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    Ottawa, Canada
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    Tremblant and LeMassif for big days
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    Telecom Geek
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    Rad Air Tanker 200cm
    Donek GS 188cm
    Coiler Monster 181
    a couple Prior 4WD 174
    Coiler SchtubbyX2 171 19W
    Coiler Sport Schtubby X1 G2 163cm
    174 Skwal
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    Deeluxe Track 325
    w/BTS (Blue springs all around)
    w/Fintec Heels
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    TD2 SI with TD3 Heel Receivers
    Bomber Boiler Plate 5mm 4x4
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  1. I'm good, I read splitboard but thought (and wanted) skwal...
  2. Time to pay for the new Coiler..... I have the following for sale. I put less than 10 days on snow on any of this. 1. Bomber Boiler Plate 5mm, modified with keyhole cuts, not ridden since. includes the 2 axles and their retaining screws $100 $75 USD 2. 4 hole Boiler Plate 2nd Board Kit with all HW $200 $170 USD 3. another 4 hole Boiler Plate 2nd Board Kit with all HW $200 $170 USD 4. TD3 2nd Board Kit BP Version, both 3 degree, the red rings have a couple divets (pictured) with all mounting HW included $90 $75 USD Wunderbar-$10 All the sc
  3. All good guys! The quote and reply function killed me on the cell phone, and may have caused some excessive saltiness on my part.....and I had forgot all about this board before the last minute trip to Tremblant. @powdah, thanks for the stand up move, iirc you and a bunch of the Ottawa crew rode together a few years back and they could not say enough good things about the trip and your hospitality. Dennis and I connected via PM and will be connecting via phone.
  4. Loopback call me at 438-888-4761 i'M at St-Sauveur until 5 of march

  5. Sorry. I headed to Tremblantt yesterday aft and have not been online since. I brought $750 cash and was hoping to stop on my way home to Ottawa on Saturday to pick this up. Too late I guess...
  6. Please do! Am very interested and could probably pick up or meet you if we can work out a deal.
  7. Hi Denis, What weight was it built for? Do you have the SN# Thanks //Paul
  8. I replied to your PM. Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Burton FP Blacksmith 158 All still available....
  9. Here's what's left: Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Burton FP Blacksmith 158 //P
  10. #1 Coiler is sold. Here's whats left: Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Donek Pilot - Sold pending PP Burton FP Blacksmith 158 Heavy Tools Asym - Sold pending PP In case anyone is curious, shipping has been running around $50US for 1 board to $70US for 3 to US zipcode. //Paul
  11. Hi there, how much are you asking for this? and are the bindings included?
  12. Lol, glad it made it safe! I shipped 3 packed together to the US the same day as yours. The cardboard was badly damaged on arrival but the pipe foam insulation saved the day! The #1 Coiler is for sure available. I just gave someone a shipping quote on the Donek and will let you know if they take it or not For sure I can ship to Whistler. //Paul
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