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  1. Holy necro Please don't make me read back through all this to remember which boards were rockered and which weren't. I do remember riding rockered boards when they were in fashion - Burton and Lib I think. I didn't really find the rockers much different, other than that the noses had a tendency to wander a bit if you didn't discipline it. Not a big deal, but you don't, in my view, get the benefits which skiers seem to get from their rockers, possibly because of the difference in load as applied to a board versus a ski. The board I actually liked was the Burton Joy Stick which was p
  2. That's pretty much answered that one - thanks. I'm thinking that I'm at the point where it's remarkable that I'm doing this stuff at all, never mind doing it with excessive style, so I think I'll start building gently. My drop there wasn't huge so carving out in the one feasible direction was straightforward. I'm not much of a "grab" person in so much as it seems a bit affected, but maybe I'll give the tail grab and the shifty a shot. (In other news, it's still illegal to travel from here to the snow, but that may change this month, and there's still snow in Iceland and Greenland if you
  3. Snowbird - one of the lifties just gave it to me. I think it was because I was ripping the place up somewhat, and at least from what various regulars said, they obviously get a lot of learner snowboarders there. It's a good sticker though, the only one I have on there - if you know why it's funny then you can probably ride.
  4. Actually for that one I used the same pole - a Delkin KaBoom, which is multi-segment but fixed length. Google tells me that one's 50.8 – 152.4 cm, or 20″ to 60″. I broke that pole after many years and ended up with a Rode microphone boom which is three simple carbon fibre sections. I like it, and shot the thing below with two of those sections. As both sections are necessarily long, it's a bit of a hassle to transport. The edit posted earlier was my first attempt with the 360 camera, so I experimented with a few of those editing things. It is pretty neat in than you can effectively create
  5. Or: "Jumping for adults". I know how to jump with my snowboard. I mean, if there's a cliff or a pillow I'll ride over it with a bit of speed and then try to deal with the landing, mostly by ensuring there's at least 3m of powder where I'm heading. After that it's just a question of if I ride out of the crater or not. You can't really see it in the image below from today, but bottom right there's a small ramp. It's maybe a meter tall fashioned as a mellow "roller". It's "passive", in that it doesn't do anything to your balance should you hit it (there's no "kicker"). If a hard booter
  6. That one's also designed and built by Ken Achenbach. Is commonly used for MTB and surfing also. The question was specifically about accessories and carving, neither of which are particularly my thing. However for back country snowboarding at least 360 cameras seem to me to be the way to go, because there's no stabilisation issue as they capture the entire 360 degree field, so can do that in post. But more importantly you can crop and frame in post production too, so it makes the camera-man job much easier/ lower skilled. On the end of a pole works best, either for 1st person or 3rd person
  7. I just had a look at the Coiler website and it seems true that they really don't seem to cater well for short boards. Other suppliers have this well covered though - Kessler for example.
  8. ( I was busy getting vaccinated, now all I need is the law on travel to change in one country, and I'll be on the snow! It's a race between a snowboard-related business meeting in BC and Iceland. So far Iceland is looking like the best bet. I digress..) Yes, agreed. My own path has been mostly Euro SL boards on piste. Other styles and types of board exist: this approach clearly isn't what everyone wants and as stated it does require more rider-involvement than some may want. You don't want to borrow my 162 Kessler if you weigh twice what I do; getting the sizing right is very importa
  9. I'm certainly lighter than that. The Kessler 156 SL boards are androgynous and work well. Their size recommendations seem correct. Clothoid sidecuts but tight turners. I have a Donek FC - although not sure precisely which one - those were pretty narrow and grippy from what I recall, so not really the same tool at all. Mine was from the time when narrow was in fashion, so my variant requires steep angles and can feel a bit "locked in" a carve. These are for "carver" people, not people who want to turn. "Pop" is a different deal - there's a trade off to be made there with metal boards. I
  10. lol yeah. They think they are a tech company. maybe they plan on a SaaS offering. Snowboard as a Service? Even then, they misread the text-book as you're not multiplying the "annual sales" to get the value! Chinese made snowboards with "retro" graphics... it's hard to see the real value in what is simply a name.
  11. This. Which is why also I disagree that "custom" is appropriate - you can't test-ride a custom board, and you don't really know what you like, so that's a lottery. Trying different things is the best approach, in my view. Length is nominal - it depends how long the board's designed to be ridden. The important thing is if you can flex the board appropriately at your weight/ skill level. If you're buying second hand that's more tricky and you may need to trade a few before you find what you want. I would be exceptionally careful to study the weight range for whatever you buy, and the board
  12. On the original: whatever floats your boat. I used poles, effectively I think, for skiing, but never felt the need of them for snowboarding. I don't think my stance would work with them, if you see what I mean. But whatever works. You would definitely want to work poles in bumps - that's where I think they were most useful on skis (the balance thing is easily achieved without them I think). Yeah, I used them effectively on a mono, but the stance is symmetrical there. I do wear my goggles under my helmet - they just seem comfortable there, but again, I'm not about to even notice of other
  13. Politics aren't allowed on this forum so no one's going to fight you back, but please try to stay on topic and keep your politics to yourself. I've been around the block a few times and this kind of event has always happened. Vandalism and theft have been common in the Canadian ski business for decades, as you'd expect. If you're having trouble remembering, just google down the Canadian crime statistics.
  14. Today. I did actually put trenches in this down the bottom there, as it was so quiet (COVID-19, numbers cut severely). The slope manager was very interested in the whole Alpine snowboarding concept from Backlands to Kessler. There were some adults there on those kiddie skate board snowboards, but it looked like hard work
  15. No. In Europe managing the pandemic is essentially a public health issue, not subject to "party politics" in that sense. Science isn't political. A virus isn't a bacteria, even if your political beliefs make you want it to be so. Many here have been shocked at what we've seen leaders in some countries say and do. Governments like Germany have achieved low casualties and minimal economic damage. The UK has the highest death toll in Europe combined with the worst economic performance. The difference isn't "politics", it's managerial competence of the respective governments.
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