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    Ottawa, Canada
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    Tremblant and LeMassif for big days
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    Telecom Geek
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    Rad Air Tanker 200cm
    Donek GS 188cm
    Coiler Monster 181
    a couple Prior 4WD 174
    Coiler SchtubbyX2 171 19W
    Coiler Sport Schtubby X1 G2 163cm
    174 Skwal
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    Deeluxe Track 325
    w/BTS (Blue springs all around)
    w/Fintec Heels
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    TD2 SI with TD3 Heel Receivers
    Bomber Boiler Plate 5mm 4x4
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  • Hardbooting since

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  1. Here's what's left: Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Burton FP Blacksmith 158 //P
  2. #1 Coiler is sold. Here's whats left: Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Donek Pilot - Sold pending PP Burton FP Blacksmith 158 Heavy Tools Asym - Sold pending PP In case anyone is curious, shipping has been running around $50US for 1 board to $70US for 3 to US zipcode. //Paul
  3. Hi there, how much are you asking for this? and are the bindings included?
  4. Lol, glad it made it safe! I shipped 3 packed together to the US the same day as yours. The cardboard was badly damaged on arrival but the pipe foam insulation saved the day! The #1 Coiler is for sure available. I just gave someone a shipping quote on the Donek and will let you know if they take it or not For sure I can ship to Whistler. //Paul
  5. No worries! The following are sold: O2 Proton 164 O2 FR 167 Coiler yellow PRC-T Kessler 15?
  6. For sure, I can ship it. Canada Post to USPS is the cheapest. Whats your ZIP code and I'll get a quote. //Paul
  7. Just measured the Proton 164cm, waist is 19.5cm The Blacksmith is cherry too, 19.5cm waist , 158cm
  8. Between reduced riding time, kids getting older and space I am getting rid of all these. Preferred local sale to avoid shipping. But I will ship to US and Canada too at your expense. Prices are in USD for US shipping and $CAD for CDN shipping. Prices are cheap as I got a deal, bought as package, am paying it fwd, etc. Would be great for young racers... Paypal gift preferred. Will take TD2 stuff on trade. **SOLD**Board#1 $25 ***SOLD***Coiler 181 PRC - 1st gen titanal and it shows. Built for former Can National team rider. BEAT 23.2W
  9. Just sent you a message. I am interested in the boots.
  10. Hi there, I'm in Ottawa. What size are they?
  11. Yes, very reasonable. catek.com's online store is still up though. Reason is the one of the 1st things to go when the sh!t hits the fan. Well put! I really appreciate this site too but at the end of the day it is exactly that; " a sales device". Fin was way ahead of the curve when he created this community, online years ago. In addition to creating the community; BoL has done a great job of keeping the Forum relatively vendor neutral. I think this has been key to BoL being the center of the online carving universe (at least in NA) for so long. I have
  12. How much for the TD2 and pieces? I'm in Ottawa and could pick them up
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