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  1. Thanks. Excellent info. I haven't tried them in boots yet but good to have this if needed. Cheers
  2. There was an accident today close by. 17yo in a old 3/4 pickup was texting and rearended a guy in a new Kia Sportage. No skid marks on the road. Maybe he had insurance because he was under 18 but maybe not.
  3. TVR, Fellow NH-rite here. The fly in your Personal Choice argument is that the consequences do not fall only on you. A car accident without seatbelts probably means greater injury. If you are insured and it costs a bazillion dollars to rehab/repair you, all our insurance rates will eventually reflect that. If you are not insured then tax dollars will be spent on you directly through social security to fix you or the hospital will have to carry much of the cost and they will pass it on to the rest of us eventually. Without checking I would say NH has fairly safe drivers
  4. They can sue. Bwahahaha! No liability insurance required here. Be very careful.
  5. Ha! You Maineiacs with your Primary Enforcement of seat belt laws! Per Wikipedia: New Hampshire is the only state that has no enforceable laws for the wearing of seat belts in a vehicle.[3] AND no mandatory insurance either. Talk about freedom baby!
  6. I am in my first full season on plates and I have TLT6s on F2 carves on a Gnu freeride board. Very (maybe even super) happy with the setup. Check the AIL thread. This game is risky enough as it is. Cheers
  7. I was looking at Telos snowboards and found this: https://gp87.net/pageserver/about-us There are probably a bunch like this. And maybe they make good boards. I'm riding two Mervin boards and hope to get a Winterstick soonish.
  8. My beloved Burton Driver Si's boots evaporated this season so I am trying plates and hardboots again. (Thanks to Ken and AJ). I am using Dynafit TLT6 boots and F2 Carve RS bindings on a Gnu Mullair 164W. +21* +3R stance. I narrowed my stance a bit. They have made my feet and ankles much happier. My feet are pretty compromised and my ankles are waiting for bone chips to be removed. For day to day groomed runs I am very happy with the suppoer HBs provide. Yesterday, i rode SBs in powder though and that was hard to beat. You can use HBs on freeride boards and can ride pretty close
  9. Is that a euphemism for mildly but entertainingly insane?
  10. Not my sale. https://nh.craigslist.org/spo/d/greenland-snowboard-mistral-escape-161/7255746587.html
  11. Howdy, Anyone in greater Central NH got a set of bindings I can try out? Just for a day or so. I have used plates a few times in the past and want to try again with my AT boots and freeride board. Boots are 310mm BSL. I am in Concord, NH. Thanks, Spencer sndwork at g mail dot com
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