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    Calabogie, Ontario
  • Home Mountain/Resort?
    Calabogie Peaks
  • Occupation?
    Telecom Geek
  • Current Boards in your Quiver
    Rad Air Tanker 200cm
    Donek GS 188cm
    Coiler Monster 181
    a couple Prior 4WD 174
    Coiler SchtubbyX2 171 19W
    Coiler Sport Schtubby X1 G2 163cm
    174 Skwal
  • Current Boots Used?
    Deeluxe Track 325
    w/BTS (Blue springs all around)
    w/Fintec Heels
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    TD2 SI with TD3 Heel Receivers
  • Snowboarding since
  • Hardbooting since

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  1. Same here! Glad it made it early too. Looks like you are well on your way
  2. It is! We are in the process of moving but I don't think I have packed them up yet. I will dig it out and get you a shipping quote
  3. I'm good, I read splitboard but thought (and wanted) skwal...
  4. Time to pay for the new Coiler..... I have the following for sale. I put less than 10 days on snow on any of this. 1. Bomber Boiler Plate 5mm, modified with keyhole cuts, not ridden since. includes the 2 axles and their retaining screws $100 $75 USD 2. 4 hole Boiler Plate 2nd Board Kit with all HW $200 $170 USD 3. another 4 hole Boiler Plate 2nd Board Kit with all HW $200 $170 USD 4. TD3 2nd Board Kit BP Version, both 3 degree, the red rings have a couple divets (pictured) with all mounting HW included $90 $75 USD Wunderbar-$10 All the screws with all pieces are original Bomber HW and any screws that showed wear were replaced with new Bomber HW. Buyer pays actual shipping charges. Paypal "friend" payment in USD strongly preferred. If you buy entire the lot for $600 $500 USD I will ship for free via postal service in continental NA. More photos can be provided if needed.
  5. All good guys! The quote and reply function killed me on the cell phone, and may have caused some excessive saltiness on my part.....and I had forgot all about this board before the last minute trip to Tremblant. @powdah, thanks for the stand up move, iirc you and a bunch of the Ottawa crew rode together a few years back and they could not say enough good things about the trip and your hospitality. Dennis and I connected via PM and will be connecting via phone.
  6. Loopback call me at 438-888-4761 i'M at St-Sauveur until 5 of march

  7. Sorry. I headed to Tremblantt yesterday aft and have not been online since. I brought $750 cash and was hoping to stop on my way home to Ottawa on Saturday to pick this up. Too late I guess...
  8. Please do! Am very interested and could probably pick up or meet you if we can work out a deal.
  9. Hi Denis, What weight was it built for? Do you have the SN# Thanks //Paul
  10. I replied to your PM. Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Burton FP Blacksmith 158 All still available....
  11. Here's what's left: Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Burton FP Blacksmith 158 //P
  12. #1 Coiler is sold. Here's whats left: Oxbow 171 O2 Dangerous Donek Pilot - Sold pending PP Burton FP Blacksmith 158 Heavy Tools Asym - Sold pending PP In case anyone is curious, shipping has been running around $50US for 1 board to $70US for 3 to US zipcode. //Paul
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