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    La Grave
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    Rossignol Race Board 192 (proto)
    Donek Rev 185
    Rossignol Undertaker 192
    Dupraz D1+6
    Donek Blade 170
    Atomic Radon VT 164
    Nitro Pantera 163
    Palmer Shape 174
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    Raichle 225
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    Salomon Malamutes
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    Rossi: Fin's - 59f / 55 r - 23 stance
    Blade: TD2s - 48f / 43r - 22.4 stance - flat
    Pantera: Flow Nxt-FR - 42f / 36r - 21.5 stance
    Dupraz: Snow Pro Race/TD2s - 45f / 40r - 22.4 stance - pure toe/heel lift
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  1. Dave, the lower part of the shell is marked 260-265. I looked only at the markings for the upper cuff and tongue (250-275). Sorry about the confusion.
  2. It reads 285mm. See Picture
  3. Probably not. I do have spare springs for the spring system I ride with (from the manufacturer of S5 boots), but they are slightly different from the BTS springs (the metal coil is flat and not rounded).
  4. Used, but fully functional 50 USD + shipping
  5. Raichle 225 - size 260-265 These were my goto hardboots before I switched to Deeluxes and Backlands. They have been used, but everything is in good working order. The heels are not worn and the buckles and zips work fine. They have not been punched. No alteration except inserts to attach a strap. Some binding marks on the toes. Original liners (size 265) are a bit worn (cf pictures) but do the job. I can replace them by a pair of Burton stock liners in size 270 for 10 bucks (you can have them both actually). I also have Intec heels and BTS kit for sale on another post
  6. It is only kinda related but I am looking for a downhill skateboarding scene, forum or facebook group, ideally with a classifieds section. I have downhill gear that won't be used any longer and could be put to use. Any suggestion welcome.
  7. Any interest in trading those for a stepin' set ? See my post here
  8. DjulezD

    all sold

    Does the Volk Cross count ?
  9. DjulezD

    all sold

    Interested in one pair of TD3 if and when they become available.
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