Turner!! my season was cut short of normal due to knee issuses, didn't even get half that many days but we did appreciate your daily reports Art, glad you were there to represent the skinny skwallers
  3. 1st let me say I use poles cause scootch leg suucks rode the lift with a couple rippin 20?year old skiers , they grew up at schwietzer have seen me ride there for years; as the conversation went on I realized I was THAT guy, when they said "We hope we can still rip it up like that when we're your age!!" humbled and proud at the same time at 59yrs old
  4. good day! the hardbooters made a good showing with lots of comment and questions and turning heads. We got us a crew at the swizz, missed our favorite lifty though from earlier in the week
  5. seriously Art, one ball jay summer slush graphite; I waxed with it and was passing skiers on the cat track, dirt and pine pollen don't stick to graphite. I'll have some with me tomorrow morning
  6. ps, more info I'm 6' 200# and tend to rocker a boards nose over time, the sf was much stiffer than my bx which was designed to be more of an all mt. noodle than hard carver, the sf was very forgiving for how stiff it felt and I'm for sure at the high end of it's weight range, I think Annie needs a 20# back pack til she grows into it. the snow was 2" snowcone slush on granular hardpack that held the edge well, super easy to load an flick transitions, the perfect narrow crowded trail board. It cut right through the slush piles when on edge and surfed them when I wanted. L
  7. I got to ride this 12 yr old girls board tue. it was awesome!! No pink on it though. Not used to skinny boards so after one run I had to bump the front binder up a notch. Mark asked me if I needed a tape measure, I laughed and said that's unnecessary I go by feel and one minor adjustment nailed the sweet spot it held a carve better than my worn out BX, (nearly same EE at 10cm shorter) such a pleasure to rail some super tight full c carves on low angle runs and keep up the speed I had to give it back to the little girl owner(she's goofy too, thanks Annie) right away so didn't get to rip
  8. had a chance to demo a thirst; the 9sw was too big and scary so I took out a 12yr old girls board and made the tightest full C turns ever in the slush over ice I'll try to talk mark into trying the big boy this week end.
  9. starting out wed. above freezing, already soft; and excessive slush piles are more for surfing than carving, happy enough for me
  10. my wife gave me a really dirty look when I suggested using the stimulus to help our local board builder
  11. it's pretty and I could not match his turns on my bx down catheadral but I out surfed him in the slush piles on pend orielle
  12. i love this place
  13. a handle on the front of the board,,, imagine the possibilities
  14. top of loophole is looking good
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